Hairstyles For Black Women

85 Best Hairstyles And Haircuts For Black Women

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  18 Jun 24

Are you looking to change up your natural hairstyle? Then this is the place for you. Keep scrolling to set your mood and get inspired! Do check out hairstyles with serial number 10, 11 as these have been trending this year!



Trendsetting Beauty: 85 Best Hairstyles for Black Women




1. Short Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

Want something easy to manage and yet high on the style quotient? Then you should try this look. Chop your afro down to obtain some short and fabulous raised curls. This kind of short black afro hairstyles works wonders for those who have a curl pattern that is known to grow in an upward direction.




2. Sleek Middle Part

A sleek middle part is perhaps the best way to wear your curls down. It is easy and looks cute. You can surely add some more cuteness to your simple and sleek everyday look by doubling up on some nice and cutesy hair clips or barrettes.




3. The Side Swept Bangs

For black women, side-swept bangs can be a chic and adaptable option that suits a range of hair types and face shapes. For a more put-together appearance, using a flat iron or curling iron to add tiny waves or curls to your side-swept bangs is a fantastic way.




4. Stacking Crop

"Stacking crop" usually describes a hairstyle where the hair is stacked or layered to add dimension and volume. Black women can seem especially fashionable with this, and it suits a variety of hair types.This Stacking crop is a short and fancy style.



5. Shaggy Hairstyle

A popular and adaptable alternative, a shaggy hairstyle uses layers of different lengths to give the idea of being voluminous and messy. This look is popular for its ability to look effortlessly elegant and carefree on a variety of hair types and lengths.



6. French Bob

A timeless and classic haircut that has been in popularity for many years is the French bob. Its short length and traditional cut, which ends just below the chin or just below the ears, give it a stylish and classy appearance.For black ladies, the French bob hairstyle might be a fantastic choice.




7. Braids For Curly Hair

Braids for curly long hair can really enhance your natural beauty. They keep your hair neat while adding a stylish touch. Try them out and see how they transform your look!  




8. Highlights On Black Hair

Add a touch of light brown highlights to your black hair for a stunning transformation. This look works beautifully on short, medium, and long hair, giving you a fresh and vibrant style. Easy to maintain and perfect for any occasion, light brown highlights will make your hair shine.




9. Twist Braids

Twist braids are not a new trend. They are a popular technique for doing several Black hairstyles. But this one is a super cool and refreshing version with loose curly ends. Throw a bucket hat on top for that Gen-Z aesthetic and you are summer ready.




10. Low Pigtails

When it comes to long curly hairstyles, one of our go-to persons for some curly hair inspo is Yara Shahidi. And she never disappoints. Here she is sporting some sleek and slicked-back low pigtails. It is a stylish way of keeping your hair away from your face. This is something that will work for almost all occasions. And those edges? Hot damn!




11. Side-Swept Curls

The middle parts can get boring. So, try out something different with a deep side part. It will create a side-swept look like this one being sported by Zendaya here. If your curly hair is cut into layers, then even better.



12. Blunt Lob

A blunt bob is a stylish alternative to a sleek, contemporary haircut distinguished by its straight lines and consistent length. It's a chic and adaptable style that can be made to fit many facial shapes, hair textures, and lengths, especially those of black women.    




13. The Stunning Bob

Wavy hairstyles for black women are one of our favorite go-to styles. This shoulder-length bob comes with gorgeous wind-swept waves. It is neither too messy nor too polished and creates a perfect balance of the two.  




14. Chic Cornrow Braids

Box braids for black women are another kind of hairstyle that is versatile, comfortable and stylish. This is an incredible protective hairstyle and works for different lengths of hair. Don’t forget to style the edges. See how much beauty they add to the already beautiful hairstyle.




15. Curly Box Braids

Curly box braids are the new “it trend” when it comes to long curly hairstyles. Do it like Laura Harrier and leave some curly pieces out of your box braids to achieve this soft and edgy look.



16. Relaxed Braids For Black Women

Natural braided hairstyles for black women are one of the most versatile options to ever exist. Braids suit everyone and can be done in a gazillion different ways. Here are some relaxed three-strand braids. Notice how the braids are still showing off the original texture of the hair.



17. Double Braids

Let’s make protective long curly hairstyles more fun. Senegalese twists are undoubtedly wye-catchy plus low-maintenance. They are popular, yes but not the kind where every other girl on your IG for-you-page can be seen rocking them. And you will definitely not find this version of Senegalese twists that easily either.




18. New Braid Hairstyles With Beads

One can never go wrong with braids for black women. This one pictured here is not your usual braided hairstyle. It comes with a modern twist. Adorned with colorful beads, this braided style looks super fabulous, stylish and also goes a long way in protecting your hair from the seasonal damage.



19. Low Ponytail

Super long and super sexy—that’s what we feel about Ciara’s very curly low ponytail.  It is the ponytail that will end all the other ponytails. A great choice for those with super long and voluminous hair. If not, you can always try this out with some help from extensions.




20. Glamorous Coily Waves

Bored with your curls? Then go for these stylish and stunning finger waves. Take the help from a curling rod to create this effect. Or you can just start with Bantu knots. When you will take your hair out from the Bantu knots after a considerable amount of time, you will not only get naturally done finger waves but also a lot of added volume. 





21. Blonde And Brown Afro Hairstyles

This is one of the best afro natural hairstyles for black women. Let your black girl magic shine through. Wear your curls proudly in an afro. It is a voluminous style with playful vibes which are further enhanced by the combo of blonde and light brown hues.




22. Middle Parted Curls Style

The curls parted in the middle are elegant and lovely. This look entails splitting your hair in the middle and wearing your curls symmetrically to frame your face. Bangs that frame the face in the front can also be worn short and tiny with this style.




23. Bouncy Curls With Braids

We know how braids for black women work every time and we also know how awesome curls look. So why not wear them both at the same time? How? Well just take some inspiration from the hairstyle pictured here. It combines both the bouncy curls and cornrow braids. The tight braids on one side with the rest of the hair left to cascade paints quite a beautiful picture. 




24. Curly Mohawk With Designer Edges

Are you up for some edgy black hairstyles? Then here is one for you. This hairstyle has sweet bouncy curls to form a voluminous mohawk while the sides are shaved to give it an even more of an edgy twist. The line design on the shaved sides just makes this hairstyle all the more fabulous.




25. Braided Bun With Flowers

Black wedding hairstyles with natural hair are very fun and look stunning. A case in point is this particular hairstyle. The bride here wears her natural hair into a halo braid which is finished off with a low bun. The tiny flower accessories add to the beauty of this style.




26. Full Birkin Bangs

The full bangs which are also called Birkin bangs and is named after the French actress, Jane Birkin, a full and volume-based bangs at the front adding a layer of puffiness and covering the entire forehead. Straight hair or curly hair, both hair textures go along well with this style.




27. Chunky Dreadlocks

Here is one of the most popular natural braided hairstyles of 2019. Dreadlocks especially the ones which are accessorized or coloured are popular again. It is a comfortable, fuss-free and stylish hairstyle to go for. The use of a white or coloured thread makes this style more defined.




28. Micro Twists In Braids

When you cannot decide what to do with your hair, then go for the half up half down hairstyles for black women like this one. These straight-back micro braids are fun, flirty and awesome. Half the braids are tied at the crown in a ponytail while the rest is left open to create a stunning effect.




29. Stunning Afro Hairstyles With Bandana

A bandana is a perfect accessory for your natural hair. It will not only hold your curls in place but also cover them up to a certain extent and protect them against sun, wind, and pollution. We present our case in favor of the bandana style with this hairstyle picture here. It is stylish and perfect for all those times where you want your hair out of your face.




30. Black Hairstyles For Women In Deep Pink

This is one of the chicest hairstyles for black women. Weaves are a popular way to bring a change in your hair. And this weave had our heart in an instant. The sexy bob with an equally sexy color. It comes with some of those Jessica Rabbit vibes but with short hair.




31. Angled Bob

An angled bob is a unique and trendy hairstyle distinguished by a clear shift in length from the back to the front. The hair in this style usually grows longer toward the front and is shorter toward the nape of the neck. The end effect is a stylish, angular profile that can be tailored to fit various facial shapes and individual preferences.



32. Undercut Crop For Women

It's intriguing how this bold and edgy haircut looks on women with short hair. With this haircut, the hair on the sides and back is shaved or very finely trimmed, leaving the hair on top of the head longer. Women can rock this extremely gorgeous and daring appearance.




33. Short Black Hairstyles With Braids

When it comes to braids for black women, they can be paired with almost any hairstyle. A case in point is this beautiful natural hairstyle. The coily curls have a beauty of their own and they are paired with tin tiny braids on both sides to add an edgy and dramatic angle to the whole look.


Simple-Updo-Hairstyles-For Black Hair


34. Simple Updo Hairstyles For Black Hair

This hairstyle comes with braids for black women which are then folded into an elegant and elaborate bun. This is a perfect hairdo for formal events. It is a simple, chic and gorgeous hairstyle for the modern woman on the go.




35. Ponytail With A Golden Thread

Here is another one of the most popular hairstyles with braids for black women. Pretty boxer braids are brought together to form one single braid. Notice the shiny golden thread used with the braids. This shiny thread makes this hairstyle even more beautiful and brings with it some of those royal elegant vibes.




36. Easy Black Haircuts

This is one of the most fuss-free black hairstyles. It cannot get easier than this. A buzz cut is comfortable, low on maintenance and looks uber chic. See how the tiny curls can steal your breath and your heart and make heads turn.




37. Bantu Knots

Stay in touch with your African roots with this hairstyle. Bantu knots are one of the most popular and traditional African hairstyles for black women. They work with all hair types and look good on everybody. We love this rendition of the Bantu knots that come with designer braid patterns.




38. Long Braided Hairstyles For Black Women

Janelle Monae is the queen of R&B music. And she is also the queen of hairstyles with braids for black women. Every time she comes out on the red carpet with a new and impressive hairdo, we find ourselves cheering out the loudest. We loved this hairstyle which she flaunted at the Stella McCartney fashion show in 2015. The long thick black braids and the braided mohawk is a head-turner.



39. Butterfly Haircut

This season's newest and trendiest hairstyle is yours to try. With its layered ends featuring bouncy waves, this butterfly haircut is wavy and voluminous. Black women who are thinking about getting haircuts for their long and mid-length hair will look stunning in this hairdo.



40. The Shullet Look

This is a modern and stylish hairstyle for women. A cross between mullet and shag is called a shullet. This hairstyle is sometimes referred to as a "wolf cut." Because of its plentiful texture throughout, it gives density and is a great choice for women with naturally finer strands of hair.



41. Short Black Hairstyle

Here is another one of the latest African-American natural hairstyles with a weave. Loose curls on thin strands look just as stunning as the tight curls. This hairstyle comes with some texture and volume and can transform boring short hair into a glam hairstyle.




42. Cornrows With Extensions

Black braided hairstyles with extensions are in demand and grey is the colour of the season. When both of these are combined, it leads to this incredible-looking hairstyle. These are medium cornrows with extensions. They not only look glamorous but also act as a protective hairstyle.



43. Gelled Edges 

Gelled edges is a hairstyle technique that involves using styling gel or an edge control product to the hair's edges to give the appearance of sleek, professional hair and design. Using gel creates a clean, well-defined look at the front by taming flyaways and frizz and smoothing down the hairline.



44. Rounded Haircut For Women

For women, a rounded haircut is usually defined as a hairstyle in which the hair is trimmed to create a smooth and gentle outline. The face contour is framed by this Haircut well.



45. Shaved Haircuts 

For women, a shaved haircut is provocative. It entails shaving off all or nearly all of the hair, leaving little to no hair on the scalp. People of all genders enjoy this style for a variety of reasons, and it may be a daring and freeing decision.



46. Stylish Space Buns

Here is another example of Fulani braids for black women. Though, this one will get you the best of both worlds with Fulani braids as well as space buns. This hairstyle has a funky and stylish vibe to it.




47. Elaborate Braided Buns

Here is another one of the most popular hairstyles with braids for black women. The braids start as cornrows but then take the form of the two twist braids which are then tied into an elaborate fashion to create this pompadour updo. This is stylish, unique and stunning.




48. Chic Pixie

This is one of the simplest hairstyles for black women. Go the short-and-sweet route with a pixie. It is the most versatile hairstyle as it can be styled in many different ways. It is simple yet stylish. This one, in particular, is soft, feminine and elegant. This hairstyle also lets you flaunt your eye makeup to the fullest.



49. Skai Jackson Hairstyles For Black Women

Skai Jackson is an icon for many young girls and we are head over heels in love with her amazing hairstyles. Our current favorite is this one pictured here. The center part is done well and presents a tamed and polished picture at the front. The back is however where Skai has let her curls do their magic. The voluminous and bouncy curls are super glam.




50. Braided Into A Bun

Boxer braids for black women form one of the most common hairstyles. Start with boxer braids and tie them into two individual buns at your nape. Notice how the braids are not too tight thus, allowing the hair to breathe. They are also accessorized with golden beads which add some royal elegance.




51. Short Messy Spikes

Short hair that is shaped into textured, dishevelled spikes defines the short messy spikes hairstyle, which is fashionable and youthful. This hairstyle looks amazing on women with short hair and is stylish and edgy. This hairstyle also emanates a casual and laid-back vibe.



52. Short Wispy Waves

A hairstyle known as "short wispy waves" is defined by short hair with delicate, free waves that give the appearance of being dishevelled and tender. This look is frequently linked to an easygoing and stylish look for chic and adds a stylish and evergreen style to the face. 



53. Butterfly Afro

Natural, firmly curled or coiled hair that protrudes from the scalp is what defines an afro hairstyle. This hairstyle can be natural and can be added and styled with accessories and butterflies making a fancy and stylish look.



54. Colored Hairstyles For Black Women

Want something different and new? Get yourself a choppy cut with side bangs like this one here. The mix of red and pink shades suits black women and looks pretty glam at the same time. See how the choppy bits of this style fall an inch below the chin making it a perfect haircut for those with round faces.



55. Beautiful Black Wedding Hairstyles

This is one of the most versatile wedding hairstyles for black women. Change your hair a bit with this sleek and smooth style. Move on from your curls to a wavy length. A deep side part with a side of hair pinned down creates a major chic look. Focus on your edges too as has been done in this hairstyle pictured here.



56. Blonde Afro Curls

Allow your hair to breathe and play with your natural hair texture. Flaunt your curls to the fullest. If you want to bring some drama to your look then add color. Case in point is this afro hairstyle with a blonde and brown ombre. The color makes the curls look more defined.




57. Puffy Ponytail Hairstyles For Black Women

This is one of the most stylish hairstyles for black women which also happens to be protective. This one is called the puffy ponytail which is exactly what the name suggests. This hairstyle has become very popular this year due to its chic and glam status.




58. Gorgeous Braids For Black Women

Cornrows are fabulous, versatile and stylish. You can get these braids in multiple styles. The one pictured here is a more elaborate version of the cornrows. The crisscross pattern looks very glam while the brown color plays a peek-a-boo effect that only adds to the beauty.




59. Oval Layers

For black women, oval layers can be a beautiful and adaptable hairdo. a hairstyle known as "oval layers" is a haircut in which the layers are purposefully trimmed to accentuate the oval shape of the face.




60. Neon Gree Faded Haircut

This short hairstyle for black women looks amazing when paired with bright green hair. The hairstyle is stylish and adaptable thanks to the addition of a short cut with a deep side cut.




61. Braided Bun With Golden Thread

This is just another one of the braided hairstyles for black women which starts with a braid and ends with an elegant bun. Add a golden thread with the braid to add a regal touch to the hair updo. This hairstyle is perfect for formal events especially weddings.




62. Bandana For Curls

Here is yet another one of the African American natural hairstyles with a bandana. This one lets you keep your curls down instead of pinning them up. Though, it has a similar effect of keeping hair away from your face. Choose a bandana in a bright popping color to add more drama to your style.




63. Elegant Braided Updo

Braided hairstyles for black women are very versatile and can be given any shape or size. All you need is mad skills and a really good imagination. Make a statement that turns head with this box braid top knot. This dramatic yet elegant updo fits well with both your morning and evening looks.




64. Stylish Micro Braids For Black Women

Haven’t we told you that cornrow braids for black women are fabulous? Throw in a bit of color and go for something like these micro braids in green. You can get your hair colored and if you are not up for such a change then get some colored extensions braided into your hair.




65. Poker Straight Hairstyles For Black Women

Here is another hairstyle with which you can never go wrong. Sleek, straight and shiny hair never goes out of fashion. This silky and frizz-free hairstyle looks good on everyone, is easy to style and works for all kinds of events.




66. Mohawk And Braids With Rings

Do you want a stylish hairstyle that is also unique? Then, this is the one for you. Look at the voluminous mohawk created by pinning the beautiful bouncy curls towards the center. Meanwhile, the hair on the sides is twisted and adorned with silver rings. This hairstyle will be a sure shot head turner at any event.




67. Tribal Braids With Curls

Tribal or Fulani braids for black women are another fun way of giving a new glam touch to your hair. This one pictured here is a modern take on the Fulani braids. The braids with curls are then put into a half up half down hairstyle. The golden beads add a regal touch to the whole look.




68. Beautiful Updo With Braids

This is one of the most beautiful updo hairstyles for black women. The top knot is accompanied by tight braids on one side to give the hairstyle an edgy twist while some curls are left out of the bun in the front to fall on the forehead. This hairstyle creates a perfectly balanced look with edginess mixed with a soft feminine touch.




69. Stunning Asymmetric Black Haircuts

This is one of the most iconic short black hairstyles. The asymmetric bob was made famous by Rihanna and since then women decided to just stick with this style. The hairstyle pictured here is a short asymmetrical bob. It has soft wispy ends which create a perfect balance with the uneven symmetry. The waves in the front add definition and drama to this hairstyle.




70. Afro Hairstyles For Wedding

Don’t know what to do with your afro for a wedding? Worry not. We found this stunning hairstyle for you to get inspired from. Don’t disturb your natural hairstyle and just add a pair of accessories for some added beauty and drama as is done in the hairstyle pictured here. The bouncy curls paired with the huge floral accessory look very glamorous.




71. Elegant Updo Hairstyles For Black Women

Do you love pineapples? Then let your love for the fruit show in your hairstyle. Pin your curls together at the top of the head to create a pineapple-head effect. A case in point is this particular hairstyle which is both fun and sophisticated at the same time.




72. New Thick And Twisty Black Braided Hairstyles

The two-strand twists look incredible with both short as well as long hair. The one pictured here is a version of two-strand twists on long hair. What makes these twists as one of the best options of braids for black women is the fact that they are easy to do and can be styled in a lot of different ways.




73. Box Braids With Thread

These are jumbo box braids for black women. They have their fan following. These braids are super glam, comfortable, easy to maintain and also work wonderfully as a protective hairstyle.  The white thread adds to the style quotient and aesthetics of the whole look.




74. Latest African American Natural Hairstyles With Bangs

You don’t have to feel left out from the trend of bangs just because you have curly hair. Yes, it is very much possible to sport bangs with your head full of curls. Take this hairstyle for instance. Nobody does curly bangs better than Zendaya and you cannot get better inspiration than her. Let your natural texture play and look your stunning self.


Cornrows-Fo- An-Edgy-Twist


75. Cornrows For An Edgy Twist

This one is an incredible hairstyle with braids for black women. Straight hair with wavy ends is done by everyone. The hairstyle pictured here can inspire you to go the extra mile and add an edgy twist to a simple hairdo. Add some definitive drama with cornrows braided on one side. The edginess is well balanced with the cascading wispy ends on the forehead.




76. African Hairstyles With Dreadlocks

You can still flaunt beautiful dreadlocks with your short hair. Take the help from some hair extensions and rock your way out with polished dreadlocks as this one pictured here. Add some pretty cuffs to increase the glam quotient of your hairstyle.




77. Natural Braided Updo Hairstyles For Black Hair

Braids for black women work wonderfully well when tied into a bun. Here is one such example of the black wedding hairstyles. This hairstyle is simple, fun and elegant. The boxer braids are tied into a low bun. The braids are adorned with beads to add more definition to the hairdo.




78. Afro With A Hairband

Bandana is not the only hair accessory to hold your beautiful and bouncy curls. Play around with your afro and bring in a hairband to the mix. Push the hair away from your face by using a stylish hairband. This will not only add a new dimension but will also make your hair somewhat more manageable.




79. Rihanna Hairstyles For Black Women

Move over braids for black women and go for this simple yet elegant updo as sported by Rihanna. We love how she styled her sleek and smooth hair into a gorgeous updo. The bun is neither too loose nor too tight and sits just about the crown. The wispy bangs in the front are pretty chic too.




80. Braids For Black Women In A Ponytail

You must have seen multiple ponytail hair ideas. But now it is time for you to see and try a ponytail with a modern twist. Take the pictured hairstyle, for instance. It starts with a combination of very thin and thick braids which are then combined to form a high and curly ponytail. What makes this one different is the golden cuff which holds it together. Also, notice how the edges are styled.




81. Black Natural Hairstyles In Dual Shade

Are you looking for some colored hairstyles for black women? Then look no further. The hairstyle pictured here is perfect for those who want to color their hair but don’t want to look like the part of the crowd. This dual shaded hairstyle with natural curls will make sure of that. You can choose any combination of colors as per your desire.




82. Stunning Braided Bun Hairstyles for Black Women

When nothing seems right then go for braids as you can never go wrong with them. Here is a hairstyle with braids for black women if you are looking for something that is something extra. Ensure a lot of head-turning with this hairstyle. The Fulani braids with red-coloured extensions are twisted into an elegant and elaborate updo. From the colour red to the intricacy of the bun, everything shouts of a regal aesthetic.



83. Beach Wave Style

To create beach waves for women, hair must be styled to produce loose, textured waves that evoke a beach day. Beach waves can be created on a variety of hair types, from curly to straight, even if natural hair texture varies. This hairstyle can look fantastic on all hairstyles from short to long.



84. Pin Up Hairstyle

 A hairdo with a vintage vibe is known as a pin-up hairstyle.Pin-up hairstyles are recognized for their precision, grace, and classic appeal. These hairstyles, worn specifically on special occasions, are ideal for showcasing the face and putting the entire head of hair up.



85. Modern Black Natural Hairstyles

Here is yet another one of the latest hairstyles for black women. When you want to do something around your natural hair texture, then go for black natural hairstyles. The one pictured hair is one such style. Though, it is a modern combination of braids and curls. Four tiny braids can be found at the front in a symmetric design while the hair from the crown and below are left to cascade. The bouncy curls at the back perfectly balance the polished front to create this incredibly glam look.