Justin Timberlake Britney Spears Relationship Timeline

Justin Timberlake Britney Spears Relationship Timeline


Updated At  11 Dec 23

The three-year relationship between Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake may have embodied the toxic and alluring aspects of early-aughts celebrity culture more than any other. The 2000s saw the rise to fame of the pop princess and the boy band member who went solo as a romantic duo. However, the illusion was dashed by a messy and widely reported breakup, which gave rise to over two decades of speculation and tabloid fodder.



Particularly after their breakup, Timberlake's high-profile relationship helped him become more well-known. The singer and actor used the media fervor surrounding their breakup to promote his first solo album, which included a music video in which he implied Spears had cheated on him. However, Spears has been under fire for years—partially because of Timberlake's portrayal of their separation and the subsequent insensitive and sexist media tales that surfaced. Even though it was short-lived, the relationship has had a lasting cultural impact on each of them, influencing how we view them as solo celebrities and as a former pair. Here is Justing Timberlake and Britney Spears' s relationship timeline, starting from the year they started to date and till their breakup.



1992: The First Time They Met

Along with Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears make their television debuts on The Mickey Mouse Club variety show. 



1999: Britney and Justin begin secretly dating

When Spears joined NSYNC as the opening act for the second leg of their NSYNC In Concert Tour in November 1998, in advance of the 1999 release of her debut album. She and Timberlake got back together.



2000: First Public Appearance As A Couple

The 2000 MTV Video Music Awards marked the public introduction of Spears and Timberlake as a pair. The couple sat together for the performance even though they didn't walk the red carpet together.



January 8, 2001: Denim Fashion Moment

The picture of Spears and Timberlake walking the 2001 American Music Awards red carpet together in identical all-denim outfits may have defined their relationship more than any other. The couple came up with the idea for the matching denim outfits, according to fashion designer Steven Gerstein. Britney and Justin were in a relationship at the time. 



January 28, 2001 — A Show Together

NSYNC and Aerosmith were headlining the Super Bowl halftime concert, which Spears and Timberlake shared the stage with.



September 2001: Disclosed That Both Of Them Lived Together

Spears revealed in an interview with The Guardian that Timberlake resided with her at her home while he was in Los Angeles. She also talked candidly about how their two years of dating had seen changes in their relationship.



November 2001: Justin Produced A Song For Britney

Along with Spears' backup dancer and choreographer Wade Robson, Timberlake wrote and produced the song "What It's Like to Be Me" for her third studio album. Timberlake also provided background vocals. She admitted to being a little anxious at first in an MTV interview.



February 2002: Britney's Opening Monlogue

During Spears's opening monologue during her second run as host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live, Timberlake made an unexpected cameo. His guest appearance stoked speculation that the couple was engaged, which she refuted in an interview with Katie Couric that aired after the show, per People. 



February 2002: Walked The Red Carpet 

Spears and Timberlake walked the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of her film, Crossroads, which marked her silver screen debut, at the beginning of February 2002. 



March 2002: Break Up Confirmed

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears seperated in the year 2002. Spears appeared to reveal the couple's split while on the Crossroads press tour. 



2003: Britney Spears Got Emotional While Speaking About Justin Timberlake

Spears became clearly upset when Diana Sawyer questioned her about her 2003 breakup with Timberlake. Britney exclaimed that she was betrayed in the relationship.

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2006: Britney Spears allegedly "infatuated" Justin Timberlake

Eventually, Spears and Timberlake moved on to new romances; Spears wed Kevin Federline in September 2004, while Timberlake started dating Cameron Diaz, an actress, in 2003. Timberlake gave his relationship with Spears some thought in 2006.



2011: Justin Says They Don’t Speak

In a 2011 interview with Vanity Fair, Justin reflected on the relationship and acknowledged that it had been almost ten years since their last conversation.

Britney Spears y Justin Timberlake


2013: Timberlake Was Misunderstood

Timberlake in a song told the audience, "Sometimes in life, you think you found The One," before playing "Cry Me a River." But then you discover that she's just a bitch.” He He was criticised over this statement of his but later he tweeted that he did not mean it for Britney.

Justin and Johnathan Timberlake with Britney and Jamie Spears, 1999


2020: Britney & Justin Have ‘No Issues’

Even if Britney and Justin weren't exactly great friends, an insider provided HollywoodLife with some unique insight into their relationship as of April 2020. 

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February 12, 2021: Britney Spears receives a public apology from Justin Timberlake.

In particular, Timberlake apologized publicly on Instagram for his actions leading up to and after his split from Spears and for being a part of a system that "condones misogyny and racism." After Timberlake's previous relationship with Spears was featured in the New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears, an apology was made. The documentary specifically questioned Timberlake's conduct after the split, going so far as to term "Cry Me a River" a revenge song, as well as the music video and Timberlake's remarks made in public regarding his relationship with Spears.

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2023: Britney Spears discloses that she had an abortion while dating Justin Timberlake.

Britney in an interview told that she had an abortion while she was with Justin. It came as a shock to both of them and she finally aborted the baby as Justin thought that they were too young to start a family together.


1) When did Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears meet and where?

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears met in 1992 on The Mickey Mouse Club variety show, along with the likes of Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera.

2) When Britney Spears dated Justin Timberlake, what was her age?

Between 1999 and 2002, Spears and Timberlake dated; at the start of their relationships, they were 17 and 18, respectively. Britney Spears was 17 years old when she started dating him.

3) Who did Justin Timberlake marry?

American actress and producer Jessica Claire Timberlake is the wife of Justin Timberlake. She has been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and a Primetime Emmy Award, among other honors, including a Young Artist Award.

4) What year did Britney and Justin wear denim?

At the 2001 American Music Awards, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are dressed in denim. The "Canadian tuxedo" that stylist Steven Gerstein put together for Timberlake included a denim jacket, pants, shirt, and a western-style hat with a button waistband detail.

5) What was Britney Spears and Wade Robsons tryst that led to Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears breakup?

In Britney Spears memoir she disclosed that, in the midst of her relationship with then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, she had a brief liaison with choreographer Wade Robson; however, songwriter Annet Artani recalls the affair being far longer. It was this short affair between Britney Spears and Wade Robson that is looked upon as a cause for the breakup of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

6) Who did Britney Spears marry?

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari were married in the year 2021.