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151 Simple And Easy Mehndi Designs For All Occasions – 2022

Shalu B

Updated At  06 Dec 22


Are you tired of the same old designs of mehndi? Do you want to add a burst of change into your celebrations? Are you looking for a simple mehndi design?

Mehendi has always been an integral part of Indian festivities. Historically it was used to provide relief from hot summer days and also to ward off evil spirits. Even today various designs of mehendi are drawn on hands and feet due to their auspiciousness. From weddings to Diwali to Eid, these occasions feel incomplete without mehndi painted hands. Often an easy mehndi design which goes well with the function is the best choice.

Want to know about the latest mehandi designs which are simple and beautiful? Then you have come to the right place. No need to go and search for the simple mehndi design book. You can get all the inspiration you need from our list of 151 simple and easy mehndi designs for all occasions. Be festival ready with these attractive mehandi designs.


151 Simple And Easy Mehndi Designs





1. The Traditional Design

Nothing can go wrong with this simple mehndi design comprising of all the basic motifs that have been traditionally used for making a simple mehndi design. Start with a dot. Add some semi circles. Fill in spaces with details like vines, leaves or teardrops. Throw in some dots and paisleys and you are good to go. This simple mehndi design is all about letting your creative juices flow.





2. Easy Mehndi Design

This is a simple and easy Arabic mehendi design. Even a beginner can draw it easily. Its ease of application, however, does not compromise on its beauty. This easy mehndi design is aesthetically pleasing and includes floral and leaf motifs.




3. The Twirling Action

This simple mehendi design 2022 is eye catchy, beautiful and perfect for the bride who wants a mehandi design which is slightly different. This simple mehndi design and motifs surrounding the swirl is intricate and yet easily drawn. This is a very elegant design and will add to your appearance.




4. Paisley Love

Paisleys are the oldest motifs to be used in a mehendi design. They are easy to draw and look beautiful. This particular design uses not just paisleys but many other motifs like leaves, teardrop motif, semi circles, dots and net to fill in the spaces on palms and fingers.




5. Jewellery Mehndi Design

Who said hathphool is only limited to your jewellery options? Designs of mehndi imitating jewellery comprise the latest mehandi designs and the favorite amongst them is the hathphool design. It starts with a flower in the center with a chain like design going up to the finger and the cuff designs. This simple mehndi design looks very graceful.




6. Simple Mehndi Design For Legs

Floral designs will never betray you. When in doubt, draw up a flower design and add leaves and vines as details. And voila. You will get an amazing and beautiful mehndi design.




7. Floral Beauty

This is yet another example of a simple yet beautiful Arabic mehndi design. With floral and leaf motifs, this design is really different and aesthetically pleasing.




8. The Minimalistic Mehendi Design 2022

If the full hand mehndi design is not your cup of tea, then don’t worry. We have something for your taste as well. This is one of the floral mehandi designs 2022 which will please your minimalistic heart. Try this simple and easy mehndi design and you won't go wrong!




9. Mandala And Net

Another beautiful combination in the latest mehandi designs is that of the mandala and net. A mandala design begins with a circle at the center and unfolds with a variety of symbols, shapes and motifs as desired. This design has a lot of value in Hinduism, Buddhism as well as Jainism and is known to represent the Universe. Complete the fingers by adding the net design and you are good to go.




10. Back Hand Floral Mehndi

This is a simple mehndi design for beginners and uses floral motif along with paisleys. It is one of the easiest mehndi designs and looks equally pretty.




11. Geometry Of The Mandala

This is another example of the mandala design. It is an easy mehndi design which can be drawn by anybody without any difficulty. The circle at center gives rise to a big beautiful flower and the fingers are adorned with a geometric design which is very appealing to the eyes. Try this simple mehndi design and you won't regret it.




12. Easy Mehndi Design For Foot

The mandala design can be drawn on feet as well. This particular mehendi design for foot uses not only the mandala design but also big teardrop motifs which are then filled with small details. The tiny floral motifs on toes look very beautiful.




13. Flowers On The Backhand

This simple mehndi design is a take on the hathphool trend of jewellery mehndi design. Here, instead of the chains, vines complete with leaves are drawn making this simple mehndi design a mix of floral mehndi and jewellery mehndi design.




14. Easy Mehndi Design

Can you imagine a mehndi design easier than this one? Or can you believe a simple design as this can be so elegant? This is a very easy mehndi design which comprises of a simple geometric pattern in the center of the palm and dark fingertips followed by a few horizontal lines.




15. Aztec Full Mehandi

The Aztec pattern has flooded the fashion industry. From bags to dresses, everything has this pattern. Then, why should your mehndi design stay behind? The Aztec inspired design is one of the latest mehandi designs. It only gives an illusion of being complicated. In reality, it is very easy to draw along with being trendy.




16. Flowers On Fingers

This is a very different and unique mehendi design 2022. Forget the dainty and intricate designs made on the back of the hand. This year is all about being creative and finding a mehendi design which defines your personality. This simple mehndi design is at its minimal best and covers only the fingers.





17. Simple Mehandi Design

This mehendi design 2022 takes inspiration from alta which is used to paint palms and feet with simple circular patterns. The regular alta design is adorned with small leaf motifs which further add to its simplistic beauty.




18. Leafy Vines For Foot

Are you bored with flowers? Then go ahead with leaves. Draw a leafy vine on the side of your foot and make a mirrored mehandi design. You can add in a few dots at random places or in a flower shape.




19. Minimal And Easy Designs Of Mehndi

Latest mehandi designs include a lot of minimalistic and easy mehndi designs which are unique and show off a great deal of creativity. This simple mehndi design comprises of floral motifs drawn only at the lower end of the palm while keeping the rest of the palm and fingers empty.




20. Flower Power

Remember how you used to draw flowers with tons of petals in your drawing classes when you were a kid? This is one of the mehandi designs 2022 which will take you back in time for a trip worthy of nostalgia. This simple mehndi design follows the same principle as that of the heavily petalled flower. Draw a simple flower motif at the center of your palm and keep on adding more designs imitating its petals.




21. Wheat On Your Hands

Ever been to a wheat field? If not, then this easy mehndi design will surely give you a glimpse of how wheat plants would look. This is a simple mehndi design for the modern working woman who wants to enjoy the tradition but has no patience to sit for a long time for the intricate designs.




22. Paisley To The Rescue

Want a simple mehndi design which is fuss free and takes very less time to be drawn? Then paisleys are your trusted friends. Just draw a paisley at the center of your foot or palm. Fill it with details of your choice. And you are done.




23. Floral Hand Mehndi

Flower and leaf motif never gets old. This simple mehendi design too uses a floral motif accompanied by leaf motifs on the palm along with a matching leaf motif on fingers for added beauty and grace.




24. Flowers Everywhere

This is a very easy mehndi design. One of the latest mehandi designs of this year, this one can be drawn by anybody. You simply have to make small flowers and nothing else. The network of flowers in the traditional Arabic design is unique and creative.




25. Covering The Basics

The mehandi designs 2022 include a lot of geometric designs mixed with the basic paisley and floral motifs. This back hand mehndi design is one such example.




26. Leafy Mehandi Designs 2022

This is another design for giving inspiration to those who are bored of the regular floral and paisley designs and want something different. This simple mehndi design comprises only of leaves and is a beautiful interplay between shaded and empty spaces.




27. Latest Mehandi Designs With Flowers

All the latest mehandi designs are hugely creative. They use the traditional motifs including flowers and geometric patterns and yet manage to look something very different than what has been usually drawn. This beautiful and easy mehndi design is one such different take on the floral motif where one flower is surrounded by similar smaller flowers.




28. Paisley With Vines

The mehandi designs 2022 are all about paisleys. This particular mehandi design for foot too uses a simple paisley motif in the center which is then framed by a design of curved lines. Leafy vines are used to fill in the empty spaces on toes.




29. Pretty Peacock

This is a beautiful mehndi design which includes a variety of motifs and designs from peacock and paisley to tear drop leaves, flowers and curved lines. This is a very simple mehndi design. Draw the bigger figure and fill it in with smaller intricate designs or the simpler ones as per your abilities and choice.




30. Finger Mehendi Design

This is one of the latest mehandi designs meant for adorning only the fingers. The geometric pattern is intricate yet easy to draw. This simple mehandi design will add beauty to your hands with a minimalistic touch.




31. Geometric Cuff Design

This mehendi design 2022 adorns not only the fingers but also the cuffs. It might look similar to the jewellery mehndi design but it is very much different. You can consider it as imitating the heavily embroidered or sequined cuffs of your fancy clothes.




32. Mirror Mehandi Designs 2022

When a mehendi design drawn on one foot is a mirror image of the one drawn on another foot, such a design is called a mirror design. Here is a very good example of one such mehendi design. This  simple mehandi design comprises of a series of paisleys and peacocks. It truly lets you work as per your creativity. Start with a group of paisleys and fill in the spaces with designs of your choice from a straight line to a squiggly one.




33. The Handful

Bridal mehendi designs are commonly the ones which fill the entire palms and go till the elbows. They are usually intricate and complex but this mehendi design is easy to draw and fills all the spaces. It is a simple mehndi design which is a mix of paisley and floral motifs.




34. Easy Mehndi Design For Kids

When your kids see you with beautiful mehendi designs, it is normal that they would want one too. Don’t disappoint the little ones and draw a simple vine with their favorite animal or cartoon character. Take inspiration from this dolphin design for kids and get going.


Mehandi Design With Flowers And Paisleys


35. Mehandi Design With Flowers And Paisleys

This is an easy mehndi design with floral and leaf patterns. It is suitable for every kind of occasion whether it is Diwali or Rakhi or your friend’s engagement.




36. Paisley Mehendi Design 2022

2022 is all about mixing it all up. As you can see, this simple mehndi design includes paisley as well as floral motifs while the fingers are also adorned with the net design which is adding to the beauty of the entire design.




37. Easy Mehndi Design With Floral Motif

This mehendi design 2022 is a refreshing take on the floral mehendi designs. This simple mehndi design does not follow the traditional design of a single vine as seen in many Arabic designs. Instead, it features two vine-like designs full of floral and leaf patterns. The intricacy of the design along with the space left make up for an aesthetically pleasing design.




38. Paisley For The Bride

This paisley based mehndi design is for a bride who wants to keep it simple. It is a simple mehndi design which mixes up paisleys with floral designs as well as with some swirls.




39. Feather Tattoo Mehndi Design

The latest mehandi designs comprise of a lot of tattoo mehndi designs. They are chic and fashionable. This particular design comprises of a bird feather which is drawn as if it is attached to a chain. The simplicity of this design is its selling point and makes it unique. The cluster of stars adds some sort of symmetry to this simple mehndi design.




40. Flowers And Beads

This is another kind of floral mehndi design. The beaded chain adds to the beauty of this easy mehndi design. This is an easy mehndi design which is perfect for engagement as it will give space to your big rock to shine through.




41. Easy Mehndi Design With Floral Motif

Here is a design that you don’t see every day. This is a refreshing change from the single vine as drawn in multiple Arabic style mehndi designs. This simple mehndi design does use floral and leaf motifs but the different placement has changed its entire look.




42. Paisley And Peacock Mehendi Design

Can’t make up your mind regarding which mehndi design is best for you? Worry not! Draw some paisleys and peacocks. Throw in some flowers on the outside. Don’t know what to fill in the paisley outline with? Go ahead with straight lines. You can never go wrong with this combo.




43. Net Of Roses

Move over the simple crisscross net design. And say hello to a rose net. The latest mehandi designs are big on including rose. Then why not add them in net as well. This simple mehndi design exudes grace and elegance and is perfect for any occasion you wish to dress up for.




44. Simple Mehndi Design For Foot

Some lines and some dots along with a leafy vine can come together to form a simple yet beautiful mehndi design. This simple mehndi design is so clean and defined that it left us mesmerized. We are sure it will mesmerize you too.


Easy Mehndi Design For Brides


45. Easy Mehndi Design For Brides

Yes. Bridal mehndi designs can be easy too. Even though this design stretches from the fingers to the elbows, it comprises of a small and easy to draw elements. The place which is usually occupied by intricate drawings representing the bride and groom is here given to the hashtag for the wedding. This easy mehndi design is no doubt in sync with the modern times and culture.


Beautiful Mehndi Design With Paisleys


46. Beautiful Mehndi Design With Paisleys

Paisley love is forever when it comes to easy and beautiful mehndi designs. What we like most about this simple mehndi design is the color play which adds definition to the whole design.


Jewellery Mehndi Design For Foot


47. Jewellery Mehndi Design For Foot

The jewellery mehndi design is a concept which is not just limited to hands. It can also be drawn on feet. Just like a paerphool, this design too starts from a single toe in the form of a chain and joins with a geometric design that reaches till the ankles.


Latest Mehandi Designs For Foot


48. Latest Mehandi Designs For Foot

Give your inner artist a voice and let your creativity find a place on your feet as canvas. Get inspired from this mehendi design 2022 has to offer. Call it a tree or a really big vine depends on you. Though we think this simple mehndi design surely gives some modern art vibes.


Paisley Peacock Mehandi Design


49. Paisley Peacock Mehandi Design

Look stunning with this dainty hand mehndi design. With a mix of peacock and floral motifs, this simple mehndi design is surely eye catchy. It can be a perfect partner to your karvachauth or teej celebrations.




50. Beautiful Back Hand Mehndi

This is one of the beautiful mehandi designs 2022. It comprises of interplay between the empty space and the intricate details towards that one side of the hand. This design is perfect for your Eid celebrations.


The Magic Of A Net


51. The Magic Of A Net

This beautiful mehndi design for foot really caught our eye thanks to its intricate jaal design. But don’t get intimidated by its beauty cause this design is really easy to make. Draw some geometric flowers and join them with fine lines. We also love how this jaal covers the toes and the geometric patterns are drawn at the center.




52. Simple Floral Mehndi Design

It is yet another one of the latest mehandi designs with floral motifs. A series of small and big flowers is drawn from the middle finger till below the cuffs. To fill in the space slanted leafy vines are drawn. This backhand mehndi design is simple and elegant at the same time.


Easy Mehndi Design With Net


53. Easy Mehndi Design With Net

Have you ever worn a lace glove? That’s exactly how this mehendi design 2022 would look like. This is a simple design of cables adorned with strategically placed dots which have added a definition of beauty and grace to this simple mehndi design. Its simplicity is what makes this design so much appealing.




54. Beautiful Mehendi Design With Peacocks

Peacocks are beautiful and majestic birds. This is why they have found a place in mehndi designs since anybody can remember. This particular simple mehndi design begins with a semicircle to the side of the palm and takes complete form with the peacock motif. Other designs are used to fill some of the space but not all of it to let the peacock motif take the center stage.


Minimalistic Tattoo Mehndi Design


55. Minimalistic Tattoo Mehndi Design

This tattoo mehndi design for foot is minimalistic chic. Put your best foot forward quite literally with this simple yet beautiful mehandi design.


Spiral Mehndi Design


56. Spiral Mehndi Design

This mehendi design 2022 speaks volumes about simplicity at its best. This is a beautiful mehndi design with spirals which is perfect for beginners and can be drawn in no time.


Paisley All The Way


57. Paisley All The Way

Paisleys never get old. This dainty design will win your hearts just like it has won ours.  This simple mehndi design uses dots on the small oblong motifs thereby addition definition the whole design.


Minimal Floral Mehndi Design


58. Minimal Floral Mehndi Design

This is yet another popular example of the latest mehandi designs. Who knew simply drawn vines adorned with small flowers can look so majestic. This is a chic and easy mehndi design which will make you stand out in the crowd.


_Lotus Mehndi Design


59. Lotus Mehndi Design

If you thought rose is the only flower to have found a place in our mehandi designs 2022 collection then you are mistaken. There is another flower which has gained equal popularity. The lotus motif has become quite popular in 2022. From complex to simple, it has found its place in almost every kind of mehendi designs. An easy mehndi design, the geometric design with lotus at top is very trendy and chic.


Khafif Mehndi Design


60. Khafif Mehndi Design

This Khafif Mehndi design too features lotus as its unique feature. The interplay between light and dark outlines is simply very beautiful.




61. Minimal Backhand Mehndi Design

This simple mehndi design is for newbies. However, a lack of neatness can zero the grace of this design. This simple design never goes wrong with hands. Just give it a try.




62. Pretty Bel Art

The diagonal design work has always been a rage among gi   rls when it comes to Mehendi. This is one you can try if you are a beginner. This simple mehndi design will be suitable for western outfits.




63. A Paisley Pattern

A pretty Paisley Mehendi design all beginners must try to hone their skills. One of the top mehndi designs, this one can be finished with thick small leaves. This design can fit in both modern and traditional aspects.




64. Rose Motif

A rose motif centred in a circular frame is an easy option for beginners. Just put this simple mehndi design for your loved one. Just go with the flow.





65. Just A Trail

A simple yet great trail design for beginners. If someone is in hurry make their time save having this design. This simple mehndi design will give a traditional look for all ages.




66. Curl Design

Dominated by paisleys patterns, this simple mehndi design looks very modish and classy. This curl design will make your occasion more special.




67. Netted Simple Mehndi Design

Simply draw a basic floral design in between the palm and cover the rest of the hand with a spacious line pattern. Adding tiny dots in between will further increase the visual aesthetics. On the fingers too, the pattern is identical and more about lines and simple flower motifs.




68. Easy And Simple Mehndi Design

This simple mehndi design is so easy to make and looks cute at the same time. This looks neither too traditional nor too modern. Never underestimate this simple mehndi design.



69. A Coiled Bel Design

The simple curved design looks so elegant and minimal. This simple mehndi design has three cute curls which make hands attractive. It is an easy and time conserving design.





70. Flowers And Mesh

Flowers are the basic designs that are easily learned. This simple mehndi design with a unique flower and mesh pattern looks so modernistic. Let the flowers make the day auspicious and cheerful.




71. The Gripped Mehndi Design 

The repetitive strokes and patterns make this simple mehndi design look so elegant. Those flowered circles make one hand bloom like a flower blossom. And this empty pathway makes the hand simple and fashionable. 




72. Jaw Dropping Pattern

A breathtakingly beautiful simple mehndi design is laden with bespoke neatness and creativity. This might look complicated but looking deeply there are just simple strokes and circles.




73. Gorgeous Mehndi Design

This gorgeous simple mehndi design is perfect for brides with long hands. Those dark strokes make the hand looks highlighted and delighted.




74. Bold Mehndi Design

The strokes in this simple mehndi design are thicker than usual. These bold strokes are giving an immensely beautiful appeal to the entire hand.  This simple mehndi design never gets out of fashion.




75. Minimal Simple Mehndi 

A comparatively minimal simple Mehendi design is highlighted with thick strokes. Those thick hanging beats will knock the heart. This simple mehndi design can be done for traditional occasions. 




76. Pretty With Symmetry

All the fingers are laden with a simple Mehendi design whereas the palm of the back looks visually aesthetical with a geometrical floral pattern. The wrist further has some interesting and eye-pleasing band work paired with half-mandala artwork.




77. Backhand Mandala

Mandalas are an integral part of traditional Mehendi designs and all beginners need to attain perfection. This backhand mandala is an easy yet perfect design to try out.




78. Circular Strokes

This simple mehndi design with circular strokes and an extremely easy ring style pattern on fingers is a great option. 




79. Mandala With A Lace Design On Fingers

This attractive mandala design completed with lacy fingers is to die for. Being a beginner, it is usually a tougher task to apply Mehendi. But you can begin the art with a basic floral design like this.




80. Simply Netted Design

This is one of the most gorgeous designs that one can draw easily being a beginner. Once it is keenly observed the pattern, one can realize that it is easy to draw this simple mehndi design.




81. Lacy Glove

This Mehendi design resembles a lacy glove. It requires neatness and intricacy. This simple mehndi design with hanging chains at the backhand will make the eyes catchy.




82. Leaf And Heart Mehndi Design

Leafy patterns, tiny hearts and the simplicity of this design are what makes this one look so pretty! This simple mehndi design will suit all the occasions one can go for.




83. Shaded Florals

With shaded flowers, leafy strokes and checkered patterns – this is one of the finest simple mehndi designs for weddings. Those leaves and flowers will make the day special and auspicious.




84. Mandala Mehndi Design

Here is an exquisite mandala in the centre with an alluring pattern on fingers. There is a checkered band on the wrist paired with a pretty paisley pattern. One can wear this for pre-wedding occasions or even for weddings.




85. Different And Spacious

This one is quite a different simple mehndi design with elements like shaded florals, lined patterns and evident bare space. This is very simple and easy this simple mehndi design is neither too traditional nor too modern.




86. Traditional Mehndi

This Mehendi design for the front hand is inspired by the quintessential rangoli pattern. Those bold nets on the finger will make them look classy.





87. Floral Charm

A circular structure made with multiple flower booties with a checkered simple mehndi design in the middle. The combo of checks and floral motifs looks great on fingers too.




88. Shaded Design

A captivating floral simple Mehendi design for the front hand. Those bold strokes will give a fabulous look to the hands. This simple mehndi design will be suitable for western outfits.




89. Diagonal Floral Trail

A big floral motif on the palm connected with a spiral pattern on the index finger. Those bold and thin strokes make the hand twinkle like a star. Yes! The sky will be in your hands.




90. Wide Spaced Design

Creating a wide-spaced mehndi design is one of the simplest tricks to fill one palm with henna and make it looks gorgeous. This simple mehndi design with wide spaces will fill the hearts and eyes!




91. Intricate Design Spread All Over

Another interesting and simple mehndi design you can go for is this one. It looks like a complex design but is very simple to apply. It is all about spirals, repetitive curvy strokes and some easy floral motifs. There is also an easy-to-do mandala to add to the traditional vibes.




92. Pretty Leaf Design

This simple mehndi design looks like a piece of hand jewellery. The mesmerising leaf strings, coiled pattern and floral elements applied with sheer perfection make it look oh-so-gorgeous.




93. Accessory Design

A mehandi design that looks like an accessory. This simple mehndi design so much looks like an elegant accessory. The pearl detailing looks lovely but the highlight of this design is the mesh fingers.




94. Modern Line Pattern

Every modern woman would love to flaunt this contemporary mehendi design, The central portion of the backhand is adorned with a diagonal pattern making it so likeable. Whereas, the lined pattern on fingers is so simple but looks so modish.




95. The Jhumki Design

Such a different and pretty simple mehndi design with jhumkis and floral motifs! The interesting spaces and silhouettes enhance this design’s beauty quotient.




96. Multiple Unique Elements

This mehndi design is different for so many reasons! It has Warli Painting comprising of tribal caricatures and unique elements like a swing, earthen pots, birds, lotus motifs and dotted patterns.




97. Mandala The Universe

A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the universe. It is considered auspicious for the brides to be to have a mandala incorporated in their mehendi design. However, for a bride who doesn’t want her hands to be fully covered with mehendi and yet has to follow the Mehendi ceremony for traditional purposes, this simple mehndi design is a perfect reference.




98. A Trailed Pattern

While it is common to have Mehendi trails for the backhand, this is one of the uncommon simple mehndi designs with a well-detailed Arabic trail on the front hand. Looks great, doesn’t it?




99. Mesmerising Florals 

Pretty floral booties adjoined together with delicacy make for a great simple Mehendi design for the wedding. This simple mehndi design not only fills the hand but gives a great authentic look.




100. Sheer Elegance

Concentric circles brought to life with dotted highlights look so soothing to the eyes. Further, the identical belted patterns on fingers are delicately done. However, the bracelet part is yet another highlight of this charming of this simple Mehendi design.




101. A Conventional Design

The USP of this design lies in its simplicity and mini empty spaces. Composed of the most traditional Mehendi patterns like paisleys, mandala, leaves and pearl drops, this simple mehndi design is simply beautiful.




102. Checkered Composition Paired With Motifs

The significant motifs amid a spread-over checkered pattern make for a great simple Mehendi design. While one hand has a floral figure enclosed in a patterned frame, the other hand has a flying pigeon.




103. King Mehndi Design

A simple mehndi design with half-covered with a King’s motif in the centre amid a circular frame. The maze-like floral-boot highlights on the fingers look complex but are easy to draw. The bare skin makes this design look so apt for modish brides. On the other hand, the same design can be replicated with the queen motif.




104. Minimalist Mehndi

The Mehendi ceremony is an essential and unmissable part of every bride’s look. Owing to the religious significance it holds, it is that imperative tradition that can’t be missed out on. However, if one is not pleased by this fragrant adornment and decked-up Mehendi designs are so not the thing, this minimal design is what one needs. This minimal simple Mehendi design is the epitome of elegance and sophistication.




105. Multi Patterned And Elegant

This graceful simple mehndi design is perfect for brides who want to strike a balance between traditions and modernity. There are leaves, floral patterns, jaalidaar designs and also a catchy play of bold and light strokes. The prominent empty spaces further add to the contemporariness of this design.





106. Simple Jaali Mehndi Design

The idea behind this Mehndi Design is to use a Henna-made Jaali to cover your fingertips. This Jaali has been tastefully adorned with various patterns, prompting us to include it on this list.




107. Diamond Mehndi Design

Gorgeous Mehndi design for a nuptial Bliss. This symmetrical simple mehndi design on your fingers is perfect for a sophisticated look at one's BFF's wedding celebrations! 




108. Moroccan Simple Mehndi Design

Can we just take a moment to admire the Moroccans' creativity? They've got talent! The Moroccan Mehndi style is aesthetically pleasing, with more geometric shapes to make one's hands look gorgeous on a special day.




109. A Heartwarming Pattern

This stunning simple Mehendi design with identical work on all fingers is worth gushing over. This simple mehndi design will give a princess look to the hand.




110. Enchanting Florals

Sharp and edgy floral Mehendi design on a backhand with distinctive artwork on all fingers. This simple mehndi design will fill the hands with cheerful flowers with beautiful blossoms.




111. Curved Mehndi Design

The strokes and design in this picture are not complicated. But, you need to practice a lot to get the level of neatness this design requires. This simple mehndi design is so simple but all you need is a neatness to get the design in the right way.




112. Circles With White Spaces 

If you are looking for a simple mehndi design which is apt for wedding and other functions, then this is an amazing option. The circular design is intricate and when coupled with the finger and hand mehndi showcases a gorgeous mehndi design.




113. Leaf Mehndi With Contrasting Nails 

Looking for an easy mehndi design which can be paired with contrasting nail colors? Then the minimal leaf design can be a very good option.




114. Arabic Simple Mehndi Designs

Arabic simple and easy mehndi design is a very good option is you are looking for simple yet stylish designs. This black mehndi design is paired amazingly well with the nail colors so that the black shade of the mehndi gets all the focus.




115. White Simple Mehndi Design

White mehndi has been gaining popularity over the last few years. This simple mehndi showcases the white design on the backhand and is apt for all important occasions.




116. Minimal Simple Mehndi

This mehndi design makes perfect use of the blank spaces to highlight the central area. Designs similar to the central part are also applied on the fingers to complete this minimalistic mehndi design.




117. Back Hand Simple Mehandi Design

This simple mehndi design on the back hand is a perfect example of beauty in simplicity. The octagonal design on the backhand coupled with finger mehndi desings and specific bangles make the design standout.




118. Gorgeous Mehndi

An intricate design on a portion of the backhand coupled with blank spaces and minimalistic finger design is the beauty of this mehndi. This is perfect for all functions and can make any look standout.




119. Simple FInger Mehndi Design

This finger mehndi alongwith the right nail colors and accessories can tranform your look completely. If yiu are looking to go minimal for specific functions, then this mehndi can be an amazing option.




120. White Simple And Easy Mehndi 

Searching for a new but simple mehndi design? One can opt for white mehndi which has been trending this year. The paired nail colors and intricate design make this design stand out.




121. Bridal Simple Mehndi Design

This simple mehndi design for brides has intricate designs but also uses the blank spaces to perfectly ensure that the focus remains on the mehndi. If you are looking for new and trending bridal design, then this is a very good option.




122. Alluring Mehndi

This attractive mehndi has a big circular design at the center of the back hand. Fingers have ample white spaces but also contain the right mix of designs which are largely symmetrical.




123.  Leafs Based Mehndi Design

The circular mehndi design with leafs alongwith finger designs is the differentiating factor for this design. Pair it with contrasting nail colors and you have an amazing option which will work for all occasions.




124. Easy And Minimalistic Mehndi 

This attractive option is suitable for someone who is looking for a simple design which a touch of art. This abstract mehndi is a very good option if you want to stay away from complex mehndi designs.




125. Curved Mehndi

If you are looking for an easy mehndi design, then simple curls on both front and back hand can be an excellent option.




126. Simple Finger Mehndi

This simple finger mehndi is one of the easy-to-apply mehndi designs covering three fingers of the back hand. The circular design and the motifs look elegant and create a trendy look.


bold-simple-mehndi-design (1)


127. Bold Simple Flower Design

The bold-styled flower design is palm-filling and simple to apply. The flower, motifs, leaves and bold mehndi filling are a match to this appealing design and will get it done in minutes. This design looks good on all hands and all on occasions.




128. Simple Circle Design

A magical circle simple design is suitable for all occasions and a very simple mehndi design. An easy beginner design, the bold look and the outline of leaves look beautiful.




129. Simple Hathpool Mehndi Design

Hathpool is a bridal or bridesmaid jewellery worn during occasions, this mehndi hathpool design replicates the jewellery design which looks like a bracelet and flows around the middle finger.




130. Pretty Lotus

This pretty lotus mehndi design inside the filled circle is mesmerising. The lotus on the palm and the outline of leaves is an easy mehndi design. The bracelet design on the wrist is creative.




131. Peacock Mehndi Design

The flowing peacock design on the front hand is easy and simple. Peacock is one of the most prominent elements used in mehndi designs. The feathers of the peacock design are running through the wrist. A must-try design of this season. 




132. Floral Veil On Back Hand

This mehndi design for beginners is a light basic pattern. A simple floral veil with flowers and leaves is then best art to focus. A quick design for minimalist work and wrist to the  index finger is stylish and modern.




133. Simple Square Block Design

A simple squared block design with block lines and motifs completes this design. The circular design with an outline of a square shape is attractive.




134. Cute Butterfly Design

A mehndi design which is made for kids as well as youngsters, this cute butterfly mehndi design looks like a simple tattoo. This mehndi art is considered as a modern mehndi design. The elements used in this mehndi art is butterfly, floral and leaves.




135. Simple Foot Mehndi Design

A very chic design with beautiful floral work is an ideal design not only for traditional events but also a casual event. The floral design on the anklet seems like a stunning piece of jewellery. The design on the fingers is also a wonderful pattern.




136. Simple Toe Ring Design

This design is rather an uncomplicated pattern with a circle-forming art, with floral and filled tikki design. A touch of the mandala is drawn at the centre. The ring pattern design on the index toe finger replaces the toe ring.




137. Side Floral Mehndi

The Arabic veil design running across the palm in diagonal pattern starting from wrist and swings toward the middle and index finger leaving empty spaces is a very modish design.


simple-mandala-mehndi-design (1)


138. Simple Mandala Design

This mehndi design with a basic touch of mandala art and tikka design is very easy and quick design to make. The floral mandala drawn at the centre of both the palms and the fingertips with a basic dotted design gives a traditional appearance.




139. Mesh Pattern

This mesh mehndi design is a perfect party design to go for. The jaal with minute dots and a floral circle attaching both the mesh is a pattern of the backhand is gorgeous. This design is a half hand mehndi design and gives a simple modern touch.




140. Wedding Bell Design

An easy and quick mehndi design for the backhand. The three bells drawn from the wristband to the palms with dotted layers are fashionable. This design is not only for wedding occasion but can be made for any casual occasion too.




141. Full Jaal Pattern

This mehndi design is striking and uses a full jaal element over the palm and fingers. The criss-cross lines with dots and jaal pattern are simple yet alluring.




142. Simple Moon Design

A very simple moon design with an outline a of the floral bunch is elegant and quick to draw. The swirl simple line and small dots is adding charm to this backhand design which is super stylish.




143. Simple Geometric Design

Looking for a new mehndi design? Then try this geometric mehndi design. This mehndi design is an effortless art with circles and square shapes with floral elements. This design will look good on both the back and front hand.




144. Simple Paisley Motifs

An Indo-Arabic mehndi design with paisley motifs gives a very exclusive and rich mehndi look. The filled palms design and symmetrical look is making it an amazing mehndi design to try.




145. Simple Arabic Design

A prominent and most simple traditional Arabic mehndi design is made of two elements, flower and leaves. The shaded design from wrist to the fingers is one of the loved mehndi pattern.




146. Mango Motif Design

This mehndi design looks graceful. The element used in this design is mango motifs which is easy to make. Sleek design and fillings looks effortless.




147. Rose Mehndi Design

This rose mehndi design accompanied by the jaal pattern on the fingers is a beautiful mehndi design for your hands. The bold rose design is the main attraction to this mehndi design.




148. Simple Heart Design

Have you tried this 1-minute mehndi art? If you’re looking for a very easy and simple mehndi design, then this heart mehndi design is for you. The simple hearts are drawn from the wrist to the finger minimizing the size of this element.




149. Alphabet Mehndi Design

Try your name initials in the form of a mehndi. This type of mehndi design can be made with any letter. The letter can be simply drawn with floral outlines attached to it. Write your name initial or your loved one’s, this design symbolises love.




150. Black And White Heart Design

The black and white mehndi pattern with a criss-cross block design is winning hearts. The floral and heart shape on the fingers is pleasing. This design can be replicated on front hand as a filled palm.



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