strength Tattoos with Meaning

25 Strength Tattoos With Meaning

Ashneet Kaur

Updated At  03 Oct 23

Like many other art-forms, tattoos are an excellent way to depict our feelings, beliefs, goals, values, expectations and hopes. Tattoos are not only a creative expression, but also an outlet for what is inside us.

Tattoos about strength are the ones which serve two purposes at the same time: they depict our inner strength, while also serving as a reminder that we have it inside of us: that we can do it.

Here we depict some of the most desirable strength tattoos with meaning so that you are always charged with inspiration.


25 Strength Tattoos With Meanings


Read on to gain some knowledge to choose the perfect one to get inked with.


1. Lion



Everyone on this planet is well acquainted with the amount of strength a lion possesses. It is not just about strength, but also the courage that is inherent in it. It is a perfect reminder to always be ready, never fear challenges, never give up opportunities and live life like a king.

Desirable areas to get inked: forearm, inner wrist, back of neck.

2. Anchor Strength Tattoo




An anchor is a symbol of strength, stability, and perseverance. It reminds us that we have the capability to withstand any storm, obstacle, or undesirable situation, even if we think we cannot. An anchor holds itself hard even when everything is going downhill. Getting inked with an anchor will be a constant indication of how powerful we are.

Desirable areas to get inked: side of wrist, above the ankle, behind the neck, behind the shoulder.


3. Mountain Range



Mountains hold the courage to stand still during the harshest of weather. Nature gives us so much to learn from. Mountains, one of the most beautiful wonders of nature, teach us that it is okay to break down occasionally, but we should get up and fight back, not by reacting, but by just being there and not doing anything. Time heals the smallest and the largest of wounds.

Desirable areas to get inked: side of foot, back, shoulder.


4. Dumbbell



A fit person is someone who usually has a good amount of physical strength. He is confident in his body and mind and thus has an ability to fight back when someone attacks. Men usually get attracted to such genres of tattoos, but it cannot be denied that women and other genders have a keen interest in fitness and strength and keep a similar ability and even strength in some cases. Such fitness related tattoos are gaining popularity in recent years as well because of rising awareness.

Desirable areas to get inked: below the elbow, finger , behind the ear.


5. Phoenix



Who can you find more courageous and braver than a phoenix. Being born and rising from the ashes is no joke. Phoenix is an incredible blend of beauty, elegance, and strength. So why not have a Faux reminding you that if it can do it, you can too, right on yourself?

Desirable areas to get inked: shoulder, back, belly.


6. Tree of Life



Though holding different significance in different cultures, the Tree of Life: one that is said to be in the world’s heart, and whose fruit renders immortality to the one savoring it, has at least one common meaning: strength. It is grounded in the center of the world and holds so much power as to control life and death. Having it inked is a way to know that Angels and Guardians are there to save us in our darkest moments and they are always looking out for us.

Desirable areas to get inked: forearm, back.


7. Viking Rune


Odin, the God, knew that the Runes held deep meanings, the knowledge of which would render him immeasurable power and strength. In search of this, he made painful sacrifices. This alone sums up the powers of Runes and how much strength they possess. Runes are symbols that sprang from the source of fate, i.e., the Well of Urd. The “Uruz” Rune symbolizes strength. Vikings always considered Runes to not be just symbols, but the holders of magical abilities. Such is the amount of strength Runes entail. Think of how much positive energy and high vibrations having them inked will give out.

Desirable areas to get inked: finger, arm, collarbone, wrist.


8. Bull



What is a better symbol of strength than the one directly depicting the age-old phrase: as strong as an ox. Energy transmission must take place having a bull tattooed on your skin, making you mentally determined to accomplish your desires.

Desirable areas to get inked: back, waist, stomach, above the ankle.


9. Hammer and Anvil




These important tools of a blacksmith depict craftsmanship and inner strength. Get it inked to remain in a constantly strong and desired state of mind.

Desirable areas to get inked: forearm, back of arm, waist.


10. Dragon




Like the Tree of Life, Dragons have different meanings in different cultures as well. Nevertheless, they are fearless themselves and fear everyone else. Getting this inked will be a reminder of your inner boldness and leadership abilities.

Desirable areas to get inked: shoulder, thigh, neck to back.


11. Quote




Fan of words and not symbolism? Be straightforward and ask your tattooist to write out your personal reminder.

Desirable areas to get inked: anywhere that is in direct sight mostly, like wrists.


12. Koi Fish




Koi fish is an example of never quitting, moving forward with perseverance, and being consistently determined. Having an image of Koi Fish in your body might help to sink in this feeling.

Desirable areas to get inked: back, calves, back of neck.


13. Spartan Helmet




Warriors have been a symbol of strength, courage, and honor since ancient times. Holding this personality is helpful in overcoming challenges with strength and bravery. This type of tattoo is usually more appealing to males than females or other genders.

Desirable areas to get inked: forearm, thigh.


14. Samurai Sword




Samurais are depictions of honor, strength, discipline, and privileges. They were held in high regard before their abolition. Samurai Swords remind us of our inner capabilities and the pros of being disciplined.

Desirable areas to get inked: forearm, outer wrist, above the ankle.


15. Arrow




Arrows depict our courage to aim for our goals and follow them with strength. They have been used in wars in ancient times. Constant and determined focus is what helps in accomplishment of our life goals.

Desirable areas to get inked: finger, arm, collarbone.


16. Celtic Knot



Have eternal strength and unity accompany you in every phase of your life with these never-ending symbols called “Celtic Knots”. They represent eternity or infinity, meaning there is no end or start of these symbols.

Desirable areas to get inked: forearm, finger, side of hand, collarbone, behind the ear.


17. Hercules




Who doesn’t know the extent of the great Greek legendary figure, Hercules, who is known for his strength. Have him guide you in your decisions while having him as a source of inner strength.

Desirable areas to get inked: back, shoulder.


18. Wolf




Wolf is a symbol of strength, resilience, and eternal loyalty. They are known to always be adaptable and accepting of situations they find themselves in. Thus, they withstand stormy situations with their mental and physical strength.

Desirable areas to get inked: back, arm.


19. Tiger




The Tigers never give up. They thrive even in adverse and unfavorable situations. They hold incredible physical strength and are able to run with a speed of as high as 40 miles per hour. Have a tiger as your inked companion to remind yourself of how much strength you possess.

Desirable areas to get inked: forearm, back.


20. Geometric Lion




Combining the strength of geometric figures with the King of the Jungle, we get an extremely powerful tattoo as a solution. It is a modern design which brings about a change and renders freshness to the art piece.

Desirable areas to get inked: upper arm, back of neck, side of waist.


21. Thor’s Hammer (Mjölnir)




Thor loved his Mjölnir, which gave him strength and power. It is not only a weapon that can destroy everything, but also a tool to shower one with immense blessings. This tattoo art serves as a strength-reminder, courage-booster, and a blessing-attractor. Because you always attract what you are.

Desirable areas to get inked: forearm, inner wrist, upper arm, side of neck.


22. Eagle




Eagle is a free bird, who has a world view like no one, and is a powerful and strong creature. An eagle inked will make you know that you can thrive even when alone and you have enough power.

Desirable areas to get inked: forearm, inner wrist, back of neck.


23. Scales of Justice




One lives in peace and builds up strength when he knows that power is not equivalent to corruption, but justice. The Scales of Justice depict that law is always there as a backbone of a country, a territory, a region, or a group in general.

Desirable areas to get inked: forearm, inner wrist, back of neck.


24. “Strength”




Writing what you want makes it easier and clearer to you. “Strength” is a reminder of how powerful and strong one already is, and how much extendable his strength is.

Desirable areas to get inked: forearm, inner wrist, back of neck.


25. Ship’s Wheel



A captain has enough mental strength to hold the whole ship’s fate in his wheel. He navigates through obstacles with wit, courage and intelligence. The Ship’s Wheel tattoo reminds you of navigating to the right track and facing and passing obstacles with strength and bravery.

Desirable areas to get inked: any place that is small and visible enough to give a reminder.


Apart from these incredibly stunning strength tattoos for men as well as strength tattoos for women, there is always an option to go for a combination of any two to three of these art pieces. For instance, a combination of a Wolf and a Celtic Knot looks terrific, and so does a merging of a Samurai Sword and a Dragon.

Please note that the images used are for reference purposes only. The tattoo art of every tattooist is deeply appreciated. We do not claim to own any of these images.

Enjoy and have a wonderful inking!