7 Secrets About Your Perfume You Didn't Know

7 Secrets About Your Perfume You Didn't Know

Sweta Mookerjee

Updated At  12 Sep 23

Perfumes have become such an important part of our routine, it's almost impossible to imagine leaving the house without a spritz. It's the one thing we wear that is invisible yet so fascinating. Its ingredients, the way it's so unique to everyone. There is more to perfume than just picking one that smells great in the store. Let us reveal 7 secrets about your perfume you didn't know. Also do check out our guide on fragrances to get answer to the query on how to check if perfume is original.


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1. Don’t rub your wrists together

A lot of people have the habit of rubbing their wrists together after spraying perfume on one wrist. This is a terrible idea because perfumes have a combination of top, middle and base notes. Usually, the top notes are more delicate and evaporate while the base notes last long. But rubbing your wrists creates a friction that mixes your skins natural oils with the fragrance and ends up changing it. 

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2. You can maximize the smell of your perfume

What if we told you that you don't have to spritz your perfume all over yourself to ensure you smell great. All you need to really do is spray the pulse points, these are the places where the blood vessels are closest to the skin and radiate heat thus helping your fragrance radiate.

They are the points on your inner wrists, the base of your neck, behind your earlobes, and your inner elbows.

You can also apply some vaseline before you spray, this allows the scent to last longer. So get smart and increase the life of your bottle.


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​3. Many fragrances consist of natural ingredients

They do, in fact flowers are one of the most popular natural ingredients for a perfume. Their beauty and femininity translates into the scent and makes it such a great choice for women.

Some also feel that it brings them closer to nature.

Chanel No.5 for example is famous for using the ‘Essence of one thousand jasmine flowers in every single bottle'. But this can be quite expensive and tedious.

To produce just a small amount of fragrance, it can take a high volume of ingredients for extraction.


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4. Your nose and brain get used to familiar scents

Have you noticed how the scent of your perfume seems to disappear after a while? No, it isnt because the perfume isnt of good quality. It's still there, but after a while, your nose and brain becomes accustomed to the scent. And if you have a regular fragrance, then your brain starts to ignore it and only smell the top notes.


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5. Scent might change from day to day

Your body chemistry has a lot to do with how the fragrance forms on you. From temperature, skin type to eating habits, they all play a role. For instance, your fragrance might smell very different the morning after a night out as compared to when you when you apply it after a long peaceful bath.


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​6. There is a difference between perfume, eau de toilette, and cologne

We're used to using ‘Perfume' as the umbrella term for all fragrances but in fact Perfume is a kind of fragrances. The most concentrated and pure form, Perfume is also called Parfum.

It is followed by Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, and then Eau De Cologne.

The levels are determined by the concentration of expensive oils and the lesser use of alcohol and water.

Some perfumes may not contain water at all. Another misconception people often have is thinking that Eau De Cologne is only for men. It isn't gendered and in fact, the Cologne version of a Perfume can smell slightly different because of the difference in quality.


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7. Fragrances can smell different on everyone

Now that we know scents can change the way they develop on our skin from day to day, it only makes sense for them to change depending on people, right? One person's body chemistry, their skin pH, lifestyle etc. play an important role in how they turn out. That's why a perfume that smells great on your friend may not necessarily smell as good on you.


Now that you have a deeper insight into your perfume, we hope it will help you on your next shopping trip and also save you from wasting away your precious vial. If you have more to share, tell us by commenting below!