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What Is Brazilian Wax - Detailed Guide With FAQs (2023)

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  01 Jun 23

Do you know what is the Brazilian wax? Want to know more about it? Then keep reading!

Whether you are going on a holiday, have a new guy in your life, want to make menstruation less messy, or simply because you prefer it that way, a Brazilian wax is like a rite of passage for every woman. It is one of the most popular hair removal procedures across the world and yet there is so little clarity around it. You can tell from its name that it is a type of waxing but do you know what exactly is it about?

For a first-timer, getting a Brazilian wax can be intimidating. Any sort of waxing is painful and will require you to be courageous. Are you ready for it? If not, then we can help you with our guide on the Brazilian wax. From what Brazilian wax is about and its process to its cost and precautions, we will try to answer every question you can have.


Brazilian Wax - Detailed Guide




What Is The Brazilian Wax?

Everyone is oh so familiar with the full body wax or the bikini wax. But when it comes to the good old Brazilian wax there is so much confusion and anticipation. But no more. Let us tell you what is the Brazilian wax exactly.

The Brazilian wax was first introduced in the year 1987 by a group of Brazilian sisters and hence the name. It became a popular hair removal method in the US and gradually became one of the most popular bikini wax types across the world.

Now, a Brazilian wax is not your regular waxing procedure where only the area around the bikini line is waxed clean. In a Brazilian, all of your hair is removed from your bikini area and this will include all the hair from the top, bottom, sides, and even around your butthole. The only hair left would be on top in the shape of a triangle which is often also referred to as the landing strip. Only if you want to.



How Is Brazilian Wax Done: The Complete Process

A Brazilian wax typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes and is completed in the following steps:

Step 1: Strip Tease

You will need to bare it all from below your waist to get started. You will be asked to remove your pants and underwear and then lie down on the table with bent knees and legs spread apart a bit.

Step 2: Pre-Waxing Ritual

The next step is the pre-waxing cleansing. The waxer will apply a cleansing solution to your bikini area and follow it with a pre-wax oil or powder. This is an important step as clean skin is an extremely important pre-requisite for getting the right results. The pre-wax serum, on the other hand, creates a protective barrier between the skin and wax to prevent unnecessary damage.

Step 3: Hello Hot Wax!

Here comes the main deal. In this step, you will be asked to spread your legs to ease the application of wax. The waxer will apply hot wax on a part of your bikini area in the direction of hair growth. If your waxer is using hard wax, they will simply rip the wax off. But if they are using soft wax they will use a cloth strip to rip off the hair.

This step will go on for a while until all your hairs are removed. Some of the hairs are left on the top in the shape of a triangle as this shape very closely resembles the bikini line. The few lonely strands that couldn’t be removed with wax are removed with the aid of tweezers.

Step 4: After Care

The last step is all about soothing your freshly waxed skin. The waxer usually applies a serum or a cream for this purpose.



What To Expect After Getting A Brazilian Beauty Wax?

The very first thing that you should expect from a Brazilian wax is pain. It hurts pretty badly especially the first time. The pain gets easier to manage and becomes bearable but it’s always there. After all, it is going to hurt when hair is being ripped off from the follicles.

Immediately after the procedure, you will feel like a chicken whose feathers have been plucked out. Your bikini area would be tender and sensitive. You will also see some redness and inflammation. But once all of this subsides over the next few hours, it is then that you will be able to appreciate your smooth and hairless nether region.


Precautions And After Care

Here are some precautions that you must take before and after the Brazilian wax procedure.


  • Do your homework while looking for a salon. Look up the reviews online and ask around
  • Ensure that your waxer doesn’t use double-dip applicators and wears clean gloves
  • Check and ask about the quality of products being used
  • Before making an appointment, ask your friends about their experiences. It will come in handy
  • Avoid shaving or any other hair removal technique and let your hair grow out. They must be about ¼ inches long
  • Exfoliate your bikini area a few days before your appointment
  • Avoid tanning at least 24 hours before
  • Take a shower
  • Take an ibuprofen 30 minutes before your waxing procedure
  • Wear loose and breathable clothing
  • Don’t drink alcohol before your procedure as it can make you susceptible to bleeding


After Care

  • Use an ice pack to calm down inflammation
  • Apply cortisone cream to soothe skin
  • Do not scratch no matter how high the urges as it can cause more irritation to the skin
  • Immediately after getting a wax, avoid activities that include sun exposure and sweating, public pools, Jacuzzi sex, gym or any other kind of work out, and shower with hot water among other things
  • Exfoliate every other day to prevent the issue of ingrown hair




Brazilian Wax: Things To Keep In Mind And Some Tips

  • You will be required to strip naked below the waist and your waxer will get up, close and personal with your nether regions. So before booking an appointment, be fully aware of what you are getting into
  • You might need to take different awkward positions to aid the waxing procedure
  • Usually, the waxer will guide you through the process but just to be on the safe side remember to breathe to beat the pain. Inhale when the wax is being applied and exhale when it is ripped out
  • Don’t shave before or after your procedure
  • Carry a new pair of underwear with you. You will thank us later
  • Also, carry some wipes to clean yourself so that you don’t feel all icky after your procedure
  • Ask for hard wax at your salon as this wax can be removed without using strips
  • Not all hair is waxed and some would need to be tweezed
  • Spare yourself some pain and don’t schedule your waxing appointment at least three days before your periods as your skin gets extra sensitive during that time


What Is The Brazilian Wax Cost?

The Brazilian wax price depends on a variety of factors including the type of wax used, the reputation, and location of your salon among other things. But you can get a Brazilian wax that can cost you anywhere from $50 to $120.


How Long Does It Last?

A single wax procedure can last up to three to four weeks as this is the typical time the hair takes to grow back. Though it can vary from person to person as their hair cycle can be different.


Who Should And Shouldn’t Go For A Brazilian Wax?

Anybody can go for a Brazilian wax but if you are taking antibiotics, hormone replacements, birth control, oral acne medications such as Accutane, using a retinoid, or are in the last trimester of pregnancy, you must consult a doctor.


Is Brazilian Wax Worth It—Its Pros, Cons And Side Effects

By now you know what is the Brazilian wax, how the procedure is done, and how you should take care of your skin afterward. Before rushing to make an appointment, wait, and read on to find about the pros, cons, and side effects of this procedure.


  • Being hairless feels comfortable
  • Provides deep exfoliation
  • One of the least irritating hair removal methods
  • Hair takes longer to grow back
  • Your hair won’t regrow as thick as before
  • You get to avoid razor burns and cuts that come with shaving


  • It is painful
  • Can get awkward for some
  • Removal of pubic hair can make you prone to dirt, bacteria, and infections
  • Growing out hair after waxing can get prickly and itchy
  • Ingrown hair
  • Slightly expensive procedure


Side Effects

Following are some of the potential side effects of Brazilian wax which usually subside within 24 hours:

  • Redness
  • Inflammation
  • Rashes
  • Burned skin
  • Skin bumps
  • Itchiness



How Is Brazilian Wax Different?

Brazilian wax is not a new entrant in the beauty culture and yet has many misconceptions and confusing ideas about it. Let us clear the air for you for once and all. Here is how Brazilian wax is different from bikini wax and Hollywood wax.

Brazilian Vs Bikini Wax

The Brazilian wax is different from the bikini wax in the following ways:

  • The basic bikini wax removes hair only from around your bikini line whereas Brazilian cleans it all from the top, bottom and sides.
  • In a Brazilian wax, you get the choice to keep a few hairs in place in the shape of a triangle while in bikini wax you get to keep your au naturel bush with hair waxed only along the bikini line.
  • In a bikini wax, you get to keep your underwear on whereas in a Brazilian wax you have to bare it all down under.


Brazilian Vs Hollywood Wax

Hollywood wax is just an extension of the Brazilian wax. In involves the same technique with the only difference being that n strip of hair is left behind unlike the Brazilian. This method that left the bikini area completely bare and hair-free gained popularity in Hollywood and thus was named as the Hollywood wax.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is full body wax? What does a full body wax include?

As the name suggests the full body wax includes the waxing of full length of our body including arms, legs, underarms, and upper lips. However, you get to choose the kind of bikini area wax you want.


Q. What is Californian wax?

The Californian wax is an extension of bikini wax and is also known as the high bikini wax. In this wax, the band of hair which runs along the outer bikini line and top of the legs is also removed.


Q. What is the full body wax cost?

A full body wax generally costs anywhere between $150 and $350.


Q. Can you wax on your period?

Yes, you can wax on your period. Your skin is sensitive and can be painful than usual but you can get it done as long as you wear a tampon.


Q. Is it painful to get a Brazilian wax?

Yes, it is painful to get a Brazilian wax. You can counter this pain by popping an ibuprofen 30 minutes before the waxing appointment.


Q. What to expect after getting a Brazilian wax?

After Brazilian wax, you will get a smooth and hairless bikini area which will look tender and sensitive for a few hours. Redness and inflammation are also common and usually subside within 24 hours.


Q. Which factors to keep in mind while finding the best salon for a Brazilian wax?

Do your homework. Read online reviews and ask around from your friends. Ensure that the salon practices hygiene.


Q. How to ensure the results stay for long?

To ensure that your results of waxing last longer, avoid some common mistakes like shaving in between appointments. Moisturize and exfoliate regularly.


Q. What is Brazilian sugaring?

Sugaring is a hair removal method that uses a mixture of sugar and water to remove unwanted hair. Brazilian sugaring is when you use sugaring to clean off your bikini areas like you normally would during a Brazilian wax.


Q. Is sugaring better than waxing? Which is less painful?

Sugaring is better than waxing as it is a gentler, less painful, and chemical-free method for hair removal.