Owl Tattoo Meaning

What Do Owl Tattoo Means And Symbolize?

Shrimanti Das

Updated At  15 Apr 24

Tattoos represent art and every art has multiple meanings. It depends on us on how we perceive an owl tattoo. Generally, owl tattoos represent fearlessness and a ray of hope in the dark. Owl tattoos are one of the popular animal tattoos and they are equally famous among both men and women.  



What Does an Owl Tattoo mean?

The most prevalent interpretation of an owl tattoo is that it represents the light that shines in the dark because owls are nocturnal birds. It gives us hope to fight in the darkest situations. Another meaning of the owl tattoo is wisdom and intelligence. Owls are also considered as the birds of intuition.


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A cultural symbolism expert, Charlotte Kirsten says, “Owls represent inner wisdom, transition, intuitive development, good fortune, and self-realization”.

Because of their acute senses and ability to navigate in the dark, owls teach us to believe our instincts and look beyond the surface of things.


Owl tattoo's spiritual and cultural meaning

Owl tattoos carry a profound spiritual and cultural significance. They can represent:

  • In Native American Culture
    Owls are believed to symbolize the energy and wisdom of ancestors. It is also believed that owls are a bridge between life and “life after death’. 
  • In Chinese and Japanese Culture:
    Owls are considered as lucky and represent good fortune and protection from evil. It is also believed that painting owls will cut off all negative energies from surroundings and bring an abundance of luck from all edges. 
  • In Ancient Egyptian Culture:
    Owl tattoos are seen as auspicious as owls represent courage and supernatural wisdom.
  • In Greek and Roman Culture:
    In Roman and Greek cultures owls are considered a symbol of the goddess Athena, a guardian of Athens.


Expert's opinion on why owl tattoos are popular

Experts believe Owl tattoos are popular because they embody a mix of wisdom, luck, life transitions, mystery, maturity and magic. 

Tattoo experts from Chronic Ink Tattoo, a famous tattoo studio in Toronto says

" There is something about owls that fascinates and awes its observers. Throughout history, owls have been revered, feared, and seen as clever and foolish. They've also been linked to witchcraft, weather, birth, death, and medicine".

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American superstar, Justin Bieber got a cute owl tattoo on his left forearm. The tattoo was given a cartoonish touch using black lines and with a touch of ash-blue colour. 


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Skylar Grey has a unique huge owl tattoo on her left side. Tattoo artist, Joshua Lord inked the owl with various shades of brown and orange with little black lines to give a realistic touch. 


Owl Tattoo Placement Examples

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 Women generally place owl tattoos on their wrists, upper arms, fingers, legs, thighs or at the chest sides.

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Men love to place black owl tattoos on the chest, back, wrists, forearms and even on legs. 



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