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Under Boob Tattoo Guide - Top 15 Queries Answered

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  28 May 24

Do you wish to get an under boob tattoo? Would you like some help with your research? Then, keep reading as we brought for you a wonderful under boob tattoo guide which will answer all your queries.

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Under Boob Tattoo Guide




1. What Is An Under Boob Tattoo?


Under boob tattoos are those tattoos that are inked under the boobs. They are also often referred to as sternum tattoos or chest tattoos. But, strictly speaking, an under boob tattoo will fall on the under boob area. This is the area that is directly below the breasts. It can extend from the curvature of breasts under the cleavage over to the breast bone or sternum. It also includes the area of the ribs and a little bit of the side boobs as well.


The area for an under breast tattoo varies from person to person. Generally, it extends from the area under the cleavage for about 10 to 14 cm towards the sides and about 5 to 7 cm below the curve of the breasts. If it extends down any further, it can come in the territory of stomach tattoos.

An under breast tattoo has a beauty of its own. These tattoos are very attractive and are also the ones that won’t be so easily visible. It would be upon you to keep the under boob tattoo hidden or flaunt it.

Following are the top 4 under boob tattoo ideas:



You can choose to pick the same design to go under both breasts or you can pick an under boob tattoo just under one. If you want to get inked on both sides, make sure the design is balanced and symmetrical. Take these leafy vines for inspiration.




There is no dearth of fancy, unique, and beautiful sternum tattoos. The list of options goes as long as one’s creativity and imagination can take them. Here is a beautiful under breast tattoo design for you to get your imagination running.




A dainty under boob tattoo is great if you are all for a minimal aesthetic. It is simple, beautiful, elegant, and impressive.




This is an under breast tattoo that starts from the cleavage and works its way down below along the curvature of the breasts. This is why these tattoos look attractive and eye-catchy. Because they complement the shape of the breasts.


2. Do Under Boob Tattoos Hurt?


Under boob tattoos are as painful as they are attractive. This is because the under breast area falls directly over your ribs and breast bone. It is one of the most sensitive areas of your body. The skin in this area is very thin too. All of these factors can make getting an under boob tattoo a painful experience.


You must also keep in mind that the tolerance level of pain varies from person to person. In simple words, what level of pain you can endure without feeling discomfort won’t be the same as that of your friend. The amount of pain involved would also depend on the style, depth, position, shape, and size of your under boob tattoo.

Tattoos over any bone are comparatively more painful. The area over your ribs and breast bone is considered to be one of the most painful areas. So, be mentally prepared.



3. What Are The Major Downsides Of Getting An Under Boob Tattoo?

Following are the three major downsides of getting an under boob tattoo:

  • Discomfort

And we are not talking about the discomfort that comes from the vibrations of the tattoo machine hovering over your ribs, close to your heart. We are talking about baring the top half of your body. This is what tattoo artists deal with daily. But you don’t. You would be asked to show how your breasts fall without a bra to ascertain the position for the under breast tattoo. You will be given gauze and tape set to cover yourself up while you would still have to sit without a shirt or even a bra as you get inked. Not many people can get this comfortable with their tattoo artist.

  • Expensive And Painful

An under boob tattoo looks attractive, no doubt. We too have seen our fair share of awesome pictures. But, getting an under breast tattoo is expensive and painful because of the same reason. Both the pain factor and the cost are higher when compared to other tattoos due to the tricky position of the under boob tattoo. It is one of the most sensitive areas of the body and it gets tricky to work on the bone.  

  • Aftercare

If you sleep on your sides or your stomach, we have bad news for you. Once your under boob tattoo is done, you cannot put any pressure on it to let it heal properly and timely. This means no more sleeping on the stomach or the sides. You would be required to keep a constant check on your posture as well. So, no more slouching either.




4. What Are The Major Upsides Of Getting An Under Boob Tattoo?

If there are downsides to getting an under boob tattoo, there are also some upsides. Following are the three major upsides:

  • Unique Portrayal Of Personal Taste

You can let your true personality shine through your under breast tattoo. You can combine different elements that describe your spirit and personality and cook up something unique. And it will stay close to your heart, literally.

  • Intimate

An under boob tattoo is very intimate. It is an area that is the least visible. You can choose to hide this tattoo or flaunt it. You can be your unapologetic self and get something very personal and intimate. And the best thing is you can easily keep it away from the eyes of the world.

  • Long-Lasting

Most tattoos are at the risk of fading or getting distorted owing to the skin getting stretched as we age. But an under breast tattoo comes with the promise of longevity. Because this is one area where the skin is not prone to any kind of stretching. As a result, an under breast tattoo doesn’t change at all as you age.


5. Are Under Boob Tattoos Safe?

Is an under boob tattoo safe? This is a very important question to ask. Since the under boob area is tricky, make sure to do your research and go for a highly qualified and experienced tattoo artist. Because it is easy to mess up things. Even a tiny mistake can make your under breast tattoo look like a blob of ink squirted by mistake. Some possible risks include:

  • Skin infection
  • Allergic reaction from ink
  • Keloid formation
  • Transfer of pathogens through infected instruments
  • Ink can get absorbed by the lymphatic system
  • Swelling and burning of the tattoo during MRI



6. What Is The Process Of Getting An Under Boob Tattoo?

The process of getting an under boob tattoo is similar to that of any other tattoos. You choose a design and the tattoo artist will first trace it out for you on a paper. He will then transfer it to your body and finalize it with his tattoo machine. However, an under breast tattoo will require you to put in extra research and homework. Keep in mind the following things:

  • Look for a tattoo artist with advanced skills. As the under boob tattoos are tricky to do, you must ensure your tattoo artist knows what they are doing.
  • Summer might tempt you but it is not the ideal season to get an under breast tattoo. The ideal season is winter when you can live in baggy sweatshirts without worrying over being braless. Most importantly, there won’t be any sweat to bother you.
  • Always talk with your tattoo artist not just about the design of the under boob tattoo but also about the whole process, how much time it would take, how long will be the recovery, cost, and aftercare among other things.

We have included most of the things in this under boob tattoo guide but you must always have a hearty talk with your tattoo artist.


7. What Is The Cost Of Getting An Under Boob Tattoo?

The cost of getting an under boob tattoo depends on a variety of factors including the shape, size, and location of the tattoo. The cost also depends on the number of lines as well as the amount of shading and coloring. The more the work, the more expensive an under breast tattoo is going to be. Since under breast tattoos are tricky owing to the difficult area they fall upon, this difficulty also influences the cost.

On average, an under boob tattoo can cost you between $500 and $1000. This cost would vary according to your preferences.


8. What Should One Wear While Getting A Tattoo Under Breast?

The clothes you wear while getting an under breast tattoo are equally important. It is considered best if you don’t wear anything on top. Don’t worry you will be given gauze and tape to cover yourself up. You can also wear nipple pasties from home. Some tattoo artists recommend carrying a zip-up or button-up jacket for sternum tattoos. You would be able to open the jacket in the middle which can give full access to your sternum while you can still keep your body covered.




9. What Is A Sternum Tattoo?

A sternum tattoo is a kind of under breast tattoo. It is inked on the breastbone which is situated directly underneath the breasts. The sternum tattoos follow the natural curvature of the breasts along the breastbone.


10. How To Become Comfortable With Under Boob Tattoo?

Don’t make up your mind for getting an under breast tattoo if you cannot get comfortable with the idea of being bra-free and in the close company of a tattoo artist for a few hours. Because under boob tattoos are intimate and tricky to do owing to their location. If the artist doesn’t have full access to the area, the tattoo might end up looking crooked.

So, what can you do to be comfortable? You find a tattoo artist with whom you are comfortable. Ensure that the tattoo parlor has the facility of separate rooms which will give you complete privacy. Talk to your tattoo artist about your concerns and what makes you uncomfortable. This way both of you can come up with a solution. If you are not comfortable with a male tattoo artist, you should look for a woman.





10. What Is A Side Boob Tattoo?

A side boob tattoo is a tattoo that goes on the upper ribs. It can extend from up there to under your breasts up till the sternum or towards the back. This area is also considered sensitive in terms of tattoos.



12. Where Do Tattoos Hurt The Most? And Where Do Tattoos Hurt The Least?

The most painful spots for getting tattoos are:

  • Head, face, and ears
  • Lips
  • Neck
  • Spine
  • Armpits
  • Rib cage
  • Nipples and breasts
  • Sternum
  • Stomach
  • Groin
  • Ankles and shins
  • Elbows
  • Fingers and toes
  • Kneecaps and behind the knees
  • Anywhere over the bones


The following areas are considered the least painful:

  • Forearm
  • Outer shoulders
  • Outer biceps
  • Upper and lower back
  • Upper and outer thighs
  • Calves


13. How To Remove An Under Boob Tattoo? What Is The Process? Will It Be Expensive?

Tattoos are permanent but with the advent in science and technology, now there exist several safe tattoo removal procedures. The safest and most common way is removal through lasers. But, always keep in mind that the process of tattoo removal is going to be far more tedious than the process of getting one in the first place.

The results of removing an under breast tattoo will depend upon the type of ink used, size of the tattoo, its depth, shape, size among other factors. Different kinds of lasers are put to use to remove different kinds of inks. These lasers break the ink pigments into very small particles and ultimately remove them from within the skin.


The cost of removing an under breast tattoo depends on many factors including the kind of laser used, the size, and placement of the tattoo among other things. The bigger and more colorful the tattoo, the more sessions it is going to take, the more it is going to cost. Black ink tattoos are the easiest to remove and cost relatively less.




14. How Long Can You Not Wear A Bra After Tattoo?

You cannot wear a bra after getting an under breast tattoo for at least the first four days. This is because wearing any tight clothing over a freshly done tattoo can cause friction and irritate the skin. It can lead to scabs and flakiness. This can further lead to the fading of the tattoo in extreme cases. Fresh tattoos are like open wounds. You should let them heal. You should avoid wearing a bra for the first four days and switch to a very barely-there light bra after the four days.



15. How To Take Care Of An Under Boob Tattoo?

Taking care of an under boob tattoo comes with its fair share of difficulties. You need to be extra careful to ensure proper healing of the tattoo. Following are some of the most important aftercare tips:

  • Stay away from the sun as well as swimming which means no beach outings till your under breast tattoo has healed.
  • Avoid activities that can expose the tattoo to sweat or humidity.
  • No more sleeping on the back or the sides. Sleep on your back to avoid putting pressure on the freshly done tattoo. This too has to be done till the tattoo is completely healed.
  • Don’t wear a bra. Wear a dark-colored t-shirt which has a loose-fitting.
  • Be mindful of your posture. No more slouching.
  • Keep a simple care routine for your under boob tattoo. For the first two days, clean it using unscented soap. Once you feel the skin tighten after two or three days, start applying an unscented moisturizer after cleaning the tattoo.
  • It takes up to two to three weeks for an under breast tattoo to fully heal. Till then, follow a strict aftercare regime and follow the instructions given by the tattoo artist.
  • Don’t pick or peel your scabs. It is tempting but leave the scabs alone or you will have a faded tattoo.




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