How To Get The Perfect Makeup Base

Foram Shah

Updated At  13 Sep 22

Scrolling through your Instagram feed, does the flawless makeup intimidate you? The world of makeup is vast and never ending. There are new products launching faster than we can keep track of. Makeup is an art, it’s like painting on a blank canvas. But you need to make sure that the canvas is clean and smooth. And getting that perfect base, as we know is a process in itself.


2 things need to be kept in mind before you start:


1. Undertone:

While choosing the perfect makeup products, it is important that you are aware about your skin’s undertone.

- If the veins of your wrist are bluish you are likely to have a cool undertone so you should go for products that have a pink tone.

- If they look greenish, you are likely to have a warm undertone and should go for products that have a yellow tone.

- If neither, then you belong to the neutral category, so most of the base makeup products complement you.


2. Skin type:

Consult an expert if you are unsure about your skin type. It can either be oily, dry, combination or normal. You may also have a sensitive skin type. Once you are fully aware, go for products that cater to your skin type. This isn’t just important to ensure your makeup looks good but to also look after your skin.


Now let’s breakdown the process of creating the perfect base:


1. Cleansing:

The worst thing you can do for your skin is not cleanse it. Regardless of whether you end up using makeup or not. Without cleansing, your makeup starts looking patchy and skin unclean. Following the basic CTM (cleanse, tone and moisturize routine is a must). Cleansing also means you have to remove all your makeup before sleeping.


2. Preparing your skin for makeup:

Do the following things in order to prep your skin:

- Rubbing ice on your face

- Applying moisturizer

- Applying SPF

- Applying primer

Every step has its own importance. These steps must be followed to create a layer to prevent the makeup from directly coming in contact with your skin


3. Colour correcting:

Color correcting follows the color theory. Different colors are used to combat different issues.

- Green for example, is used to hide redness and acne marks whereas Peach corrector helps to cover up dark circles.

Correctors help in making your skin tone more even and to cover up the blemishes.

How to use:

Apply your desired colour correcting shade using fingers and blend it in.

Later, using a damp beauty blender dab the colour corrector along with your concealer and foundation.


4. Concealer:

For daily basis, you may skip the foundation, but using a concealer is an absolute must. It conceals your dark circles, pigmentation and spots if any.

Tip: Make sure you pick the right shade. Check out 7 Concealer Tips Every Girl Should Know to know how to pick the right shade.

Test the concealer shade in sunlight as well because store lights can play with your vision.

How to use:

Apply the concealer of your shade under the eyes, over the eyelids, on the region of your pigmentation, on your spots if any and blemishes using your fingers.

Using a damp beauty blender to dab the product and not drag it.


5. Foundation:

There are two main types of finish when it comes to foundation- matte and sheer.

How to use:

Take two pumps of of the product on the back of your hand and with the help of your fingers dot the product evenly on your entire face. Technique is all you need for the flawless finish.

The warmth of your fingers helps the foundation to stick better and melt into your skin.

Do not forget to take down the foundation to your neck region so that your face doesn’t look a different skin tone.

Foundations usually tend to oxidize so keep that in mind while you are purchasing a foundation at the store. Just take your beauty blender now and blend that in girl!


6. Powder:

Using a powder will help to set your makeup in place for long hours. It helps to retouch your makeup without using all the products and takes off the excess oil.

If you have dry skin, you should avoid extremely matte powders. Invest in a good quality powder so that it doesn’t make your skin patchy and flaky. Lastly, you may use a makeup setting spray to lock it all in.

Learn more about powders here, How to use a compact powder 


7. The right tool:

Once you have got all the correct products, it’s equally essential to pick up the correct makeup tool. It makes all the difference. You have the option to choose between brushes, sponges, beauty blender, silicon sponge and what not. The two best tools you can use as a beginner to get a perfectly smooth base are your fingers and a beauty blender.

Always keep a track of the expiration date of the product. Using expired base makeup products may lead to grave skin issues. Keep your makeup tools like brushes and sponges clean to avoid acne and skin infections.


Remember, makeup is a journey. You are bound to make mistakes, just don't forget to keep practicing.