You Need To Try This New Hairstyle From Lakme Fashion Week 2017!

Senjuti Chakraborty

Updated At  28 Aug 17

Himalayan Orchard Pure presented Masaba Gupta’s line on Day 1 of Lakme Fashion Week 2017 Winter/ Festive and we can’t stop crushing over the totally rad hairstyling done on the models!



Here’s a step by step guide to achieve the look :-

1. Shampooing and conditioning

To ensure that the look is executed properly, shampoo and condition your tresses first for a grease free mane. Dry your hair and put serum for smooth combing.

You can also try something new like a cysteine hair treatment.

2. Making sections

Make two sections horizontally; with a section consisting the front locks and one with hair from centre of the head to the back.

3. Parting the front section

Make an asymmetrical side parting in the front section of your hair, putting majority of your hair on one side showing more of the prettier angle your face.

4. Curling

Make loose curls on the majority of your hair that is flicked on one side and seal it with hair mousse and hair spray.

5. Loose messy bun

Clasp the lesser bunch of hair of the other side and tie it into a messy bun with the rest of the hair at the back. Secure the bun with bobby pins and you’re good to go!



To make the look more creative, one can experiment with high ponies, butterfly ponies or a top knot for that extra oomph. The models surely sizzled on the ramp, but now it’s time for you to rock this look on a brunch or girls’ night out. Get dressed and get styling already!



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