6 Things Which Are Making Your Makeup Dirty

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  09 Dec 22

Are you aware of the current stats of germs and dirt on your makeup brush? That would be uncountable! Worry not, as we get you everything thing that makes your makeup dirty and yes, cures for it!


not washing


1. Not Washing The Brushes Regularly

Keeping the brushes dirty and not washed for a long time can cause serious skin problems. Your makeup rots in the makeup brush that is either locked inside or exposed. Moreover, dirty brushes are breeding ground for bacteria and using these on your skin can increase the risk of skin infection.

Tip: Try to be regular in cleaning your brushes at least once in a week. Do not let that stretch long as the makeup gets sedimented deep.

For cleaning brushes, you can soak your brushes and sponges in lukewarm water and then clean them with soap or makeup brush cleanser.


wrong environment


2. Keeping them in the wrong environment

It is extremely crucial in which environment you keep your makeup in. Exposing to wrong temperature, heat and dust can negatively affect makeup’s color and texture that can result affecting your skin.

Tip: Store makeup in cool and dry places. Keep lipsticks in the fridge during summers. Ensure the wands of eyeliner, mascara and glosses are properly closed to prevent dust .


sharing makeup


3. Sharing makeup

It sounds fascinating to share makeup amongst your girlies, but do you know how much dirt is getting transmitted that way? Everyone has a different skin type and there is a risk of infection spreading across.

Tip: Be clear that you do not like to share makeup. Ensure that you do not use others too, especially if the latter’s skin has acne issues. Try to carry your own makeup as and when required.


unclean hands


4. Unclean hands

Yes, your fingers are the best blenders for your makeup, but can be the biggest carriers of dirt. They might look clean but you may never know!

Tip: Ensure washing your hands with a good anti- bacterial soap before applying makeup. In public places at times of retouch, use sanitizer or wipes.


dirty makeup bag


5. A dirty Makeup bag

Your vanity or makeup bag is the home where your makeup resides and its’ condition matters a lot. A dirty makeup bag or vanity is a breeding ground for makeup to get dirty . The dirt and bacteria form the bag can easily get transferred to your skin!

Tip: Clean the vanity or makeup bag once in a week. Always close it well and keep it in a cool and dry place. Prevent from dusty places.


wash products


6. Not washing products post sickness

There are times that we are sick and have an event or everyday office? Well, makeup is a good to go savior for us to conceal that red nose and puffy eyes! And it is pretty normal that we forget to wash it post sickness. Girl, the germs are still there though in your makeup!

Tip: Sterilize all your makeup brushes and sponges in warm water with antibacterial soap. Wipe off the makeup vanity and makeup as much as possible. If the sickness has been chronic then throw the makeup and buy a new one.


So now you have medic guided makeup knowledge that ensures clean makeup and healthy skin simultaneously! Indulge in a healthy and clean makeup routine!


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