British entrepreneur Dies After Failed Breast Augmentation Surgery

British Entrepreneur, 30, Succumbs After Failed Breast Augmentation Surgery In Spain

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Updated At  31 Mar 24

Key Takeaways

  • Donna Butterfield, a 30-year-old beautician from Wales, tragically passed away after undergoing breast enhancement surgery in Majorca, Spain. She sought corrective surgery for an imbalance resulting from a previous breast enlargement procedure.
  • The surgery was performed by an anesthetist, who had previously been banned for manslaughter. Butterfield suffered a fatal reaction to the anesthesia during the procedure, resulting in a heart attack. There were apparent irregularities in the surgery, including confusion among medical staff and shortcomings in CPR administration.
  • The Spanish National Police arrested the medical professionals involved in Butterfield's surgery on charges of gross negligence manslaughter. The clinic's director was already in prison for another medical-related issue.





A tragic incident has unfolded, as a British beautician met her untimely demise following a breast enhancement surgery in Spain. Donna Butterfield, aged 30 and hailing from Wrexham in north Wales, underwent the surgery years ago, seeking to rectify an imbalance from a prior breast enlargement. This corrective procedure came at a steep cost of over $6,480.30 (USD), as disclosed by her relatives. In September 2023, Butterfield made her way back to Majorca, situated in Spain's Balearic Islands, to undergo the fateful surgery.

Tragically, Butterfield, who grappled with a pre-existing heart condition, experienced a fatal reaction to the anesthesia during the procedure, resulting in a heart attack. Despite almost two weeks spent in intensive care, she succumbed on September 13.

The circumstances surrounding Butterfield's surgery paint a distressing picture of potential negligence and irregularities at the clinic. Her family revealed that pre-surgery consultations were conducted remotely via email, with minimal precautions taken by the clinic. Upon their arrival in Majorca, they were met with a confusing account from the surgeon, whose nervous demeanor and lack of clarity left them unsettled. This confusion was compounded by Butterfield's friends, who observed the surgeon's apparent unease and inability to explain the complications.




In a distressing turn of events, an anesthetist previously banned for manslaughter was implicated in Butterfield's death, highlighting serious lapses in medical oversight. Emergency responders were taken aback by Butterfield's condition upon their arrival, noting shortcomings in CPR administration. Subsequent investigations unveiled several irregularities surrounding the surgery, including the absence of proper patient consent procedures and communication barriers due to Spanish-language consent forms.

Butterfield's family, devastated by her passing, rallied together, flying to Majorca to support her and initiating a GoFundMe campaign to repatriate her remains. Despite their efforts, Butterfield could not be saved, and her tragic passing serves as a somber reminder of the paramount importance of patient safety and stringent medical protocols in cosmetic procedures. 

The Spanish National Police stepped in during the sorrowful period, taking action by arresting the medical professionals involved in Butterfield's surgery. Anaesthetist Mateo Verd Vallespir has been arrested over Donna's death.

Additionally, Vallespir had previously been convicted of manslaughter in connection with the death of another woman who underwent liposuction at a different clinic he managed.

These arrests shed light on the serious violations surrounding the surgery and underscore the need for accountability and adherence to medical standards. As Butterfield's family and friends mourn her loss, her story serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact of negligence in medical settings and the enduring quest for justice in the face of tragedy.

Similar to Donna's tragedy, Dr. Carlos Chacon at Divino Plastic Surgery has been accused of murder of his patient. In addition to murder charges, Dr Chacon has also been accused of misrepresenting credentials by the Medical Board.




Post the sad demise of Donna, many people have left messages on her instagram. 

A friend mentioned: "RIP Donna Such a beautiful soul, you will surely be missed by so many poeple. Shine bright girl"

Another friend mentioned "Amazing beautiful person taken too sonn! I am so glad I got to meet you after lockdown and have the pleasure of our paths crossing! My thoughts are with your family and friends"



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