What Is Activated Charcoal - And Is It The Secret To Perfect Skin?

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  14 Dec 22

Amidst all the beauty products formulated naturally and synthetically, ranging from herbs to essential oils; there is one product that is still lesser known, Activated Charcoal!

You may have seen multiple face washes and masks, saying they have activated charcoal in them.

It would have definitely struck your head that how a black hard fossil can make your skin glow? You need to know activated charcoal as it is the secret to perfect skin you have been looking for.


activated charcoal


What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is a processed form of carbon with low volume pores that increase its absorption capacity. Hence, when used on the face or body, it helps to absorb dirt from deep within!

It’s just like a vacuum cleaner for your skin! It draws bacteria, dirt, and other micro-particles from the skin, giving you a flawless and clean skin!


charcoal products


What products are formulated with activated charcoal?

Products like face washes, face scrubs, body scrubs, face masks and strip pores come with a formulation of activated charcoal for various skin benefiting purposes!

You can easily buy them online!


How activated charcoal benefits the skin?

There are numerous benefits of activated charcoal!


no blackheads


1. Blackheads be gone

You would have seen many pore strips and peel of masks that have activated charcoal! These products help to stick to the skin pores and removes the blackheads and dirt from the skin!

“As the charcoal is a great absorber, the blackheads deep within are peeled off along with dirt and facial hair!”

You will get obsessed with these!


no acne


2. No more acne


Activated charcoal cleanses your skin from deep within and the skin pores get unclogged.


This leads to cleaning dirt, reducing sebum or oil gland production and getting rid of dead skin cells!

Hence, the chances of skin breakouts are minimized! Also, for women staying in the city amidst high pollution or have a stressful lifestyle, activated charcoal products can ease everyday skin cleansing routine and keep skin problems at bay!


charcoal paste


3. Better skin exfoliation

Activated charcoal formulated scrubs are great deep cleansers and exfoliators!

It is just like getting rid of a layer of skin that is made of dirt and pollution!

Every day skin tanning is removed, your skin is cleansed and pores can breathe finally! Your skin is scrubbed effectively and the results are visibly promising!


skin complexion


4. Even skin complexion


Activated charcoal helps to get even complexion as its cleansing properties help to de-tan and remove dead skin cells!


The patchy pigmented skin is smoothened to the clear and flawless skin!

If your skin reacts to sun pretty easily, activated charcoal is going to be your best friend! No more tanning or skin pigmentation!

Your skin also learns to adapt to weather changes and not react or get uneven!


So what do you think? Give a shot to activated charcoal products! The results won’t disappoint you!

Get your hands on activated charcoal and embrace the magic of it! Get a flawless complexion and clean, radiating skin right now!


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