9 Useful Tips To Resolve Curly Hair Problems Quickly

Nikita Chakravorty

Updated At  13 Sep 22

Curls are beautiful. You know what’s even more beautiful? Being able to manage those curls. But since by the third round of conditioners our arms almost go limp, here we are trying to reduce your pain by bringing you a list of easiest hacks for manageable and beautiful curls.


The washing routine

Tip 1: The first thing to do is change the pattern of showering. Use the conditioner from your root to the tips and let it sit for 5 minutes before shampooing. In case the curls tend to become dry or frizzy after showering, run leave-in conditioner through your curls.

Tip 2: A handy tip to maintain the curls is to co-wash your hair. Fold the shampoo and conditioner into one lather and rinse it off. Continue doing this for a few days instead of using only shampoo. Remember to rinse off your co-washing ritual after lathering it for 5 minutes only.

Tip 3: Want to flaunt your curls even on a weekday? Then mist them with a curl-refreshing spray and then scrunch it in. Or you can mix four parts of water with one part of conditioner and rinse it off. Attending board meetings with proper curly hair is not that difficult anymore.


The drying routine

Tip 1: Once you have applied a styling cream or gel to wet hair, squeeze out the moisture with a towel and then blow-dry your hair with medium heat. Make sure you do not crank up the settings as it will make your hair frizzy otherwise.

Tip 2: Dry your hair only halfway with a diffuser and let the rest of it air-dry. This helps set the initial curl definition. For those with kinky curls, focus on the roots with your diffuser.

Tip 3: One word for this – air-dry. In order to encourage waves and ringlets, scrunch your hair periodically. In case the curls still remain damp, tie them into small twisted buns before bed as it will help dry out the roots faster.


The styling routine style&page=1&position=13

Tip 1: Use a flatiron to define your bends. Hold it near the roots of a small section and then glide it down while simultaneously rotating the flatiron out and away from the head. Twist your curls in the opposite direction at the end.

Tip 2: Before going off to bed, spiral your hair on the top of your head so that the ringlets look defined the next day. For the ringlets that need extra help, twirl them with a curling rod.

Tip 3: Twirl your damp hair into two small- strand twists. Ideally 16-20 twists should do the trick. When you take off the twists, you end up with defined curls without putting that much effort.


Now, having read this, go curl the world crazy with your beautiful hair!