15 Best Hair Salons In Los Angeles - 2023

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  19 Oct 23

Looking for the best hair salons in Los Angeles? If yes, we have got you covered.

From luxury to budget salons, the list covers all. We also feature what the customers have been saying about these salons so that you can get a beter understanding of what the users like the most. Lets get started.


15 Best Hair Salons Los Angeles

From balayage, bridal hair, highlights to consultations, every hair salon has a speciality. If you are looking to amp up your hair game, these are the best places.


1. Atelier By Tiffany, Los angeles





K-beauty was introduced to Los Angeles when Tiffany Kim opened this hair and beauty salon in Koreatown in 2009. Due of their proficiency in a variety of fashionable haircuts, perms, balayage, highlights, bridal hair, tattoos, and makeup, many clients favour Atelier. Extremely well-liked, the salon has even appeared in "Scandal" and "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" television programmes. If you visit the salon, don't be shocked if you run across one of your favourite celebrities or social media influencers. According to Yelp, Atelier is also rated as one of the best hair salons in America.


400 S Western Ave Ste 201 Los Angeles, CA 90020




Best About Atelier By Tiffany

You should check out Atelier by Tiffany if you are thinking about getting a new haircut or want to try one out. Numerous customers visit the salon for getting perms, highlights, balayage, or new hairstyles.

They continue to receive a lot of repeat business, which is a testament to their fantastic service and client happiness. The same can be seen in their ratings and reviews as they are one of the highest rated salons in LA.


Favourite stylists - Chloe, Ivy, Kenny, Hazel, James


Check a few reviews from the below users:-


"Ivy and Kenny did a great job! She always does great color correcting and cut! Been going to Ivy for years and will keep coming back!" says T.L


"My hair cut was totally amazing. Hazel helped me understand different styles and proper care for my hair textures," says Jaime.


Mengxia says, "I worked with James several times, and every time he got a great haircut! And nice color he chose for me!"



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2. Ssooniestyle Hair Salon, Los Angeles




Ssooniestyle hair salon, which was started by Ssoonie, one of the best stylists in LA, offers a range of services, including hair cuts, treatments, perms, colours, shampoo, scalp care, and extensions. This salon is renowned for its cutting-edge hairstyles and daring colours, as well as for its outstanding clientele service. The distinguishing features of this hair salon have been the top hairstylists with a wealth of knowledge and the friendly personnel.


3324 W 6th St Ste E Los Angeles, CA 90020



Best About Ssooniestyle

Customers frequent this salon because it is among the best in the industry, the stylists are skilled, and the staff is quite welcoming. This salon is a favourite among many since it provides excellent customer service and innovative new haircuts.


Favourite stylists - Ssoonie, Ray, Sun, Irene, Jackie, Meina, Yun, Kim


Check a few reviews from the below users:-


"I showed Yun a reference picture of the hairstyle I wanted, and she was able to replicate the look I wanted perfectly. When she was cutting my hair, she frequently checked in with me to be sure of exactly what I wanted and to ask me about my preferences, which I appreciated so much." says A.Y.


"I had a hair appointment with Chloe Kim, and my experience was nothing less than wonderful. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with a "welcome" as well as a variety of refreshments, from drinks to snacks!" says Alyssa.


Michelle says, "Honestly, I can't trust going to any other salon to get my hair bleached or touched up anymore because this place actually gets it right every time."


"Ray got my hair just right and was very quick. Mina was very helpful and friendly. Ray and Mina will cut your hair exactly how you want it and quickly too! Definitely coming back next time" says Anthony.



3. Society, Los Angeles

Best-hair salon in Los Angeles



The owner and top stylist at this Society hair business is Sam Divine. The best hair salon in Los Angeles offers blowouts, coloring, wedding makeup, and hairstyles. In addition, they have advanced expertise in extensions, straightening, and keratin treatments.


8327 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069, United States

Best hair salon in Los Angeles


Best About Society

People frequently go to this hair salon because they are able to provide the best haircuts for all textures and hair types. They specialize in blowouts, and the crew is quite amiable and humorous. Even at your front door, they can serve you. You can call them at home if you are too busy to come to this greatest hair salon in Los Angeles, or you can visit them if you can.

Favourite stylists: Sam Divine, Amel, Kelsey, Spencer, Willie, Keeley and Linday.

Check a few reviews from the below users:-


Jayna says, "I'm so glad that I found this salon! Everyone here is great, but I personally see Kelsey, and she is an amazing stylist."


"I've been going to Spencer to get my highlights done for about 2 years now, and she always does an amazing job!" says Faith.

"Amel was an absolute dream, and I highly recommend you see her for highlights," says Louise.



4. Hair Salon Ziva, Los Angeles

Hair salon ziva



The proprietor of this hair business, Ziva, is Sun Lee. This Los Angeles high-end hair salon offers a wide range of services, including haircuts for men, women, and children, as well as haircolor, makeup, hair treatments, and perms.


3050 Sepulveda Blvd Torrance, CA 90505



Best About Hair Salon Ziva

Since they provide such high-caliber work, people frequently visit this greatest hair salon in LA. The employees at this hair salon are the fastest, most efficient, and well-coordinated when providing their services. The coloring is the best in the area. Therefore, schedule your family's next appointment here.

Favourite stylists: Cho Hee, Mr. Lee, Esther, Liz, Sarah and Ana.

Check a few reviews from the below users:-


Charrie says, "Sarah is my stylist. The salon is conveniently located, there is plenty of parking, and the days and hours of operation can accommodate all. The staff is friendly and helpful."


Guys, I love this place so much. I've been coming here for years now, and the quality is so consistently good," says Jennifer.


"My whole family still goes here! They definitely do Asian hair properly," says Tina.

5. The Salon, Los Angeles




The Salon in Los Angeles is run by Kelvin N. They offer a wide range of services, including blowouts, coloring, and haircuts for adults, children, and teenagers, as well as bridal cosmetics, face care, eyelash extensions, and hair treatments.


4151 Ball Road Cypress, CA 90630

The salon


Best About The Salon

This salon catches clients easily since it makes them feel more at ease and offers them snacks and refreshments. They are amazing at balayage and eyelash work. So remember to schedule your next appointment at this high-end hair salon in Los Angeles.

Favourite stylists: Chelsea, Minnie, Mallory, Natalee, Uyen, Maritza, Jaimee.

Check a few reviews from the below users:-


Ana says, "If you're looking for a good hairstylist, I really recommend this place."


"Violet was amazing and helped correct a haircut I had previously. She made my hair look amazing for my graduation day!" says Britney.


 Vivian says,"I am speechless at how amazing my hair looks. Chelsea did such an excellent job at blending them in that I can't even tell I have extensions."

6. Ariana Hair Boutique, Los Angeles

Ariana Hair Boutique



Ariana Mansouri is the proprietor of the Ariana Hair Boutique. The best hair salon in Los Angeles offers a distinctive range of services, including waxing, haircuts, eyelash extensions, bridal makeup, hair coloring, and tattoos.


3287 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90010



Best About Ariana Hair Boutique

People regularly visit this salon for a large range of perms, free consultations, and the staff's expertise in balayage and ombre. They cherish their customers and offer them food and WiFi.

Favourite stylists: Raymond, Jina, Miwa, Sunny and May

Check a few reviews from the below users:-


"Kelly Park!! Remember her name. I have been coming here for almost a year now, and I just love her coloring, hairstyles, and cuts," says Helen.


Byeong-Hyeon says, "I got a haircut here and recommend this place and Stella Kim in particular. She was professional and excellent. I almost fell asleep while getting a haircut because her haircut skills were so smooth and gentle."

Sally says, "Great customer service at this boutique! It’s super clean, and they have good amenities with drinks and snacks."


7. Rock Paper Salon, Los Angeles

Rock paper salon



The owner and leading stylist of the Rock Paper Salon is Pablo. They offer a variety of high-quality hair services, including coloring, Brazilian blowouts, and haircuts.


2125 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026


Best About Rock Paper Salon

People swarm to this LA hair salon because it is so inexpensive and the haircuts start at $20. They have a team that is courteous and extremely knowledgeable about aesthetics and beauty, and they go above and beyond in order to satisfy their customers. So book your next appointment at this affordable hair salon in Los Angeles.

Favourite stylists: Pablo, Thea, Rachel, Gabby, Marissa and Ryan.

Check a few reviews from the below users:-


Anabel says, I've been getting my hair done at Rock Paper Salon by Pablo for over 5 years now, and there is a reason I keep coming back. That reason is Pablo and how phenomenal he is at executing every single haircut—a new look."


"Rachel x 1000 recommends She is beyond amazing and takes the most care with the highest attention to detail I've experienced," says Alicia.


 "Best place you can go for amazing haircuts, styles, dye, bleach, the works. Marissa is awesome!" says LM.

8. KSY LA Kim Sun Young Hair & Beauty Salon, Los Angeles




The best hair salon in LA is owned by Kim-Sun Young, who is also its top stylist. They are excellent at giving haircuts, coloring, straightening, and treating hair. They were the first to develop straight perms in this industry.


306 N Western Ave Los Angeles, CA 90004

Ksy La


Best About KSY LA Kim Sun Young Hair & Beauty Salon

For the best haircolor and permanent waves, people frequently make appointments at this best hair salon in Los Angeles. Their all-natural products and friendly personnel entice customers. They are prepared to offer you the ideal remedy for all your hair-related issues.

Favourite stylists: Cindy, Kay, Christina, Jane and Erica

Check a few reviews from the below users:-


"Jamie is an incredible hairstylist! She did an awesome job cutting mine and my husband's hair," says Amanda.


Carina says, "This is my first time in this salon. Very friendly and professional staff. I just had a Brazilian blowout and am very happy with the results."


"Lovely salon with kind staff and great service!" says Hannah.

9. Taka Hair Salon, Los Angeles




The best hair salon in Los Angeles specializes in hair treatments as well as haircuts, coloring, perms, straightening, extensions, thickening, styling, and makeup.


1845 Westwood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025



Best About Taka Hair Salon

High-end Hair Salon offers West Los Angeles residents an outstanding salon experience by fusing Japanese grace and hospitality with American beauty technology. Along with their other salon services, including their internationally acclaimed Japanese thermal straightening, their highly experienced stylists will ensure that you leave our studio feeling and looking great every time.

Check a few reviews from the below users:-


Karen says, "I had an amazing experience at Taka hair salon! Kumiko and Justin gave me the best haircut and hair treatment I've had in years."


"If you're looking for a new stylist, Ask for Pamela!! I started on a new hair journey with her a few months ago, and my hair has never looked better," says Tiffany.



10. Ascentia Beauty Spa, Los Angeles

Ascentia beauty spa



The services provided by Ascentia Beauty Spa include hair style, hair extension, hair treatment, eyelash extension removal, lash lifts, lash tints, and keratin lash lifts, in addition to products for sale, women's haircuts, and coloring.


4662 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood , CA 91602



Best About Ascentia Beauty Spa

Additionally, the best hair salon in Los Angeles offers eyelash extensions, classic lash extensions, blowout treatments, kids' haircuts, men's haircuts, lash extension touch-ups, eyelash refills, hybrid lash extensions, volume lash extensions, and updo hairstyles.

Check a few reviews from the below users:-


"This is one of the best color hair stylists I have ever had. Sara, the hair artist, is so professional; she gives you recommendations with kindness and to the point that you feel comfortable," says Julissa.


Lina says, "I absolutely loved the service and the location."



11. The Hair Parlour On 8th, Los Angeles

The hair parlour on 8th



Whether it be color correction or color services, hair extension services, hair cuts and styles, or hair treatments like the Brazilian blowout or keratin treatments, everyone of their stylists is highly trained and qualified in their area of expertise. This Los Angeles high-end hair salon uses and promotes Davines' hair care range and merchandise.


5307 W 8th St Los Angeles, CA 90036



Best About The Hair Parlour On The 8th

Any of their services are eligible for a free consultation. Their mission is to assist you in meeting your hair demands while continuously educating you about fashion and the best ways to take care of your hair. The setting at the salon is lovely and private. They focus on 'sustainable beauty' and are specific to your unique hair care needs.

Check a few reviews from the below users:-


Laila says, "I absolutely loved the haircut I got. Nichole did my hair, and she did it so well that I definitely will be coming back."


"I finally found my new hair salon! I got my cut by the talented Andrew Smith!" says Jennifer.



12. Vintage Beauty Bar, Los Angeles




For men, women, and children, Vintage Beauty Bar is a full-service, best-hair salon that provides hair, nails, brows, and makeup services. At Vintage Beauty Bar, you'll discover a very talented and experienced staff of stylists who provide top-notch work and classic service.


22534 Ventura Blvd Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Vintage Beauty Bar


Best About Vintage Beauty Bar

Before any services are rendered, each customer will receive a free, in-depth consultation in which every requirement will be carefully listened to. At this high-end hair salon in Los Angeles, you can chill while using our free WiFi and having full access to our beverage bar and snack nook while you wait for your appointment.

Check a few reviews from the below users:-


"OMG! I'm in love with my hair! ASHLEY worked her MAGIC and did an ash blonde foilayage on me!" says Claudine.


Jinny says, "Ursula is seriously the best! She takes me on all of my last-minute scheduling and fits me in."



13. The Mane On Lincoln Hair Salon, Los Angeles

The mane on lincoln hair salon



All hair kinds and textures are expertly handled by their team of talented stylists in this best hair salon in Los Angeles, who are passionate about developing one-of-a-kind, custom looks that satisfy each client's requirements. They ensure that your hair is healthy, vibrant, and sustainable by using only the best, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly hair products.


8355 Lincoln Blvd Westchester, CA 90045

The_mane on lincoln hair salon


Best About The Mane On Lincoln Hair Salon

This Los Angeles high-end hair salon provides a secure and welcoming environment where everyone is welcome to express themselves through their hair. They are committed to providing their clients with the best services since we feel that hair has the ability to express their originality and personalities.

Check a few reviews from the below users:-


Michelle says, "Back again, I love my hairdresser, Mayra. She makes my hair feel amazing. The best dye job I've ever had on my grays She is an expert on Brazilian Blowout."


"I had a haircut today with Issell. She made me feel comfortable and welcomed right away," says Letty.



14. Le Reve Salon And Spa, Los Angeles

Le Rêve Salon and spa



Since they are a family-run business, they are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to experience the elegance of their hair salon, nail salon, and day spa. They have been setting new standards for the beauty and wellness sector since 2016, always enhancing their already impressive assortment with additional services and knowledgeable staff.


18000 Chatsworth St Los Angeles, CA 91344

Le Reve Salon And Spa


Best About Le Reve Salon And Spa

They make it simple for you to take care of all of your beauty and relaxation needs in one location by providing a variety of services under one roof. The best hair salon in Los Angeles works hard to provide a stunning, up-to-date, and tranquil environment that will make you feel pampered and rejuvenated.

Check a few reviews from the below users:-


Janet says, "I'm a regular, and having my hair taken care of by Maritza, body massages, and facials by Cat are my one-stop shop for complete pampering and wellness needs. I love La Reve Salon and Spa!"


"The 3 hours spent were well worth it! Thank you, Jennifer, for my amazing keratin treatment. I will be coming back to see you for my next one," says Maricela.



15. The Local Salon, Los Angeles




This Los Angeles hair salon offers a variety of affordable haircutting services like clipper, short scissors, mid length, bang trim, and many more, as well as coloring services like root touch-up, balayage, gloss+toner, and many more.


201 E. Magnolia Burbank, CA 91502

The local salon


Best About The Local Hair Salon

It is a high-end, gender-neutral hair salon in Los Angeles that offers the greatest service in accordance with the needs of its customers. The best hair salon in Los Angeles is one that people will enjoy visiting.

Check a few reviews from the below users:-


"If you are looking for an awesome haircut or color as well as a delightful person to chat with, then Michelle Hiatt at The Local Salon is your lady!" says Caitlin.


"I have to say... Michelle is officially my go-to hair stylist. I love how well she listens to all of my ideas and manages to give me the best hair results," says Laura.