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75 Latest Feather Cut Hairstyles For Women - 2023

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  04 Oct 23


Feather Cut was a popular hairstyle for women in the 70s thanks to Farrah Fawcett. And like many other trends from the past, feather haircut is back in 2023 with a bang. From celebrities to models, everyone is flaunting the feathered haircut. So, why should you stay behind?

Want to keep up with the trend of feather haircut? Don’t you worry and keep scrolling to get inspired by our list of the latest feather cut hairstyles for women in 2023. One of the best haircuts for women, we have covered it all from feather cut for short hair to long hair; with and without bangs; the inward and the outward feathering.

Let’s first begin with what exactly is a feather haircut.


What Is A Feathered Haircut?

Made popular by Farrah Fawcett in the 70s, a feather haircut is a variation of the layered cut where the volume is taken down from the crown and refined layers are added to the bottom. These layers are arranged as such to imitate the feathers of a bird. Like feathers, this hairstyle looks light and refreshing.

Now, without wasting any time, let’s dive into the list and get inspired by this latest trend in hairstyles.



75 Latest Feather Cut Hairstyles For Women - 2023




1. Feather Cut Hairstyles

Nobody does a feathered haircut better than Cindy Crawford. She can rock it at any length of hair. Pictured here is a modern take on the classic style for long hair. It is pretty, chic and downright gorgeous. One of the most popular haircuts for long hair, a feathered hairstyle looks stunning and elegant at the same time.




2. Blonde Feathered Haircut

We found this lovely blonde feathered haircut and fell in love with it immediately. This is a prominent cut and is ruffled to create volume. With this haircut, you will never have a boring hair day.




3. Medium Feather Haircut For Women Over 50

The feathered haircut has been a favorite for women over 50 for quite some time. And this is the year when it is back in trend with full swing. So, drop your inhibitions and get your favorite cut today. Pictured here is a feather haircut that beautifully frames the face. It is easy to manage and maintain. One of the best mother of the bride hairstyles, this is an amazing option for wedding and special occasions.




4. Latest Feathered Hair With Bangs

This is a modern take on the classic 70s look for long hair. the feathers here are subtle but still visible. The feathered bangs are soft and wispy. This is a haircut that is versatile and universally flattering. It can be customized as per one's face shape, hair texture, volume, and length among other things.




5. Feather Cutting For Long Hair

This haircut suits all but is especially popular amongst women with thick hair. This is because the feather haircut lightens the volume without really giving up on length. Pictured here is a beautiful example with curtain bangs.

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6. Latest Hairstyles With Feathers

 Yes, a feathered haircut is a blast from the past. But, you don't have to be skeptical. There are a million ways in which this haircut is being brought back in 2023. Here is a perfect example. This is as modern and subtle as this classic 70s style can get in 2023. The subtlety of it is perfect for those who are looking only for a slight change.




7. Shoulder Length Feathered Haircut

The earlier feathered haircut was an option only for long hair. But with time, this classic hairstyle has seen many variations. The modern hairstyles with feathers are suitable for all lengths of hair be it long, short, or medium. This one is for shoulder-length hair and makes voluminous hair more manageable and adds definition to them.




8. Feather Haircut For Long Hair

This feather haircut for long hair is simple yet attractive. The ends are not as sharp. Instead, they give out a very soft and relaxed look. This hairstyle can be maintained easily.




9. Feathered Bang

This hairstyle comes with feathered side bangs combined with lightly layered hair. It is a low maintenance look and looks very modern and chic.



10. Relaxed Feather Cutting For Long Hair

This hairstyle is one of the classic examples of feather cutting for long hair. There is under layering with long side bangs. The subtle feathering paired with a little bit of messy texture makes this look the top choice.



11. Medium Hairstyles With Feathers

This hairstyle is for medium-length hair and combines excessive layering with long bangs that are parted in the center. The long layers at the ends are curled as well to add definition to the whole look.




12. Messy Feathered Haircut

With a very subtle feathering on the bangs, this feather haircut is perfect for those who are just testing the waters. The slightly messy texture works perfectly with this haircut.

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13. Cindy Crawford Feather Haircut

This feathering haircut as flaunted by Cindy Crawford looks very soft and relaxed. There is excessive layering even though her hair is of medium length. Her hair looks neat and suits her very much.




14. Short Bob Feathered Haircut

Feathering haircut looks great even on short hairstyles. This short bob is a perfect example of that. This hairstyle comprises of subtle and longer feathers which look very neat. This feather haircut makes for a very stylish day look.




15. Brunette Feathered Hair With Bangs

This one is a modern take on the retro feather haircut. It is slightly extremely layered and has a sharp well defined cut. This haircut can be used to tame thick and voluminous hair.




16. Side-Swept Asymmetrical Feathered Haircut

Bored with your regular short hair? Then go for this feathered haircut. It is very modern with short hair on one side and longer side-swept feathered layers on the other side.




17. Soft Feather Haircut For Long Hair

This feathered haircut for long hair has been styled with soft curls and is a universally flattering hairstyle. It makes for a very compelling case for getting feathers hair style.




18. Outward Feather Haircut

The feathered haircut of this kind uses little layering styled with soft well-defined curls towards the ends. The strawberry blonde shade of hair color just adds to the beauty of this cut making it look even clearer.




19. Razor Feathered Haircut

As opposed to the older beliefs that feathering works only for thick hair, this haircut proves that it can work equally well for fine hair. This haircut comes with razor-sharp layered ends which have been arranged with light bends to soften the whole look. The beautiful Jane Fonda has worn this style for years.




20. Beachy Feathers Hair Style

This haircut is similar to the messy feathered cut but here the hair is not ruffled up as much. Instead, it is styled with little waves making it perfect for a day out on the beach.




21. Classic Feather Haircut

This one is a modern take on the classic feather haircut. It has retro vibes to it. With curtain feathered fringes this haircut looks very sophisticated. The longer ends have an outward swirl making this look softer.




22. Voluminous Bob With Feather Cut

There is a feathered haircut for everyone regardless of their age.  A 50-year-old woman can carry a feathered haircut just as well as a 20-year-old. This is one such example. This particular feathered bob has extensive layering and has added volume. Light wisps of hair in the front are swept to the side and blend with the rest of the cut.




23. Layered Feather Haircut

We are in love with this feather haircut with layers. Can you see just how soft this look is? This haircut has layers at different lengths but they don’t frame the face at all. Here the show is stolen by the subtly feathered side bangs and the soft curls given towards the ends.




24. Light Feathering Haircut

This feather haircut is as simple as it can get. It requires no maintenance and can be styled very easily. it is perfect for the busy modern woman who wants a simple yet trendy haircut.




25. Layered Feather Haircut With Waves

Do you have thick long hair? then get a haircut like that of Jennifer Lopez. This wavy feathered haircut is parted in the middle and looks good on all face shapes.




26. Pixie Feathered Haircut

Pixie with a feathered cut is the latest trend of 2023. Kaley Cuoco’s feathered pixie is a prime example of this trend. She has a very different version of the style though. The feathered layers are stacked which adds volume and definition to the hair making it look stunning.




27. Feathered Long Hair

This is a feathered haircut for long hair and has extensive bouncy layers. The ombre and highlights combined with the feathered layering give hair an entirely new avatar.




28. Inward Swirling Feathered Haircut

This is a very smart looking feathered long bob. This hairstyle with feathers is a very refreshing and modern version of the classic style. The feathered side bangs with inward bending layers at the end look very elegant and fashionable.




29. Soft Feather Haircut For Shoulder-Length Hair

This layered feather haircut is best for shoulder length hair. the feathering enhances the shape of the layers and adds more definition to the whole look. Here the layers bend softly and are mostly stacked.




30. Brunette Bob With Feathers

Salma Hayek’s beautiful Brunette bob with feathering is stunning and popular. It is soft, fun, and manageable.




31. Feather Cut For Medium Hair

This hairstyle with feathers comes with long side bangs parted in the middle. The longer layered ends have soft bends to add more definition to them. It is an effortlessly chic look.




32. The Easy Feathered Cut

This haircut for long thin hair has very subtle feathers that are added only to enhance the natural shape of the hair.




33. Ruffled Feather Cut For Short Hair

Take your short hair up a notch with a ruffled feathered style. This cut will add the much-needed drama to your look.




34.  Soft Wavy Feather Cut

This is the classic feathered haircut. It has soft wavy feathers that move away from the face. It is a perfect example of the culmination of a retro style with modern vibes.




35. Soft Feathered Bob For Black Women

Feathered Haircuts have always been on the radar of black women. they have always been ahead of the rest of us when it comes to beauty, style, and fashion. Featured here's is a soft and wispy feathered cut that not only looks pretty but is also easy to maintain.




36. Hairstyle With Feathers For Medium Hair

This is one of the medium length hairstyles with feathers which you can try this year. This textured cut with wavy feathers stacked against each other looks uber chic.




37. Selena Gomez Feathered Haircut

Selena Gomez has tried a variety of hairstyles over the years and this is one of our favorites. This feathered haircut comes with very soft curls and has long side-swept bangs to complete the fresh modern look.




38. Feathered Bob Hairstyle

This feathered bob hairstyle is another popular choice this year when it comes to short hair trends. The stacked feathers on the side add body and definition to the hair.




39. Simple Feathered Cut For Medium Hair

This is a simple yet stylish feathered haircut for brunettes. Since the excessive layering might not be as visible in black hair, this haircut plays with medium level layering with feathered ends which swirl out.




40. Face Framing Feather Haircut For Thick Hair

This feather haircut is perfect for those with thick hair. It takes away the excess volume and comes out to be a very smart and dashing cut. The long bangs are parted in the middle and are face-framing.




41. Soft Feathering Haircut For Medium Hair

This feathers hair style is more relaxed. It has little layering with subtle inward and outward swirls.




42. Feathered Pixie Cut

This Charlize Theron feather cut for short hair is enough to make anyone go and chop it all off. With this haircut, you can pull off two hair trends at the same time: a pixie with feathering. The feathered cut adds more definition to the otherwise simple pixie.




43. Ruffled Short Bob With Feathers

This feathered bob has excessive layering with a ruffled up look. The layering along with ruffled texture adds volume and drama to the hair.




44. Layered Feather Haircut With Outward Swirls

Again, this is a layered feathered haircut. The outward swirls are very refined and look oh so well with the caramel-colored hair.




45. Feathered Long Side-Swept Bangs

This particular haircut has very subtle feathering. This is perfect for those who just want to try out the feathered hair trend without going for a dramatic change.




46. Latest Face Framing Feathered Haircut

Rachel Weisz’s face-framing feathered haircut has been a favorite of many for a lot of years and refuses to go out of style. And we can see why. This simple-seeming haircut is sophisticated and is perfect for the office going woman. It is stylish without going over the board.




47. Short Hairstyles With Feathers

A short bob with feathers is a very popular hairstyle. What makes it the best is the easy styling, little to no maintenance, and style quotient. This haircut is perfect for a daily fuss-free look.




48. Layered Feather Haircut With Side Bangs

This one is yet another example of a layered feather haircut that frames the face in a flattering manner. This haircut works well for all types and lengths of hair.




49. Messy Inward Feathering Haircut

White is the hair color of the season and a messy feathered haircut the latest modern hairstyle. This one is a feathered haircut for shoulder-length hair and has extensive inward feathering. Their texture is messy while the bangs are polished. Combined, it forms a very soft look.




50. Soft Curls Hairstyle With Feather Haircut

This ombre feathered haircut for medium hair comes with long side bangs parted in the middle and has soft curls towards the ends. This hairstyle is as modern as it can get.




51. Choppy Feathered Haircut

Don’t want the regular defined feathered cut or the messy version? Don’t worry. You can go for this chopped feather haircut. It has excessive layers that look chopped instead of sharp, hence the name. This is a no-maintenance look and looks flattering on almost everyone.




52. Long Feather Haircut

Feather cutting for long hair is as popular in 2023 as it was in the 70s. This is a good example of this latest trend. It is a layered cut with feathered ends. It is a very sophisticated and attractive hairstyle for women with long hair.




53. Feathers With A Undercut

This is another one of the modern feather haircuts. This is a feathered haircut for short hair. What makes it different and unique is the undercut. The rest of the hair have little layers. The side-swept feathered hair looks ultra-chic when paired with the undercut.




54. Feathered Haircut With Side Bangs

This haircut is a modern take on the retro feathered haircut. Even for the medium length of hair, there is excessive layering. The shorter layers swirl inside while the longer ones swirl outwards.




55. Soft Feathered Haircut For Short Hair

Michelle Williams is one of those celebrities who have famously rocked the pixie haircut. We especially love her take on feathered hair. This style has relaxed feathers which are styled as being wind-swept. It is not entirely messy but it is not exactly refined either.




56. Feathered Haircut For Black Women

This modern haircut with feathers is shorter on the back and longer in the front. Thick wisps of feathered layers are stacked together and take on the meaning of this haircut.




57. Feathered Cut With Side Bangs For Thin Hair

This feather haircut with side bangs consists of many layers. It works very well for thin hair and gives an illusion of volume. The feathered bangs are face-framing the rest of the feathered hair give body and bounce.




58. Feather Haircut For Oval Face

This one is a feathered haircut for long hair. The long feathered side bangs frame the face in a very flattering manner. Towards the ends, the front-facing layers are feathered with an outward swirl. This hairstyle is perfect for those with an oval face.




59. Pixie Hairstyles With Feathers

This haircut has become a signature style of Carey Mulligan. This feathered pixie cut is a little ruffled which gives it a perfect relaxed and carefree look.




60. Latest Feather Cutting For Medium Hair

This feathered haircut for medium hair has some layers with soft bends towards the end which position outwards. This haircut is a no-maintenance haircut and looks dashing.




 61. Chic Feathered Cut With Balayage

This is a chic and pretty feather haircut with soft curls. The brown and blonde balayage is enhancing the shape of the feathers.


long hair feather cut


62. Feather Haircut For Black Hair

This is a stunning feathered hairstyle if you are looking for a new and stylish haircut. The curls at the ends enhance the beauty of this haircut significantly.


beautiful feather cut


63. Stylish Feathers

If you are looking for a stylish haircut to add focus on your hair, then your search ends here. This feather haircut for medium to long hair works for all hair colors and is perfect for all occasions.


trending feather cut


64. Stunning Feather Hairstyle 

This is a prominent haircut and it also gives an impression of voluminous hair. With this haircut, you will never have a boring hair day.  Easy to manage, this low miantenance hairstyle works specifically well for short hair.


fresh feather cut


65. Fresh Haircut

A side parted hairstyle with layers is the ultimate option if you are looking for a trending new haircut. Add the right accessories like bold earrings along with the perfect makeup and your look will see an amazing transformation.


stylish feather cut


66. Stylish Feather Hairstyle

A perfect hairstyle for short and medium length hair, this textured cut with wavy feathers stacked against each other looks stylish. Additionally, this adds volume to your hair and is low maintenance as well.


celeb feather cut


67. Lisa Rinna Feather Haircut

One of the most stylish hairstyles, if you have short hair then this is an amazing option. This hairstyle works for all hair colors. If you have thin and short hair then this can be a very good option as it will also add volume to your hair.


feather cut for blonde hair


68. Trending Feather Cut

If you are looking for a glamorous hairstyle for your short hair then this trending feathered hairstyle is a perfect choice. This modern hairstyle also adds volume to the hair. 


feather cut for brown hair


69. Feather Cut With Curls

One of the best hairstyles if you have long hair is to go for feather haircut with curls. The shade of brown adds nice texture and the bangs make it look more stylish.


new feather cut


70. Stunning New Feather Cut

If you are looking for a modern hairstyle which also showcases your confidence then this is a perfect hairstyle. Complement this hairstyle with smokey eyes to make sure your look stands out.


modern feather cut


71.  Modern Hairstyle

A trending new hairstyle for short hair is this amazing side parted feather haircut. Light wisps of hair in the front are swept to the side and add a new modern look to this hairstyle.


feather cut long hair


72. Long Hair Feather Cut

If you have long hair and are looking for a new haircut then feather cut is a great choice. The layers visible clearly because of your long hair adds a different dimension to your hairstyle.


Stunning feather cut


73. Short Hair Feather Cut

A perfect hairstyle for women with short hair, this feather cut hairstyle is a perfect option if you have thin hair or your hair volume is low. This side parted haircut works well for all hair colors and face types as well.


perfect feather cut


74. Perfect Hairstyle

If you have an upcoming function and you are looking for a hair makeover, then you have an amazing option available. This perfect feather hairstyle for mid length hair looks stunning. The layers alongwith the shades of brown and grey make the hair look modern and stylish. 


short feather cut


75. Feather Cut For Brown Hair

One of the top inspirations for feathered hairstyle, this one works well for all hair colors including black, brown and blonde. You can also add shades of other hair colors to make it look modern but this in itself looks very stylish. Amp up your hairstyle by adding the relevant accessories and your look will surely start attracting a lot of attention.


With this our list 75 latest feather cut hairstyles for women 2023 has come to an end. Get inspired by our compilation and be a part of this latest trend.