What is a Fabbon Badge?

Fabbon badge is a reward system for users in the Fabbon community. Fabbon Badge is dependent upon Fabbon points as mentioned below.

Fabbon Points Fabbon Badge
Upto 200 Pro
201 - 500 Gold
Above 500 VIP

What are Fabbon Points?

Fabbon points showcase the social engagement of a user in Fabbon community. You get more Fabbon points if you are more active in the Fabbon community.

How to recieve Fabbon Points?

Action Fabbon Points Earned
Posting a new video 20
Posting a new look/photo 10
Reviewing a Product 5
When you follow other user 2
When you get followed 2
Adding a comment on any item in the community 2
Adding a like on any item in the community 1