Charul Samant

@sum37_official I can’t believe I was able to get my hands on this luxurious product . Thanks to @skintillating_ind . This product goes out of stock really quickly and only Queens , goddesses and those pure of heart can posses this gem ! . The reason for the lack of stock is the star Ingredient- FERMENTED DAMASK ROSE EXTRACT . This is so so difficult to extract , it takes almost 60 roses to attain a single drop of rose oil ! 😱 . This also contains 92% natural ingredients and maintains a ph of 5 which is slightly acidic . This is great for ur skin ! . What I liked about this ! - the travel friendly twist up tube . - it’s beautiful rosy fragrance - very lil product is required to cleanse your face thoroughly! . What annoyed me a bit ? - I did feel a slight tightness in my Skin post cleansing. - the presence of actual rose petals that claim to be “exfoliating” who are we kidding here ? Until I don’t scrape my face on gravel or rub it on a bark of a dying tree I don’t feel exfoliated . These lil soggy petals do squat and just end up going in my nose or getting stuck in my hair line . I wish they’d mill the roses this will add a beautiful color to the stick as well . . The negatives aside I would still buy this in a heartbeat because it’s just so easy n lovely to use . I got mine from @skintillating_ind and it was a wonderful shopping experience. . Side note - try to understand your Instagram sellers , imagine replying to a 1000 ridiculous texts n giving the same explanation over n over again . It’s not easy . Try to be to the point, know what you want . Avoid bargaining if the price is reasonable and wrap up the conversation in 5-10 min . There are many variables in international orders that is not in the sellers hands . Be careful what you dish out you might get it back one way or another .