Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn cashback on Fabbon?

Log in to and search for the product you want to purchase. Once you find the product, compare prices and decide the retailer from whom you want to buy the product. Once you click on "Buy Now", you will be redirected to retailer where you will need to complete the order. Once we get the order confirmation from the retailer, cashback will be automatically adeed to your Fabbon account.

What is referral earnings?

We promote our community to generate engagement. We encourage users to upload looks and also tag the products used. So, if anyone else clicks on a product tagged in your look and completes the checkout, we give you 20% bonus of the total cashback awarded.

Example: Users shop for a product they discovered through your look. They earn ₹200 Cashback. You get 20% bonus, i.e. ₹40. If 50 people shop thorugh your look. You earn ₹40 x 50 = ₹2000 for free!

How long will it take to receive cashback after placing the order?

We will pay you after receiving money from the retailer. It takes 30-60 days for us to receive money from the retailer. But as soon aswe get it, we transfer money on the next business day to your Fabbon account. You will get notified on your email once you receive cashback as well.

What does "Pending" order status mean?

Pending status means that we have tracked your product via Fabbon and it has been acknowledged by the retailer as well. But since it is still within return / cancellation period we cannot transfer it yet.

What does "Confirmed" order status mean?

Confirmed orders are those which have been acknowledged as valid sales from retailer. Once you accumulate Rs 150 or more confirmed cashback, you can transfer this cashback amount to your bank account via NEFT or redeem it as Amazon Gift Vouchers.

What does "Cancelled" order status mean?

Cancelled status means those products which were ordered but cancelled by the customer within the stipulated time as set by the retailer. For Flipkart, products can be retuned within 30 days from order date.

Is there a minimum cashback I need to accumulate before I transfer it?

Yes, you need to have a minimum of Rs 150 as confirmed cashback so that you can transfer it to your bank account via NEFT or redeem it as Amazon Gift Vouchers.

Where do I see my order details and cashback summary?

Once logged in, you will see it in "My Earnings" in top right corner navigation bar on your screen.