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145 Easy Mehndi Designs For Beginners (With Photos)

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  16 Jun 24


If you are a mehndi newbie looking for some easy mehndi designs to get started, then we have just the right designs for you. Get inspired with our list of 145 easy mehndi designs for beginners for 2024 to put your best hands (and feet) forward. 

Let’s begin!


145 Easy Mehndi Designs For Beginners


Here is the summary of the trending easy mehndi designs. From front hand, back hand to full hand, we capture many designs which have been trending.





Continue to browse to see the complete list of latest easy mehndi designs. Depending upon your personal preferences, you can select the design which you like.




1. Easy Mehndi For Front Hand

This haf hand easy and simple mehndi has been trending this year. Created by artist, the allure ink, this gorgeous mehndi includes a mix of big circlular flowers  and small leafs. Observe the unique way in which the entire design and patterns have been merged together. The dark blocks covering the fingers and the intricate net patterns add more charm to this mehandi design.




2. Easy Mehndi For Back Hand

Leaf mehndi designs often showcase intricate patterns inspired by nature, featuring delicate veins and graceful contours. Flower mehndi, on the other hand, captivates with its vibrant blossoms, creating a beautiful tapestry of artistry on the skin, symbolizing beauty and nature's grace.



3. New And Unique Design

A the most unique feature of this mehndi is the open space it has right in the middle of the palm. It creates an amazing effect which puts the entire focus on the left and right side of the palm. The flowers and leaf patterns connected with the fingers make the design a perfect one. Apt for the all the functions, you can go for this whenever you are looking for elegant mehndi designs but are pressed for time.




4. Easy Bridal Mehndi For Hands And Legs

If you are looking for a new and trending mehandi design which is also simple and easy to create then, this mehndi from Anil-bridal mehndi artist will be a perfect fit. Though this is full hand, this is easy to create. It has intricate patterns but they are well connected with each other and give the overall look an elegant feel. 




5. Raja Rani Easy Mehndi Design

This bride and groom easy mehndi has all the right patterns which will make your mehndi very popular. The entire focus of this mehndi lies on the bride and groom and it has lesser patterns which makes it all the more attractive.




6. Front Hand Simple Mehndi

Priya, a renowned mehndi artist, demonstrates through this exquisite front hand design that simplicity can indeed become a trendsetter. The artistic use of various patterns, flowers, leaves, and open spaces imparts a unique and distinctive touch to this mehndi creation.




7. Easy Mehndi For Chhath Puja

If you are looking for simple and easy mehndi for Chhath puja, then this is an amazing option. Observe the use of flowers and paisley patterns on this front hand design which makes it unique. The open spaces also allows the focus to be maintained on the intricate design of the palm.




8. Leaf And Flower Mehndi

Rejz Henna, a mehndi artist based in North London, presents a stunning back hand design featuring intricate leaf and flower patterns. The delicate and elegant composition, along with generous open spaces, adds to the beauty of this mehndi artwork.




9. Full Hand Easy Mehndi

Get a beautiful and easy full-hand mehndi design for the wedding bride, featuring delicate leaf patterns, nets, and intricate designs. This simple choice adds an elegant touch to your special day.




10. Easy Henna With Net pattern

Net mehndi designs on the back hand showcase intricate patterns resembling delicate lace, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to traditional henna art. The fine details create a mesmerizing blend of cultural heritage and contemporary style, making it a popular choice for those seeking a modern twist on classic mehndi.




11. Front Hand Simple Mehndi Design

Adorn your front hand with an intricate mehndi design that gracefully weaves together delicate elements like net patterns, graceful leaves, and captivating circles. This blend of intricate details on the front hand showcases a harmonious fusion of elegance and cultural richness.





12. Easy Mehndi Design For Beginners 

This mehndi design for beginners features simple yet elegant pattern with empty spaces, allowing for ease of application and a graceful look. Incorporating paisley motifs adds a touch of tradition and beauty to this easy mehndi design. Apt for all the occasions, this has the potential to transform your look completely.




13. Lotus Inspired Simple Mehndi

Sam Henna Arts, a London-based mehndi artist, showcases a beautiful lotus, leaf, and flower mehndi design on the back hand. The composition is delicate and creates an impressive display of skill and experience.




14. Easy Mandala Mehndi

Create lovely mehndi with a mandala design on the back of your hand. Add open spaces and intricate finger patterns for a beautiful and detailed henna artwork. The result is a stunning and artistic expression.




15. Cute Net Mehndi

Back hand mehndi designs with intricate circles and open spaces elegantly adorn fingers similar to this stunning mehndi design.




16. Easy Connected Design

Choose a sweet and uncomplicated mehndi look with a charming chain henna design for the back. It's an easy yet delightful choice for all functions.




17. Red And Brown Shades

Create an exquisite front hand mehndi design adorned with the timeless beauty of roses and delicate leaves, intertwining to evoke a captivating floral elegance that enhances the grace of every gesture.




18. New And Latest Back Mehndi

On your back hand, imagine pretty henna designs with squares and flowers. It's like a mix of cool shapes and beautiful blossoms, making your hand look super awesome and special!




19. Mehndi With Patterns

Back hand mehndi is like a beautiful garden on your skin, with flowers and leaves dancing together. The patterns are like nature's own artwork, making your hands look pretty and special.




20. Easy Mehndi With Lotus

If you are looking for an easy flower mehndi design, then this is an amazing option. Lotus, leafs, intricate patterns and open spaces are the key features of this gorgeous mehndi.




21. Easy Mehndi Design For Backhand

This easy backhand mehndi design involves delicate floral motifs, intricate net patterns, and thoughtfully designed empty spaces. The combination of these elements results in an elegant and beginner-friendly henna design that showcases both artistry and simplicity.



22. Simple Backhand Mehndi

This simple backhand mehndi design features a prominent, intricate big flower at the center, surrounded by delicate leafs patterns and extending gracefully onto the fingers. This is simple yet looks very elegant.



23. Easy Henna Mehendi designs

This easy henna design incorporates a charming bell motif, surrounded by delicate net patterns, floral accents, and other intricate designs. This combination results in a simple yet visually appealing henna art that's suitable for beginners.




24. Easy Mehndi Design For Front Hand

This easy henna design features a striking big flower at the center, surrounded by gracefully intertwined leaves that adorn the entire palm. This palm mehndi design combines simplicity and elegance, making it ideal for various occasions.




25. Easy Finger Mehndi Design

This easy finger mehndi embraces delicate patterns and charming dots on the fingers, leaving ample empty space on the backhand. This minimalist approach creates an effortless yet captivating henna design, perfect for those seeking simplicity and grace.




26. Easy Palm Mehndi Design

This is an easy mehndi design with a traditional component. A mandala represents the circle of life and holds a significant value in many religions including Hinduism and Jainism. It is a simple yet impactful design that starts with a circle at the center of the palm and develops from there.

One of the best Mehndi Designs For Hands, this symmetrical floral pattern on the fingers and the lovely cuff design add to the beauty quotient here.



27. Geometric Henna

This mehndi design uses various geometric shapes to form a new and unique design. It has wonderful symmetry which is extremely aesthetical. Add to this the power of shading and you will get yourself a stunning mehndi design like this.



28. Beginner Friendly Mehndi Design

If you are looking for arabic mehndi design which also borders on minimalistic chic, this is the design of Mehndi for you. This design is an easier take on the jewelry mehndi design trend. Like a hathphool, this design too comprises of flowers but does not imitate it entirely. It only takes inspiration from the jewelry mehndi design. A pair of flowers with a few swirls and dots, that's all you need.



29. Traditional Design Of Mehndi For Girls

This is an amazing mehndi design for beginners who want a more traditional design. It was not the paisleys or the floral pattern that caught our attention. But, it is the use of shading to fill in the blank spaces that wowed us. One of the best floral mehndi designs, this one is gorgeous and we adore it.



30. Easy Mehndi For Foot

Looking for a mehndi design for your feet? Here is our top pick. This geometric design is easy on the eyes and easy for the beginners to make. Simple lines with a play of light and dark are screaming out minimal chic.




31. Beginner Friendly Mehndi Design For Girls

Love flowers? Then you will love this easy floral mehndi design too.  This mehndi design can be made easily and quickly by anyone irrespective of their skill set. All you have to do is draw some flowers, add a few leaves and some swirled up vines. It is a very basic design with a very beautiful outcome.




32. Henna Design For Beginners

This is an easy henna design perfect for beginners. It not only can be drawn with ease but looks gorgeous. This design begins from a swirl and expands using floral patterns. The completely painted fingertips add to the beauty of this design and take it up a notch.



33. Connected Patterns

This is a stunning example of the Khafif mehndi design. Now, this design might look complicated but it is beginner-friendly and easy to draw. It comprises of tiny non-complex elements like leafy vines, paisleys, floral motifs, and patterns and brings them all together to form an intricate design. This design uses small and simple motifs to fill the space and gives an illusion of complexity. And we think it works. 



34. Khafif Easy Mehndi

Khafif mehndi designs have a beauty and aesthetic of their own. But they need not be extremely intricate or difficult to draw. Look at this gorgeous and easy mehndi design for beginners. Isn’t it simply gorgeous?




35. Very Easy Backhand Mehndi

Let’s take it down a notch. This is another example of an easy design of Mehndi for backhands. Draw a swirl and add a flower on top of it. This one is a simple stunner and we like it.



36. Minimalistic Mehndi Design

Here is another example of a minimalistic chic mehndi design for your feet. If you are not into the complete space-filling intricate mehndi designs, this is the one for you. Painted toes with a border design will look best when you flaunt them in a pair of open-toe sandals.



37. Easy Arabic Mehndi Design

Swirls and floral patterns never go old. This easy Arabic mehndi design is proof of that. It has big and bold floral patterns and uses space as a major element.



38. Easy Mehndi Design For Brides

Even bridal mehndi designs can be easy. Take this bridal design of Mehndi for instance. It uses a floral pattern, one which is not commonly used. Leafy vines combined with lotus flowers leave a lasting impact. This is a very unique and easy mehndi design for beginners to try.



39. Circular Design

Mix up lines and circles and you will find yourself with a design as stunning as this one. And also something different as well as unique. This can be a good choice for a bridal mehndi design if you are looking for something which is easy and aesthetic. 




40. Chic And Easy Mehndi Design

We dig this mehndi design. It uses floral and leaf motifs and is focused on one finger and spreads from there. What we love about this design is how the floral pattern just sits the way a ring would.



41. Stunning Mehndi Designs For Beginners

Use some concentric circles and some paisley. Add some dot and leaf motifs to make a sun or some flowers. Just let your creativity flow. Combine a variety of motifs and patterns to create an easy yet aesthetically pleasing design of Mehndi like this one.



42. Pretty Paisley Mehndi Designs

This is the most basic and easy mehndi design for beginners. You can never go wrong with paisleys and floral patterns. You can add some difference to this basic design by changing up the motifs normally used to fill in spaces and voila you would have the perfect front hand mehndi design.



43. New And Easy Mehndi Design

This is a very attractive new age Arabic mehndi design. It is not simply a swirl but it also takes the shape of the petals of flowers. It is just so clean, symmetrical, and leaves a lasting impact.



44. Step By Step Design Of Mehndi For Feet

Let us make it easier for you with this step by step design of mehndi for beginners. This is an easy mehndi design for feet. Start with a simple line as a border. Throw in a couple of flowers and some small circular motifs to achieve an eye-pleasing design like this one.



45. Beautiful Floral Mehndi Easy Designs

Take the basic mehndi design up a notch without giving up on the ease of drawing it. The key is to fake it until you make it. You don’t have to draw complex designs to make it look fuller, intricate, and beautiful. Combine bigger patterns with smaller motifs to create an illusion of intricacy. Play with the sizes and you will be drawing a different looking pretty design like this one.



46. Tear Drops On Hands

This is an easy Mehndi design which comprises of the teardrop motifs. We love the way how each drop is outlined and the space between both the outlines is lightly shaded. The use of leafy motifs to finish off complements the design very well.



47. Easy Mehndi Design With Mandala

You can never get enough of the mandala design. It is not only auspicious but also easy to make, looks stunning, and can be drawn in a million different ways. This is why we completely adore this minimal mandala design.



48. Amazing Easy Mehndi Design With Paisleys

Paisley motifs never get old and neither do the floral patterns. This is one such easy mehndi design which proves the point. Instead of the usual round petals, this design uses flowers with slightly squared petals. Even the paisleys are thinner than usual. And that has made all the difference.



49. Easy Mehndi Design For Feet

Painted toes and floral pattern to the side of the feet, what is there not to like? It is an easy mehndi design for beginners and also happens to be very attractive.



50. Lace Pattern For Hands

You have only seen the lace pattern on the backhand design of mehndi till now. So let us introduce you to an easy mehndi design for hand which uses lace pattern on the palms.



51. Floral Easy Mehndi Design

This is another example of an easy front hand mehndi design that you be inspired by. It is a floral mehndi design but not just any floral design. It has fuller flowers along with well-defined leaves that make this design very exquisite.



52. Aesthetic Mehndi Designs

Bored of the regular floral and leafy patterns? Then we found the perfect design for you. This is a completely different take on the floral-leafy motifs. This mehndi design uses heavy shading on the fingers with similarly shaded leaves on palms. The pairing of the leaves with a single rose, add an aesthetic touch to the whole design



53. Very Simple Back Hand Mehndi

This is the latest easy mehndi design for beginners that combines both geometric and leafy swirls to create a unique and beautiful design that will stand out from the crowd.



54. Minimal Mehndi Design

Minimalism is on the rise and itis here to stay. This simple mandala design is very easy to make and boasts of a dreamy elegance and beauty.



55. Simple Mehndi For The Pretty Bride

Bridal Mehndi of this year is nit about full hand intricacy. Minimalism has influenced these designs a lot. This design pictured here is a great example of this trend. It uses both bold and intricate designs while also using space as an element.



56. Beautiful And Easy Mehndi Design For Feet

This design of mehndi is easy, simple, and stunning. It uses all kinds of traditional motifs which are expressed with a hint of modernity. The paisleys, leaf, and floral patterns adorn the geometric triangular outline.  


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57. The Pot Mehndi Design

Generally, this easy mehndi design is done with black henna, the main mantra of this henna design is to stand out among all. This henna design is based on the gothic concept and shouts modernism. These pots generally suggest independence and freedom. Although looks complex, this mehndi design is very easy to make. Just draw some pots on the backhand and combine them with deep shading. Voila! The easy mehndi design is ready.






58. Easy Mehndi Design For Fingers

This is a simple mehndi design for fingers. Floral designs are combined with small sunflower patterns to achieve this mehndi design. The tip should be darkly shaded to make the design look vibrant. This is a type of modern and aesthetic design that will make the hands look uniquely out of the box.




59. Very Easy Mehndi Design For Foot

Attractive yet easy? If this is what people are searching for then this easy mehndi design for the foot should be their prime choice. Mandala design along with floral patterns right at the end of the tips will leave the observers in awe. It is a great mehndi design for beginners to start.




60. Easy Mehndi Design For Couples

Couples love making the “love symbol” mehndi design. Be it a guy or a girl couple mehndi are quite common during their special occasions (anniversary day or birthday) or wedding ceremonies. This is an extremely easy mehndi design where one just needs to draw a heart at the palm or the centre part of their hand and then combine it with asymmetrical designs including flowers. The tip of the fingers is dark-shaded to make the mehndi look vibrant.




61. The Khafif Mehndi Design

The Khafif mehndi design is a combination of modern and authentic mehndi design. The design might seem complicated but it is a very easy-to-make mehndi design. It looks stunning and complex at the same time, but most importantly it requires minimum effort. Floral patterns are the base of this design and the designs are connected by drawing vines alongside. Creating a centric design of a peacock will further enhance the design and make it look artistic.




62. Very Easy Mehndi Design

Although seems like a full-hand tattoo, this is one of the easiest mehndi designs. This design takes time but the finished product seems extremely beautiful. The combination of floral structures, leafy vines, alphanumerics, and paisleys creates an illusion sort of a design altogether. Entire hand mehndi designs are very common during wedding ceremonies in India and will continue to be very popular.




63. Peacock Mehndi Design

The peacock mehndi design is a prime example of easy mehndi designs for beginners. Be it on the palms of the hands this mehndi design is unique. A peacock generally denotes eternal life and pride. This mehndi design portrays elegance and pride. Combining the design of a peacock with blunt shades near the fingers will help you achieve this design. Detailing is necessary when it comes to drawing the feathers of the peacock.




64. Easy Floral Mehndi Design

Floral mehndi designs are considered to be the easiest ones for beginners. If you are looking for a floral but easy mehndi design you should start with this one. This mehndi design denotes the purity of nature. A leaf structure on the palm paired up with deep mehndi on the fingers makes this mehndi design stand out among all. It is a very clean yet beautiful design.



65. Easy Mehndi Design For Backhands

This is a very easy mehndi design for back hands which includes swirls and symmetrical floral patterns. The design is divided into three parts. The upper part generally includes blunt shading, the middle part includes floral swirls and motifs whereas the lower part includes a traditional themed pattern. Combing all three of them leads to such a wonder of a design




66. Leafy Mehndi Design

Another modern yet easy mehndi design is the leafy mehndi design. Just draw leaves and connect them with vines to form a chain-like design on your hands. Paired up with a watch this design looks extremely unique and classy. Most importantly, it requires minimal effort to do this design.




67. Minimalist Floral Mehndi Design

This is a minimalistic floral mehndi design. The main concept of this mehndi design is combining bigger floral patterns with small floral patterns. One just needs to manipulate the sizes of the circle to make it look interesting. This is a very easy mehndi design but looks amazing when done completely.




68. Simple Mughal Mehndi Design

This mehndi design is inspired by the Mughals and concentrates more on thicker patterns in the design. Minute designing is not necessary as the design mostly relies on bigger and clean designs. Combining big floral patterns with detailed bright shading is the prime concept of this henna design. This design makes you look like a Mughal queen if done properly and precisely.




69. Cute Paisley's Mehndi Design

Paisleys mehndi designs or motifs never go out of the trend. Even though recently they have lost the hype but in coming years the value will never be lost. A perfect combination of floral patterns, swirls and vines make this design look unique. The paisleys are made thinner in size compared to the previous designs. Best suited for hands this design looks complex but is very simple to do.




70. Flower Based Mehndi

This is one of the best henna designs for beginners over. Just start the mehndi designing with floral patterns and swirls. Floral patterns have always been a base for mehndi designs. Moreover, it excellently blends with structures, blends and dark shades. Add nail paints to enhance the look. This easy-to-do mehndi design is best suited for hands.




71. Triangular Mehndi Design

This is a very simple and easy mehndi design that is made up of geometric patterns. A triangle on the upper hand side or the palm side along with floral patterns on the fingers will make the hands look beautiful. Pair this design with a ring and it is good to go.




72. Asymmetric Mehndi Design

Perfectly symmetric Mehndi is too mainstream! Here we have a pattern which brings together Indian motifs with Western design. The result is a gorgeous Mehndi design that will set you apart from the crowd.




73. Leaf Motif Design

After floral patterns, leaf patterns in Mehndi are the easiest to recreate. The design in the above image covers the palm entirely but can be made within minutes. This can be a great option if you are in a rush.




74. The Wheels

This pattern will be a fresh change from the conventional floral or ethnic Mehndi designs. The wheel motif also makes it easy to make. One can also experiment with the size and details in this design to customize it to one's taste.




75. Backhand Mehndi Design

For backhand Mehndi, even the minimalistic patterns can look alluring. Most backhand Mehndi designs tend to be simple and easy to make.




76. Fusion Of Modern And Tradition

Whether one wants a floral, geometric or jewellery style pattern in their Mehndi, one can blindly pick this design as it has a bit of everything.




77. Netted And Mandala Mehndi Design

Who said one needs to have the same design on both of their hands? One can go with two completely different styles for each hand. In this pattern, the right hand has a Mandala style pattern while a simple netted pattern has been made on the left hand. These patterns will look great on the front hand as well.




78. Easy Rajasthani Mehndi

While the Rajasthani Mehndi design might look intimidating to newbies, look closer and could notice that the pattern is not as elaborate as it looks. The lines are thicker compared to most intricate patterns and the motifs are basic. The finger pattern might need some precision and a stable hand.




79. Netted Floral Design

Yet another floral pattern and our favourite on this list, this easy Mehndi design will be a cakewalk. Most of the design consists of straight fine lines and the flower motif is the highlight of the pattern. One can fill in the flower motif to make it even more prominent.




80. Heart Motif Design

The easiest shape to draw, the heart has now found its way into Mehndi designs. This pattern would be perfect for Valentine’s day or anniversaries. It doesn’t take a lot of time and looks charming




81. Leafy Design For Feet

This design looks quite simple and easy. It doesn't consume time and also it will maintain its attractiveness. People in hurry can try this design. Just decorate the curves with leaves. So easy for beginners!




82. Shaded Mehndi Design

Select a gradient effect to give your mehndi design dimension. Your design appears lovely when done in this manner. You can choose one of the most easy  hand mehndi designs with a floral basis adorned with a vine pattern and a leafy motif. This is the ideal combination of modern feminine vibes for your next social event.




83. Hand Jewellery Mehndi Design

This unique jewellery mehndi in the form of a bracelet was inspired by jewelry and hand accessories. It creates a bracelet by fusing dotted accents with floral, leafy, and circular patterns. It is the best option for people with long fingers.




84. Zig Zag Mehndi Design

The traditional zigzag pattern is for individuals who are tired of the ordinary. It is carefully constructed to seem sharp. For a special family function, you might wear it with a conventional outfit. It is yet another unique mehndi design.




85. Mandala Mehndi Design

By choosing a simple  mehendi design, you can give your hands a more regal appearance. These take up the majority of your hand's surface area and may even appear difficult, but they are actually rather simple. Choose one that features a floral pattern together with dots and vines.




86. Arabic Easy Mehndi Design

Simple Arabic mehndi patterns that are inclined towards a particular finger provide the appearance of bigger hands. For a closer event, like your closest friend's wedding, you can extend them past your wrist. This is also an apt design when looking for easy bridal mehndi designs.




87. Ring Style Mehndi Design

The simplest technique to make your hands look better is to decorate them with a ring-like pattern. When coupled with accents that resemble drops, this look also gives off fairy light sensations. This one may be included into as many figures as you like with the remaining area remaining blank. This is the most easy mehndi design for beginners.




88. Modern Abstract Mehndi Design

Infuse the traditional mehndi's simplicity with the clarity of abstract details. This look blends a bracelet structure with numerous sharp leaf-like designs, a combination of dots and lines, and a bracelet structure to provide a clean appearance.




89. Tribal Mehndi Design

Tribal mehndi is a representation of strength and pride that draws its inspiration from ancient warriors. Sharp lines combined with circular dots, glitter, and other elements can be used to represent tribal culture. This one falls into the category of easy mehndi designs for back hand.




90. Lace Glove Mehndi Design

Lace patterns are a modern interpretation of elaborate designs, with a style similar to a sheer glove. This can be combined with floral accents for any contemporary occasion.




91. Curve Mehndi Design

A curved mehndi pattern is the best choice for showcasing simplicity and beauty. Choose a piece with a constant thickness to make this fashion statement even stronger.




92. Feather Mehndi Design

Your mehndi design can be fascinating and eye-catching with just one feather. Combining it with dots, floral motifs, and even some vibrant colors can take it to the next level. It is yet another easy mehndi design for beginners.




93. Heart Mehndi Design

A heart-shaped simple mehndi design  can represent love and everlasting. It has a heart-shaped centerpiece and is made of vines and dots. Brides can even write their partner's name on the heart.




94. Chessboard Mehndi Design

A quirky choice of mehndi design is the chessboard. It looks neat and sharp while being authentic and traditional. You can match this design with vines and dots to notch up your ethnicity and is an easy bridal mehndi design.




95. Block Design

When looking for easy mehndi design for the front hand, you might want to try this block design. These days, this design is very much in style. One of the simplest designs you might choose is this one. Make horizontal and vertical lines first on your palm. You can now alter its style and form to match your design.




96. Palm Cuff Decorative Design

Back a few years ago, palm cuffs were all the rage! We chose to include a palm mehndi pattern that resembles that jewelry piece as the trend has faded already. We adore the elegance with which this one presents designs like lotuses and foliage. Don't forget that this arabic henna design will free up your fingers so you can grasp the wine glass!




97. Moroccan Mehndi Design

Moroccan mehndi is a more modern interpretation of a traditional pattern when looking for easy mehndi design for front hand. It has a distinctive, exotic appearance that blends seamlessly with an Indo-Western outfit for a pleasant afternoon event.




98. Easy Mehendi With Parrots

A mehndi pattern features a potpourri of parrot themes that are portrayed as love's messengers. To provide the impression of being in nature, you might add leafy designs to this design. One of easy mehndi designs for back hand is this parrot mehndi design.




99. Ganesha Mehndi Design

Lord Ganesha is revered in India as a symbol of happiness, wealth, and prosperity. Their use of the Ganesha symbol illustrates their positive outlook on Indian culture. Even further simplification can be achieved by making only the trunk, forehead, and eyes.




100. Gujarati Mehndi Design

Gujarati mehndi is a reflection of extravagance and innovation. If you’re looking for something elaborate yet simple, then this one’s the right choice.




101. Simple Moon Mehndi Design For The Palm

Making a mehndi design that features the moon represents modern art's emphasis on simplicity. It generally takes the shape of a half moon and is complemented by floral, star, and wave motifs.




102. Three-Part Design

This three-part Mehndi design on the palm is simple, lovely, and elegant-looking. This design doesn't use any specific motif. Instead, the palm has been divided into three sections, each of which has been uniformly delineated with a leaf.




103. Beaded Mehndi Design

A standard mehndi design can be embellished with stones to add sparkle. This look is appropriate for a formal event when worn with a glittering gown.




104. Opposite Motif Pattern

As you can see, the same pattern was drawn again after being reversed for this stylish and simple mehndi design. Therefore, the second time around should be simpler for you once you've drawn the pattern. The cleanest design will be what's left when your mehndi cone cooperates.




105. Simple Circular Design

You can use these pretty patterns if you're a working girl who needs to have clean hands in the office. Just paint these basic circular designs on your fingers while keeping the back completely clean. If you want to give yourself a stylish look, try this modern and straightforward mehndi design.




106. Rangoli Mehndi Design

In India, the art form of rangoli is seen as lucky. Mehndi designs frequently mimic these rangoli patterns. A classic rangoli consists of a circle in the center and decorations made of flowers and leaves on the sides.




107. Elephant Mehndi Design

Choose an elephant motif to give your mehndi design a majestic feel. This can be embellished for a forthcoming traditional event with elaborate floral and foliage patterns.




108. very Very Easy Mehndi Design With Jhumkas

By choosing a hanging earring (jhumka) design, you may give your mehendi art a subtle touch of beauty and tenderness. To give them a more subdued appearance, these can be embellished with a ring motif.




109. Sunflower Mehndi Design

To add greater contrast to your simple mehndi designs on your palm, simply maintain the area free of mehndi. You can decorate your hands with basic dots and large sunflower patterns. Additionally, you can shade the flowers or entirely fill them because completely filling a flower will alter the entire appearance of the design.




110. Simple Glitter Mehndi Designs

You can glam up your somber and straightforward henna design if you don't feel it is providing you with the desired level of satisfaction. Just be careful not to add excessive glitter to your plain design because sometimes it hides the design.




111. Dainty Dots

Who would have thought that a few tiny dots could come together to create such a delicate mehndi pattern? These chain-like dots can be matched with a floral chakra and a net pattern that is concentrated on the index finger to resemble a piece of jewelry on the hand.




112. Fish Mehndi Design

The fish's glistening scales represent luck and happiness. It is also regarded as a representation of a woman's perception of her own beauty. Combine this theme with a design that is both linear and leafy to produce a beautiful image.




113. Mango Leafs Mehndi Design

Traditional mehndi designs are thought to contain a substantial amount of mango leafs. These appear 'oh-so-alluring' and are simple to carry out. This style is the best place to start if you are a novice.




114. Cuff Mehndi Design

A mehndi cuff is a hand-dressing design that is applied to the wrist. It is simple and appropriate for western situations as well. All you need to wear this mehendi style are a few rings.




115. Shloka Mehndi Design

The teaching of Indian culture is found in the vedas and shlokas , each of which has a distinct significance. Incorporate these elements into your mehendi patterns to demonstrate your traditional background.




116. Owl Mehendi Design

The majestic owl represents spiritual wealth. Get yourself a decorative owl doodle with vines and dots for a standout, attention-grabbing appearance.




117. Easy Bengali Mehendi Design

The hands and feet are dyed with a scarlet substance called "alta." It's a custom shared by all Bengali brides. It stands out and is more distinctive when used in conjunction with a mandala mehendi pattern.




118. Coiled Mehendi Design

Our mehendi looks best when it has a coiled appearance added to make it appear fashionable and alluring. For further neatness, you can style it in a bel shape. This is for all of your low-key upcoming events.




119. Border Mehndi Design

Mehendi border patterns are not only easy to do, but also quite tidy and beautiful. Young fashion-forward girls who seek to enhance their personality through their particular style would love this design.




120. Pot Mehndi Design Design

In Indian culture, pottery plays a significant role and reflects the diversity of our nation. For a cultural event, you might spotlight several pots along with flowering flowers.




121. Modern Aztec Style

Why should clothing and accessories be the only things that feature the Aztec pattern? Draw a modest version of this trend as a mehndi pattern on your backhand to take the trend to the next level!




122. Mesh Finger Mehndi Design

This very simple mehndi design just has lines and simple floral patterns! Perfect to get for your bestie’s wedding if you are planning to wear a similar haathphool!




123. Sun and Moon Design

You may try to represent the harmony of opposites with the heavenly bodies on your palm. The sun and moon henna design holds cultural significance in many cultures. 




124. Cute Lotus Palm Design

The bride's hand is beautifully decorated with a royal-looking lotus-palm henna pattern. This is recognized as a remarkable palm mehndi pattern because the lotus is the only noticeable element. Your wedding would be more auspicious with this palm leaf henna design.




125. Half and Half Easy Mehndi

If the all-over pattern isn’t your thing, this elegant half-and-half symmetrical design is just right for you. 




126. Gradient Vines

Play with dimension, gradient, and line width to give your creations depth. A gradient in a mehndi pattern gives it so much more dimension. 




127. Interlaced Leafs

Who wouldn’t adore a clean, floral mehndi design that is easy to make and saves up on time?




128. Asymmetric Floral

When abstract is so much more alluring, opt for this unique minimalistic floral design.




129. Pichwai Floral

Inspired by the linear designs and emphatic all-over contours of traditional pichwai paintings.




130. Foliage Borders

Doing the bare minimum is your style? Go in with linear foliage and wrist mehndi bands. 




131. Bohemian Style

This unconventional must-try design is perfect for a quirky wedding if you want to go full boho-chic. 




132. Bracelet Amulet

You will be protected from any threats by the stunning armor, which combines floral and geometrical themes. 




133. Botanic Leaves

Choose the bigger mehndi pattern with enlarged greenery and flowers if you don't like tiny, minute details.




134. Checkered Fingers

Perfect for someone searching for a simple to use but unquestionably stylish design. Any anyone with artistic ability may easily apply this design, regardless of how little experience they have with henna.




135. Easy Round Mehndi

This beautiful chain and spiral henna pattern is really gorgeous. The simplicity of its design is appealing to the eye. The artwork below it, which features flowers and coils, is quite stunning. The climber-style leaves that adorn the fingers look realistic.




136. Hanging Mandala

Dazzling backhand designs in Arabic mehndi designs, the index and pinky fingers have lace patterns, and the design flows downhill in the shape of three chains or threads that are united by a gorgeous mandala.




137. Musical Trail

Arabic mehndi designs with plenty of clear spaces are strikingly gorgeous and we cannot get over this particular piece.




138. Cosmic Design

This complicated pattern of whirling galaxies, stars, and cosmic dust represents the grandeur of the universe. A captivating display of the design captures the mysteries of the galaxy as it travels smoothly across your palm.




139. Tikki Mehndi Design

Why stick with traditional mehndi patterns for bridesmaids when you can spice things up a bit? With a new coat of nail polish, this tikki mehndi pattern will look extremely gorgeous. It's also very simple to do. The motifs painted on the fingers give the entire piece appeal.




140. Minimalistic Mehndi Design

Though very basic, these minimalistic mehndi designs are highly contemporary. These patterns are ideal for wearing to engagement parties as the bride's sisters because they are made using basic materials. 




141. Keychain Mehndi Design

This is another simple mehndi design for bridesmaids to get this wedding season. This design looks like a keychain hanging from a finger and looks really beautiful. Moreover, this design can be tweaked by changing the design of the flower.




142. Easy Circular Mehndi Design For Back Hand

A big circlular design in the middle differentiates this mehndi design.  The matching patterns on the fingers look stunninf and elegant.




143. Floral Mehndi

A floral mehndi design is always an excellent option if you are looking for stylish and elegant designs.




144. Simple Mehndi

This simple back hand mehndi has been trending this year. The small designs in the middle separated by net designs look elegant.




145. Chain Henna Design

This stunning chain henna design is minimalistic but yet looks very stylish. If you are looking for a simple mehndi design, then this can be an amazing option.