How To Find Out If The Perfume Is Original Or Fake?

How To Find Out If The Perfume Is Original Or Fake?

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  20 Nov 23

How to know if perfume is original? If this question is bothering you, then you will get all the answers from our perfume guide as you will be able to identify a fake perfume.

Out to buy some classic perfumes for yourself or maybe gift your loved ones? But are you aware of the duplicate ones that have flooded the market immensely and are hard to be figured easily. So how to check if perfume is authentic?

Worry not as we bring to you ways to distinguish the real fragrances from the fake fragrances. From checking perfume authenticity barcode to checking design, we list all the ways to identify original and fake perfumes. You will be able to identify the perfume replicas after going through our guide.

We specifically cover the following-

  • How To Know If Perfume Is Original - 9 Things You Must Check
  • 14 Popular FAQs On Perfumes        



How To Know If Perfume Is Original Or Fake - 9 Things You Must Check




Original perfume vs fake is always a topic for discussion. if you want to get answer to the question - how to check if a perfume is original, then go through the 10 points below. Post this you will surely be able to know how to spot a fake perfume.




1. Check Perfume Authenticity Barcode And Serial Number

The real perfumes will have a serial number and barcodes at the end of the box and also on the perfume bottle. You won’t get the similar certification in fake perfumes.

Original perfume barcode check is the first thing you need to do after buying a new perfume. The fake perfume will not have a serial number.

Please note the serial number needs to be present both on the box and on the bottle, and it needs to match. Do make sure the serial number is not glued on the box as that might refer to a fake fragrance.

Always check perfume batch code before buying the fragrance. You can also check manufacturing date code which would be printed on the box to check perfume authenticity. So once you get a new fragrance, the first you got to do is to check perfume authenticity barcode.

Perfume barcode readers are available online now which can verify the authenticity of the perfume. One just needs to scan barcode online or upload the information containing the barcodes and applications are available which can validate the information in no time.




2. Check The Design

To prevent some legal problems, the duplicate producers of perfumes add on a slight change to either the packaging, design or font of perfume. Always do your research about the perfumes and how it looks before purchasing.

Make sure you check the bottle and its design first as that will help you to check if perfume is original.




3. Pay Attention To Product Finish

If you want to check perfume authenticity, then pay attention to the perfumes finish. The fake perfumes always lack in finishing. Either the glass container would be too rough, or fonts and characters would scrape off, they have a tacky quality. The real ones have a smooth and edged creative.




4. Packaging Is Another Key Differentiator

Original perfumes have a clear cellophane wrapped around the box. Whereas fake perfumes do not have such wrap. The clear cellophane packaging plays a major role in identifying real from fake as it marks the manufacturer authenticity.

If you want to check if perfume is original, then pay attention to the packaging. This fragrance check can help you quickly identify a fake perfume.




5. Fake Fragrances Have Incorrect Spellings

In fake perfumes , there is a high chance for you to spot spelling mistakes, They can be a minor switch of an E or A, or any other letters that may not be visible at first sight but with good observations you can easily distinguish. If you want to know how to check if the perfume is original, then always check the spellings.




6. Fake Perfumes Avoid Paperboard

Original perfumes always and always have a paperboard inside the box amidst which it is kept to provide damages to bottle while moving. The fake ones never focus on such details.




7. Check The Perfume Color

However good you copy, the fake ones can never exactly replicate the original. The color of the perfume is a big indicator. It would be either too light or too dark in comparison with the real one.   




8. Fragrance Will Always Be Different

This one would be easier to know and spot as the fragrance difference can be the first to distinguish between fake and real. Always ask for a tester to spot the difference.

Do note that a fake perfume might have similar notes but with time, the fake perfumes smell will fade away faster. 




9. Bottle Cap Quality Matters

The bottle cap of perfume plays a significant role in spotting. Real perfumes have a sturdy and quality cap with a good seal whereas fake ones would be easily breakable and made of poor quality.




FAQs On Perfumes



Q- How can you tell if perfume is fake?

To check perfume authenticity, always run the following important checks:

  • Check perfume authenticity barcode and serial number
  • Check the design
  • Check the color and packaging
  • Check the fragrance



Q- How to check perfume authenticity barcode?

Original perfume barcode check is the first thing you got to do after buying a new fragrance. Check the packaging of the perfume box and you should be able to see a barcode. fake perfumes usually do not have barcodes.

Additionally, original perfumes have serial numbers which are present on both the bottle as well as the perfume box. Fake perfumes might not have serial number on both the box and the bottle. A perfume barcode check alongwith the serial number check is the first thing you must do after buying a new fragrance.


Q- Does a perfume expire?

Yes, perfumes do have an expiry date. The color of the perfume changes as it expires, so you can identify the same easily. You can also figure it out by noticing the change in the fragrance.


Q- What happens when one uses an expired perfume?

When an expired perfume is used, one might get an irritated skin and unpleasant smell. This happens as the chemical composition of the perfume usually changes once it is expired. So always make sure to check the manaufacturing date and confirm the expiry date. Also, make sure to pick an original perfume. 


Q- Cologne Vs Perfume, What is the difference?

The difference between a cologne and perfume is simply in the oils concentration. A perfume has a comparatively higher concentration of oils and it typically ranges from 15 to 30 percent, while the oil concentration in colgne is much lower and it typically ranges from 2 to 5 percent.


Q- How to know if a cologne is fake?

If you want to know how to spot fake cologne, then do note that the authenticity checks you need to run to check real cologne vs fake are similar to the ones you would run for checking real perfume Vs fake perfume.

Do make sure to run original perfume barcode check, serial number check along with reviewing the bottle and packaging. Check the color, finish and fragrance to be sure. Also, observe the packaging from inside. If there is a lot of glue inside the box then it is likely that you have got a fake perfume.

Q- How long does perfume last?

Usually, a perfume lasts for  2 to 5 years. The exact duration for which a perfume can last is dependent on its chemical composition. To maximize the time period, one should store the perfume in a cool and dry place.



Q- Do you shake perfume before usage?

You do not need to shake perfume before using it. Infact shaking the bottle can increase bottle breakage chances. Also shaking it can increase the chances of air going insde the bottle thereby decreasing the increasing its breakdown chances.


Q- How to check perfume is original by barcode?

A fake perfume is unlikely to have a barcode and a serial number which is present on both the top of the box as well as inside on the bottle. Also, one needs to make sure that the barcode or the serial number is not sticked but is rather printed naturally on the bottle cover.

In addition to the barcode, one should specially pay attention to the glass bottle design, fragrance and packaging, as these can help to easily identify a fake perfume.


Q- What is a tester perfume?

A tester perfume is similar to the original perfume in terms of its composition. It varies from the normal perfume as usually it comes in a different smaller size, its packaging is different and sometimes it comes without a cap. However, they are as authentic as the original perfume in terms of its composition.

Q- Are amazon perfume fake?

As Amazon is a marketplace driven by vendors, there is always a chance of getting a fake perfume. To minimize the chances, it is always better to buy from the brand directly. If you want to buy from Amazon, make sure to check the vendor ratings and reviews as this will decrease your chances of receiving a fake perfume. 


Q- How to know if perfume tester is original?

The prices and packaging for fake and original tester perfumes are very similar. However, a fake tester perfume usually does not have the batch code number at the bottom of the box. Additionally, in terms of bottle nozzles, original tester perfume has a shiny surface whereas the fake tester perfume has a blurry nozzle.


Q- How to check if perfume is original?

Check for the following 9 factors to spot a fake perfume

1) Check barcode and serial number

2) Design

3) product finish

4) packaging

5) perfume spelling 

6) Paperboard

7) perfume color

8) fragrance

9) bottle cap quality


Q- What are the other checks one can perform to identiy fake perfumes?

Examining the longevity of a fragrance can help in detecting counterfeit perfumes. A counterfeit fragrance may only maintain its scent for 2 to 3 months after opening, whereas the authentic version can endure for 12 to 18 months. Additionally, testing the perfume on your skin can reveal potential authenticity issues, as some fake perfumes may cause allergic reactions.


Now you know the difference between the real and the fake scents! Shop your fragrance confidently and let no one dupe you ! Spritz the realness everytime!