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Most Common Curling Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  23 Oct 17

Love curling your hair? Be it those soft Boho waves or tight spiral locks, curls have their own magic! The most flowy and filled with movements, curled hair have their own personality! But often we make the common mistakes that prevent us from reaching that perfect hairdo leading to weaker hair and failed attempts. Worry not, as we bring to you the major curling mistakes we all commit and tips to avoid them!


Mistake # 1: Keeping the curling iron rod for too long

While patience is key to a lot of things, it doesn’t work the same way with the curling rods.

While curling ensure that you hold the iron rod for a maximum of 7 – 10 Seconds. This can go up slightly if you feel that your hair are too thick or you need more time to get the curls. But keeping Curling rods for 20-30 seconds need to be strictly avoided.


Mistake # 2: Making uneven sections for curling

To get similar curls for all the hair sections, one needs to ensure that the sections are of similar size. Additionally, volume in every section needs to be decided such that it doesn’t overload your curling iron barrel. If there are too many hair, many of them are unlikely to get the heat resulting in improper curls.


Mistake # 3: Touching/Brushing your curls too soon

Touching your fingers immediately after curling to check the curls or brushing them as soon as curling is done will affect the curls negatively and they would fall out quickly. So make sure that you do not pull out the curls instantly. Let the heat be retained and absorbed. This results in much better curls that last longer.


Mistake # 4: Curling wet hair

Water and heat creates steam, and a high temperature steam created within seconds can make them more brittle with tons of split ends. Hence, always dry your hair properly before curling them.


Mistake # 5: Not Paying attention to the Curling Iron temperature and Angle

This is one of the most common mistakes committed while curling hair.

Always set the curling iron temperature basis your hair type. If you have thick hair, you might need a higher temperature while if you have thin hair you would need a lower temperature setting.

Additionally, you can get more volume from your hair if your keep the curling rod perpendicular to your hair. Keeping it vertical will give you less volume.


Mistake #6: Avoiding heat protection

You need to save your hair from the heat as it can result in breakage and weak hair strands.

A heat protectant forms a barrier between your hair and the heat and hence is extremely important while using any hot tool.

There are a variety of heat protects available in the market. From heat protection sprays to oils, you can choose one as per your convenience! But make sure you never and we mean never ever skip heat protectant! You would never want to compromise your hair quality in the longer run over a short term hairstyle.


Mistake #7: Not taking care of the curls

Take out some time to indulge in a good nourishing hair mask spa once you curl your hair! Do wash them off with a good shampoo and conditioner as washed hair holds curls better.

Curling requires major heat induced to hair and hair care is required to retain the hydration in tresses! This keeps split ends at bay and results healthy hair that you can style as you want!


Now you know it all. Relish the freedom of those luscious locks! Curl the without any fear of mistakes ensuring healthy tresses with no mess! Let those curls bounce in rejoice!

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