6 Easy Hacks To Quickly Get Curls At Home - 2023

Foram Shah

Updated At  16 Jul 23

How many of us wanted to get the curls but decided against it because either it was too cumbersome to do so or it was too expensive. Well, you are not alone if you have faced this issue at some point in time. We bring to you a few methods which can be used to curl your hair naturally at home and these aren’t expensive. So lets get started!


1. Braiding

This good and old technique always works.

How to: Tie your hair into tight braids and keep them overnight. In the morning, once you are ready, just open your hair to get the beautiful waves and curls.

Tip: Make sure you brush your hair and remove any knots at night before braiding them. The tighter your braid is the more intense and bouncy your curls will be.


2. Wet hair

This is for all of us who like wet hair and want to keep it real easy.

How To: After washing your hair, air dry them for an hour or so. Once they are damp/semi-dry, tie them into a braid and wait for your hair to completely dry. Open the braids later to get beautiful curls.

Tip: While your hair are damp you may also apply a serum so that your curls stay for a longer period of time.


3. Headband method

This method is for the girls who do not like to fiddle with wet hair.

How to: Tie a headband around your head like you would normally do. Now, start taking sections of your hair and wrap them around the headband behind your head. Wrap every section of your hair around the headband and open after 2 hours.

Tip: For better results, make sure the headband is tight around your head and all your hair is wrapped around it.


4. Sock bun method

How To: Use a sock or a hair donut to tie a tight bun. Take all your hair in the bun and make sure it’s super tight. After 1-2 hours you can release the bun to get natural curls. This method wouldn’t give you tight curls, but it will give you more of a natural beach wavy curls.


5. Little buns

This method can be done on wet as well as dry hair.

How to: Tie all of your hair in small buns across your head and make sure that the buns are tight. 6-8 buns across your head would do. Twist your hair completely in the bun before securing it with a rubber band. Open the tiny buns to get natural curls and volume.


6. Rollers

Not really happy with the above methods? Don’t worry, we have an easy one for you.

How to: Insert the rollers in different sections of your hair by rolling and wrapping them around. Pin them in and wait for about half an hour. Release the rollers for the curlers.

Tip: Make sure you brush your hair really well and remove all the knots beforehand.

Use any one of the techniques to quickly get the curls without burning a hole in your pocket! Get the curls, girl!!