Top 10 Hair Mistakes You Need To Avoid!

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  12 Sep 22

Consciously or unconsciously, we often end up torturing our tresses that can have a long-term impact on roots and health of hair! Are you aware of these acts that lead to some major ‘Hair Harassment’??

Get set with some notebook and pen and jot these incredibly crucial ‘DON’TS’ you should avoid when it comes to your hair!

Shall we begin the criminal charges committed against our hair by us?


brush wet hair


1. Brushing wet hair

So how many times have you been very impatient and ended up having a fight with your wet hair and hairbrush? Believe it or not, you cannot style dripping wet hair no matter how much you brush them, they are going to frizz up once they dry up! Talk about the damage? Wet hair is weak. Brushing them causes them to break from the roots leading to hair fall.

What to do instead?

If you cannot afford some time over air drying, use a hairdryer with a diffuser to evenly spread the air across the hair and scalp which helps in drying the hair in much lesser time! Once the hair is almost 50% dry, especially from the roots, then use a wide tooth comb to detangle and further style it!


avoiding trim


2. Avoiding a Trim

Let us break the myth right over here; avoiding a trim will not lead to longer hair, in fact, it is the opposite! Ladies seeking for faster hair growth?? Then do not miss on those monthly trims!

Trimming your hair helps to get rid split ends and allows the ends to get chopped fresh so that they can grow better and faster! Damaged hair tips can never grow or will have a rather slow and thin growth!

What to do instead?

Hit the parlor once every 2 months to chop off the old tresses and let the new hair grow out! Trust us, your hair will look much healthier and grow out longer!


straightening wet hair


3. Straightening wet hair

If you think that straightening wet hair can result better and long lasting straightened hair, think again!

Wet hair and heat from the straightener create steam that causes major burns to your hair! It can lead to split ends in seconds! Also, your hair straightener is also going to be damaged because the plates shall be ruined by the moist!

What to do instead?

Blow dry your hair using a round or paddle brush to detangle, smoothen and dry the hair faster! Once your hair is set, use a straightener to straighten the locks easily! This will make it last longer !


shampoo too often


4. Shampooing too often

Washing your hair every day is a serious NO. your hair needs a wash only when it is greasy and dirty. Shampooing too often can lead to natural moisture being stripped off from the hair leading to dull looking and frizzy hair!

What to do instead?

Wash your hair at least twice a week. Also, during winter, make sure you wash your only when it gets dirty or else your hair shall become static due to dryness.make sure you never wash your hair with hot water!


not changing products per season


5. Not changing products as per season

Your hair has different needs as per different seasons! Climatic changes can affect your hair in major ways and that calls for some change in products accordingly! Winters make them dry, whereas summers make them greasy! You cannot use the same product for every climate! Also, the treated hair like colored or straightened required a special product range as well!

What to do instead?

Make sure to observe your hair pattern and its needs. Explore products that are compatible and benefit your hair whenever they need some special nourishing! Go for hair products that have special oils like Argan and Morrocan! Make sure to speak to your stylist so that they recommend you the best products as per your hair and treatment.


skipping oiling


6. Skipping oiling

Too lazy to oil hair? Well, the results can be devastating! Oiling has major benefits that we tend to overlook! Also, no hair product or treatment can work as good as the traditional oiling! Your hair loses out on nourishment, moisture, vitamins, softness and shine!

What to do instead?

Get yourself a routine to make sure you take time to oil hair! If you cannot oil hair at night, do a hot oil treatment for 2 hours and wash it off! Make sure you do it twice a week!


not changing hair partition


7. Not changing hair partition

Is your hair constantly fixed one side? Be it side parted or extremely tightly backcombed! Well, this can cause hair problems! If you do not change the partition, your hair growth tends to stop in that section! Highly pulled backcombed hair can make hair follicles weak too!

What to do instead?

Make sure you keep changing your partitions! Do not stick to one side always! Bring some movement in the hair! Also, avoid tightly pulled or backcombed hair. Make sure you never sleep with tightly pulled hairstyles!


de tangling from roots


8. De-tangling from the roots

If you start combing or de-tangling your hair from the top of your head, you are making your hair suffer and weak! Detangling from roots can cause a lot of problems, make the process slower and also cause hair fall!

What to do instead?

Always start combing hair from the tip. Go from bottom to top. This way the tangles are removed stepwise and the roots are not damaged due to pulling and brushing!


overlapping henna and hair dye


9. Overlapping henna and hair dye

If you are amongst the ones who are constantly confused about henna and hair dyes, it would have often happened that you would have colored your hair after henna! Henna can react to hair dyes formulation and cause a discoloration in the hair! If your hair is tinted with henna, it can react with hair color developer and give a weird hair color!

What to do instead?

Wait for the henna to fade away for at least a month or two! Make sure, that your hair color from henna has faded! Similarly, with hair color, henna is a stronger and tends to tint bleached hair too! If you do not want to lose your colored hair, do not apply henna over bleached hair! Light browns and red colors are compatible, but blonde and golden highlights shall turn orange because of henna!


missing out hair conditioner


10. Missing out on hair conditioner

Hair conditioner is a must and skipping them even once can cause some drastic changes in the result! Your hair won’t be tamed, will go dry and look like hay specially in the winter season!

What to do instead?

If you often skip on conditioner, indulge into weekly treatments of hair mask and hair spas! Or else, be regular in conditioning your hair to get healthy and soft manageable hair!


Guilty as charged? Not anymore! Stop damaging your hair by avoiding the don’ts and abiding the right ways and indulge in the beauty of having gorgeous hair always!


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