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25 Gorgeous Pixie Hairstyles For Women Over 70 - 2023

Ana Campbell

Updated At  12 Apr 23


Looking for the best pixie haircuts for women over 70? If yes, we have got you covered.

Pixie is one of the most popular haicuts for senior women as it provides an elegant look and is easy to maintain as well. Moreover, as hair become thin and many face the issue of hair loss, short pixie cuts help immensely to add volume to the hair or style your hair appropriately to amp up your look. Our guide covers all the popular pixie haircuts for women over 70 which can transform your look completely! Lets begin.


25 Best Pixie Haircuts For Women Over 70




1. Grey Pixie For Senior Women

Simple, short hairstyle with some texture added to the top to provide volume and give it a tousled appearance. Carrying grey hair with pixie haircuts for women over 70 is a very common feature among women over 70. But keeping this pixie cut along with the hair gives a complete transformation of the face structure and gives a sharp look which can match with any kind of outfit.




2. Voluminous Pixie

An older woman's haircut should have some volume at the top and texture framing the face to provide body to limp tresses. This voluminous pixie is the best pixie haircut for older ladies. gives a defined look to the volume of the hair and also makes the hair easy for doing any kind of hairstyle using styling tools.This is among the best pixie haircuts for women over 70.




3. Extra Short Pixie With Curls

Work with your natural texture to reduce the time spent on care and style. Starting with a pixie cut that suits your curl type and using products to maintain coils moisturised and defined, this is the first step.Your best facial features, such as your eyes, are highlighted by a short hairstyle with gentle curls. These pixie haircuts for women over 70 are really something you can rely on.

Check out our guide to find the best short hairstyles for women over 70 as we list 25+ stunning options which have been trending this year. From bob cut, feather cut, inverted bob to side parted hair, we cover all the popular ones.




4. Grey Undercut Pixie

Ultra-short hairstyles are typically chosen by women of a particular age, making even young ladies look more older than they actually are when they acquire one. They also bring emphasis to every line and wrinkle on your face. Choosing the greatest hairstyles for seniors doesn't require you to conform to social expectations. Even in your golden years, you can opt for the current silver undercut trend which is a well known pixie haircuts for women over 70.




5. Pixie With Side Swept Bangs

This is one of the  gorgeous pixie haircuts for women over 70. They tend to wear their hair feathered and tapered as a standard style. Run your fingers through your hair and use some texturizing spray if you don't have a lot of time to get ready in the morning!

If you are looking for hair inspiration, do check out our guide on hairstyles for women over 70 with glasses as we list 25+ gorgeous haircuts for older women.





6. Coiled Pixie Haircut

If you get a tapered haircut that gets shorter as it goes down, your thick, textured hair will look less prominent. Coiled pixie is one of the best pixie haircuts for ladies over 70. Simply apply moisturisers and curl-defining products to highlight your coil pattern after washing.




7. Balayage Pixie For Senior Women

This falls under one of the stylish pixie haircuts for women over 70. If you want to add more style points to your preferred look, consider some waves and balayage lowlights for volume. Short haircuts for women over 70 aren't just for whites and greys.




8. Layered Pixie Bob Cut

The tapered pixie cut, a favourite among haircuts for women over 70, doesn't just imply dense hair. Additionally, it works effectively on fine grey hair, gives it volume and highlights the sharp parts of the face. Go for this layered cut if you wish to keep a low maintenance hairstyle which is stylish as well. if you are looking for inspiration for bob haircuts for women over 70, then this can be a perfect fit.




9. Curly Crop Pixie

To energise the look and bring focus to your bright eyes. It would be possible to incorporate the bangs into the style and break up the length with soft layers around the face.




10. Razor Pixie

Women in all occupations can now frequently be seen with short haircuts. This is a fantastic and the best pixie haircut for the seniors, if you want to drastically alter your appearance. Razored Pixie styles are a modern and contemporary way to wear your hair when you're over 70.




11. Tousled Pixie 

Simple, short hairstyle with some texture added to the top to provide volume and give it a tousled appearance. This is among the finest pixie haircuts for women over 70.




12. Silver Bob For Senior Women

While it's true that layering isn't recommended for ladies with thinning hair, even fine hair can look fuller and more dynamic with the right placement of layers. This fantastic hairstyle looks gorgeous with any kind of outfit. Simply the eye catcher in the party. So if you wanna steal the deal, go for it!




13. Salt And Pepper Pixie

This is a terrific option if you like the length of your hair but would want a little curl to it. In the morning, apply some mousse to your short hair to give it body.




14. Pixie With Fringes For Women Over 70

Short, airy bangs work nicely with spectacles since they do not overpower the face while adding a little fullness up front and of course, hiding forehead wrinkles.




15. Textured Pixie With Side Bangs

These pixie haircuts for women over 70 has a textured pixie undercut that accentuates your cheekbones, you can look stylish and elegant. For a more romantic look, choose bangs that are side-swept. Additionally, they even cover your forehead lines!




16. Golden Blonde Feathered Pixie Bob

If you're seeking for low-maintenance hairstyles, it makes sense to get a scruffy finish because it requires less styling. This is one of the best pixie haircuts for women over 70.




17. Choppy Pixie With Bob 

A choppy pixie is an ear-length crop that is textured and piecey and is ideal for confident women. To give the hair more volume and fullness, it is made up of many layers. Be careful because your face may draw extra attention with this daring and feminine pixie cut.




18. Grey Pixie With Purple Highlights

Forget about business; this one is all about the party! Do you feel like adding that final touch? Choose your favourite shade, then ask your stylist to add some highlights.




19. Long Grey Pixie

Want to maintain the length? Change to this style since it has enough length for your fingers to go through yet is still manageable. These kinds of hairstyles are typically chosen by women of a particular age, but suits mostly older women. They also bring emphasis to every line and wrinkle on your face.




20. Short Ash Blonde Pixie

Make sure to place the most emphasis on the overall desired shape when picking from a variety of short haircuts for women over 70. This traditional cut has very short sides and back, giving it a rounded form. Height at the top and front bangs are essential for maintaining a feminine look.




21. Ruffled Grey Pixie

Who said older people's hairstyles had to be uninteresting? A lilac tint could be the solution for you if you've gone grey but still want to keep things interesting. By introducing a purple shampoo into your shower routine, you can effortlessly maintain the subtle pop of colour that gives lifeless strands a lifted, alive appearance. This gives an appearance of one of the famous pixie haircuts for women over 70.




22. Tapered Pixie With Layers

A pixie cut may be spiced up more simply than you might imagine. Request long layers on the top and crown of your head, and allow them to naturally transition into delicate side bangs. The sides and back may be undercut or tapered.




23. Feather Cut Pixie

Pixie cuts have a reputation for being fairly tomboyish; but, by adding feathery layers and a rich colour, you can quickly make your crop look more feminine. If you want the appropriate texture, try feathers, and this cut will suit you especially well if you have curly or wavy hair.




24. Short Tapered Pixie

Short pixie haircuts for women over 70 are very low maintenance and easy to maintain. Only a small amount of the product is required for a length like that in the picture. Without a comb, you may define layers in your hair by running your fingers through it.





25. White Pixie Haircut For Women Over 70

Try this fluffy white pixie if you are completely at ease with grey hair over the age of 70. A haircut like this helps restore the volume you want if your hair is thin or fine. For unruly, fine hair, a blonde pixie provides intrigue and volume. Apply a spray wax or texturizing spray to damp hair to produce a piecey look, then rough blow dry the hair with your fingers to move it and add lift. Once the hair is dry, turn parts of it downward and out using a curling iron or flat iron.