3 Eyeshadow Tutorials For Beginner's You Need To Check

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  13 Sep 22

If you are new to makeup and wondering how to apply eyeshadow perfectly, then we have a solution for you.

We explain the basics of eyeshadow for beginners through 3 eyeshadow tutorials step by step.

The 3 different looks explained will be ideal for for regular wear, party wear and traditional occasion!

Once you master these 3 looks, you can reform new looks based on the same techniques!


So you will soon get information about the eyeshadow tutorial for beginners which will cover the following:-

  •  3 eyeshadow tutorials to explain how to apply eyeshadow for beginners
  •  How to apply eyeshadow step by step
  •  How to get smokey eyes
  •  How to get glitter eyes

Lets start the fun tutorials!


1. Basic bronze eyeshadow tutorial

This is one is the minimal glam and most versatile eyeshadow look. You can wear this look everyday to work!

Check out the eyeshadow tutorial step by step to understand the bronze eye makeup.


How to:

1) Start by priming your eyelids. Brush your eyelids peach or baby pink matte eyeshadow for a base coat.

2) Now take a bronze eyeshadow and start brushing from outer-crease to inner corner. This stroke will give a shadowy effect to eyes as the color would be dark outside and would gradually lighten as it goes interior.

3) With the same bronze color, brush the bottom waterline to give the smudged effect at the bottom too.

4) Now take a pink highlighter color from eyeshadow pallete and gently dab on the centre of eyelid.

5) Complete the look with generous coats of mascara and berry pink lipstick or gloss!


2. Smokey eyeshadow tutorial

One of the most common eyemakeup question is, How to get smokey eye makeup look. We plan to explain the same through the smokey eyeshadow tutorial.

This is also a perfect eyeshadow tutorial for brown eyes for beginners.


How To:

1) Begin with priming the lids and applying a nude base eyeshadow color.

2) Now take a brown eyeshadow and brush the top outer crease of eye to get a shadowy effect.

3) Top it with black eyeshadow, blending well in a winged motion to get a well mix of colors.

4) For the centre of eyelids take a silver or baby pink glitter eyeshadow and dab it gently.

5) Now take the black eyeshadow and blend it perfectly to eliminate edges.

6) In the same motion brush the bottom waterline too. Take your eyeliner and draw a winged liner to get the perfect cateye look. the eyeshadow shall act as your guide.

7) Top it with good coats of mascara and voila! The bomb look is done ! complete this look with red lipstick and you are ready to hit the floor!


3. Glitter eyeshadow tutorial

Want to add something extra to your look for the big marriage or reception?

Well fret not as this step by step eyeshadow tutorial will help you get glitter eyes.


How to:

1) Start with primed eyelids and apply an orange eyeshadow base coat. Blend it generously to eliminate all harsh lines.

2) Now take a white eyeshadow and dab it gently at the inner crease of eyebrow and center of eyelids. The fun part comes now!

3) Take your golden or silver glitter eyeshadow and cover the center of the eyelid completely! Once done, line your eyes top and bottom with kohl and complete with mascara coats !

Compliment your look with red or maroon hues of lipstick and traditional earrings and you are ready to be a visual treat !


So now you have 3 ways to play with your eyeshadow palette for major occasions! All the 3 eyeshadow tutorials for beginners are different and explain the way to get different looks.

Once you become pro in these you can experiment with the same techniques and create something amazing further!

Till then practice, blend and have fun !



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