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25+ Best Back Tattoos For Girls - 2023

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  25 Aug 23


Are you looking for back tattoos for girls? Then, your search ends here as we capture the best back tattoos for girls and women. Let’s begin!


25+ Best Back Tattoos For Girls And Women




1. Cherry Blossoms

It is one of the most popular back tattoo designs for girls this year. Cherry blossoms are pretty pink flowers and mark the arrival of spring. They have also been the subject of many famous paintings including the one by Vincent Van Gogh. What better way to make use of a full canvas that is your back than to get inked with these beautiful blossoms?




2. Floral Quote

Tattoos on back neck can extend as far as your lower back. Featured here is one of the most beautiful back tattoos for girls. This is a spine tattoo that begins from the neck and goes below to the lower back along the spine. Hence, the name of this tattoo. It is a pretty charming way of being part of the back tattoo trend. You can also get the name of your loved one inked in place of the long stem of the flower. This tattoo can be customized easily making it the best of the best. Flower tattoos are very popular and are always in the list of the top tattoo designs for women.




3. Bird Of Peace Tattoo

Here is one of the best back tattoos for girls with deep meaning. It is a beautiful way of representing one’s personality and beliefs. The mandala represents the universe and the circle of life whereas the dove is seen as the symbol of love, peace, and harmony. Together, these two symbols complement each other very well. You can also pair this with a leg tattoo. Do check out our guide on the top thigh tattoos for women as we list all the trending tattoo ideas of this year.




4. Phoenix Back Tattoos For Girls

Upper back tattoos are most common as they are easier to flaunt. This one is that of a phoenix, a creature known for rising from ashes. It is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. And so is the sun. This is a very positive tattoo and you can get something like this to remind yourself that come what way, you will always stand on your feet. This is one of the best tattoos with meaning




5. Lotus Moon Back Tattoos For Girls

You will often see that the moon and lotus flowers are inked together. This is because these symbols and their meanings complement each other well. Thus, it makes them one of the best back tattoo designs for girls. The crescent moon and the lotus is a very interesting design. It symbolizes the feminine power and enlightenment. Tattoos with moon are also very popular designs if someone is looking for breast tattoos




6. Beautiful Back Tattoo Designs For Girls

The lotus mandala tattoo design is another one of the most popular ones. A lotus is symbolic of peace and prosperity. It is believed that a lotus mandala brings positivity and enlightenment in life. It is also believed that it helps with the purification of thoughts, mind, body, as well as the soul.




7. Crane Of The Jungle

Crane back tattoos for girls are all the rage this year. These birds are considered auspicious in many cultures. They are symbolic of happiness, wisdom, peace, and all things grace. Take a look at this one and see how glorious all these flying cranes look. The bold flower design gives lush nature vibes.




8. Full Back Tattoos For Girls

Times are gone when women only preferred small and dainty tattoos. Now, more and more women are opting for designs that cover their whole back. If you like such a concept, you can take some inspiration from this beautifully majestic tattoo.




9. Girl Lower Back Tattoos

Are you a fan of lower back tattoos? Here is something for you then. This beautiful tattoo takes a lot of inspiration from the faith and the whole of the universe. The two cute cherubs on the sides represent a connection between heaven and earth. The culmination of the sun and the moon represents the harmonious coming together of opposing forces. Ain’t this is a beautiful way to represent the workings of the universe?




10. Lower Back Tattoos For Females

This beautiful blackbird tattoo for lower back took our hearts and blew our minds. Its magnificence, beauty, and grace had us awestruck. Blackbirds hold a great significance in many cultures. They are known for their transformation abilities in the afterworld. These birds are a popular choice of back tattoos for girls.




11. One Line Art

One line-art as the name suggests is something that is drawn with the same line without picking the pen up until the art piece is complete. The flow of drawing is not broken in between. This creates beautiful pieces of art. Then why not include something like this as a back tattoo idea? This tattoo takes inspiration from the same and is one of the most unique spine tattoos for girls.




12. Spine Tattoos For Girls

This is another beautiful example of spine tattoos for girls. A lotus flower is a symbol of peace as well as perseverance. You can complement this flower’s strength with a quote that instills the same strength and perseverance within you. Look at this back tattoo for instance. See how the whole tattoo has become a symbol of strength.




13. Serpents And Temptation

Satan took the form of a serpent in the Garden of Eden to tempt Eve. This story is known to all of us. Snakes are symbolic of strength, wisdom, and rebirth. But when they are paired with roses, together they become a symbol of a love so passionate that becomes a temptation. This is being represented in this gorgeous back tattoo.  It looks straight out of the pages of Milton’s Paradise Lost.



14. Majestic Lion Back Tattoos For Girls

The lion is called the king of the jungle. It is symbolic of great strength and leadership. Once popularity amongst men, lion back tattoos for girls are the new big thing this year. Women too are strong and great leaders then why not get a tattoo that represents these aspects of their personality?




15. Angel Wings Tattoo For Upper Back

Angel wings tattoo on back is something that the world can never get done with. This tattoo design has existed for a long time and continues to be a significant part of the back tattoo trend this year as well. The good thing about them? They are versatile and can be modified as per individual tastes.




16. Sparrows

These beautiful and colorful sparrows are enough to fill anyone with joy, warmth, and happiness. And this is exactly what a sparrow symbolizes. A pair of sparrows is the most common way to go when it comes to back tattoos for girls. They represent love, loyalty, and commitment.




17. Stunning Spine Tattoos For Girls

Let these dark and gorgeous watercolor flowers take place on your back. This is a stunning design and no one can deny it. This is also a very different and unique design. It is a beautiful way of expressing your spirit and personality.




18. Watercolor Back Tattoos For Girls

The watercolor back tattoos for girls are all the rage this year too. And why won’t they be? These tattoos look extremely gorgeous and allow the artist to get more creative with the splash of colors. Take a look at this beautiful raven tattoo. The splash of black and blue has made it come alive on the shoulder blade.




19. Upper Back Tattoos For Girls

This is one of the best back tattoos for girls if you ask us. The glorious set of flowers on top of the girl’s head is a symbolism of growth. You can use it to represent your growth in life.




20. Impressive Angel Wings Tattoo

Here is yet another version of the angel wings tattoo on back. It is much more than a fashion statement. This gorgeous piece can be interpreted to mean a lot of things. The most common interpretation however is that they represent faith, guidance, protection, and power. So go and get your angel wings tattoo. What are you waiting for?



21. Stunning Sword Back Tattoo Ideas

A sword, a snake, and a rose are three very beautiful symbols that have been used individually as well as in combination with other symbols. It is a beautiful back tattoo idea that represents the struggles of life and the ability to overcome them.




22. Cute Back Tattoos For Females

Want some ideas for a cute back tattoo? Here is one. These monarch butterflies not only look cute and impressive but also hold great meanings. They represent transformation. These cute little things can become your guide towards light and positivity.




23. Japanese Koi Fish Back Tattoo

Your back is a big and empty canvas. You can go for as many tattoos as possible. Your imagination and creativity would be the limit. We love how the side of the back has cherry blossoms while the center stage has been given to the Japanese Koi fishes. These fishes are always tattooed in pairs and are symbolic of peace, prosperity, and balance.




24. Angel Wings Tattoo On Back

An angel wings tattoo has multiple versions. It can be small as well as be magnanimous. This one is inked over the shoulder blades just how real wings would be placed. This tattoo is aiming for a subtle realism with its color and design.




25. Multiple Back Tattoos For Girls

If you are fond of tattoos, you can get different ones for your back. Choose the best back tattoos and create a theme. After all, your back is your canvas waiting for your creativity to happen.




26. Beautiful Back Tattoo Ideas

A lotus in the hues of midnight blue? We don’t think back tattoo ideas get any better than this! The lotus design is fairly common but this back tattoo will ensure that you stand out. From its gorgeous color to its magnificent size, everything about this tattoo is alluring and eye-catchy.




27. Mandala Back Tattoo

If you are still confused with what to choose, go for this mandala back tattoo. One can never go wrong with mandala back tattoos for girls. A mandala design begins with a circular design at the center and expands similarly. This is because the mandala is believed to be a representation of the circle of life. What’s more, is that each mandala is unique.




28. Best Back Tattoos For Girls

This is a colorful representation of the sun and the moon. And we love it. The colors add beauty to the whole design. They also help to represent the two opposing forces well with the contrast between the two now clearly visible. This tattoo is a representation of balance and harmony.



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