Melissa Peterman And Reba McEntire Teaming Up For New Tv Show

Melissa Peterman And Reba Mcentire Are Collaborating Again For A New Tv Show

Ana Campbell

Updated At  30 Mar 24

Everyone, there's some news! Reba McEntire and Melissa Peterman, recognised for their roles in "Reba," have teamed together for a new NBC sitcom pilot. This new television show is not a spin-off or related to "Reba".

In this new pilot, Reba inherits her dad's restaurant, but there's a twist: she discovers she has a half-sister she never knew about, played by Peterman.

Melissa Peterman, who has lost a lot of weight,  takes on the role of Gabby, the restaurant's bartender. Gabby is a bit needy and dramatic, wishing she could be Bobbie's sister.


With their proven chemistry, as seen in "Reba" and Lifetime's "The Hammer," McEntire and Peterman promise to bring lots of laughs and witty banter to the screen. The show, currently in the pilot stage, holds the potential for NBC to pick it up for a full series—a move fans are eagerly anticipating.


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One burning question fans have is whether other familiar faces from "Reba" or elsewhere will join the cast alongside Barbara Jean and Reba. The prospect of a reunion or additional cast members only adds to the excitement surrounding this new project.

As reported to Deadline, it is confirmed that Bobbie's sister Isabella will be played by Belissa Escobedo. She will portray the role of a 20 year old girl who has amazing ideas to make the bar more successful.

As the show progresses, viewers can expect a mix of humor, drama, and heartwarming moments as Reba and her newfound sister navigate the ups and downs of running a family business together. The Odd Couple-style dynamic between the two characters sets the stage for plenty of sarcastic jokes and witty comebacks, making this new series a must-watch for fans of McEntire, Peterman, and "Reba" alike.

As per the latest update from Deadline, the show will also have Rex Linn, Pablo Castelblanco and Tokala Black Elk. Here are the roles outlined for each one of them - 

  • Linn is expected to play Emmett, a cook at the tavern.
  • Castelblanco will be playing Steve, the accountant for the tavern.
  • Tokala will likely to play Takoda, a waiter at the tavern.

We hope that this new NBC sitcom becomes a huge success like "Reba". 



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