Eyelash Extensions: What Are The Pros, Cons And Side Effects?

Shailee Basu

Updated At  03 Aug 23

Longer lashes are tempting but curling your lashes, applying falsies, coating them with mascara and making sure you avoid any mishap is kind of exhausting. The alternative?

Get eyelash extensions instead! It’s basically adhering individual silk, synthetic or mink-based hairs to your natural lashes one by one. But before getting it done know about eyelash extensions side effects and its cost. you should also know eyelash extensions pros and cons. Our guide also covers FAQs like how long do eyelash extensions last, how to remove eyelash extensions and more.

Our guide on eyelash extensions cover the following:

  • Need for eyelash extensions
  • Eyelash extensions process
  • Eyelash extension side effects
  • Eyelash extensions pros and cons
  • Cost
  • How long do eyelash extension last
  • Are eyelash extensions permanent
  • How to remove eyelash extensions



Why eyelash extensions?


Eyelash extensions can give your lashes some extra volume and length. Additonally, they are customizable so it can work perfectly.

Depending on your needs and expectations, your aesthetician will curate the procedure for you so that you can achieve the specific look.

The false lashes usually range from 6 to 17 millimeters and the whole procedure takes about 2 hours to complete.

Read on to know more about the process, pros and cons alongwith eyelash extension side effects. Also check out eyebrow microblading as this technique to get particular eyebrow shape is trending again!


What are the eyelash extension side effects?

You may or may not experience some or all the following eyelash extension side effects-

  • Irritation, itchiness or redness
  • Dry eyes, tearing, burning sensation in the eye
  • Swollen eyelids and discharge of pus
  • Extensions can trap dirt and bacteria, leading to eye infections
  • Allergic reactions can be caused by the bonding agent/adhesive as they contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde
  • Loss of natural eyelashes

As some of these eyelash extension side effects can have adverse impact, it is better to be careful.

Do check out our detailed eyebrow slit guide to find out how this technique can really put the focus on your eyes. It has become extremely popular in a short span of time.





What is the eyelash extension process?

The eyelash extension process will take about 2 hours to complete. Considering eyelash extensions are customizable, according to your preferences, your professional will perform the following steps-

Step 1- Preparation

You will be asked to remove your contact lenses and your makeup. Once your skin and eye area is clear, your eyelids and eyelashes will be degreased using a fibre-free applicator soaked in a primer.

Step 2- Application

The thinner part of the fake eyelash is dipped in glue with a tweezer attached to the natural lash. It can be done by attaching false eyelashes from the bottom, the top or from the side.

Make sure that the adhesive is distributed by swiping the fake eyelash along your natural eyelash a few times.

It is important to set the false extension on the natural lash at least 1 mm away from the eyelid.

Step 3- Drying

A pump may be used to speed up the drying process. Now, make sure no two fake eyelashes or natural eyelashes are stuck together. Use a tweezer to segregate any extensions from neighboring lashes.

Do not try to pull or seperate in a vertical manner, do it in a horizontal manner.

Let dry, spray some distilled water, wait till it dries again and perform another round of segregation.

Now that you’re done with your eyelash extension process, avoid touching the lashes for 24 hours to allow the glue to fully dry and make sure they don’t get wet during that 24 hours either.


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What are the eyelash extensions pros and cons?

There are numerous eyelash extensions pros and cons. We list a select few of them below.

Pros of eyelash extensions-

  • Saves time-It ousts the need to curl your lashes, apply falsies or mascara which means, you save a lot of time!
  • No eye makeup required-Eyelash extensions enhance your eyes and you may not even need eye makeup.
  • Lasts for a decent amount of time- They last for about 3-6 weeks which means you don’t have to worry about a mascara mishap for a month!
  • They are customizable- you can talk to a professional about the length, volume and get extensions that suit your needs and eye shape.
  • You can do it from the comfort if your home or go to a professional

Cons of eyelash extensions-

  • They require maintenance- You will have to clean your lashes with a spoolie brush and apply a lash conditioner every day. You will also need to visit the salon for touch ups every 2-3 weeks.
  • You have to be careful with the kind of cleanser you use- stave off oil based cleansers as they will cause the extensions to fall off.
  • You can't rub your eyes- Come what may, touching your eyes too much and rubbing your eyes is a big NO! So if you have a habit of rubbing your eyes often or if you have any allergies then it is best to not get eyelash extensions.
  • They are costly- They can cost anywhere between $150 - $450 depending on your needs and the salon you choose.


Are eyelash extensions permanent?


Eyelash extensions, unlike false eyelashes are semi-permanent which means they will last for about 3-6 weeks if taken care of and maintained properly.


You may need touching up after 3 weeks.


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Are eyelash extensions safe?


If applied correctly and properly, they are safe and do not ruin your natural lashes. You also need to follow some precautions like not tugging, not rubbing your eyes and not using oil based products near your eyes.


Choose a reputed salon instead of doing them on your own and make sure you don’t have any allergies.

Also, check with your aesthetician on the best products and methods you should use to clean your eyes as extensions can trap dirt or other debris and you could be at risk for an eye infection.

Ask your aesthetician if the adhesive used is free from formaldehyde as it can cause irritation, allergic reactions.



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How much do eyelash extensions cost?

Eyelash extension cost is something you need to consider before booking your appointment.

Let’s cut to the chase, an eyelash extension can cost you anywhere between $150 to $500 depending on your needs, the salon and the aesthetician.

For refills and touch ups, the price ranges from $50 to $65.


How long do eyelash extension last?

Normally, eyelash extensions last for usually 5 to 8 weeks depedning upon the growth of your eyelashes. To ensure your eyes look wider, one has to undergo regular lash maintenance every 3 to 4 weeks.


How to remove eyelash extensions?

Do not pull them off or rub your eyes vigorously hoping that they will come off.

It can prove to be harmful for your eyes and your natural eyelashes.

Always prefer going to a professional to get them removed.


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How to take care of eyelash extensions?

  • Do not touch them or fidget with them
  • Make sure they are kept dry for the first 24-36 hours after getting them. Avoid humid environment for the first 24 hours.
  • Do not use oil infused or oil based products especially oily cleansers to remove eye makeup.
  • If you have oily skin, use an oil free mattifying lotion to control oil.
  • Cleanse them thoroughly (ask your aesthetician about the lash cleansers you should use).
  • Brush them with a clean spoolie brush daily and apply a lash conditioner.
  • Don’t pull or tug and don’t try to remove them by yourself.
  • Avoid mascara or falsies when you already have eyelash extensions.

Note:- Always consult your doctor before you decide to go ahead with eyelash extensions.


Now that you are aware of eyelash extensions pros and cons alongwith eyelash extensions side effects, making the decision would be far easier.