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61 Spectacular Halloween Makeup Ideas For 2022

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  23 Jan 22

Halloween is just around the corner and we are here to help you out with some spectacular Halloween makeup ideas for some last-minute inspiration.

Deciding on a costume can be nerve-wracking especially when you want to look your spooky best for this one day of the year. When costume ideas fail you, there is always Halloween makeup that will come to your rescue. It is easier and cheaper than assembling a whole costume. Moreover, it can elevate even the saddest-looking costume to the level of fun and exciting. So, get ready with us to add a spooktacular touch to your night with some exciting Halloween ideas.

Let’s get started!


61 Best Halloween Makeup Ideas




1. Easy Tiger Halloween Makeup

Let’s start this list of gorgeous Halloween makeup ideas with this easy and fierce makeup idea.  The Halloween makeup products that you would need are your trusty eyeliner, black eye shadow, and black lipstick.



2. Are You My Boo?

Here is a cute Halloween makeup idea for you. This is something that even beginners at makeup can do. Do your usual makeup and paint cute little ghosts on your cheeks. Finish off with some white freckles.



3. Morticia Addams

The Addams Family is a classic movie and has been an inspiration behind several scary Halloween makeup looks ever since it hit the screens in 1991. Morticia Addams is a queen and a true feminist icon. She is passionate, fierce, and hot. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask. So, do you still need to be convinced to channel your Morticia Addams this Halloween?   



4. Spooky Bat-Inspired Halloween Makeup

Vampires have been a popular choice when it comes to scary Halloween makeup easy to create. You can recreate this look easily with basic Halloween makeup products such as your trustworthy black eyeliner, mascara that gives you long and voluminous lashes, purple, green, and white eye shadow along with some vamp-esque black lipstick.   



5. Golden Witch Halloween Makeup

If there is any other popular choice after vampires when it comes to Halloween ideas for dressing up, it has to be the gorgeous spooky witch. Anyone can be a witch. All you need is a black dress and a pointy hat. You can of course add the oomph with spectacular golden makeup look like shown here and be the fierce sorceress you are.



6. Scary Scarecrow

We have yet another classic Halloween makeup look for you. Nothing says Halloween more than a scarecrow costume. If you don’t wish to dress up in the full costume, you can easily create the scarecrow look using some clever makeup.



7. Poison Ivy

This is one badass environment advocate you will find in the DC universe. Use green and red as your makeup palette and you will be completely fine.



8. Harley Quinn

Here is another badass DC character that has become more famous in the last few years thanks to Margot Robbie’s performances. This one here is a bloody take on the Harley look and fairly easy to recreate if you know your way around basic makeup.



9. Evil Queen

You are never too old to take inspiration for Halloween makeup from Disney villains. Here we have the Evil Queen from Snow White. And this is one of the easiest Halloween makeup looks that we could find for you.  



10. Witch Of The Night

Take it up a notch with this spectacular Halloween makeup. There is more than one way to be a witch on Halloween and we found this to be a very gorgeous way of expressing your creativity. So, go be a spooky witch of the dark forest and the night with this amazing makeup idea.



11. Medusa

Do you know that in many cultures Medusa is seen as the protector of women? She is not the villain that pop culture has painted her as. But hey it would be rather villainous if you didn’t give this Medusa-inspired look a try.



12. Hello, Pumpkin!

Think of Halloween and you automatically think of all things Fall and a lot of pumpkins. So here we are with a scary Halloween makeup look inspired by the Jack-o’-lanterns. This is in true Halloween spirit so that you can sip on your pumpkin spice latte while getting ready to be the spookiest pumpkin of the night.



13. Beautiful Angel

This is truly one of the easiest last-minute Halloween ideas. You don’t even have to bother about the costume. Just dress in pristine white attire and let your Angel-inspired Halloween makeup do the rest. We are madly in love with this look of the literal winged eye makeup and the golden tears.



14. Cleopatra

There is something about gold makeup that changes a simple look to awesome in a matter of seconds. And here we are with yet another Halloween makeup look that would require you to use your gold and glittery Halloween makeup products. Cleopatra was known for her beauty and intelligence. If you need another reason, well, this makeup look rocks. So, go ahead.



15. Witch In Scarlet

As we have said earlier, there is more than one way of dressing up as a witch for Halloween and we have ensured that you get to choose from several Halloween makeup options for the same. So, here we are with yet another witchy makeup look that can make you the talk of the night.



16. The Corpse Bride

A lot of Halloween ideas come from pop culture and we are here with one such extremely popular Halloween makeup idea. This is a look straight out of the Tim Burton movie and you get to recreate the titular character of the Corpse Bride complete with her big eyes, hollowed cheekbones, and blue skin.



17. Thirsty For Blood

Enough with the vampire-inspired Halloween makeup looks. Let’s talk about the real deal. Can you dress up in a sexy black dress? Well, that’s mostly what you need for being a vampire this Halloween. Rest can be taken care of with some Halloween makeup and we are here with the perfect inspiration for you. The Halloween makeup products that you would essentially need are red and black eyeshadow and gorgeous red lipstick. You can use liquid lipstick to create fake blood.




18. Scary Skull

Get ready to be the talk of the party and the reason why so many people will be losing their sleep. Because that’s how scary and spooky this Halloween makeup looks. It’s easy to recreate and can be done even by beginners at makeup. the whole look is further held up by the white contact lenses.



19. Carrie

Okay, so this is Halloween makeup idea is taken from a very popular scene from a very popular horror flick. Dress your cutest best as the prom queen and do some cute makeup only to artistically splash yourself with some fake blood just like Carrie, the awkward teen from the movie Carrie. 



20. Scary Clown Halloween Makeup

Clowns can be scary and no, we are not just talking about the scary clown from pop culture that has made it to the big screens over the last few years. But, clowns, in general, can be scary and we think Sam Winchester would agree with us. So, why not give this Halloween makeup a go and be someone’s nightmare this 31st. 



21. Coraline Doll

Coraline is one horror movie that can give the creeps even to full-grown adults. Who even decided to call this a movie for kids is beyond us. But hey! ‘Tis the season of creepy and scary and this movie can inspire a ton of Halloween ideas. One of the most popular choices is, however, the Coraline doll.  



22. Spooky Witch Halloween Makeup

Here is yet another rendition of the scary Halloween makeup for becoming a witch the night of the 31st. We absolutely love this Halloween makeup for its dark and spooky vibes. Go and rock the night in this dark getup.  



23. Audrey Hepburn As Sugar Skull

Sugar skulls are a popular choice for Halloween. They have originated from the Mexican culture but have found expression across the world. We instantly loved this particular Halloween makeup for its creativity for combining two different looks into one—Audrey Hepburn and sugar skulls—both of which are classics.



24. Lily From Sex Education

Netflix’s Sex Education is extremely popular across the world due to its highly entertaining as well as educational premise. You can go out this Halloween as your favorite character and for us, it has to be the quirky and creative Lily Iglehart. Her space buns along with fun and colorful makeup are perfect for the Halloween season.



25. Chucky Halloween Makeup

We cannot get enough of the pop culture classics and here we have yet another one of a classic horror character which you can recreate easily through makeup. You can dress up as Chucky and grab some black and red color palettes when it comes to Halloween makeup products required for acing this look.



26. Simple Clown Makeup

If you don’t want to go the scary route this Halloween, then you can go for this simple yet spectacular clown Halloween makeup.



27. Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams is another one of the popular Halloween makeup choices. She is a feminist icon and has been revived and reinterpreted several times over the years. She has grown to be a fan favorite and we too cannot hide our love for the awesomeness she brings. And being her this Halloween is also pretty manageable and easy.



28. Pulp Fiction

Just a few years after the release of The Addams Family came the iconic Tarantino film, Pulp Fiction that gave the audiences the iconic character of Mia Wallace played by Uma Thurman. She is also a rather popular choice when it comes to Halloween makeup. This look is very easy to recreate and perfect for that last-minute Halloween prep.



29. Ghostly Ghosts

Well, it’s truly the undead that are at the center of the whole Halloween celebrations so it’s obvious that ghost-themed Halloween ideas are fairly popular. You can dress as you like and let your pale, very undead makeup does the rest. This Halloween makeup gives you a lot of creative space.




30. Scary Red Witch

Truth be told, this Halloween makeup reminded us of the Evil Queen Regina from the CW show, Once Upon A Time. Take a look yourself. How do you see a magical queen with a ripped-out hand in her heart and not think of Regina Mills?  



31. Marilyn Monroe

Here is gorgeous Halloween makeup for you if you are not so much into scary Halloween makeup. You can dress up as the iconic Marilyn Monroe. You can find several Halloween makeup videos to get the Marilyn Monroe look on YouTube, Instagram, or even Pinterest.  



32. The Jigsaw Killer

Do you want to play a game or is it just us? Get inspired by yet another iconic character from the famous horror film, Saw. With the franchise still alive and breathing, why not recreate the look of the infamous Jigsaw Killer this Halloween?



33. Venom Halloween Makeup

Venom is a popular choice of Halloween makeup this year thanks to Thomas Hardy’s iteration of the titular character. The good thing about this look is that you don’t even need a full costume. You can dree up in your regular clothes and use some face paint to create the look.



34. Cruella De Ville

She is Cruella and she is the future. Cruella was brought to life once again on the big screens by Emma Stone and audiences fell in love with her iteration instantly. She is definitely one of the topmost choices for Halloween makeup this year.



35. Cutesy Witchy Vibes

You can express your inner witch with this simple yet cute Halloween makeup this year.  



36. Scary Pumpkin

If you know your way around makeup, then you can opt for this very scary jack-o’-lantern Halloween makeup.



37. Red Riding Hood

Get inspiration from Brother Grimm’s who are the OG when it comes to all things spooky and scary. So, here is a rendition of the Little Red Riding Hood complete with her red cape and an eye mauled by the big bad wolf.  



38. Cute Tiger Halloween Makeup

Have you seen Ariana Grande wear her cute little cat ears all year round? Yeah, so you can surely carry ‘em ears for one night of the year. Go get dressed as a sexy tigress and try out this cute Halloween makeup.



39. Creepy Doll

This year has been good in terms of content on the OTT platforms. One show that broke all sorts of records is the Korean show, Squid Game on Netflix. The Squid Game mania has taken over the world and you would see that during Halloween too. So, we have the perfect Halloween makeup idea for you—the creepy doll from the Red Light, Green Light Game.



40. Ruby From Sex Education

Ruby has been the highlight of the latest season of Sex Education. The audience saw a never seen before side to her and fell in love with her. Her Christina Aguilera costume within the show is a great Halloween makeup inspiration. If this doesn’t cut it for you, then you can simply go as a Ruby herself. Win, win!



41. Maleficent

Classic Disney villains as Halloween makeup inspiration never gets old. Recreating the look for Maleficent is pretty easy. You can take the help of the many available Halloween makeup videos for the same.  



42. Pretty Pirate

Ever felt inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow? Or did you just ever want to be anything like Elizabeth Swann, the pirate? If yes, then this is your chance to be the pirate of your dreams. And we have just the Halloween makeup inspiration for you.



43. Sexy Witch

This is yet another take on classic Halloween makeup. anyone can be a witch and anyone can be a witch of their choosing. Let your creativity do the talk and here we are with this gorgeous Halloween inspiration to get those creative juices flowing.



44. Golden Medusa

With the right accessories, you can take a simple green dress and make it into a Medusa costume. So, if you happen to have some golden snake-themed jewelry, you can totally rock this Halloween makeup which is something pretty easy to do.



45. Daphne

Remember Daphne from Scooby-Doo? This is her. Do you feel old yet? Just kidding. Daphne never gets old and neither does our love for her.



46. Violet

Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory have been a part of our collective childhoods. So, we all know of the notorious Violet Beauregarde, the gum-chewing, utterly competitive brat who was one of the five children to enter the chocolate factory. Well, that Violet can be one of your go-to Halloween ideas this year.



47. Queen Of Hearts

Helena Bonham Carter gave us an amazing Halloween makeup look with her iteration of the Queen of Heart from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. With this as your look, the whole town should run to safety if they want to keep their heads.



48. Coraline

Here we have the original cute and smart Coraline. This can be a cute Halloween makeup idea for this year.



49. Promising Young Woman

A movie that made headlines for its storyline and a stellar performance by Carey Mulligan is the Emerald Fennell directed, Promising Young Woman. Cassie had many different looks throughout the movie but what stuck with us is her sexy yet sinister nurse costume with a rainbow wig.



50. Straight From Fantasy Land

Whether it be from your favorite fantasy book or video game, you can find many Halloween ideas. we found one and fell in love with it instantly owing to the level of creativity, beauty, and overall awesomeness it exudes.



51. The New Joker

 Joaquin Phoenix’s iteration of Joker can be a pretty good Halloween makeup inspiration. It is scary Halloween makeup easy to do with face paints.



52. Inside Out

Move over the pop culture and go with this scary Halloween makeup that would require some finesse. This is a soul-baring makeup idea, literally. A very bloody idea.



53. From The Black Panther

Marvel’s Black Panther was a wonderful movie and it left so many people in awe with its representation of the Black people. It was a cinematic masterpiece that inspires many Halloween ideas to this day. And this is one such Halloween makeup idea. It is absolutely gorgeous and easy to recreate.



54. Half Angel, Half Devil

You must know how it is popularly said that we have an angel sitting on one shoulder to inspire us to do good while the devil sits on the other shoulder inspiring us to be evil. It is basically a way of accepting that a person has both a good and a bad side to their personality. Translate this into one of the most creative Halloween ideas ever and you would get yourself a spectacular half angel and half devil Halloween makeup look.



55. A Broken Doll

Dolls are creepy. No wonder they are a very common subject of horror flicks. So, we are here with scarier Halloween ideas that of course include a doll. This broken and tattered doll forms a very scary Halloween makeup look.    



56. Elf Queen

Move over Khaleesi and be the gorgeous elf queen with this cute Halloween makeup look this year. It is just so pretty that it had our hearts as soon as we laid eyes on this look.




57. Ursula

We have told you, haven’t we? Dressing up as a classic Disney villain never gets old and we stand by what we said. And we obviously have yet another Disney villain as a Halloween makeup inspiration—Ursula, the sea witch from The Little Mermaid.



58. Demon From Hell

Here is yet another fantastic and scary Halloween makeup look. It takes things up a notch and would definitely require some fine skills. But hey, if you got ‘em skills, go for this brilliant look.



59. Shego

Shego from Disney’s Kim Possible is yet another great Halloween makeup idea. She is the anti-hero and a total badass. Channeling her this Halloween would make you relive the good old Disney days.



60. Maeve Wiley

Sex Education has gained immense popularity and so has Maeve Wiley. You can easily recreate her makeup this Halloween. You can either be a blonde or a brunette with pink hair ends. Just ensure that you have her signature eye makeup.



61. The Creepy Joker

There have been many iterations of the Joker over the years but the one by Jared Leto has by far been the creepiest. If that is what your heart is set after, then this is the perfect Halloween look for you. Creative and new.

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