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25+ Most Popular Men's Hairstyles For Round Face - 2022

Vanessa Pereira

Updated At  22 Jan 22

Easily one of the most recognisable face shapes across the world, the round face is also one of the most attractive face shapes around. Men with a round face have what it takes to create a lasting impression and offer a profound sense of reliability and simplicity.

However, as easy as it may be to create an impression, choosing the right haircut for round face men is no trivial task. Men with round faces often find themselves spending quite a lot of time selecting a hairstyle that’s not only easy on the eye but also fun and easy to pull off and accentuates the natural contours of their face.


25+ Men’s Hairstyles For Round Faces


If you’ve got a round face we’ve got 25+ men’s haircut styles for round face for you. Always remember though that there’s no single best haircut for round face male. Analyse the shape of your face, experiment and always go for the haircut that feels the most comfortable.


1. Man-bun with beard

This haircut simply has got to feature at the top of our recommended men’s haircut styles for round face. Simple, fun and quite effortless to maintain. Crew cut haircut is another amazing option if you are looking for a stylish and popular option.




2. The high & mighty

This haircut works best for those who have thick, curly hair. Sporting this look is quite simple – You only need to keep the top a few inches long and your hair will do the rest.

Also check out our gallery to find out the best curly hairstyle for Men. We list out all the 30+ top haircuts which are trending this year!




3. Spiked hair

Spiked hair is a style that has been around for quite a long time now and offers a seemingly luscious, shiny look, making for an overall sleek haircut for round face men




4. The side-part

While it’s safe to assume that one can hardly go wrong with a side part, this haircut also provides a classy yet casual look




5. Pompadour

Sporting an maintaining a Pompadour is not easy. But if you pull it off, you’ve landed yourself a true winner!




6. Combover with a hard part

There’s literally nothing to dislike about a hard part. And with a neat combover, it makes for a really classy look for men with a round face




7. High top fade with a beard

Here’s another haircut that requires a high degree of precision and panache. One just can’t go wrong with this look, especially when you add a beard to the mix




8. Mid fade with a hard part combover

A fade can uplift the overall appeal of a haircut when coupled with a hard part combover. This is one look that’s surely fun, fresh and exciting




9. Faux hawk

One of the most popular haircuts of all time, the faux hawk is modern, edgy and dynamic. If you’re looking to try something new, this is a haircut we’d surely recommend. Make sure you‘ve got some top-quality hair styling product handy!




10. Drop fade with a long combover

Pulling off this look is like showing off two, fun and exciting sides of your personality. The drop fade also neatly compliments the long combover, making for a fresh look




11. Classic swept-back quiff

The classic swept back quiff is a modern, sophisticated take on the classic quiff. Yet it somehow maintains the overall appeal that the classic quiff provides




12. The sleek side-part

There are those who like the side part and then those who like the sleek side-part. No matter which one you choose, if you’ve got a round face, you’re most likely to pull off either of them without breaking a sweat




13. Tapered sides with long, slicked-back hair

While the slicked-back hair is already cool and classy, the tapered sides neatly accentuate the overall length and volume of the hair from all angles




14. Short sides with a textured slick-back and beard

Not too different from the long slicked-back with tapered sides, this look provides a distinct, gentlemanly look to those gifted with round faces




15. The curly high-top

Got curls? Well, you can make them your striking feature by combining with a high-&-top fade




16. Jagged spikes

Tall spikes, especially those over an inch-tall look best when coupled with short sides, making for an overall jagged, exciting look that can never disappoint

Men's Hairstyles For Round Face (1)



17. Modern quiff

If you’re looking to make the overall shape of your face seem elongated, this haircut is just for you. Elegant, stylish and divinely modern.





18. Pompadour with an undercut

For some the traditional pompadour might seem too over the top. If you think the same way, try adding an undercut to your pompadour. We’re sure you’ll love it!




19. The fringe

Ah, the vivacious fringe! If the thought of sporting a fringe terrifies you, trust us when we say that the fringe might easily be the best haircut for round face male as it offers definition to your soft, round face




20. The skin-fade

With a skin-fade haircut, you will surely draw attention to the upper half of your face, guaranteeing eye contact when someone isn’t too blown away by the sheer volume and shine of your hair!


Men's Hairstyles For Round Face


21. A full beard with volume

A volumized haircut and a full beard – Here’s a combination that’s not only quite easy to maintain but also fun to sport. Don’t forget your hair and beard essential oils though!




22. Textured top

Fun and messy at the top, short and slick on the sides - the textured top must be your go-to haircut if you’re looking to make your face appear sharper and more chiselled




23. Coloured quiff

Experimentation’s the name of the game here! Choose your colour wisely and you’ve landed yourself a really cool, striking look




24. Afro twists

For those with curly hair, a rounded afro or an afro with twists can add that extra height and zing to an already au naturel look




25. Curls-&-bangs

Curly hair coupled with bangs? Now that’s a combination we’re down for. The textured finish of the bangs makes for a fresh and attractive look like no other




26. Smooth buzz with a beard

Most men with a round face believe that a buzz cut probably won’t suit them. Well, we say that you can not only rock this look but also own it if you couple your buzz cut with a beard




27. Bald-&-bearded

Last but perhaps, one of the most exciting haircuts for men with a round face is the bald look with a beard. Do we even need to say how easy it is to maintain this classic look?




To recap - embrace your shape, experiment with your looks and don’t forget to tell us which of these haircuts you’re most eager to sport!