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31 Easy Mehndi Designs For Beginners

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  22 May 22


Mehndi adorned palms add to the beauty and spirit of any occasion. It has been a tradition for ages as the application of mehndi is considered auspicious. And dare we say that over years mehndi designs have gotten more creative, intricate, beautiful, and sometimes, even complex. But don’t let this intimidate you.

If you are a mehndi newbie looking for some easy mehndi design to get started, then we have just the right designs for you. Get inspired with our list of 31 easy mehndi designs for beginners to put your best hands (and feet) forward. 

Let’s begin!


31 Easy Mehndi Designs For Beginners




1. Easy Mehndi Design

This is an easy mehndi design with a traditional component. A mandala represents the circle of life and holds a significant value in many religions including Hinduism and Jainism. It is a simple yet impactful design that starts with a circle at the center of the palm and develops from there.

One of the best Mehndi Designs For Hands, this symmetrical floral pattern on the fingers and the lovely cuff design add to the beauty quotient here.



2. Geometric Design Of Mehndi

This mehndi design uses various geometric shapes to form a new and unique design. It has wonderful symmetry which is extremely aesthetical. Add to this the power of shading and you will get yourself a stunning mehndi design like this.



3. Easy Mehndi Design For Beginners

If you are looking for arabic mehndi design which also borders on minimalistic chic, this is the design of Mehndi for you. This design is an easier take on the jewelry mehndi design trend. Like a hathphool, this design too comprises of flowers but does not imitate it entirely. It only takes inspiration from the jewelry mehndi design. A pair of flowers with a few swirls and dots, that's all you need.



4. Traditional Design Of Mehndi

This is an amazing mehndi design for beginners who want a more traditional design. It was not the paisleys or the floral pattern that caught our attention. But, it is the use of shading to fill in the blank spaces that wowed us. One of the best floral mehndi designs, this one is gorgeous and we adore it.



5. Easy Geometric Mehndi Design For Foot

Looking for a mehndi design for your feet? Here is our top pick. This geometric design is easy on the eyes and easy for the beginners to make. Simple lines with a play of light and dark are screaming out minimal chic.





6. Beginner Friendly Mehndi Design

Love flowers? Then you will love this easy floral mehndi design too.  This mehndi design can be made easily and quickly by anyone irrespective of their skill set. All you have to do is draw some flowers, add a few leaves and some swirled up vines. It is a very basic design with a very beautiful outcome.



7. Henna Design For Beginners

This is an easy henna design perfect for beginners. It not only can be drawn with ease but looks gorgeous. This design begins from a swirl and expands using floral patterns. The completely painted fingertips add to the beauty of this design and take it up a notch.



8. Stunning Easy Mehndi Design

This is a stunning example of the Khafif mehndi design. Now, this design might look complicated but it is beginner-friendly and easy to draw. It comprises of tiny non-complex elements like leafy vines, paisleys, floral motifs, and patterns and brings them all together to form an intricate design. This design uses small and simple motifs to fill the space and gives an illusion of complexity. And we think it works. 



9. Khafif Mehndi Easy Designs

Khafif mehndi designs have a beauty and aesthetic of their own. But they need not be extremely intricate or difficult to draw. Look at this gorgeous and easy mehndi design for beginners. Isn’t it simply gorgeous?




10. Backhand Mehndi

Let’s take it down a notch. This is another example of an easy design of Mehndi for backhands. Draw a swirl and add a flower on top of it. This one is a simple stunner and we like it.



11. Minimalistic Mehndi Design For Foot

Here is another example of a minimalistic chic mehndi design for your feet. If you are not into the complete space-filling intricate mehndi designs, this is the one for you. Painted toes with a border design will look best when you flaunt them in a pair of open-toe sandals.



12. Easy Arabic Mehndi Design

Swirls and floral patterns never go old. This easy Arabic mehndi design is proof of that. It has big and bold floral patterns and uses space as a major element.



13. Easy Mehndi Design For Brides

Even bridal mehndi designs can be easy. Take this bridal design of Mehndi for instance. It uses a floral pattern, one which is not commonly used. Leafy vines combined with lotus flowers leave a lasting impact. This is a very unique and easy mehndi design for beginners to try.



14. Attractive Design Of Mehndi

Mix up lines and circles and you will find yourself with a design as stunning as this one. And also something different as well as unique. This can be a good choice for a bridal mehndi design if you are looking for something which is easy and aesthetic. 




15. Chic And Easy Mehndi Design

We dig this mehndi design. It uses floral and leaf motifs and is focused on one finger and spreads from there. What we love about this design is how the floral pattern just sits the way a ring would.



16. Stunning Mehndi Designs For Beginners

Use some concentric circles and some paisley. Add some dot and leaf motifs to make a sun or some flowers. Just let your creativity flow. Combine a variety of motifs and patterns to create an easy yet aesthetically pleasing design of Mehndi like this one.



17. Pretty Paisley Mehndi Designs

This is the most basic and easy mehndi design for beginners. You can never go wrong with paisleys and floral patterns. You can add some difference to this basic design by changing up the motifs normally used to fill in spaces and voila you would have the perfect front hand mehndi design.



18. New And Easy Mehndi Design

This is a very attractive new age Arabic mehndi design. It is not simply a swirl but it also takes the shape of the petals of flowers. It is just so clean, symmetrical, and leaves a lasting impact.



19. Step By Step Design Of Mehndi For Feet

Let us make it easier for you with this step by step design of mehndi for beginners. This is an easy mehndi design for feet. Start with a simple line as a border. Throw in a couple of flowers and some small circular motifs to achieve an eye-pleasing design like this one.



20. Beautiful Floral Mehndi Easy Designs

Take the basic mehndi design up a notch without giving up on the ease of drawing it. The key is to fake it until you make it. You don’t have to draw complex designs to make it look fuller, intricate, and beautiful. Combine bigger patterns with smaller motifs to create an illusion of intricacy. Play with the sizes and you will be drawing a different looking pretty design like this one.



21. Tear Drops On Hands

This is an easy Mehndi design which comprises of the teardrop motifs. We love the way how each drop is outlined and the space between both the outlines is lightly shaded. The use of leafy motifs to finish off complements the design very well.



22. Easy Mehndi Design With Mandala

You can never get enough of the mandala design. It is not only auspicious but also easy to make, looks stunning, and can be drawn in a million different ways. This is why we completely adore this minimal mandala design.



23. Amazing Easy Mehndi Design With Paisleys

Paisley motifs never get old and neither do the floral patterns. This is one such easy mehndi design which proves the point. Instead of the usual round petals, this design uses flowers with slightly squared petals. Even the paisleys are thinner than usual. And that has made all the difference.



24. Easy Mehndi Design For Feet

Painted toes and floral pattern to the side of the feet, what is there not to like? It is an easy mehndi design for beginners and also happens to be very attractive.



25. Lace Pattern For Hands

You have only seen the lace pattern on the backhand design of mehndi till now. So let us introduce you to an easy mehndi design for hand which uses lace pattern on the palms.



26. Floral Easy Mehndi Design

This is another example of an easy mehndi design that you be inspired by. It is a floral mehndi design but not just any floral design. It has fuller flowers along with well-defined leaves that make this design very exquisite.



27. Aesthetic Mehndi Designs

Bored of the regular floral and leafy patterns? Then we found the perfect design for you. This is a completely different take on the floral-leafy motifs. This mehndi design uses heavy shading on the fingers with similarly shaded leaves on palms. The pairing of the leaves with a single rose, add an aesthetic touch to the whole design



28. Mehndi Design For Back Hands

This is the latest easy mehndi design for beginners that combines both geometric and leafy swirls to create a unique and beautiful design that will stand out from the crowd.



29. Minimal Mehndi Design

Minimalism is on the rise and itis here to stay. This simple mandala design is very easy to make and boasts of a dreamy elegance and beauty.



30. Beautiful Bridal Mehndi

Bridal Mehndi of this year is nit about full hand intricacy. Minimalism has influenced these designs a lot. This design pictured here is a great example of this trend. It uses both bold and intricate designs while also using space as an element.



31. Beautiful And Easy Mehndi Design For Feet

This design of mehndi is easy, simple, and stunning. It uses all kinds of traditional motifs which are expressed with a hint of modernity. The paisleys, leaf, and floral patterns adorn the geometric triangular outline.



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