Best Viking Hairstyles For Women

31 Stunning Viking Hairstyles For Women - 2024

Ankita Ghoshal

Updated At  13 May 24


Viking hairstyles are known for their boldness, intricacy, and fierce appearance. In recent years, these ancient Nordic-inspired styles have gained popularity among women who seek to embrace their inner warrior and exude strength and confidence. In this article, we will explore 31 stunning Viking hairstyles for women in 2024, each with a detailed description to help you find the perfect look that embodies the spirit of the fearless Viking women of the past.


31 Best Viking Hairstyles For Women




1. Lagertha's Viking Hairstyle

Inspired by the legendary Viking shieldmaiden Lagertha from the popular TV series "Vikings," this style combines braids and loose waves to achieve a fierce and feminine look.


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2. Shieldmaiden Braids

This style features two tightly woven braids on either side of the head, reminiscent of the fierce shieldmaidens who fought alongside the Viking warriors.




3. Valkyrie Braid Crown

Symbolizing the mythical Valkyrie, this hairstyle entails a crown-like braid encircling the head, showcasing elegance and strength.




4. Viking Warrior Mohawk

With shaved sides and a long braided strip of hair down the middle, this modern interpretation of a Viking mohawk pays homage to the fierce warriors of the past.




5. Freyja's Fury

Named after the Norse goddess of love and war, this hairstyle incorporates a series of braids woven together, creating an intricate and striking look.




6. Runestone Rows

Emulating the carved runestones of ancient Vikings, this hairstyle features rows of small braids intricately woven together.




7. Viking Hair With Small Braids

Taking inspiration from the mighty warriors, this hairstyle showcases bold braids in the center followed by small braids on the side. You can even add braids to make it all the more interesting.




8. Viking Valknut Ponytail

The Valknut, a symbol associated with Odin, is the centrepiece of this hairstyle. A braided ponytail with intricate knotwork symbolizes power and wisdom.




9. Lagertha's Fishtail Braid

Channel your inner shieldmaiden with Lagertha's signature hairstyle—a long, thick fishtail braid that exudes strength and resilience.




10. Asgardian Crown Braids

This regal style features two braids that interweave around the head, creating an ethereal crown-like effect.




11. Viking Shield Braid

Inspired by the Viking shields, this hairstyle incorporates a large, thick braid that wraps around the head, symbolizing both protection and strength.





12. Shieldmaiden Top Knot

Combining practicality and style, this Viking-inspired top knot represents the resilience and fortitude of the warrior women.




13. Viking Vixen Pixie

A modern twist on a Viking-inspired look, this short and spiky pixie cut embodies strength and independence.




14. Valkyrie Victory Rolls

Drawing inspiration from the classic pin-up style, this Viking version features victory rolls and braids, giving a fierce and empowered look.




15. Viking Mermaid Waves

Loose waves cascading down the shoulders symbolize the duality of a Viking woman—powerful and untamed, yet feminine and alluring.




16. Thor's Tresses

This hairstyle pays homage to the god of thunder with a voluminous, wavy mane that emanates strength and vitality.



 17. Viking Victory Braids

Representing triumph and bravery, this hairstyle combines multiple braids gathered at the back, creating a fierce and captivating look.




17. Norse Knot Bun

Inspired by traditional Norse knotwork, this hairstyle features a bun intricately woven with small braids, resulting in an elegant and sophisticated appearance.




18. Viking Valkyrie Faux Hawk

This bold and daring hairstyle mimics a mohawk but with braided sides, representing the spirit of the Valkyries who chose the fallen warriors.




19. Freyja's Floral Crown

Channelling the goddess of love, this hairstyle incorporates a crown made of braids and adorned with delicate flowers, creating a captivating and enchanting look.




20. Viking Victory Ponytail

Symbolizing victory and strength, this ponytail is secured high on the head and enhanced with braids, exuding confidence and determination.


Viking Shieldmaiden Updo (1)


21. Viking Shieldmaiden Updo

An elaborate updo that combines braids, twists, and knots, this style epitomizes the grace and power of the Viking warrior women.




22. Viking Valkyrie Headband

A headband made of braids, reminiscent of a Valkyrie's helmet, adds a touch of fierceness to loose or wavy hair. It is a good option for prom nights, parties or other special occasions.





23. Valkyrie Warrior Bun

This powerful hairstyle showcases a large, tightly coiled bun atop the head, evoking the spirit of the Valkyrie warriors. If you want to keep your tresses away from your face, this is the one for you.




24. Norse Goddess Curls

Long, loose curls paired with a Viking-inspired headpiece create a look fit for a goddess, combining beauty and strength.




25. Viking Shieldmaiden Pixie

A short and edgy pixie cut with shaved sides and braided accents, reflecting the boldness and bravery of Viking warrior women. This is awesome for women who want to make a statement with their short but stylish hairstyle.




26. Viking Valkyrie Half Up Braid

This half-up style incorporates a braided crown-like structure, representing the Valkyrie's authority and wisdom. This is a great idea for women in search of Viking hairstyle for thin hair or less voluminous hair as it would give the illusion of bouncy hair.




27. Valkyrie Multi Braids

Multiple braids combined into a thick, powerful braid down the back symbolize the valiant spirit of the Valkyries. If you want long Viking hairstyle for women that make heads turn wherever you go, Valkyrie Victory Braids will be totally up your alley.




28. Viking Fierce Fishtail

A dramatic fishtail braid that begins at the crown and cascades down the back, showcasing strength and determination. This is not for people in search of easy Viking hairstyles for women but is surely worth your time and effort.


Valkyrie Warrior Updo


29. Valkyrie Warrior Updo

This intricate updo incorporates braids, twists, and knots, embodying the grace and strength of the mythical Valkyries. If you are looking for fuss-free Viking hairstyles for women, this is just for you.


Viking Braid and Roll (2)




30. Viking Braid and Roll

A sleek and polished high braid with rolled accents, capturing the essence of a Viking warrior in a modern and sophisticated way.

Viking Twist (1)


31. Viking Twist

The Viking  Twist, a distinctive Viking hairstyle, intertwines braids and twists, symbolizing both strength and femininity. With hair elegantly woven and secured at the crown, it creates a regal and warrior-like appearance.

These 31 stunning Viking hairstyles for women in 2024 offer a diverse range of options to embrace your inner shieldmaiden, Valkyrie, or Norse goddess. Whether you prefer braids, updos, or flowing locks, these hairstyles embody the strength, independence, and fearlessness of the Viking women of old. Choose a hairstyle that resonates with your personality and showcases your warrior spirit, and let your hair become a symbol of empowerment and beauty.