19 Most Popular Hairstyles Of The Year

Mohini Banerjee

Updated At  13 Sep 22

Making your hair look great may not always be the easiest task, but it is an essential part of your beauty routine. Your hairstyle can determine your entire look.

Are you wondering what the best hairstyle is? We have compiled the best hair trends of the year so you can take inspiration from your favourite celebrities. It includes short haircuts for women, short hairstyles for women, hairstyles for long hair, crazy hairstyles and cute hairstyles. Take a look.


19 Most Popular Hairstyles Of The Year


1 bella hadid


1. Bella Hadid: Long sleek extensions

Simplicity is not overrated. One of the best hairstyles for long hair, this look will not take a lot of time to achieve. It is one of the easy hairstyles because all you will need is a serum, a straightener and a setting spray. When it comes to straight hairstyles, you cannot go wrong with this.


2 selena gomez


2. Selena Gomez: Choppy bob

This short choppy bob complements Selena very well. It adds volume, and the chunkiness works wonders for her face shape. The rich brown colour and the ample highlights make this one of the best hairstyles to adopt this year among short bob hairstyles. This is a great haircut for round face.


3 kylie jenner


3. Kylie Jenner: Short bob

Short haircuts for women feature among the top year hair trends. One among the various cute hairstyles adorned by Kylie, this short bob looks beautiful on her. The naturally dark shade complements her skin tone. If you want to cut your hair, then this is one of the safest short hairstyles to go for.


4 jessica alba


4. Jessica Alba: Ombre

Ombre fades are extremely popular now. If you want to add that extra bit of pop to your long hair, then a subtle ombre effect is what you need. You can experiment with different colours for this nice hairstyle if you have a long straight bob like Alba. Definitely amongst the top cute hairstyles of the year, this ombre hairstyle is giving us hair goals!




5. Brittany Snow: Loose braid

A loose braid will not only make you look chic but also prevent your hair from tangling up. One of the easiest braided hairstyles, this look will get you through the day. Brittany Snow has a lon hairstyle with layers and highlights, but the braid looks stunning on her.


6 lady gaga


6. Lady Gaga: Platinum hair

Long haircuts can make you look sophisticated and elegant. One of the easiest straight hairstyles is to part your hair in the middle and let the tresses flow over your shoulder. One of the year top hair trends is platinum hair, and Lady Gaga has incorporated that into her hairstyle.


7 beyonce


7. Beyonce: Natural curls

Have you ever known Beyonce to go wrong with her style? Probably not. One of the most natural hairstyles, her curly tresses catch a lot of light because of the highlights and look gorgeous. Keep aside your straightener aside, and achieve this quick hairstyles by embracing your curls.




8. Salma Hayek: Braided bun

This is the best hairstyle for a formal occasion. It can also be considered amongst the bridesmaid hairstyles because of its sheer elegance. There may be quite a few braided hairstyles, but this one adds a twist with the bun.

In addition to braided bun, you can also pick the best balayage for black hair to make your look standout.




9. Kim Kardashian: High ponytail

If you are among the women with long haircuts, you can go for a ponytail. Here, Kim is sporting a high ponytail which is among the most popular ponytail hairstyles of the current year. It is a very quick hairstyles to get on a daily basis.




10. Jasmine Sanders: Flower braids

An easy to make your braid look grander is too add a floral touch to it. This is one of the best bridesmaid hairstyles to sport during all times. Feminine and chic, this will make your hair look effortlessly classy. It is also among the best hairstyles for girls.


11 deepika padukone


11. Deepika Padukone: Messy hair

Gone are the days when your hair had to look meticulous in order to appear good. This messy hairstyle has been doing the rounds, and Deepika gives it extra dimension with her highlighted streaks. This is among the more natural hairstyles.


12 irina shayk


12. Irina Shayk: Short straight bob

It is a shock when you see Irina without her signature long, brown hair. However, this short bob with bangs adds more texture and volume, and she looks absolutely beautiful with the tousled and sleek look.


13 priyanka chopra


13. Priyanka Chopra: Layered bob

If you want a bob haircut, then you should go for this layered look that Priyanka is rocking. One of the best short bob hairstyles, the overall appearance is enhanced because of how the different shades of brown play with each other. It will become an easy hairstyles if you can get your hair cut properly.


14 katy perry


14. Katy Perry: Violet hair

Over the years, Katy Perry has rocked some crazy hairstyles and has tried out various short hairstyles for women. Here, she comes up with a new short hairstyle for women which has a pastel pop of colour that will set her apart in a crowd.

The colour is vibrant and not at all dull. If there is one person who can pull off short violet hair, it has to be Katy. Definitely one of the most crazy yet bold hairstyles of the current year!




15. Shay Mitchell: Dirty pink

When someone usually switched between blonde and dark, it can be difficult to adjust when they try a new cut or colour. This pink colour is feminine, but also very cool. She has managed to understand the texture of her hair and capitalise on it when styling. Dirty pink is definitely one of the hairstyles for girls right now.


16 emma watson


16. Emma Watson: Baby bangs

Emma Watson is bringing baby bangs back into style, and there is no doubt that people are excited. While Watson has never been very experimental with her hair, she looks absolutely adorable in this look. Don't have time to manage proper bangs? Go for short hairstyles or a bob haircut before creating baby bangs to supplement the look.


17 margot robbie


17. Margot Robbie: Asymmetrical lob

This slightly asymmetrical style suits Robbie and her blond hair. The natural beachy waves and the different shades in her hair make this one of her best looks. If you are wondering what haircut for round face is suitable, go for an asymmetrical style.


18 dakokta johnson


18. Dakota Johnson: Side-swept ponytail

This one-sided ponytail makes for a great evening look. The bands and the highlights combined give an edge to her look which is usually absent from normal ponytails. If you want comfort and drama together, then this is a safe bet among ponytail hairstyles.


Which one are you planning to try?