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50+ Charming Breast Tattoo Designs For Women - 2022

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  16 Jan 22

Breast tattoos are the latest trend of this year. Would you like some latest and trendy inspiration for your next tattoo adventure? Keep reading, then!

With time, more and more women have begun to get inked. They are not afraid of experimenting with the shape, size, and location of their tattoos. One popular location for female tattoos is the breast. In this article, we have covered 50+ charming breast tattoo designs. Check them all out and see which one piques your interest the most.

Let’s dive in!


50+ Gorgeous Breast Tattoo Designs For Women




1. Rose Upper Breast Tattoos

Red roses are an extremely popular choice when it comes to breast tattoos. A red rose not only looks pretty but is also a symbol of all things love, passion, and loyalty. The tattoo here also features a butterfly which symbolizes transformation and rebirth. You can opt for this pretty tattoo to give yourself a message that you will come out stronger and true to your conscience, come what may.

Also check our latest guide on 100+ Most popular breast tattoo designs which includes underbreast tattoo designs, cute designs along with flower, butterfly based designs and many more!



2. Quote For The Side

Quotes as boob tattoos are another popular choice. The quotes can have personal meanings and connotations. If it is small enough, the quote can be easily inked along the boob’s curvature making it a pretty side boob tattoo idea.




3. Moon In Between

Breast tattoos are more meaningful and intimate. This one here comprises of a lotus and moon. The moon symbolizes death, magic, rebirth. It is also a symbol of feminine power. Lotus on the other hand is a symbol of peace, purity, strength, and perseverance. By adding these two meaningful symbols together, you can give an ode to the fierce female power.




4. Floral Breast Tattoos

Wildflowers make for great female tattoos. This is a versatile design and comes with a lot of variations. And this is not just a fashion statement. Wildflowers tend to mean everything positive and joyful. As an added benefit, they also look very pretty.




5. Girls Chest Tattoos

This is a beautiful example of a woman chest tattoo that fills the whole chest. It is equally cute and fierce. The raven cradling with a bunch of flowers presents a very pleasant scene. Ravens are symbolic of wit, intelligence, and wisdom. These dark and mystical birds are not just a Goth girl’s dream anymore. They have been embraced by almost everyone now.




6. Phases Of Moon Side Boob Tattoos

Here is one of the gorgeous side boob tattoo ideas—phases of the moon. These phases represent the ever-changing and never-ending cycle of life. Moon is also symbolic of rebirth and fierce feminine power. This is a very popular tattoo choice this year.




7. Women Chest Tattoo With Symbols

Come what may, the lotus is going to be a forever favorite when it comes to female tattoos. This is a classic example of in between the breast tattoos. It is pretty, calming, as well as meaningful. It represents the connection to your soul and your understanding of the life cycle.




8. Take A Flight

Go all out with this beautiful bird and moon under breast tattoo. We fell in love with its details and how beautifully it has been represented. Birds with open wings symbolize a spirit that yearns to be free and liberated.  Moon is everything magic, mystery, female, and rebirth. And mind you, the triangle behind is not just a fancy design but also holds vast meanings that depend upon your interpretation.




9. Dainty Upper Breast Tattoos

If you are new to the idea of getting tattoos but are fascinated by the trend of breast tattoos, then, we know how you can start your tattoo journey. You can get something like this—a simple dainty flower. Now, it might be simple but it is very elegant and a beautiful upper breast tattoo idea.




10. Meaningful Breast Tattoos

The in-between the boob tattoos are quite popular. Mostly because they are easy to flaunt with a deep neck top or dress. The woman chest tattoo featured here comprises of the All-Seeing Eye or the Eye of Providence. It is said to be a representation of the belief that God is watching over all of us. It is sometimes also associated with guidance and protection.




11. Colorful Side Boob Tattoo Ideas

This colorful side boob tattoo seems to have come straight out from a children’s storybook. It is dreamy and magical. It is made up of nostalgia and happy warm feelings. Ships are also a representation of new beginnings. You can get this tattoo to mark your desire for new journeys while not forgetting your past.




12. Under Boob Tattoos For Women

Breast tattoos can take ideas from anywhere be it nature or be it art. This one particularly has taken inspiration from one of the art classes. It resembles the thread painting technique where you drop paint on a piece of paper and use a thread to get interesting patterns. The tattoo artist is surely talented to achieve a similar effect on human skin!




13. Stylish Snake Female Tattoos

This is a popular choice when it comes to upper breast tattoos. The snake and rose tattoo represents a love so passionate that borders into the territory of temptation. And what better place is there to get such a temptation ridden tattoo than the breast?




14. Majestic Tattoos on Chest For Females

Go all out with this big, bold, and beautiful woman chest tattoo. This floral pattern is quite layered and beautifully takes its place in between the breasts. It looks alluring and the use of black ink makes it even more fascinating.




15. Pretty Vines

We have something for everyone. Here we have a breast tattoo that will fit well with your minimalistic aesthetic if that is what your heart desire. It is a simple, pretty, and elegant leafy vine that is true to its nature. It is an under breast tattoo as well as an in-between the breast tattoo. This is because the tattoo replicates the vine’s nature of growing out and up.




16. Simple Rose Breast Tattoos

Rose breast tattoos can range from a simple single rose to a whole bunch. They can or cannot have color. It all depends on your personal choice and aesthetic. But what remains common amongst all is its beauty.




17. Tattoos After Mastectomy

Breasts are a part of a woman’s body and to part with them can be difficult to cope with. To help the women dealing with their loss after mastectomy surgeries, there has been a new option in town. Many women prefer to cover their mastectomy scars with beautiful tattoos. It helps them move on. It is a wholesome idea and we love it.




18. The Shape Of Heart

Breast tattoos cover the whole of the chest area. They can be anywhere in, at, on, or under. This is one of the most unique tattoos on chest for females. The skeletal fingers, making a heart is not something you see often. It hints at mortality and how life never really stops.




19. Pretty Sunflower

Sunflowers are closely linked to the sun as they are in constant movement towards it. They will remind you of warm summer days. They are a symbol of positivity, joy, and prosperity. And a watercolor breast tattoo does pure justice to them as it brings out their true nature and spirit.




20. Rosy Dreams

Breast tattoos can either use one symbol or an elaborate mix of symbols. This one uses the elaborate mix. Triangle tattoos have multiple meanings and interpretations. A detailed rose set within a triangle represents love, beauty, and freedom.




21. Meaningful Side Boob Tattoo Ideas

Many people use tattoos as a way of expressing their love and gratitude towards a special loved one. Take this tattoo for instance. The wearer is showing her love and gratitude to her mother in this very sweet gesture. You can get something inked that has a personal connection to you and is symbolic of your bond with your loved one.




22. Antlers As Women Chest Tattoo

Some upper breast tattoos continue up till the shoulders and cover the chest area. Here is one such upper breast tattoo. Antlers look majestic and are one of the most popular yet unique themes for breast tattoos. The larger they are, the more powerful they look. And this tattoo for sure looks magnificent as well as glorious.




23. From The Garden

Floral Side boob tattoos are a big hit amongst women this year. This is because the floral tattoos can be presented in multiple forms, shapes, sizes, and combinations. This one for example comprises both roses and lilies making it look ever the more beautiful.




24. Spring Time

Have you noticed yet that a lot of female tattoos are flower-based? Flowers not only look beautiful but also have deep meanings associated with them. They are representations of love, passion, power, strength, perseverance, bravery, longing and so much more. You can choose a flower whose symbolism resonates with hour spirit and personality. This in-between the breast tattoo is a unique representation in terms of design and color. Take it for some inspiration while assembling your own.




25. Barbed Wire

Barbed wire under breast tattoos can mean a lot of things. They can be symbolic of faith as they are inspired by the crown of thorns worn before his sacrifice. A barbed-wire tattoo can also represent prison time or war. You can use it as a symbolism for overcoming adversities in your life or as an ode to those you lost in the war.




26. Bold Girls Chest Tattoos

Tattoos on chest for females are no longer a rarity. Here is a big and beautiful eagle woman chest tattoo. Its bright yellow color makes it alluring and is complemented by more yellow flowers. Eagles represent a highly focused personality as well as wisdom and protection. So, if eagles are your spirit animal, this is the tattoo for you.




27. Flowery Breast Tattoos

Colorful flowers look pretty but there is something about black and grey floral breast tattoos that makes them equally attractive. Here is an example for you to see. Take a look at how simple yet powerful of a picture this tattoo creates.




28. Magnificent Moth

Moth tattoos are a great option for the under breast area. This is not an unusual design as moths can look as beautiful as a butterfly. A moth tattoo symbolizes the journey towards the light. It is believed in many cultures that moths can take you out of the darkness and towards the light.




29. Pretty Red Rose Breast Tattoos

This is a beautiful red rose tattoo that is a unique way of inking an in between the breast tattoo. It complements the curvature of the breast pretty well and that’s just a part of its beauty.




30. Tribal Ink

Side boob tattoos look very interesting and alluring. You can get as creative as you want. This is a beautiful side boob tattoo inspired by tribal art and patterns. It beautifully goes with the curvature of the breast and its symmetric design makes it even more attractive.



31. Breast Reconstruction Tattoo

Breast reconstruction tattoos are the innovation in the field of female tattoos. They have led to a lot of heated discussions but as long as the woman getting them is happy, all is well. These tattoos are a great help for women recovering from mastectomy surgeries.




32. What’s Inside

Have you ever seen a skeleton look so cute and dashing at the same time? Well, this one does! And no, don’t worry this is not a Halloween special tattoo. Neither does it mean you are into dark magic. A skeleton or a skull tattoo simply means you are aware of your mortality. It can move you to live today like there is no tomorrow.




33. Moth Under Boob Tattoo Ideas

This is one of the most charming breast tattoos that we found. The moth and the moon come together beautifully to make this unique under breast tattoo. Together, these two symbols represent your journey towards finding your inner light and strength.




34.  Find Your Soul

Upper breast tattoos can be as big and bold and as small and dainty as you like. This is an example of a letter. It just says one word, soul. It is a great idea for a tattoo. You can pick any word that holds deep personal meaning to you and get it tattooed on the upper breast.




35. Glorious Lotus Breast Tattoo

Lotuses are the perfect female tattoos. They sit pretty well between the breasts too. They are symbolic of peace, perseverance, and strength. There is no flower that shows as much perseverance as a lotus. And who else can claim to have a similar level of perseverance other than women?




36. One For Your Wanderlust

Wanderlust as side boob tattoo ideas? We are all for it! We need it especially this year to ensure the wanderlust spirit within us doesn’t die till the travel bans are in place. It is a small yet beautiful ode to your love of traveling.




37. Unique Under Boob Tattoo Design

This is one of the most unique under boob tattoos. The dragonfly is seen as a symbol of good luck in many cultures. It is a symbol of protection and prosperity. It is said to bring joy and everything positive. Combined with some pretty flowers, everything is done in black ink, this tattoo is for sure very eye-catchy.




38. Beautiful Upper Breast Tattoos

Women are going more and more for upper breast tattoos this year. Here we have a pretty example that can help you stand out from the crowd. This deer tattoo is both magnificent and glorious. Look at those mighty antlers. Don’t they look like power personified?




39.  Watercolor Side Boob Tattoo Ideas

This watercolor breast tattoo will make you fall in love with itself. Look how pretty it is! The tiny hummingbird sucking nectar from colorful blooms combination is very pretty. It forms a wonderful and magical side boob tattoo idea.




40. Rose With Thorns

What is a rose without a thorn? It is also a great breast tattoo design. Roses are no doubt very beautiful and a symbol of the same. The presence of thorns with the roses is symbolic of the difficulties faced in life. No life is without adversity and this is one of those breast tattoos that will represent the come-what-may spirit.




41. Full Breast Tattoos

This is another beautiful example of breast reconstruction tattoos. It is hard to cope with a mastectomy but who said you cannot make it easier? So, what if it becomes easier with the help of some ink! There’s more to your body than some scars. Yes, they are like tiny maps of our life’s journey but some scars are too painful to look at. And when they cause you pain, you can always get a tattoo. Anything positive that helps with moving on is welcome!




42. Dainty And Pretty

If you are a fan of roses but also a fan of minimalism, we have got some ideas for you too! Get something dainty and pretty as the upper breast tattoo featured here. These two roses look gorgeous. We love them!




43. Yin And Yang Breast Tattoos

The yin and yang symbol makes for great breast tattoos. Yin and yang represent the connection between the various forces in the universe. In simple terms, it means that there is always a part of light in the darkness and some darkness within light. And this is how everything is connected. It is a perfect symbolism of balance between opposing forces.




44. Close To Nature

Show your love for nature with this interesting under breast tattoo idea. The tropical green leaves look so majestic. They take their space and present a very pretty picture. Stay close to nature with this elegant and alluring tattoo idea.




45. Some More Flowers

We clearly can’t get enough of floral breast tattoos! Don’t blame us because these tattoos are versatile and have a universal appeal. They can be incorporated with any symbol. You can also experiment with their shapes, sizes, and combine a bunch of different flowers. You can go for black or grey ink or you can go to the colorful route. See, so many options!




46. Splashy Splash

This is one of the most unique upper breast tattoos. This woman chest tattoo resembles rough strokes of a brush on canvas. This is like a piece of modern art. Go ahead and be one with art!




47. Heart To Heart

Hear us out. Get a tattoo of a heart near your heart! This will be a unique tattoo design for you. It would be your definition of wearing your heart on the sleeve, breasts in the present case to be precise. And with this tattoo design, you will also be anatomically correct. Yay!




48. Nipple Tattoo

A nipple tattoo is a tattoo that some women prefer after having breast reconstruction surgery. This has been one of the latest innovations in the field and has made many women happy. It has helped them lead their lives with confidence.




49. Yellow Vibes

What do you say to pretty yellow flowers that appear to be sprouting from your cleavage? We say yes! This is a new and unique breast tattoo placement and we all for it. It looks pretty amazing!



50. Cute Side Boob Tattoo Ideas

This is one of the cutest breast tattoos that we saw. The tiny wave can be your way of connecting with the ocean. It can be a symbol of your love for the waves. It can be anything you want it to be! We say, go for this cute little thing.




51. Angel Wings Under Breast Tattoos

This is a woman chest tattoo that is the ultimate symbol of strength. Angel wings are symbolic of faith, guidance, strength, and power. Diamond is known for its strength too. So what happens when you combine the two? You get a symbol of power and protection.



52. Heart Areola Tattoo

The latest trend is the heart areola tattoo. As the name suggests, this tattoo makes the areola take the shape of a heart. It has seen many takers and is an ongoing trend.




53. Pretty In Pink Lotus Female Tattoos

Did we not say that lotus breast tattoos are never going to be out of trend? Well, at least not anytime soon. Here is a pretty in pink lotus upper breast tattoo. This is a watercolor tattoo which is the whole point why it is radiating so much beauty.





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