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3 Best Waterproof Sunscreens Available In India


In Indian market there are large number of sunscreen available but no retailer will tell you which one is best for you and in that misconception we buy those sunscreen which are not suitable for protecting our skin.

Today, we at “Nutrispa” will tell you all about the best sunscreen lotion, types of sunscreen, their benefits and how to use them.

Sunscreen lotion are used for protecting our skin from direct sun rays, sun rays have ultra violet rays which are of three types A, B, and C, due to earth atmosphere the ultra violet ray C cannot comes to us to damage our skin because our atmosphere block that rays. So, we have to protect our skin from UV rays A and B. Sun Protection Factor i.e., SPF is a capability of blocking the UV rays B, these rays are the result of sunburn, tanning and damage skin but these are also help us to provide Vitamin D in our body.


 SPF decides that for how long one can stand, walk or work in sunlight without damaging his or her skin. For example, if you can stand exposed to the sun for 10 minutes until you experience burning, then a SPF 10 sunscreen will increase that time by 10x making you tolerate it for 100 minutes and you will find that your skin is not burning or not having any tanning there.

Now, let’s talk about the UVA rays, many of the sunscreen products you will find written on it “broad spectrum protection” or “PA+/++/+++”, So, it means that it is UVA protection factor measurement where PA+ means normal, PA++ means strong, PA+++ means very strong.


 Ultra Violet A rays are long rays and it can enter into our skin also and causes premature ageing and wrinkles along with tanning. Even if you are in offices and think that you are safe from these rays but no you are not safe because the windows of our offices protect us from UVB rays only and they cannot protect us from UVA rays, it means you have to use sunscreen even if you are in office and for those who are into field work or work outside the offices and in direct sunlight then no doubt they definitely have to use sunscreen lotions.


 Types of Sunscreens:-

In markets you will find sunscreen with SPF 10, 15, 30, 45, 50 and so on. It is solely depends on you that which one you buy for yourself, we are giving you a short example below to check the best SPF for you.

how to use

SPF 1 means about 15 minutes UVB protection and;

SPF 50 means 50 * 15 = 750 minutes, that means around 12.5 hour’s protection.

So, it is clear that the more the SPF available in your sunscreen, the more you are protected from sunlight.


 When to use a Sunscreen:-

Take small portion of cream and rub it all over your body especially the parts which comes in direct sunlight and one has to use sunscreen 10 to 15 minutes before going out in sunshine so that the lotion will consume in body and starts protecting the skin.

Nutrispa” have all these SPF sunscreen lotion on their website you can just check them from there.