Best Alia Bhatt Hairstyles You Need To Check Now !

Nikita Chakravorty

Updated At  14 Sep 22

Are you the kind of girl who usually can’t hear the world over the volume of your hair? You’re in for a treat then!

So here’s to all the brooding ladies out there who have repeatedly cursed their hair every time the Bollywood princess, Alia Bhatt appeared on (or off) screen.

We list the 5 best Alia Bhatt hairstyles that she has flaunted with ease. These hairstyles go amazingly well with Alia Bhatt's face shape and hair color.

We also explain Alia Bhatt new haircut to make sure you can get them easily as well.



Alia Bhatt Favourite Hairstyles




1. The Curl Me Crazy Look

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Whether on the cover of Vogue or the red carpet of Filmfare, this Alia Bhatt hairstyle is an industry favourite. You can have the same without even using a curler!

This seems to be Alia Bhatt favourite hairstyle as well as she keeps going back to this hairstyle more often than others.

Want to know how to get this Alia Bhatt hairstyle step by step? Check out the following then.

How: Firstly, wear a headband to bed. Then, clutch a handful of your hair and tuck it inside the band. Repeat the same until all of your hair has been neatly tucked.

Wake up next morning and untuck all of it from the headband. And ta-dah – your Alia Bhatt curls are all set!


2. The Girl With A Half Pony Look

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Because sometimes, even celebs like Alia Bhatt like to take things easy. And easy is always something everyone can try, right?

Here's how you can get the Alia Bhatt in pony hairstyle.

How: Take a portion of your hair on either side of your head and tie a high pony. Use a curler to make your hair look slightly wavy if you feel it’s looking too flat.


3. The Schoolgirl Look

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Alia Bhatt is known for her schoolgirl charm and her hair plays a major role in it. You too can pull a classic schoolgirl look effortlessly!

Getting this Alia Bhatt hairstyle is easy. Here's how you can get it.

How: Back-brush and take a major chunk of your hair in one hand. Tie a high pony and accessorise it with a bow clip/ban. Allow your remaining hair to fall back.


4. The Girl Next Door Look

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Have been trying to impress your neighbour for quite some time now? This Alia Bhatt hairstyle can suit you in that case!

Here's how you can get this Alia Bhatt hairstyle step by step.

How:  Oil your hair, shampoo and let it dry naturally. And here it is, your new hairstyle that doesn’t cost a dime! Caution:

DO NOT comb your hair for the picture perfect look.


5. The Messy-Moody Look

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As girls, we all get to act a bit moody from time to time. During those days, this messy hairdo of Alia Bhatt is definitely a yes-yes!

Alia Bhatt's face shape is such that most of the trending hairstyles suit her. Alia Bhatt changes her hair color to keep adjusting with the hairstyle requirement.

This messy hairstyle of Alia Bhatt is quite popular and you can get it easily too.

Check the process below.

How: Create a ponytail without using a comb. Divide your ponytail into 2-3 sections and tease (backcomb each section over a couple of inches from the roots, pull comb out and repeat). Sub-divide the teased sections into 2 sub-sections. Wrap the hair in opposite direction and clip it with a hairpin, leaving a messy effect.



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