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31 Best Hairstyles For Oblong Face Shape – 2022

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  20 Sep 22

A lot can change with a hairstyle. But, you have to ensure that the hairstyle of your choice flatters the shape of your face. And if you happen to have an oblong face, we are here for you with some of the best hairstyles ever!

An oblong face shape is longer than it is wide. The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are almost of the same size too. This is why this face shape is also called the long face shape. The ideal hairstyles for oblong face aim to shorten the length of the face mostly with the help of bangs and layers.

We have rounded up the best hairstyles for oblong face shapes. From mid-length blunt bob to curtain bangs, we are here to fulfill your quota of hair inspiration.


31 Most Popular Hairstyles For Oblong Face Shape




1. Side Parted Glory

Hairstyles for oblong face shape often include wispy layers but that is not your only option. A deep-side parting can work wonderfully for you especially when you have long hair. Throw in some glossy waves to create more dimension.

Do check our article to know about all the types of face shapes and their respective characteristics including how to identify your own face shape. Also, get all your queries answered regarding face shapes.




2. Mid-Length Hairstyles For Oblong Face

A long bob is quite a fashionable and chic hairstyle to go for. The length of this hairstyle and its wispy ends work perfectly well for oblong face shapes.




3. Short And Wavy

Take some style inspiration from Karlie Kloss and opt for a super short wavy bob. If you had any doubts about carrying off short hairstyles for oblong face, then this must clear them out efficiently.




4. Wispy Blonde Hairstyles For Oblong Face

Another great hair inspiration for oblong face shapes is presented by Sarah Jessica Parker who never fails to impress us with her hairstyles. We especially love her layered mid-length hairstyle that softens up her features.




5. Classy Curly Pompadour

If anyone knows how to make a statement with hair, it has to be Lupita Nyong’o. The woman is a style chameleon and flaunts a wide range of hairstyles. Here is one such chic option for you—curly pompadour.




6. Angled Bob With Layers

Move over blunt bob and opt for this eat and chic angled bob. The wispy ends add softness while the overall angled cut changes the focus from the length of the face. Such hairstyles for oblong face look great with some subtle side bangs.




7. Side-Swept Hairstyles For Oblong Face

You have already seen how gorgeous side-parted hairstyles for oblong face can be. So, now switch things up with this side-swept hairstyle.  It is an effortlessly chic look. The layers can be enhanced with a curling iron and you will get ample volume and structure to your hairstyle.




8. Wavy With Side Bangs

When it comes to hairstyles for oblong face shape, you can never ever get over layers. They are your one true best friend. This hairstyle for instance looks super gorgeous. The side bangs truly change things and so does the wavy texture. 




9. Wavy Hairstyles For Oblong Face

This dual-toned wavy hairstyle has to be a part of your hair inspiration mood board. Just look what a beauty it is with those light layers and wavy texture.




10. Curly Shag

The shag has made a return this year and it has become one of the chosen ones when it comes to hairstyles for oblong face shape.  Take the things to the next level with a curly shag. Take notes from none other than Tracee Ellis Ross and you cannot go wrong.




11. Iconic Ponytail

Yes, dear ladies, if you have an oblong face, you can still carry that ponytail quite nicely. Learn the ways of the master of the ponytail, Kate Beckinsale. The textured hair tied in a high pony coupled with the pouf in the front is pretty as a picture. It is a perfect balance between chic and edgy.




12. Top Knot With Bangs

Nothing ever really goes out of style so here we are again with this slightly old hairstyle that has emerged as one of the favorite hairstyles for oblong face shape.




13. Super Short Bob Hairstyles For Oblong Face

Once again the scales are in favor of super short hairstyles for oblong face. This hairstyle is easy to maintain as it is cut along the natural texture of the hair. You won’t have to worry about styling this one on the daily basis.




14. Fishtail Braid

Ciara is another name that is bound to pop up when we are talking of hairstyles especially hairstyles for oblong face. She has sported a variety of hairstyles and all of them have been super impressive. So, here we are with this gorgeous rendition of a fishtail braid.




15. Textured And Long Hairstyles For Oblong Face

Just as layers are the best friends of those with an oblong face shape, the texture is another contender for that true friendship. This is why you will notice that some of the best hairstyles for oblong face have a lot of texture going on. And the best example that we could lay our eyes on was this signature Blake Lively hairstyle.




16. Curtain Bangs With Layered haircut

Bangs can be tricky for oblong face shapes. Well, bangs are a tricky concept anyway irrespective of face shape. But, for oblong face shapes, avoid thick and blunt bangs. Instead, go for this year’s favorite trend of curtain bangs. They look gorgeous on everyone and work well with all hair textures. They get along with layers pretty well.




17. Beachy Waves

Do you know what would qualify as one of those gorgeous hairstyles for oblong face? A wavy hair texture with some of that beach vibe. With just the right amount of texture, you can transform a simple shoulder-length haircut into something special.




18. Low Ponytail

Don’t think that only those with an oval face shape get to have all the fun. No, that’s t=not correct. Oblong face shapes can have a fair amount of fun as well when it comes to picking hairstyles. Sometimes a low ponytail is just the perfect thing to show off what your mama gave you.




19. Classic Wavy Hairstyles For Oblong Face

Here is a classic hairstyle suggestion for oblong face shape. The light layers are brought out by the soft and glossy curls. The center-parting is a perfect way to balance things. And this hairstyle inspiration comes straight from the supermodel Gisele Bündchen. You must listen to her.




20. Short And Layered

If light layers and loose curls sound boring to you, then you must take the next step. Go all in. maybe you can go for a hairstyle like this one right here. It is a shoulder-length layered haircut with face-framing layers and piecey side bangs. And it just refuses to go out of style.




21. Curly Bangs

Are you a curly-haired lass? Well, here is an idea. let your curls have some fun and take your look up a notch by opting for some curly bangs. It is one of the most stylish and popular hairstyles for oblong face.




22. Long Braids

Rock your braids with full confidence ladies because yes they are one of the best hairstyles for oblong face. They are a great choice for black women. This is a protective hairstyle and you get the best of both worlds—protection and fashion!




23. Cute Ponytail With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a magical gift to those with an oblong face. So, if you want to create a romantic and elegant look with little bits of French-chic, go for this hairstyle.




24. Long And Wavy Hairstyles For Oblong Face

Super long hairstyles for oblong face work wonders just as super short do. So, here we are with some hair inspiration from Kim Kardashian who can rock ‘em all.





25. Hairstyles For Oblong Faces With Layers

If you have thin hair, worry not. Because there is something for everybody here. Thin layers and oblong face shape are helped by a common benefactor—layers. Go get some face-framing layers and go to town with that curling iron to bring the layers out.




26. Blunt Bob

Bob hairstyles for oblong face are another option that never fails to live up to their reputation. There is a bob for everyone, that’s just how versatile this hairstyle is. Take this blunt bob for instance. It is a very chic choice for those with an oblong face.




27. Curly Hairstyles For Oblong Face

Curly hairstyles have their own charm. Curly hair updos take it up a notch. Always. We truly loved this textured and curly look. It creates volume up top with some face-framing curly tendrils falling down.




28. The Timeless Hairstyle

Okay, we have one more of those classic wavy things for you. What can we do? These are timeless hairstyles really. A complete classic with which you can never go wrong. The S-shaped curls are a perfect partner to an oblong face shape.




29. Wavy Hairstyles With Layers

Layers and wavy texture go together like a house on fire. This is this layered hairstyle with waves and a tousled texture is an absolute darling choice when it comes to hairstyles for oblong face.




30. The Alexa Chung Wavy Bob

When it comes to hairstyles for oblong face, we cannot really forget the signature Alexa Chung bob. This beautiful wavy bob has single-handedly influenced hair trends for quite some time.




31. Natural Hairstyles For Oblong Face

The idea here is to move your natural curls away from the face. This neat and tied-up hairstyle is one of our many favorites. It is chic and sophisticated with a dash of elegance.