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25 Spectacular Halloween Makeup Ideas For Kids – 2022

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  20 Sep 22

Looking for some spectacular Halloween makeup ideas for kids? Then, this is the place to be! Keep scrolling to take a look at our 25 creative, cute yet spooky inspirations for Halloween makeup for kids.

Halloween is almost here. It is a holiday full of dressing up and candies. Of course, it is exciting for everyone. There is just something super fun and special about putting your spookiest foot costumes. Kids most importantly try to put quite some thought into who they want to dress up as. And we are here to help your kids take their costumes to the next level with some amazing Halloween makeup ideas. Or if you are looking for some last-minute ideas, we have got you.

Let’s get started!


25 Spectacular Halloween Makeup Ideas For Kids




1. Spooky Scarecrow 

This is one of the easiest Halloween makeup for kids. The spooky scarecrow look for kids doesn’t need much effort especially if you are leaning more towards cute than spooky. Some simple red and orange markings on the face and you are good to go with this last-minute Halloween makeup look.



2. Foxy Fox

Here is another easy-to-do last-minute Halloween makeup for kids. Here what we have is a fox-inspired look. All you need to do is to draw the facial features, add on some fuzzy ears and finish it off with an orange costume. You can either draw a simple or a detailed nose. Both will make your kid happy.



3. Scary Witch

One of the oldest and most popular Halloween costumes is that of a witch. It also happens to be one of the easiest and quickest Halloween makeup for kids. With oxblood red lipstick and dark eye makeup, you are all set.



4. Little David Bowie

David Bowie was a star that touched the lives of many with his music, style, fashion, and sense of art. From adults to young children, he had fans from different age groups. So, this year let your little one pay an ode to their favorite musician with this Halloween makeup for kids. This is one of the easiest Halloween makeup looks and a great help for last-minute decisions.  



5. Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup For Kids

Sugar skull Halloween makeup for kids has become especially popular after the release of the 2017 film, Coco. It is a great combination of cute and spooky. This makeup look has many takers and has its origins within the Mexican culture.



6. Cheetah Halloween Makeup For Kids

Animal-inspired Halloween makeup for kids is not new. But, ever since the release of Wonder Woman 1984, the Cheetah makeup look and costume have become quite popular. It is a fierce and powerful getup. With some Cheetah spots along with the nose and the whiskers, you are all good to go as far as the makeup department is concerned.




7. Mummy Makeup Ideas For Kids

Being a mummy this Halloween is another interesting yet easy option. This Halloween makeup for kids is dark and spooky to bring out the undead part of the character to the front.



8. Spooky Doll Halloween Makeup For Kids

This could be the stuff out of your nightmares because that’s how spooky this Halloween makeup for kids can get. It is one of the simplest yet scariest makeup looks that you can replicate for your kid.



9. Edward Scissorhands

Johnny Depp has given us several Halloween-worthy spectacular makeup looks through all the characters he has brought to life on the screen. This is one such character that is equal parts spooky and adorable. The Edward Scissorhands Halloween makeup for kids is a classic look that your kid would appreciate for sure.




10. Pennywise

Pennywise is yet another name in the list of the most terrifying characters of all time. This is why it is also a great option for Halloween. It has once again become popular as Halloween makeup for kids ever since the release of the movie, It in 2017.



11. Queen Of Hearts

Protect your heads because the Queen of Hearts is here. This is one of the most interesting and spectacular Halloween makeup ideas for kids which has been inspired by a book. The Queen of Hearts was brought to life on the big screen with a stellar performance by Helena Bonham Carter. That’s where this makeup look takes its inspiration from.



12. Little Wednesday Addams

The Addams Family is a classic movie fit for the Halloween season. And Wednesday Addams is the perfect candidate for providing you with some inspiration for Halloween makeup for kids this year. But beware. Because “she is at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind—Homicide”.




13. Judy Hopps Halloween Makeup For Kids

Here is a cute Halloween makeup for kids. Officer Judy Hopps is at your service straight from the Zootopia universe. It is an easy-to-do makeup look that would help elevate the overall costume.



14. Chucky Halloween Makeup For Kids

This has to be the cutest Chucky in the history of Halloween and we couldn’t help but share. This is a Halloween makeup for kids that can be easily done. Just draw a few stitch marks on the face and you are good to go.



15. Snow White

Hers is an old tale and so is her inspiration for Halloween makeup for kids. It is yet another one in the category of easy-to-do Halloween makeup looks. Rosy cheeks and ruby lips would be a good way to bring about the desired result. And that’s it for makeup. Isn’t it easy?



16. Joker Halloween Makeup For Kids

This might not look easy but it surely is spectacular. This joker Halloween makeup for kids creates an impressively scary look. All you need is some white, black, and red face paint. Go crazy!



17. Boo From Monsters Inc.

Here is yet another one of the cutest and one of the easiest Halloween makeup for kids. Boo is a human child in the Monsters Inc. universe which is why you won’t need to do much. Just put some blush to give an appearance of flushed cheeks.



18. Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup For Kids

Harley Quinn has dominated the Halloween scene for quite a few years now. This is a makeup choice that is popular amongst adults as well as kids. It is very easy to do. All it requires is some white face paint.




19. Annabelle

Here is yet another cute yet spooky Halloween makeup for kids. Annabelle is a terrifying doll straight from our worst nightmares. But then there are kids who can make this terrifying inspiration take the form of cute and spooky.



20. Straight From The Well

Get ready to lose sleep because of the spookiest Halloween makeup for kids ever. There is a reason that the girl from the well has been the subject of many movie adaptations and sequels over the years. That girl is truly scary. But, to achieve her fear-inducing pale look is quite easy. Use a light layer of white face paint and add some shadows around the eyes.



21. Little Devil

We always end up calling our kids little devils thanks to all of their migraine-inducing mischiefs. Let this year-round menace take the form of a costume this Halloween. Take it up a notch by using some good old face paint to give a complementing makeup look. Your kid would stand out with this Halloween makeup for kids.



22. Maleficent Halloween Makeup For Kids

The Disney live-action movie, Maleficent has really come to your rescue like a fairy godmother. If you are still searching for Halloween costume ideas for your child, then allow us to remind you of the fierce and powerful fairy, Maleficent. You would have to arrange for the wings and the horns. The makeup part, on the other hand, is quite easier. Emphasize some cheekbones, go dark with the eye shadow as well as the lipstick, and voila, you are done.



23. Weeping Angel

Is your child a Doctor Who fan? They have amazing taste. Impress your kids with this spectacular Halloween makeup look. Weeping angels are some of the most terrifying creatures on the show and perfect to replicate as your kid’s costume. The makeup is super easy as all you need to do is to put grey paint all over. And remember, don’t blink!



24. Little Cindy Lou Who

This is undoubtedly one of the cutest ideas for Halloween makeup for kids. With this look, no one would blame you for thinking of Christmas at this time of the year. It is also one of the easiest makeup looks to create for your kid this Halloween.  



25. Ursula Halloween Makeup For Kids

Kids make some interesting choices and as adults, you cannot help but comply. Here is one such interesting choice for a Halloween costume coupled with a truly spectacular Disney-inspired Halloween makeup for kids. Ursula, the villainous sea witch from The Little Mermaid is an interesting character to dress up as. It is truly the on-point makeup that is taking the whole costume to another level.





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