Butterfly Tattoo Designs

30 Mesmerizing Butterfly Tattoo Designs For Your Inspiration


Updated At  01 Jul 24


Butterflies have been a popular subject for tattoos for many years. They are beautiful and can be quite colourful. There are several different butterfly designs that you are sure to find one that you will love.


Butterfly Tattoo Meaning And Best Tattoo Designs






Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Butterfly tattoos show change and freedom, reflecting how people grow and face challenges. For women, they symbolize beauty and starting anew, while for men, they represent strength and adapting to change.





30 Best Butterfly Tattoo Designs




1. Black Butterfly Tattoo Design 

Whenever you pick a butterfly tattoo design you should consider that it fits your personality and looks amazing on your skin whether you want a traditional black butterfly tattoo design or something more creative. You can opt to make this blue or any other color but do make sure to check butterfly tattoo meaning associated specifically with various colors.




2. Simple Butterfly 

A simple butterfly tattoo design is a symbol of royalty and trust. There are so many beautiful butterfly tattoo designs that will blow your mind. A simple butterfly tattoo can be a great way to show your love for nature.  It is a simple design that can be put in any profession on your body. If you are looking for this design consider opting for a tattoo of a single butterfly wing.





3. Butterfly Tattoo With Quote

Butterfly tattoos with quotes are a beautiful way to blend art and meaning. This butterfly tattoo with the quote 'Beautiful creatures cannot be confined' looks stunning and carries a powerful message. The design symbolizes freedom, transformation, and the beauty of living life without constraints.





4. Butterfly Ankle Tattoo

A butterfly tattoo on the ankle for women embodies transformation and freedom. With the words "Love and Success," this design carries profound meaning, adding elegance to the ankle. It's a stylish way to symbolize personal growth and beauty.




5. Behind The Ear Butterfly Design 

Behind-the-ear tattoos of a great way to add some personality to your tattoo. They are also a great way to add some fun and excitement to your look.




6. Shoulder Butterfly  

Butterfly tattoos on the shoulder can be used to represent your femininity and your masculinity. You can also use them to show your love for nature or your favourite butterflies.




7. Butterfly Tattoo On Hand

Wrist and palm butterfly tattoos can be delicate and feminine but these look very elegant as well. You can choose to have a single butterfly or a pair of wrist butterflies.



8. Butterfly Spine Tattoo

A butterfly spine tattoo represents change and growth, like how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. It shows inner beauty and strength as you go through life's ups and downs.




9. Small Butterfly Tattoo Design

A small butterfly tattoo design can look best when it is kept delicate. If you want a simple and small tattoo, then you can consider this design. It provides a lot of positivity and looks elegant as well.





10. Butterfly Designs For Positivity

Like many other popular and enduring subjects for our tattoos, butterflies have always been favoured by tattoo artists for their vivid colour and pleasing design.

Butterflies are also often associated with tales of romance and magic. Butterflies are being more fascinated by fiction writers and share a positive vibe. One of the top meaningful tattoos, this represents symbol of hope, beauty, and transformation. 




11. Monarch Butterfly

There are endless monarch butterfly tattoo designs from which you will be fascinated. From delicate, ethereal designs to Boulder, more intricate pieces, there is something for everyone.




12. Tribal Butterfly 

The tribal tattoo design can be used to represent many different things such as cultural heritage or personal beliefs. They can also be used to show your love for nature and celebrate your journey.




13. Butterfly Design Tattoo For Girls

Butterfly tattoo designs are often associated with femininity and innocence and they make great tattoo designs for girls. Some of the most popular design includes feature single butterflies or clusters of butterflies including wings.




14. Unique Butterfly Design

There are so many different butterfly tattoo designs out there that you could easily get lost, trying to choose the right one for you whether you are looking for a simple butterfly tattoo or something complex which looks unique, combining different shapes and designs.




15. Realistic Butterfly Tattoo Design

Some of the most popular designs include realistic butterflies with real colours and intricate details,  realistic butterflies with glitters and gems, and realistic butterflies with wings that are painted in different colours.




16. Black And White Butterfly Design

Black and white butterfly design tattoos are integrated and beautiful and can be perfect for anyone looking for a unique and memorable tattoo. This design is very popular and is very much trending among tattoo lovers.




17. Neck Butterfly 

A simple butterfly tattoo design on the neck can be done with just a few simple lines. The waves can be simply outlined in black for a light colour and the body can be filled in with a variety of colours.




18. Butterfly Tattoo With Leaf On Thigh

Butterfly represents transformation and change. It takes time for the insect to undertake transformation, showing the placement of this design can be symbolized the same journey you take. 

Black-butterfly-tattoo-on-the-chest (1)


19. Chest Butterfly 

The butterfly tattoo design on the chest symbolizes a great way to show your patriotism. Butterflies are typically flown by members of the military,  so they are a great symbol of love and patriotism towards the country.




20. Combination Of Butterfly Design

Combination butterfly tattoos are a great way to add a bit of personality to your body. They can be designed to represent different aspects of your personality or simply be a fun addition to your everyday wardrobe.




21. Floral Butterfly 

The above design is simple but beautiful, featuring blue colour butterflies with floral vegetation. Generally, butterflies are associated with floral vegetation so a tattoo representing floral designs with butterflies is a symbol for nature lovers.



22. Colorful Butterfly

There are endless possibilities when it comes to tattoo design with colours. Whether you want a fun and playful design or something more serious there is a colourful butterfly tattoo designed to suit your needs. 




23. Butterfly Tattoo Design On Hand

Butterfly tattoos on hand are designed for anyone who wants them touching and unique tattoos. The hand is the most noticeable place in the body showing the tattoo in this area is more noticeable than other parts.




24. Rose And Butterfly

Many different rose butterfly tattoo designs can be created. Some examples include a single rose combined with the rose in the way it seems like they both are the same identity. We can also use a hummingbird.



25. Orchid Butterfly Tattoo Design

Orchid butterfly tattoos are a beautiful way to show your love for orchids. They are also a great way to show your support for the environment and nature. The combination of orchids with butterflies looks incredibly beautiful.



26. Butterfly Wings 

There's something about a butterfly tattoo that just screams summertime. Maybe it is the carefree nature of this creature, the fact that they are often associated with rebirth and new beginnings.




27. Smart Art Butterfly

There are various types of smart art tattoo designs that you can get. The smart design of the butterfly tattoo symbolizes changes and progress in nature. Butterfly tattoos can be made in a variety of styles you can take them in a traditional way or a casual one.



28. Butterfly Tattoo Design On Thigh

A thigh tattoo is one of the sexiest and trendiest spots to get inked. Butterflies represent movement and transformations, which is something that you do every time you take 1 step forward. So, this design on thighs is a good option to get inked.




29. Ornamental Butterfly Tattoo

Check out this beautiful ornamental fine line butterfly tattoo covering full hand and adorned with intricate mandala, lotus flower designs. It looks stunning and elegant. This tattoo is a perfect blend of grace and artistry, making you stand out.




30. Unique Butterfly Tattoo

You can have a stunning neotraditional butterfly tattoo with vibrant green, black, and orange colors. The bold design and rich colors looks amazing. This beautiful piece surely adds a unique touch to your style.