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75 Most Popular Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Women - 2024

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  13 Jan 24


Are you looking for some gorgeous shoulder length hairstyles that are trending this year?

shoulder length hairstyles come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. From fun and flirty long bob to chic sophisticated looks, shoulder length haircuts are versatile, universally flattering, and can be customized as per your requirements. They were popular in the 1940s and they are popular today. Shoulder length hair has been immortalized by many celebrities by choosing this style over and over again. And truly, we don’t blame them! This hairstyle is interesting and comfortable. So, why wait? Check out our list of some gorgeous shoulder length hairstyles for women that are trending this year. Let’s begin!


75 Gorgeous Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Women




1. Blonde Shoulder Length Haircut With Curtain Bangs

Quarantine forced many people to boredom and that gave birth to the inevitable hair experiment that we all secretly want to do but rarely implement. If you thought bangs, then you are correct. But this year saw an increase in a new version of bangs known as the curtain bangs. As the name suggests, these bangs are parted in the middle and cover your forehead in a manner that is similar to that of a curtain. This is a blast from the past kid of a haircut which is going to remain one of the most popular shoulder length hairstyles of this year.




2. New Shoulder Length Haircut

The center-parted shoulder-length haircut exudes classic elegance and symmetry. By parting the hair down the middle, this style creates a sense of balance and frames the face beautifully. This effortlessly cool style enhances the natural texture of the hair, creating a relaxed and carefree look.




3. Shoulder Length Haircut With Bangs

This shoulder length haircut with bangs is an elegant and edgy choice that commands attention. The straight-across bangs create a strong focal point and beautifully frame the eyes, adding a touch of mystery and allure. Pair it with natural light makeup to make your look more stylish.



4. Selena Gomez Curly Haircut 

This curly hairstyle with brown balayage looks perfect on Selena Gomez. Pair it with the right accessories and light natural makeup, and your look is bound to look gorgeous. One of the top shoulder length haircuts, curly hairstyles can definitely transform your overall look completely.


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5. Shoulder Length Hairstyles With Layers

Medium length hairstyles are one of the most versatile and universally flattering hairstyles out there. And what makes them even better is when they are paired with layers. A shoulder length layered haircut can be customized as per your hair’s unique texture and need. This is why we love Demi Lovato’s layered shoulder length haircut. This no-nonsense hairstyle looks gorgeous with layers that frame the face as well as boost the hair volume. The brown highlights add to the charm of layers.


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6. Voluminous Shoulder Length Layered Haircuts

Thick hair can be difficult to manage and weigh the scalp down. So, a layered haircut becomes a great option for those people. Shoulder length hair with layers on top reduces the excess weight while still maintaining the volume. It looks perfectly balanced, stylish and classy. Check out our guide to find the best mother of the groom hairstyles as we list all the stunning haircuts which have been trending this year.




7. Trendy Shoulder Length Hair

Just as a layered shoulder length haircut can be a solution for handling thick hair, it has similar benefits for those with thin hair. Short choppy layers create the illusion of volume. Adding a bit of texture can enhance this effect while also looking trendy at the same time. This is clearly one of the best shoulder length hairstyles of this year. If you are looking for inspiration for medium length hairstyle for thin hair, then this can be an amazing option.


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8. Wavy Shoulder Length Haircuts For Women

If you are looking for some everyday glamour, then this is the right choice for you. The glossy brown-blonde color and bouncy waves are just the right amounts of glam that you can work with daily without feeling over the top.  

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9. Black shoulder length hairstyles

This is another one of the popular shoulder length hairstyles for women. It comes with subtle layers at the top to add volume. It is a simple yet trendy hairstyle that we loved instantly.




10. Shoulder Length Hair With Bangs For Women Over 50

This is a shoulder length haircut that never gets old. From young to old, everyone can try it. But what makes it a popular choice amongst women over 50 is its stunning face value and versatility. This is one of the best shoulder length haircuts with bangs. A blunt cut is a stylish option while the side bangs add another hint of glam.




11. Gorgeous Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Women

Here is another one of the most popular shoulder length hairstyles of this year. The razor cut layers bring with them a new dimension. It is somewhere between the soft layers and a blunt cut. The darker roots with blonde hair give an interesting look as well. This hairstyle gives more natural vibes that come without trying too hard.




12. Curly shoulder length hairstyles

Curly hair has a beauty of its own and even Selena Gomez couldn’t stay away from donning this texture. She styled her curls with a natural texture and her brown balayage adds more beauty to the whole look. This is one of the best shoulder length hairstyles for women with curly hair and proof that natural texture is going to rule this year.


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13. Curly shoulder length hairstyles With Bangs

Since we are talking about natural texture and how it is going to one of the most popular choices this year, let’s also talk about this wonderful hairstyle. Shoulder length hair with bangs is not just for women with straight hair. If you have curly or wavy hair, you can enjoy the allure of bangs as well. A case in point is this shoulder length hairstyle. Get bangs that suit your face shape. Thick bangs are a thing of the past. Opt for bangs that allow your forehead to play peek-a-boo.



14. Medium Length Hairstyle

This side parted medium length hairstyle looks gorgeous on women with oval face shapes. If you are looking for shoulder length haircut for fine hair, then this can be a perfect match.


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15. Best Shoulder Length Haircuts: Layered And Straight

Do you know which hairstyle will never get old? This one. It is yet another version of the shoulder length hairstyles with layers. Subtle face-framing layers up top, when styled in a side parting, will give you this beautiful hairstyle. You can style this baby in different ways by easily switching up the parting.




16. Classy shoulder length hairstyles

Lily Collins gives us an elegant and graceful shoulder length hairstyle complete with English sophistication. Hair taken from the crown is secured at the back with bobby pins while the hair in the front has been left out to frame the face beautifully.


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17. Shoulder Length Haircuts For Wavy Hair

This is one of the most beautiful shoulder length hairstyles for women who are not afraid to experiment. Take your hair game up a notch with this layered haircut that gives full mermaid vibes. Complete the look by adding some texture. This haircut is relaxed and comes with a live-in feel. The layers plus the texture create a new dimension which we absolutely love.


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18. Shoulder Length Haircuts: Wavy And Layered

Shoulder length haircuts with layers are a safe bet. If you want to give your hair something a bit different, then opt for long layers for your wavy hair. The long layers are perfect for exuding a fresh and relaxed vibe. You will be flaunting a shoulder length haircut that is boho-chic without going over the top.




19. The Classic Layered Shoulder Length Haircut

This is a classic shoulder length haircut for women. It is blunt, straight, layered, and comes with a side bang. It looks chic and sophisticated while also looking fun. This haircut will flatter almost all face shapes. With its subtle layers, it gives a perfect head start to those who want to try the layered haircuts or are simply bored from the heavily layered ones.  




20. Layered, Messy, And Wavy shoulder length hairstyles

This is one of the most stylish shoulder length hairstyles that caught our eye. The short and choppy layers create a new dimension and add to the volume. The wavy texture helps to enhance the effect of layers adding to the beauty of the haircut. The side bangs bring in a glam factor as well. This tousled and wavy shoulder length haircut is not just sexy but also effortless.




21. Straight Shoulder Length Haircuts For Women

This is for all the red-haired beauties. No one can deny how beautiful and alluring the red mane is. It definitely stands out in a crowd. With a hair color like this, you don’t have to do much. If you prefer a chic, grown-up vibe, then this shoulder length hairstyle can be a choice for you. It is a blunt cut with a middle parting styled straight. It is a timeless hairstyle with which you can never go wrong.




22. Brown Shoulder Length Haircut

Blunt shoulder length haircuts for wavy hair are another good choice. This haircut goes very well with the wavy texture and creates a balanced look. The fresh and subtle lived-in look comes naturally. It is easy to maintain and suits almost every face shape. The caramel brown color brings even more definition.





23. Face Framing Layers

Now, this is one of the best and most versatile shoulder length hairstyles. The face-framing layers go cascading inwards. It is a classic shoulder length haircut for women with straight hair. It goes perfectly well with a middle parting and doesn’t need much styling.




24. Blunt Shoulder Length Haircuts

Here is yet another one of the blunt shoulder length haircuts. It ends right at the collar bone. This shoulder length cut for women not only looks chic and sophisticated but it can also be styled in different ways. Wear it straight or add some waves, switch the parting if you like. With such blunt shoulder length hair, there is no limit.




25. Textured Shoulder Length Haircuts For Wavy Hair

This is one of those shoulder length haircuts that include a lot of supportive factors. Let us call this an all-in-one hairstyle. It has choppy layers that are enhanced automatically by the wavy hair. Add some more texture to create a tousled, unkempt look. This is one of the bold shoulder length hairstyles for women who are not afraid of going the extra mile.




26. Jessica Alba Shoulder Length Hair

Most hairstyles suit diamond and oval face shapes. But there is something about super straight shoulder length hairstyles that makes them a better option. This hairstyle is not just bold, trendy, and easy to maintain but also helps to balance out the features of a diamond or oval-shaped face. It looks perfect with a middle part and gives a beautiful face-framing finish. One of the most beautiful American women, this shoulder length hairstyle from Jessica Alba is a must try!




27. Chic shoulder length hairstyles With Bangs

This is one of the best shoulder length hairstyles for women. This is French-chic with its subtle effortless glam vibe. The eyebrow skimming curtain bangs are very much in trend and one of the most sought hairstyles of this year.




28. Layered Shoulder Length Hair With Bangs

Give voice to your edgy needs with this shoulder length hairstyle. Blunt haircuts look super chic but when paired with layers can easily create an edgy look. The blonde balayage adds more definition to the blunt cut and the choppy layers.




29. Latest Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Women

This is one of the most beautiful shoulder length hairstyles for women. If you seek something polished and sophisticated while also being trendy, then this is the right choice for you. The S-waves from the ears to the down is very well defined. The glossy blonde color adds more definition.




30. Textured Shoulder Length Hair With Bangs

Here is another one of the shoulder length hairstyles that we love. It uses the natural texture, movement, and volume of the curls and shows it off unapologetically. There are subtle layers that help in adding definition. Don’t forget the curtain bangs and how absolutely wonderful they look along with the curly hair texture.


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31. Layered Blonde Shoulder Length Hair

Layered blonde shoulder length hairstyles for women will never go out of fashion. It has been proven time and again by many celebrities flaunting this look not just on their grocery run but also on the red carpet. This is a versatile and universally flattering hairstyle. Change parting to create volume at the roots just like Margot Robbie has done in the picture.




32. Best Shoulder Length Haircuts With Highlights

This is the beauty of shoulder length haircuts. They can be styled in a million ways. From layers to waves, there are just so many variations that you can use for your shoulder length hairstyles. This one here as styled by Kerry Washington is an example of a balanced modern look. The soft and subtle waves imitate a natural texture while the highlights on the hair end create a hint of glam.




33. shoulder length hairstyles With Micro Braids

If you want to do something different with your shoulder length hair, then this is it. Get braiding. These micro braids add a hint of unique glamour even to the simplest of shoulder length hairstyles.




34. Stunning Shoulder Length Haircuts For Thin Hair

Here is an example of shoulder length haircuts for women with thin hair. In this haircut, the length stays the same while layers are cut within that length to create volume. This gives your hair some of that extra bounce. Add subtle waves to take it up a notch and you are good to go.




35. Cute Shoulder Length Haircuts For Thick Hair

As we have said before, layers and shoulder length haircuts go hand in hand. It becomes an especially great combo if you have thick hair. This is the perfect length and layers ca further help reduce the excess weight from your scalp. You can still maintain a healthy volume without compromising on comfort. Style your hair by creating soft waves to enhance your beautiful layered cut.




36. shoulder length hairstyles For Curly Texture

Shoulder length hair with subtle layers can be a great option for women with curly hair. It is one of the most preferred shoulder length hairstyles when it comes to curly hair. But what makes this one special is the addition of curly curtain bangs. Why should straight hair gals have all the fun?




37. Shoulder Length Haircuts For Women Over 50

This shoulder length haircut is for those women who want to keep it simple yet stylish. It is one of the most stunning shoulder length haircuts for women. It is simply paired with subtle layers. Create some texture as per your desire to give it an enhanced look.



38. Side Parted shoulder length hairstyles

Here is an edgier version of the layered shoulder length haircuts for wavy hair. Everything from the waves with layers to the color combination screams edgy. A simple side parting and the good old tuck behind an ear is all you need to style this baby. If you have don’t have wavy hair, you can always take help from your straightener to create defined S-waves to achieve this look.




39. Long And Layered Shoulder Length Haircuts For Women

Some women are a fan of shorter hair lengths while some favor longer lengths. And this is one of the best shoulder length haircuts if you belong to the team longer hair. This stunning and trendy hairstyle is long and comes with layers. The layers add a new dimension and volume to the hair in this case making it easy on the scalp as well as the eyes.




40. Sleek And Straight shoulder length hairstyles

Sleek and straight will never go out of fashion. And why would it? It is a simply stunning hairstyle that paints an extremely pretty picture. It can be elegant and graceful. It can also be edgy. It perfectly goes with whichever vibe you decide to go with making this one of the best shoulder length hairstyles.




41. Curly Shoulder Length Haircut With An Ombre

This is one of the most stylish shoulder length haircuts for women with curly hair. The beautiful voluminous curls with their natural texture look very pretty while the ombre adds a glamorous twist to the whole look. This is for all you curly-haired ladies. Let your natural hair texture shine.




42. Beautiful Blonde Shoulder Length Haircuts

Another way of incorporating layers into your shoulder length hairstyles is by cutting layers while maintaining the equal length of the hair. These subtle layers provide volume, shape, and bounce. It is also a good and sneaky way to work with your bangs when it starts growing out and you are ready to move on.




43. Vintage shoulder length hairstyles

Let’s dip our fingers a bit into the vintage pot. As seen on Rachel McAdams in the picture here, the old Hollywood charm will always find takers no matter which year we enter. This vintage shoulder length haircut with its victory rolls and layered side bang presents an insanely pretty picture covered in nostalgia.




44. Graduated shoulder length hairstyles

There are many beautiful shoulder length hairstyles for women. But there is one hairstyle that refuses to go out of the spotlight. It is the graduated bob. As can be seen in the picture, this hairstyle is elegant, sophisticated, stylish, and modern. And it comes with the approval stamp of Khaleesi. Do we need to say more?



45. Jennifer Aniston Blunt Shoulder Length Hair

Another one of the best shoulder length hairstyles would be this shoulder length beauty as flaunted by Jennifer Aniston. It is perfect for the modern working woman. It is practical, easy to maintain as well as stylish. From professional models to entrepreneurs and CEOs to a stay at home mom, you will find fans of this hairstyle everywhere.




46. The Chrissy Teigen Wavy Shoulder Length Hair

We love Chrissy Teigen’s gorgeous hairstyles. With long cascading hair, the woman looks like a goddess. She looks no less with her shoulder length hair. These glossy honey blonde waves are super gorgeous.



47. Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Women Over 50

shoulder length hairstyles are preferred by women of all age. Here is another one of our prime choice for women over 50. With age, many women have to face the issue of hair thinning and this shoulder length haircut ensures that you look stylish despite the thinning issue. Moreover, the shaggy layers and the side bang give a very trendy and edgy vibe. What more can you want?




48. Natural And Wavy Shoulder Length Haircuts For Women

We love this shoulder length haircut because of its natural and fuss-free nature. This simple yet stylish haircut with curtain bangs looks so different than usual. All the difference can be found in the way it has been styled. This texture can be easily achieved by letting your hair air dry and retain its natural texture. This is the year where you let your natural hair texture shine.



49. Shoulder Length Haircuts For Curly Hair

Here is another one of the popular shoulder length haircuts for women with curly hair. Most women with curly hair find the shoulder length haircuts easy to maintain. And with the right kind of layers, you can ease your way further. Go to a hairstylist who specializes in styling and cutting curly hair. They will help you find the perfect type of layered shoulder length haircut for your curly mane.




50. Sexy And Layered shoulder length hairstyles

Serena Williams kills it on the tennis court and she kills it on the red carpet too. We immediately fell in love with her gorgeous layered shoulder length haircut that is equal parts modern and equal parts edgy. This is one of the best shoulder length hairstyles for women who want to try something different. This is an asymmetric haircut with layers that add a new dimension to the whole look.




51. Blonde Blunt shoulder length hairstyles

Another style that looks good with shoulder length hair is keeping them blonde and blunt. This simple blunt cut is a fuss-free and easy to maintain hairstyle that can be styled in many ways as per your mood. Change the parting or change the texture, it is your choice which is why this blonde and blunt beauty is one of the best shoulder length haircuts we love. And we are sure you will love it too.




52. Gorgeous Shoulder Length Haircuts For Wavy Hair

Jenna Coleman’s beautiful shoulder length haircut is a good inspiration for the ladies with wavy hair. With your cascading wave of hairs, you don’t have to do much but let your hair texture take center stage. shoulder length hairstyles provide the perfect length to flaunt your waves while also being easy to maintain.



53. Stunning shoulder length hairstyles With Bangs

One thing that never gets old when it comes to shoulder length haircuts is pairing them with bangs. No matter what your hair texture is, bangs are a great way of taking even the simplest of shoulder length hairstyles up a notch. Bangs can completely transform your look and this hairstyle is proof. These eyebrow skimming bangs are all the rage this year. They look gorgeous while not disturbing your eye function. It’s a win-win.




54. Jennifer Lawrence Shoulder Length Hair

Jennifer Lawrence presents a convincing case in favor of sleek and simple shoulder length hairstyles. This hairstyle comes with modern elegance and sophistication. Simply part it in the middle and tuck behind your years for achieving that sophisticated look. This is also a great way of styling your hair if you are growing out your bangs. If you are looking for inspiration for shoulder length hairstyle for thin hair, then this can be an amazing option.




55. Blunt shoulder length hairstyles With Bangs

This is a classic shoulder length haircut. This is a hairstyle that has proven its worth over time. It has continued to remain in trend year over year. Shoulder length hair with bangs have had multiple versions and are surely a favorite of the French women. And Taraji P. Henson here does a great job at convincing us why this hairstyle must be on our list of potential haircuts.




56) Sliced Bangs and Layers

Layers are necessary for structure and lightness in medium hairstyles for straight, thick hair. With this style, you can have many, thinly sliced layers running the length of your hair with simplicity and volume.




57) Flippy Layers

The ideal shoulder length hairstyle for wavy hair for a woman who enjoys managing her hair and isn't frightened of a little hairspray. This style is equally attractive with or without an A-line length, with the layers beginning approximately halfway down the shaft. 




58) Airy Layers

With this layer-heavy, shoulder-length hairstyle for fine hair, you'll be catching the wind in no time. Going all out with the layers gives naturally flat hair some vitality and adds movement to your everyday appearance.




59) Side Swept Bangs

Although the shoulder-length vintage cut reminds us a lot of the early days, we think side-swept fringe are always worth a second chance. The fringe on this flippy shoulder cut scrapes the chin from just below the eyebrow. It is an ideal choice for shoulder length hairstyle for thick hair.




60) Chestnut Brown Shag

If you're seeking to transition from short to medium hair, a tomboy shag is a fantastic choice. The cut is kept fresh and cutting-edge by the wispy and unevenly shaved layers. The brow-touching side-swept fringe give off a seductive vibe.This shoulder length hairstyle for fine hair is an ideal choice for women who want to transform their hair to medium length hairstyles. 




61) Choppy Wavy Hairstyle

Soft, choppy waves and a short side part do wonders for thick hair. This is therefore a perfect choice for shoulder length hairstyles for thick hair. 




62) Caramel Brown Wave

Hints of caramel brown in dark medium hair with waves liven up an otherwise dull look. 




63) Undone Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot's trademark, carelessly split curtain fringe and her relaxed, choppy locks with various layers are successfully re-created in this really blonde, slightly shaggy hairstyle.




64) Blonde Comb-Over Lob

This stylish long bob perfectly exemplifies how medium-length haircuts for fine and thin hair should provide some depth and volume at the roots while retaining a significant amount of body at the ends.




65) Ruffled Lob with Curtain Bangs

The shaggy bob is a stylish hairstyle that would shine in any situation. It is effortlessly cool and has a grunge vibe.




66) Butterfly Layers

When looking for shoulder length hairstyles with layers, thelatest butterfly cuts are ideal for medium hair that requires more bounce and volume, especially when the layers may be properly positioned to balance your bone shape, such as the wide jawline.




67) Medium Hair with Balayage

Women with medium-length hair appear very appealing when wearing balayage highlights. They might be overlooked by someone with long hair or overlooked by someone with short hair, but never by someone with shoulder-length hair. I suppose it's because the colour that's closest to your face attracts the most attention. This shoulder length hairstyle for wavy hair is preffered by a lot of women.




68) Tousled Coppery Brown Lob

One of the simple medium-length hairstyles that doesn't require rigorous grooming and can be worn sloppy to highlight the texture is this light brown lob. To achieve it, simply spritz the hair with a texturizing spray and give it some lift at the crown.




69) Wavy Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

With this haircut, bring forth your inner bombshell! Depending on your preference, you can go with a solid colour or add highlights. You can get ready for photos by curling your hair with this shoulder length hairstyle for wavy hair.




70) Hair Tuck Lob

Whether you have the actual cut or not, you can experiment with a lob to see how it feels. Aimee Song's strands fall just past the neckline of her sweater, but they're just long enough to pull off this cool-girl hairstyle. This haisrtyle can be a perfect choice when looking for shoulder length hairstyles for wedding.




71) Invisible Layers 

While the term "layers" may conjure up images of choppy hair that required a lot of style, the technique has been revamped in recent years and is now far less time-consuming. "Invisible layers" are the key to adding that cool-without-trying factor to your haircut in a very modern style, with no hard layers in sight. A perfect option for shoulder length hairstyle with layers is this invisible layer hairstyle.




72) Birkin Bangs

Rashida Jones' long collarbone-length layers and lived-in texture are wonderfully complemented by a set of wispy Jane Birkin bangs. 




73) Classic Blowout 

Classic bouncy blowouts are making a comeback, and they look especially good on collarbone-length hair with a center part. 




74) Scrunched Shoulder Length Hair

Do you want to give your shoulder-length hair more body and texture? Scrunch your hair. First, request a lightly layered cut from your stylist. Curl your hair from the middle to the ends to style it. We're going for loose, easygoing waves rather than precise curls. Scrunch your hair to make it look full, then split the waves with your fingers.




75) Ash Brown Down ‘Do

You can also change alter the color of your medium-length hair. Right now, ash brown is really fashionable. You may also combine it with other brown or blonde tones. You only need to perform a few things to make your hair appear beautiful with a contemporary hair color! 




76) Rainbow Shoulder-Length Hair

With rainbow hair, you can show off your unique personality! You can choose between brilliant rainbow colors and pastel variations for something a little more subtle. Whatever you choose, the result is always awesome.




77) Brown And Wavy

You're lucky if you have natural waves! You don't have to curl your hair using a curling iron or other heatless hair tips. Enhance your waves by dying your naturally dark hair to give depth and definition. Then, simply leave your hair down and apply a drop of leave-on cream to smooth and frizz-free waves. This haisrtyle can be a perfect choice when looking for shoulder length hairstyles for wedding.



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