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21 Latest Bridal Lehenga Designs For Indian Bride - 2022

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  16 Jan 22

Greek or Indian, a wedding is and always has been a big fat event. But we Indians have a knack for making it even bigger owing to our vibrant culture and traditions.

With the wedding season upon us, we thought we should ease out the lehenga shopping experience for you. Before you scout around the lanes of Chandni Chowk to check out the bridal lehenga collection or choose a designer bridal lehenga, we advise you to check out our list of the latest Indian bridal lehenga trend in 2022. Since so many celebrities were caught with the wedding bug, we have found tons of lehenga inspiration! Happy browsing!



21 Latest Bridal Lehenga Designs For Indian Bride 


A wedding day is one of the most important days in a girl’s life. It is the day when she finally sees her fairytale turning into a reality. Of course, this day has to be perfect. And a part of this perfection is the bridal lehenga. From the bridal lehenga design to its fabric, there are so many things that go into finding the perfect lehenga.




1. Bridal Lehenga Design - Traditional Red

Nothing beats the good old traditional Indian bridal lehenga in red. Red has been the dedicated color of brides since forever. If you want to keep the desi element of your wedding, this is the lehenga for you. The red and golden combination is the most common choice. You can choose from a variety of designs including those with heavy embroidery, or embellishments, the intricate zari work is done on various shades of red. If you want to add a twist to this old school choice, go completely red like Priyanka Chopra and choose a red lehenga with redwork.





2. Bridal Lehenga Design In Pink

If the old school red is not for you, then go pink as per the latest Indian bridal lehenga trends. Pink too comes in a variety of shades and you can choose from magenta pink, neon pink, blush pink, bubblegum pink, baby pink, pastel pink, and so on. With a pink lehenga, you can never run out of options. You can pair your pink lehenga with a red dupatta. If you are feeling creative you can also complement your pink bridal lehenga design with a dupatta in a contrasting color or even in a different shade of pink.




3. Designer Bridal Lehenga In  Lovely Pastels

Pastels have taken over the bridal lehenga collection and it is just not this year. Designers like Anamika Khanna have favored pastels in their designer bridal lehenga collections for quite some time now. And why not? Pastels are a fresh change of scene. They give an elegant and romantic feel. Pastels can add just the right amount of dreamy to make your perfect day even more perfect. To complete their fairytale-Esque and magical theme, Anushka and Virat, both dressed in pastels for their wedding in Italy.





4. Indian Bridal Lehenga With Belt

Add a modern touch to your traditional lehenga with a belt which is all the rage this season. A belt will not only keep your dupatta in place but it will also accentuate your waist. So flaunt your curves with either a fabric belt or a jewelry belt. You can match your belt with your bridal lehenga design or contrast it with your blouse. Our celebrity inspiration is the lovely Anushka Sharma who paired her grey silver lehenga with a matching fabric belt.




5. Bridal Lehenga Design In Velvet

The velvet bridal lehenga is the new entrant in the Indian bridal lehenga trends this year. It has easily become a part of many designer bridal lehenga collections too. Out top picks are designs from none other than Sabyasachi. A velvet lehenga looks rich and classy. You can not only feel but look like a royal in this bridal lehenga design. A velvet bridal lehenga is perfect for a winter wedding. Beat the winter blues like a queen.




6. Brocade Bridal Lehenga

If you are a bride who wants something different, then you are in luck. Bridal lehenga designs in brocade are trending this year. Brocade is a fabric that has the same shine as a heavily embroidered lehenga but its patterns are weaved on looms instead of being stitched. It is known for being lightweight which makes it easy to carry and style.  Though it is light, there is no compromise when it comes to giving the rich and royal vibes. A brocade lehenga can also be utilized after your wedding day because it is that versatile.





7. Bridal Lehenga Design In Ivory

Go full-on experimental with a white lehenga on your wedding day.  This bridal lehenga design has been common in Manish Malhotra’s bridal lehenga collection. And when it comes to lehengas, we will trust Mr. Malhotra’s choice with our eyes closed. A white lehenga with mirror or sequin work can be your go-to. The ones with silver detailing also look gorgeous.




8. The Glittery Gold Bridal Lehenga Collection

Go subtle or full dramatic with a golden bridal lehenga design this season. Gold works well with many colors be it red, green, or beige. But the best combination is considered to be the gold and ivory duo. You can also go full golden and add a pop of color with your jewelry. What makes the golden bridal lehenga the easy go-to choice is the fact that it suits the Indian skin tone perfectly. 



9. Bridal Lehenga Design In Silver And Grey

Grey and silver lehengas are all the rage this season. Catch up with the trend and don a silver lehenga on your wedding day. This Indian bridal lehenga design oozes class and is surely a head-turner. You can also opt for a white lehenga with silver detailing.





10. Paneled Lehenga

Panels are horizontal pieces of fabric added to the bridal lehenga design to create it flare and to add volume. The more the panels the more voluminous your lehenga would be.  This Indian bridal lehenga design is perfect for those brides who want to enhance their curves elegantly and who would love to do a twirl. Make those boomerangs perfect ladies!




11.  Floral Bridal Lehenga Design

Now you can wear floral lehenga not just for your wedding functions but also on the special day itself. This bridal lehenga design just refuses to go out of style. With a print big or small, choose a floral lehenga in refreshing spring/summer colors. Our favorite is the Sabyasachi floral designer bridal lehenga collection.




12. Color Blocked

Break the color code and wear a color-blocked lehenga. Color blocking has been on the fashion scene for quite some years now. It is the pairing of two bright colors together to create a new contrasting look. This year color blocking is a trending bridal lehenga design. From pinks and reds to blues and greens, pair them all.




13. Bridal Lehenga Design With Ruffles

The ruffled bridal lehenga design is a new age modern twist in the traditional Indian bridal lehenga. Ruffles as a trend were big in the 70s but this year has marked their return. For a subtle touch of drama, choose a lehenga with little ruffles on its hemline or go for the major dramatic vibes with a fully ruffled bridal lehenga design. You can also add a hint of ruffles through your blouse or dupatta.



14. Beige Bridal Lehenga Design

Beige has been a favorite among designers and that is why we are seeing beige bridal lehengas in many designer bridal lehenga collections. Go full beige or pair it with a darker color. Either way, you will get a rich, classy, and elegant look. To take it to the next level add contrasting jewelry in the mix.



15. Bridal Lehenga Design With Cape

Oh woman you are the heroine of your story and what better day is there to dress like one. Bridal lehenga designs with a cape are all the rage this season. it is the perfect mix of elegance and drama, all sewn in one. A cape can be added on your blouse, or your dupatta can be styled as such. You can also get a cape stitched separately. Wear it. Own it. And let it flow with all the colors of the wind.




16. Bridal Lehenga Design In Multi-Colors

From pretty pinks to majestic blues—are you facing a hard time in choosing the color of your bridal lehenga? Then just stop right there and go with all the colors of your choice cause multi-colored Indian bridal lehenga is trending this year. Don’t just pick one color. Pick them all. Choose a lehenga with colorful panels. You can also choose a bridal lehenga design with a multi-colored bead or sequins work.




17. Black Bridal Lehenga Design

You will stop wearing black when they make a darker color—is this your philosophy and you don’t want to give up on your favorite color even on your wedding day? Then this is the year for you. Wear the darkest shade of black and be a part of this fashion wagon. Black and golden bridal lehengas are trending and have been a regular sight in many designer bridal lehenga collections. If you like, you can pair your black bridal lehenga with a dupatta in a bright hue.





18. Fringe And Feather

If ruffles are here, how could feathers and fringes, and stay far behind? 2022 is the year where the brides can express their style through their bridal lehenga design. Feathers and fringes are the perfect modern and stylish twist to an embroidered bridal lehenga. Add these babies to your lehenga or blouse or your dupatta, and be the bride who is different from the rest.



19. Bridal Lehenga Design With Flare

This is the kind of lehenga that will make your twirl even more perfect. You can call it the desi take on a ball gown. This bridal lehenga design has a broad flare and forms a complete circle at the bottom when you go twirling about. With its numerous pleats, a flared lehenga is extremely voluminous which makes your twirl worthy of noticing.




20. Bridal Lehenga Collection In Unique Colors

Reds and pinks are not the only colors available when it comes to Indian bridal lehenga collection. You can take inspiration from the various designer bridal lehenga collections of 2022 and get for yourself a lehenga of the most unique shade. From majestic blue and dashing purple to emerald green and sunshine yellow, 2022 shows no discrimination to any of the beautiful colors.





21. Double Dose of Dupatta

Double dupattas are an emerging trend in 2022. You can carry double dupatta with your designer bridal lehenga in a lot many different ways. Carry one on the head and drape the other in pleats or the saree style. You can also carry both dupattas in layers. Or go the Sabyasachi way. You can even play with colors. It is all about expressing your creativity and personal style.