7 Makeup Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Akanksha Jha

Updated At  14 Dec 22

As humans we are supposed to make mistakes. While we may get a reprieve in a few cases, Makeup mistakes are different since a bad makeup is remembered for a long time. To ensure you never face that situation, here are the 7 common makeup mistakes one should avoid.


1. Too much foundation!

Foundation is meant to conceal any uneven skin tones that we may have but wearing too much foundation will end up showing all wrinkles making you look old.

How to avoid: Apply foundation only where it is actually needed and use a concealer to conceal the blemishes and dark circles.


2. Wearing too much face powder?

Another common mistake is applying a lot of face powder which not only gives an unnatural flat look but also makes your face look aged.

How to avoid: Use face powder that doesn’t add any color or coverage and simply matches the skin.

Pro tip: For better coverage and a lighter look opt for a translucent setting powder.


3. Skipping Mascara routine

Mascara is heavenly and its usage on eyes makes them look large and youthful. But many a times, Mascara is not used which gives an unfinished look to the eyes.

How to avoid: Always go with mascara. Not too much, but not too less either.


4. Curling lashes after using mascara

Using a curler before applying any eyeliner or mascara is how things work. Starting at the base of the lashes and then curling them up creates perfectly curled lashes however, as a mistake curlers are used after using mascara which smudges the eyeliner.

How to Avoid: Always curl up your lashes before applying liner and mascara to create natural curly lashes.


5. Line your lips correctly

Lip liners being applied only on the outline edge of the lips is another common mistake.

How to avoid: Apply the liner on the whole lips. For application, start at the center and then gradually work outwards.


6. Testing your foundation at the wrong places.

Matching the foundation on the back of your hand is a mistake which needs to be avoided since our hands color is always a little different from the rest of our body.

How to avoid: Always match your foundation on either your jawline or the neck area. This helps you in finding the perfect tone and saves you from making great makeup disasters.


7. Wrong lighting

Applying makeup in the bathroom light isn’t really a good idea and needs to be avoided at all costs. This always means we end up applying a little less foundation or a little more bronzer.

How to avoid: Try to apply makeup in natural light as this will tell you exactly when to stop with that blush game.


There you go. We have made you the perfect artists now. Go ahead and put on those gorgeous looks without fearing any mistakes that might haunt you in the near future.

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