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55 Stylish Low Fade Haircuts For Men - 2024

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  19 Apr 24


Do you want to get a low fade haircut? Are you looking for some inspiration for your next salon visit? Then, keep scrolling as we have brought for you the 51 most stylish low fade haircuts for men.

Low fade haircuts are a classic choice when it comes to a haircut for many years now. This haircut is trendy, stylish, and universally flattering. It is an amazing combination of a sense of sophistication with a dash of edgy. In this particular haircut, your sides are the sole focus leaving you with an ample choice regarding the top of your head. A low fade begins almost an inch above the ears, and hence the name. It is a style that works for everyone and goes with every hairstyle. And we have about 55 different styles which are buzzing in 2024.

Let’s begin!



55 Stylish Low Fade Haircuts For Men



1. Sophisticated Low Fade

Low fade haircut styles are some of the most versatile styles that you can choose from. Look at this one, what a combination of sexy and sophisticated style. This low fade undercut makes for a very unique and modern look. It looks especially good with the combed-back hairstyle.




2. Wavy Low Fade Haircut

Here we are with a super cool and sexy finger brushed wavy low fade haircut. We absolutely love this one for its ease of style and the subtle statement it makes with the low as well as drop fade.




3. Curly Hair Low Fade

Curly hair with a low fade looks stylish. One can pair this with beard to make it look more special. Opt for casual clothes or even business ones, and you will surely transform your look.




4. Voluminous Low Fade

If you are looking for options for a fade cut with volume at the top then this can be an amazing choice. Curly hair at the top or normal messy hair will also look good with this fade cut.




5. New And Stylish Haircut

This low fade cut with curly hair at the top looks amazing. If you are looking for a short haircut, then this is a very good option. 




6. Stylish Low Fade

One of the new and stylish haircut has been this amazing low fade cut which looks great with beard as well. Moreover, this works wonderfully well with all face shapes.




7. Casual Wavy Tapered Low Fade

Low fade haircut styles for wavy hair are a category of their own. This haircut is easy to manage and does not compromise on its style.




8. Messy Texture With Low Fade

Nothing can beat the charm of a slightly messy low fade haircut. The casual mess that is created at the top is in stark contrast with the clean and proper low fade.




9. Low Fade Haircuts Black Hair

There are many low fade haircuts black men prefer and one such stylish haircut has been found by us. The clean line that comes with the low fade and the three disconnected lines made just above the ear balance out the dramatic look created by the extremely curly top.




10. Low Fade Haircut

Starting our list of stylish low fade haircuts with this super stylish haircut. The slicked-back gelled top retains its shape despite the varying lengths. That’s the magic of using a gel. The drama on top is balanced with the low fade and we are loving it.

If you are looking for more inspiration for fade hairstyles, do check out the trending fohawk fade haircuts. We feature 50+ best faux hawk haircuts which have been extremely popular this year. 




11. Short Hair With Low Fade

This is a low fade haircut short hair version. It truly reminds us of a Caesar-esque era. Now the length might be short but the volume is still dense and that makes this low fade haircut to be a good choice for those with voluminous hair.One of the best haircuts for men with receding hairline this helps to put the focus on the area with hair and helps to transform the look completely.




12. Curly Low Fade

Amongst the many low fade haircut men like, we found this gem of a hairstyle that looks fantastic all the time. This one has a high volume on top thanks to the magnificent curls. It is a very casual hairstyle that can be sported by anyone.




13. Simple And Stylish

If you like to keep things simple yet stylish then you would surely like this low fade haircut. Be it the low fade that goes on to become a drop towards the back or be it the textured top, this haircut has it all.




14. Simple Low Fade Haircut

This is a simple and classic low fade haircut. We might call it simple but that does not lessen its style quotient. Also check out wolf cut hairstyles for men as these look stunning.




15. Low Fade With Voluminous Top

Here is yet another one of the low fade haircut styles that comes with a tapered side and a good volume up the top. The clean look that this hairstyle finally gives has caught our eye and we are hoping that it will fascinate you too.




16. Tapered Low Fade With Curly Top

The grizzly curly top sounds interesting and is also a low-maintenance cut. Such a haircut uses the natural curl texture of the hair as the center of attraction. So, here we have a tapered low fade style with a grizzly top in high volume.




17. Side Part Low Fade Haircut

Low fade haircuts are super cool. But, do you know what is even better? A side part low fade haircut. We have got this picture as proof. Isn’t it such a sophisticated, stylish, and easy on the eye haircut?




18. Slicked Back With Drop Fade

When you can’t think of what to do with your hair then simply opt for a low fade haircut like this one which can be styled in several ways. But a constant companion can be a slicked-back look. It looks sophisticated and edgy at the same time. What more could you want?



19. Low Fade For Black Men

Low fade haircut black man edition is here. These haircuts look super cool and interesting when it comes to Black hair. From the hair texture to the shape of the curls, everything plays its part in making the low fade haircut different and better each time. Here you can see a simple yet super stylish low fade haircut.



20. Crew Cut With Low Bald Fade

Low fade haircuts are extremely versatile and suit every hair length. So here is a crewcut style with a beard that looks like they both came from the opposite poles. The bald fade adds the necessary balancing factor between the two.




21. Crew Cut With Subtle Quiff

This is yet another one of the crew cut hairstyles with a low fade. The bare minimum length requirement in this one makes it an ideal haircut for summers.




22. Layered Low Fade Haircut

A low fade haircut looks good but do you know what can make it look better? Layers! A layered low fade haircut is definitely better than its classic counterpart. The layered low fade gives an illusion of volume that is already being balanced out by the low fade.




23. Multicolor Mania

Do you know the low fade haircut men are opting for these days? It definitely includes something as colorful as this one featured here. This is a great option to flaunt your colorful personality through your hair. You can choose any color of your choice.




24. Tousled Low Fade Haircut

It is the beauty of the low fade haircut that gives you the freedom to get creative. You can opt for different fades just as you can opt for different textures and lengths at the top. here we have a super casual and stylish low fade haircut that comes with a tousled texture and laidback vibes.




25. Low Fade Undercut With Long Curls

Curls make everything better and we will prove our point with this amazingly gorgeous low fade haircut. It is a great option for those with longer hair. You can create a good voluminous look with your effortless and messy curls just as is shown here.




26. Low Fade Haircut In Blonde

This blonde low fade haircut requires very little maintenance. The casual waves are building up the whole look here in this haircut. Plus, it looks amazingly well with a beard. It’s an easy style.




27. Low Fade Haircut With Medium Volume

A low fade haircut is good for balancing the high volume hairstyles. This way you get a beautiful contrasting effect. Here is a low fade haircut with a medium volume up on the top.




28. Finger Combed

Low fade haircut long hair is a perfect combination. The longer strands can add a lot of fun to an otherwise simple hairstyle. They can be styled in a million little ways. Here the thin long strand is allowed to fall freely on the side and the low fade brings a stylish balance.  




29. Low Fade Waves

When it comes to low fade haircut black man can do, we have this great example of waves. The hair is cut very short but due to the curl texture, it creates an illusion of waves which looks even fancier with the low fade. It is a simple, charming, and unique look.




30. Buzz Cut With Low Fade

Add some flavor to your super short buzz cut with a low fade. Here we have a classic example for you. Get inspired by this low fade haircut for a classy look.




31. Low Fade With Curly Top

A low fade and curls make for a combination that goes a long way. They have been together for quite some time and gel together really well. It is one of the most popular options for low fade haircut styles men are opting for. The curls create a gorgeous top look with dense volume.




32. Textured Low Fade Haircut

This casual wavy low fade haircut comes with a textured top. The longer strands mixed with the texture create the illusion of volume.



33. Low Fade Haircut Long Hair

This is a low fade haircut long hair men can choose. The hair here is not that long but long enough to cover the forehead. This amount of length works very well with curly hair.  




34. Low Drop Fade

Can things get any better when there is a low fade transforming into a drop? Here is a classic low-to-drop fade haircut that we absolutely love. It is classy and sophisticated. Perfect choice for those who mean business.




35. Low Fade With Waves

Here is yet another one of the low fade haircuts black men have been going for. The waves are truly a popular choice and we are not surprised. It is just such a unique and stylish haircut to combine with a low fade.





36. Low Fade Haircut Styles For Black Men

This is yet another one of the low fade haircuts black men can go for. The unique texture of the curls can give out an even more unique hairstyle. This is a classic example of the same. The dense and voluminous curls are paired with a very shapely low fade to give this very unique look.




37. Quiff-ed Low Fade

This is a classic example of a low fade haircut men have been popularly choosing. The fuller beard and the quiff at the top give a super cool hipster vibe.



38. Low Fade With Beard

If you are looking for a fade haircut which will go with beard and business formals, then this is an amazing option. You can also opt for a quiff or a side parted haircut and then gradually taper it down to create a stylish look.



39. Super Cool Low Fade Haircut With Spikes

This low fade haircut with spikes comes with edgy cool vibes and we are loving it. It is easy to style and one of the most popular choices for low fade haircut styles as of today.




40. Unique Low Fade Haircut Black Man

Here is a rather unique choice of low fade haircut styles for black men. The intense curl texture creates a good amount of volume at the top that is contrasted with the subtle low fade on the sides.




41. Layered And Spiky

Here is yet another one of the layered haircuts with a low fade. The layers when styled into spikes create a whole new look.




42. All Pink With Fringe

Add some spice to your low fade haircut with a funky color. Here we have a super cool pink fringed cut with a low fade. The pink is all the fun and spice that you can add to a low fade haircut.




43. Low Fade Haircut Men

This is the one haircut you must have been waiting for if you haven’t found your favorite yet. The textured and tousled top actually comes with a subtle side part. The top is finger-combed with a quiff that leans to the side while the top of the hair is drowning in texture. The fade is a drop as well as low. Isn’t this haircut the best of all the worlds?




44. Popular Low Fade Haircut Styles

This is a classic casual style that has gained popularity in recent times. The reason is how simply chic it looks. everything about this hairstyle is subtle yet it has the power to create a long-lasting impact. It is also very manageable and looks nothing over the top.




45. Low Fade Haircut Styles

Here is yet another low fade haircut long hair people can go for. The tapered low fade truly balances out the intense volume created by the thick and long hair on the top. The blunt cut-combed back look totally rocks. The blonde top with super dark roots creates yet another contrast that adds a certain oomph factor to this haircut.




46. Low Fade Haircuts Black Men

What is the best low fade haircut black man can do? Here it is! This is one of the best low fade haircut styles we could find. It is great for beginners who don’t want to do much and still want to experiment. The very subtle low fade paired with a short curly haircut can keep things stylish.




47. Classic Low Fade Haircut With Beard

There is nothing better than the simple yet classic low fade haircut. This is a short hairstyle that is manageable and unique in its own way. The nice and proper beard goes along this haircut very well.




48. Curly Topped Low Fade

Nothing can beat the style that curly hair can flaunt. So here we are with a low fade haircut that took things to the next level. The intensely curly top creates a good amount of volume which is perfectly complemented by the low fade on the sides. What really caught our eye was the shaved line towards the bottom. It is a new take on the disconnected line and we are here for it.




49. Bald Low Fade With Fuchsia

Low fade haircut short hair is one of the most versatile hairstyles you can get. Try this super pink crew cut with a fringe and a bald fade. It is an edgy style for sure.




50. Stylish Side Part Low Fade Haircut

Low fade haircut styles look super gorgeous when they come with a side part. It is a classic style and you can never go wrong with it. It means business and it also works well when you are ready to have fun. So, the next time you are looking for a change, go for this side part low fade haircut and relish in all the attention.



51. Voluminous Low Fade Haircut Men

Get the best of all the worlds with this gorgeous low fade haircut. The textured long strands give a messy look while also creating a good amount of volume on the top. This insane textured and tousled volume top is paired with a low taper fade that goes into a drop fade to create this fohawk and we are totally loving it!




52. Slicked Back Low Fade Haircut

Slicked-back hairstyles are a lot of fun. Make them even more fun by throwing a low fade into the mix. This is a low fade haircut men have been choosing for quite some time making it a popular choice.




53. Low Fade With Pompadour

Low fades can make it work with almost any hairstyle and they look especially good with a pompadour. So here we are with a mini pompadour combined with a low fade on the sides to give you a classy yet sexy look.




54. Very Short Low Fade Haircut

Low fade haircut short hair go together like peanut butter and jelly. They are an irresistible and classic combo. And so is this low fade with very short hair.




55. Fringed Cut

Here is yet another cut featuring a low fade on the sides and a fringed cut on the top. It’s something that is easy to style and also has an oomph factor.