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Exquisite Arabic Mehndi : 75 Captivating Designs For Every Occasion

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  08 Apr 24


Do you think an Arabic mehndi design is pretty? Are you looking for some latest Arabic mehndi designs? Then, keep scrolling!

Arabic mehndi has its roots in Persia but has gained popularity all over the world. Its allure is something that you cannot ignore. Arabian mehndi designs are also popular amongst brides in many countries including UAE, Qatar, and Oman among others. These designs now have found their way into the Indian wedding scenes as well. But what makes them so popular?

An Arabic mehndi design comes with a universal appeal with its beautiful free-flowing motifs. The symmetry with patterns scattered all over the palms presents a striking image. It brings the best of both worlds by including bold as well as intricate motifs. Most importantly, it is versatile. You can find an Arabic mehndi design for every occasion. Whether you want something bold or favour minimalism, there is a design for you. So, come and take a look at the 75 most popular Arabic mehndi designs that we have brought for you. You can also check the most popular cone designs.

Let’s begin!


75 Most Popular Arabic Mehndi Designs - 2024





1. Arabic Mehndi Design For Back Hand

Here is yet another Arabic mehndi design for brides. It has everything from the mesh motif to flowers and paisleys. Filling the whole of the backhand, this beautiful design also uses thin as well as thick lines to create an interesting look. If you are looking for detailed and intricate mehndi designs, do check out our guide on khafif mehndi designs as we list 25 stunning mehndi designs for inspiration.




2. Jewellery Arabic Mehndi Design

This trending design looks stunning on the back of the hand, which gives the mehndi design a jewellery look. This mehndi design can be created on any occasion and suits well with flowers and motifs. The dotted lines connecting the middle finger and the floral design look gracious.




3. Flower Based Arabic Mehndi Design

This super gorgeous bunch of flower designs are winning our hearts, perfect for a bride and bridesmaid, this mehndi can be created on the front and backhand. The floral bunch and the crisscross design around the fingers are trending in Arabic designs.

You can also go for a simple mehndi design as well as this looks equally good. Check out our detailed guide as we capture all the latest 150+ designs!




4. Floral And Ring Pattern

The flowers on this backhand and the ring pattern created by the leaves joining the floral pattern are pretty. The swirl work on the fingers and a dotted finger ring on the index finger are elegant.


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5. Arabic Heart Mehndi Design

This arabic mehndi design featuring hearts is pure love. A must-try design for a bride on her special day, this arabic mehndi design with multiple elements like peacocks, birds, flowers, leaves and dotted lines is magical. Each hand has a half-heart design, hence when joined a full-heart look is created with floral shading and motifs.

If you are looking for Arabic bridal mehndi designs do check out our guide as we list the 25 most beautiful mehndi ideas for inspiration. Make the special occasion memorable by picking the right mehndi!




6. Double Layered Arabic Design

A pleasing arabic mehndi design with a double floral layer design added with leaves and floral motifs and bold shade topping is the charm of this double-layered Arabic design. This design is all occasions worth it.




7. Peacock Arabic Mehndi Design

Peacock is one of the most prominent elements used in mehndi designs. The peacock in the mehndi design symbolises beauty and elegance. The design on the front hand is beautiful and the intricate design is much artistic! The combination of peacock and lotus elements is adding a charming vibe to this design.

Do check out peacock mehndi designs for inspiration as we list 25+ stunning ideas which are trending this year.




8. Bold Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehndi Designs are known for their use of floral motifs and this design is a perfect example of beautiful Arabian mehndi designs. The bold outlines add a dimension to an otherwise simple design.




9. Arabic Mehndi Design Latest

Look at any Arabic mehndi design and you will find a stunning use of space and free-flowing nature. Take this one for instance. It is a fairly simple design but the way the patterns are placed all over the hands makes for an interesting and alluring design.



10. Full Hand Arabic Mehndi

Arabic mehndi designs will always be using flowers as the main piece of attraction. This is just how things are when it comes to Arabic mehndi. The flowers can be of different shapes and sizes. The latest addition to the floral design is the rose motif and they can be found abundantly in almost all the arabic mehandi designs.




11. Beautiful Mehandi Designs Arabic For Palm

This is such a stunning full hand mehndi design with an alluring nature. Flowers and leaves always go hand in hand. This is an example of the same.




12. Latest Designer Mehndi Arabian

Here is a beautiful full hand Arabic mehndi design. This is something highly favourable amongst brides who want the beauty of the designer mehndi Arabian but don’t want to compromise on the fullness.




13. Easy Arabic Mehndi Design

Go big or go home. Take a lesson from this easy mehndi design. It uses motifs and patterns that are easy to make and still look stunning. It is a design perfect for beginners.




14. Arabic Mehndi Designs For Full Hands

Here is a different take on the Arabic mehndi designs. It uses the motifs commonly used in Arabian mehndi and fills the whole palm. It is yet another stunning option if you are looking for a unique bridal mehndi design.




15. Latest Arabic Mehndi Design

The heart in this simple yet stunning Arabic design has our heart. There is something about this design that is very eye-catchy. Our bet is on the effective use of space and the combo of floral and dot motifs.




16. Beautiful Arabian Mehndi Designs

Flowers never go old. In fact, they are a big part of Arabian mehndi designs similar to this front hand mehndi design. Look how beautiful it is with the flower taking the centre stage while all the other motifs find their place around it.




17. Black Arabic Mehndi Design

Black Arabic mehndi designs are darker and prettier. They have an alluring beauty of their own that you cannot resist.




18. Arabic Mehndi Design Latest With Bold Motifs

This is a latest arabic mehndi design and we love it. Look how it freely flows from one finger to way below the wrist. We also love how the bulk of design softens and elongates itself into a leafy vine. 




19. Stunning Arabic Mehndi Design For Both Hands

Have you seen anything as stunning as this? This was love at first sight for us. Just look how gorgeous is this Arabic mehndi design for both hands. It uses the same motifs and patterns yet creating two different designs for both hands.




20. Latest Arabic Mehndi

Nothing says floral than big and bold floral motifs. What makes this new mehndi design even more special is how free-flowing the flowers and the accompanying leaves are.




21. Pretty Mehandi Designs Arabic

Go for some new world elegance with this pretty floral mehndi design latest as of today. The mesh and chain design add a charm to this design that is one of its kind.




22. Designer Mehndi Arabian For Both Hands

Another thing that is peculiar about Arabian mehndi designs is the symmetry. And here is an example for you. This beautiful Arabic mehndi design is easy to make and eye-catchy. What more can you want?




23. Beautiful Floral Arabic Mehndi Design

Here is yet another floral Arabic mehndi that has our heart. It is different and will make you stand out from the crowd.




24. Swirling Action For the Back Hand

Mostly the mehandi designs Arabic make use of free-flowing swirls where the rest of the patterns and motifs use the space around this swirl. This Arabic mehndi design is special for one more reason and that is the use of negative space that make sit even more charming.




25. Modern Arabian Mehndi Design

There is more to mehandi designs Arabic than their swirling patterns. The latest and modern approach is somewhat different but still contains the same beauty and allure. Take this Arabic mehndi design for instance. With its floral and paisley motifs, it looks oh so stunning.




26. Dark And Floral Mehndi Design Latest

This is how a typical Arabic mehndi design looks. A vine with flowers, leaves, and/or paisleys begins on one finger and flows downwards to the opposite side on the wrist. What we love about this one is the innovation in filling up the traditional motifs.




27. Bridal Arabic Mehndi

This Arabic mehndi design latest is for the brides. It is big, bold, and beautiful. It goes across the whole hand and still manages to make use of space as a motif. The flowers take the center stage but the left-out space adds balance to their boldness.




28. Beautiful Mehandi Designs Arabic For Palms

Have you seen anything more beautiful than this mehndi design latest in the market? It was just the usual design with swirling vines and pretty paisleys. But then came the mesh motif and added a next level charm to this design. The wrist cuff design gets points too.




29. Intricate And Designer Mehandi Arabian

This Arabic mehndi uses both thick and thin lines to create a design so impressive that it will take your breath away with its beauty. The intricacy of the motifs is brought together by the occasional bold thick lines that add definition.




30. Latest Arabic Mehndi Design For Full Hand

Mehandi designs Arabic or not often work with the traditional motifs with innovation to create new designs. As seen here, this is a full back hand Arabic mehndi design. It uses the same old floral ad paisley motifs. The key is in the placement. Plus, the dots somehow bring the design together.




31. Simple Arabic Design

If you want to go the simple route, then there is something for you as well. This is a simple yet stunning Arabic mehndi design for you.



32.  The Classic Arabic Mehndi Design

This is a modern take on the classic Arabic mehndi design. It uses modern motifs and patterns but follows the same free flowing technique that the Arabian mehndi is known for.




33. Minimalistic And Modern Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabian mehndi designs are usually minimalistic but if you are looking for a truly minimal approach that also exudes modernity, then here you go. The motifs find their place on the fingers and the writs. Its elegance is one of a kind and we totally love it.




34. Peacock For the Palm

Paisleys are pretty and so are peacocks. Combine them and you can get yourself an Arabic mehndi design as alluring as this one.




35. Pretty Arabian Mehndi Designs For Back Hands

Are you a fan of designer mehndi Arabian style? Then, this is the one for you. Look how beautiful this Arabic mehndi design looks. It has an air of elegance about it with the well-thought placement of patterns including the paisley, floral, and mesh patterns.




36. All The Flowers

Take your love for flowers and give it an artistic impression. That’s exactly what this latest Arabic mehndi design is doing.




37. Arches In The Arabian Mehndi Design

Here is one of the most elegant mehandi designs Arabic style. With its curvy symmetry, this design won our hearts. It copies the design of arches that can be commonly found in Arabian architecture.




38. Popular Arabic Mehndi Design

Want something new and unique? Take a look at this Arabic mehndi design. Isn’t this just oh so gorgeous? It is unique and one of the latest. The floral wreaths scattered from the back of the hands up to the arms paint a truly pretty picture.




39. Timeless Floral Pattern

You know what doesn’t get old? The use of floral motifs in Arabian mehandi designs. Go small or go big, it doesn’t matter. You will still be making a style statement. As for this design, we love it for its big and beautiful petals.




40. Side To Side

Arabian mehndi designs move from one side to another diagonally. But what this particular design does is fill that one side of the diagonal. And it looks gorgeous. Mission accomplished!




41. Simple Arabic Design For Palm

Paisleys are a loyal partner to floral patterns. This Arabic mehndi design proves just the same. But did you notice this one cute little thing here? See at the bottom how seamlessly the name of a person’s beloved can be added to the mehandi design. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?




42. Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Design For Both Hnads

This is a very impressive Arabic mehndi design. It gets full marks for everything—beauty, elegance, and innovation. Look at how beautifully the vine swirls on one hand while the other makes use of a big floral pattern and negative space.




43. Bold Flowers For Back Hand

This is a good example of designer mehndi Arabian. Look how pretty the flowers look. What is lovely here is the placement. Space is an important motif in this Arabic mehndi design. The outlining of nails adds a stylish touch to the whole thing.




44. Fuller Arabian Mehndi Designs

If one vine doesn’t do it for you then go with two. Just as Arabian mehndi designs begin from a finger to the wrist, do it with two fingers and let the patterns merge at the wrist. The flower in the design here does a tying up act. It brings the whole design together.




45. Arabic Mehndi Design For Engagement

Arabic mehndi designs are perfect for engagements. They shine and they will let your ring shine too. No overcrowding with heavy fuller designs. Just an intricate and beautifully done vine will do.




46. Amazing Arabic Mehndi Design For Both Hands

This is a pretty amazing Arabic mehndi design for both hands. We absolutely love it. It is a different kind of design. Definitely not as common. It uses floral motifs but in a new and unique way and we are here for it.




47. Minimalistic Arabic Mehndi Design

This is yet another modern and minimal designer mehndi Arabian. It simply uses leafy vines to create this beautiful thing. It doesn’t include much and yet leaves an impression.




48. Chic Arabian Mehndi Designs

Nothing says chic more than a pretty Arabic mehndi design paired with a French manicure. We also love this different style of floral motif. It makes the design really stand out.




49. Floral Trail For Palm

Country roads take you home floral trails give you a heavenly beauty. Here is an Arabic mehndi design that trails across the palm down below to the wrist. And it is magnificent. It is beautiful.




50. Latest Arabic Mehndi Design

Move over the simplistic mehandi designs Arabic floral style. Get with the latest trends and go for something like this. Look at these brand new flowers and look how the vine wraps around them forming almost an infinity sign. Look how absolutely mesmerizing this Arabic mehndi design is.




51. Stylish Arabic Mehndi Designs For Both Hands

Yes, the flower motif is the starting point of this mehndi design but it is the dot motifs that add a new dimension and takes the style up a notch. The use of dots all over this Arabian mehndi binds the whole design together and gives it a uniform beauty.




52. Floral Patterns Flying High

The more intricate the design, the more time it will take. And if you are a fan of mehndi designs that spread up to your arm, it can become difficult for you to spend such a long time waiting for your mehndi design to finish. So, in that case, you can opt for something like this. This Arabic mehndi design uses big and bold motifs that will not take much time to make but will fill up your hands and arms anyway.




53. Beautiful Symmetry On Back Hand

Nothing says beauty and grace more than this Arabic mehndi design. It just looks so lovely! It is a beautiful design for the backhand. It uses a mix of traditional and modern Arabian mehndi motifs.




54. Spiralling Beauty

This is yet another eye catching latest Arabic mehndi design. The USP here is the spiral motif that has taken over the whole design. And we love it.




55. Gorgeous Arabic Mehndi Design

We are totally crushing on this gorgeous Arabic mehndi design. Just look how beautiful it looks.  There is a simple elegance about this design that you just cannot ignore.



56. Amazing Arabic Mehndi Design For Both Hands

You can either opt for different designs on both hands or just go for the same Arabic mehndi design on both of your hands. You can either choose it for your minimalistic bridal dreams or let your bridesmaids have fun with it. This is a design good for festivals as well.




57. Arabic Mehndi Design For Brides

This is a pretty Arabic mehndi design for brides. From the floral motifs to the big bold leaves, everything has its place here in making this design as pretty as it is.




58. Traditional Arabic Mehndi Design

Nothing is more beautiful than a simple Arabic design. It is easy to make and looks stunning. It looks like what your minimalistic mehndi dreams are made of.




59. Only Flowers

Nothing can beat the beauty of floral motifs in mehandi designs Arabic. And this Arabic mehndi design uses almost all of them. It starts with roses on the fingertips and ends with a daisy on the wrist.




60. Stunning Arabian Mehndi Designs

Here we have a designer mehndi Arabian style. It is a good option for engagement and festivals. It is an intricate design that fills the whole hand.




61. Modern Arabic Mehndi Design Latest

Here is the latest Arabic mehndi design for you. Look at how it makes use of the space as an important motif. It is quite a unique mehandi design. With roses aplenty. It has small motifs all over but uses empty space to balance the whole thing.




62. Mehandi Designs Arabic For Both Hands

We love some Arabic mehndi designs for full hands. They are pretty charming. Look at this Arabic mehndi design we found for you. Look how pretty the paisleys are combined with the floral motifs.




63. Bold Floral Motifs

If you are looking for some beautifully unique Arabian mehndi designs, then this is the one for you. Its big and bold muse of floral motifs is very alluring and eye-catchy.




64. Paisley Action

This is a traditional Arabic mehndi design with a modern twist. Usually, Arabian mehndi designs flow from one finger towards the end of the palm and that’s it. The rest of the palm stays empty. But this design here adds similar patterns on the remaining fingers creating a fuller look.



65. Floral Arabian Mehndi Designs

These are big strokes that are done so cleanly that you can see every motif, no matter how small, clearly. This mehndi design is a combo of paisleys, flowers, and the new entrant, the mesh motif.




66. Floral And Swirling

This is an easy Arabic mehndi design. It is simple and minimalistic yet very eye-catchy. The leafy vine in a swirl with floral patterns creates a very pretty picture.




67. Beautiful Arabian Mehndi Designs For Full Hands

Let’s end with one of the most beautiful Arabic mehndi designs for full hands. This Arabic mehndi design follows the traditional approach but with a twist. The free-flowing vines are replaced with the mesh pattern which has now become an important feature of Arabian mehndi.




68. Arabic Lotus Mehndi Design

Lotus has been one of the prominent elements of mehndi design, so how can we not add this to our trending mehndi designs? This lotus mehndi design in a pattern form, starting from the wrist to the thumb finger with a block shade is elegant. The elements of lotus and leaves are artistic.




69. Paisley Motifs Arabic Mehndi Design

Paisley Motifs with Peacock on the front hand is an artist’s work. This intricate and detailed mehndi design is a creation of a professional mehndi artist. The design can also be replicated on the front hand.




70. Simple Floral Arabic Design

A simple and quick Arabic design with curves and half flowers and shading is a design which can be a go-to design who is looking for a simple design.




71. Floral Vines Arabic Design

The floral Vine on the wrist to the index finger is a minimal Arabic design. The minute roses and leaves pattern on the single finger is an easy-to-make mehndi design.    




72. Curvy And Jaal Arabic Design

The flowing design with leaves and flower motifs from the wrist to the finger is stylish. The jaal pattern and the curve design on the palm is an easy and quick Arabic mehndi design to try.




73. Arabic Rose Design

The trendy and fancy design with a shaded rose on the wrist is the main magic of this design. The curve block shade design on the palm and leaves on the outer design is completing the design.




74. Leaflet Arabic Mehndi Design

A simple and easy Arabic mehndi design with a leaf-like structure which makes a leaflet design and a minimalist mehndi design.




75. Butterfly Arabic Design

Looking for a tattoo mehndi design or a casual design on the hand, this butterfly Arabic design with a butterfly element on the wrist to a cross blanket on the index finger is a trendy and stylish design. This design can be worn for any occasion or a party. Such designs are much favoured by the young generation.

This concludes our list of the 75 most popular Arabic mehndi designs. From minimal to bold, there is a lot of variety when it comes to Arabian mehndi. It has been gaining immense popularity over the last two years thanks to bloggers on social media who are introducing new and unique designs that are beginner-friendly.