Check Out These Effective Ways Of Growing Your Hair Quickly

Ruchika Teltumbde

Updated At  08 Dec 22

Did you ever face the problem of hair fall? Did you ever feel that you need to regrow the lost hair quickly? Did you ever wonder what needs to be done for growing hair naturally like the good old days? If you have faced any of these questions, then don't worry as we list top 9 ways which will help you grow your hair quickly.


1. Don’t dream about an overnight change

Being optimistic is good in life but over optimism needs to be avoided. Hair growth is not a miracle that can happen overnight. Experts say that hair grows about a quarter of an inch to half an inch max, in a month. So the key is patienece here. Do the required things and wait for your hair to regrow.


2. Trim your hair

We understand that trimming won’t actually make your hair grow faster, but it will definitely control the matter by preventing the splits to make a way up the strands. Get into the habit of trimming just an eighth of an inch every 10 to 12 weeks and you will move with the tips looking healthy.


3. Never miss on Conditioner

Shampoo and high temperature take off nutrition and moisture from your hair. Hence, use a conditioner to aid in hair growth and to replenish the moisture.


4. Don’t get used to a Shampoo

The purpose of shampoo is to wash away dirt, but what about the fact that it even participates in taking away the nutrients and moisture? All you need to do is bring down the usage of shampoo. Even when you apply lather up on the scalp, let the suds slide down the strands with water.


5. Pamper yourself with oil treatment

Oil nourishes your hair roots and makes them thick naturally. It revitalises hair tissues and also decreases hair fall.

How to Apply: To begin with, heat the oil to make it lukewarm. Make partition of your hair and gently apply the oil to your scalp. Keep massaging for 10-15 minutes as this will improve blood circulation.

Tip: Leave the oil on your scalp for longer periods before washing it off, but definitely not more than 24 hours.


6. Consider hair boosting supplements

Almost 80% of your hair is composed of a protein named as keratin and therefore having the right kind of protein in your diet facilitates hair growth. If you lean towards non-vegetarian food, then  Meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy products are rich animal sources of protein, whereas if you lean towards vegetarian food, then vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains are your best friends.


7. Have a gentle brush for hair

After your hair wash, let the hair dry naturally. Use a comb and separate your hair into three sections, a process to create volume. As you detangle your hair, better start from the bottom and work your way up towards the scalp. Prefer usage of a bristle brush as it will distribute scalp’s natural oil down your hair.


8. Pull a perfect pillowcase

Now, what do you mean by a proper pillow? Does it mean just more fluffy and comfortable? Unfortunately, No! There is a bad news for those who love their cotton pillow. Prefer to use a satin pillow as it doesn’t suck out natural moisture of hair while the smooth texture refrains hair from getting tangled.


9. Avoid wrapping your hair in a towel

The shampoo or the conditioner would do no good if you just lock your wet hair in a towel on top of your head. Wet hair act like strings and they are more likely to break easily. So avoid wrapping your hair in a towel. Do you still get irritated and want to wrap it up? Prefer to use a white t-shirt then as the softer material will cause lesser damage.


So now that you know the hacks of growing your hair, what are you waiting for? Go make them long!! :)