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51 Most Popular Bridal Mehndi Designs For 2022

Shalu B

Updated At  05 Dec 22

Weddings are incomplete without a fun-filled mehndi event. And for the mehndi ceremony to be a success, you would need awe inspiring mehndi designs.

Want to know about the latest wedding mehndi designs? Want to know about which bridal mehndi design is the most popular?  Looking for the best dulhan mehndi design which is georgeous and trending? Then, you have come to the right place. Keep scrolling as we have compiled a list of 51 latest bridal mehndi designs for 2022 to give you all the inspiration you need for the mehndi event.


51 Trending Bridal Mehndi Designs




1. Criss Cross Vines Mehndi Design

This bridal mehndi design is as pretty as a picture. The simple use of different forms of lines has given rise to this beauty. The detailed line structure on fingers is followed by spaced leafy vines. The further use of dot and floral motifs along with some curved lines make this design aesthetically pleasing.

Also check out the stunning Leg Mehndi designs which are trending this year. This includes the designs with Mandala, heart shaped ones and many more.




2. Half And Half Henna Mehndi Design

This bridal mehndi design takes symmetry to the next level. A paisley design has been drawn in circular shape which is then surrounded by leaves and petals. And when both the hands are bought together the two halves become one complete motif. This is elaborate art of the next level.

Check out our guide to find the 21 best floral mehndi designs. All of these have been popular this year and have are apt for all occasions.



3. Floral Mandal Wedding Mehndi Designs

This bridal mehndi too uses the combination of floral patterns and the mandala pattern.  A variety of motifs and patterns have been inculcated in this simple mehndi design and they have been placed very articulately making this design very appealing to the eyes.




4. New Bridal Mehndi Design

2022 is all about unleashing your creativity. Mix and match various motifs. If you can’t figure out which motif should go with which then just go all in like this design. This beautiful mehndi design uses everything from floral patterns to paisleys and from the mandala design to lace pattern. And that’s not all. The unique play with light and dark shades has surely made this hand mehndi extremely beautiful. Also, those two little tea cups are hard to miss.




5. New Mehandi Design For Brides

This easy mehndi design has a mandala pattern in the center which is big enough to cover the entire hand. The remaining space has not been filled with small motifs and patterns for the sake of clarity and definition. This design however continues further from the cuffs with intricate net pattern and floral motifs including rose and lotuses.




6. Bridal Mehndi Design With Lotus

Floral motifs are not the same as they used to be. This year it is the lotus motif which has gained immense popularity. This new mehndi design reminds one of the Mughal era paintings and in fact imitates the design that was often used for building gateways.




7. Dulhan Mehndi Design With Bird Story

Move over peacocks and give some space to the parrots. The dainty and intricate design on fingers is extremely beautiful. The parrots sitting on vines makes is very eye catchy and unique.




8. Jewellery Mehndi Design For Brides

This jewellery mehndi design is inspired by hathphool but it does not exactly look like it. It uses floral motifs and a chain like design connecting two different floral patterns. This design is minimal and chic. It is perfect for the busy bride who does not want to spend too much time but still wishes to have the fun.

Do check out our guide to find the 50+ best cone designs which have been trending this year. We have listed all the stunning designs in our guide which are apt for all occasions.




9. Lace Like Bridal Mehndi

Get more of those Mughal-era feels with this stunning lace glove-like bridal mehndi design. This design uses different kinds of floral motifs both big and small. It also makes use of the cross hatched lines. All the different components come together to make this elegant design. 




10. The Dulha Dulhan Mehndi Design

The concept of the dulha dulhan mehndi design is not new and has been used since years. But, the interpretation keeps on changing. In this design, each hand is dedicated to the dulha and dulhan respectively. The focus of this new mehndi design has been kept on the dulha-dulhan motifs. The rest of the design is intricate yet simple and has been used to fill in the spaces.




11. The Traditional Khafif Mehandi Design

This is a beautiful Khafif mehndi design for brides. The floral motifs, paisleys, leaf motifs and curves all come together to make this latest mehndi design appealing.




12. New Bridal Mehndi Design

This new bridal mehndi design follows a more geometric approach. It does not use curved patterns and motifs but uses more lines. The center of attraction here is the lotus motif which is then surrounded by a square frame. The leaf like structure on the frame imitates lotus leaves. This aesthetically pleasing mehndi design stretches to the elbows.




13. Lotus Bridal Mehndi Design For Feet

The lotus pattern is an equally popular mehandi design for feet. This particular dulhan mehndi design makes use of negative space. Who knew simple lines and dots can lead up to such an attractive design.




14. Beautiful Mehndi Design With Lotus

If you thought you have seen the last of lotus, then you were wrong. This particular marriage mehndi design comprises of the lotus motif drawn using negative space. What makes this design different from others is the manner in which how the lotus pattern completely fills the entire hand while the center of the backhand makes place for a circular design which is filled in with the lace design.




15. The Name Game

Gone are the days of hiding the name of the groom in the bridal mehndi design. The modern designs are more straightforward. Declare your love for your soon-to-be husband by getting his name etched on one hand. You can add a traditional blessing on the other.




16. Peacocks And Paisleys Hand Mehndi

This is another one of those wedding mehndi designs which makes use of a variety of motifs and patterns. In such designs it is all about the placement which makes each of them uniquely gorgeous. This particular mehndi design uses floral patterns, leafy vines, tear drop motif, paisleys, peacocks and lotus motif. What caught our eye were the beautifully done peacock feathers. Apart from the traditional motifs, we also see here the use of bird houses.




17. New Mehndi Love For City

This mehndi design is a fresh take on the traditional dulha dulhan mehndi design. In addition to the traditional dulha-dulhan motif, this bridal mehndi also shows the auspicious kalash and gathbandhan. Musical instruments played at the weddings have found their place in this design as well. What makes this design more interesting is the addition of the monumental motif depicting the city the bride and groom respectively belong to.


Elaborate Foot Work Mehndi Design

18. Elaborate Foot Mehndi Design

This intricate bridal mehndi for feet is one of the more complex ones and looks stunning. It uses the same lace pattern and floral motifs and yet the manner in which they are drawn has made this design unique and alluring.




19. Wedding Mehndi Designs

This henna mehndi design is full of grace and elegance. It makes use of the floral motif but it is something which is not commonly made. The floral pattern combined with architectural patterns let this bridal mehndi design make a statement of its own.




20. Jewellery Mehndi Design

It is yet another trend of 2022 where traditional jewellery like the hathphool is imitated in a mehandi design. This particular design is a fresh take on the hathphool trend. Instead of using the traditional flower with chains design, it uses a bunch of flowers with leaves which are then connected to a linear line design made on the index finger with a chain.




21. Mirror Bridal Mehndi Design

The mirror mehndi trend has been on the mehndi designs latest list for quite some time now. In such a design exact same patterns are drawn on both hands. In other words, the design on one hand looks like a mirror copy of the other. This particular design is very intricate and the small space left around the paisleys give it an attractive look.




22.  New Geometric Bridal Mehndi

Bored of the curves and circles? Then keep it straight and somewhat squared with this bridal mehndi design. The combination of squares and flowers is actually doing wonders to this design’s beauty.




23.  Marriage Mehndi Design

Quit thinking about symmetry and draw different mehndi designs on both hands. This mehndi design is a perfect example for such a case. It has used the same old paisley motif. However, it is the unique placement of those motifs among other things which makes this design truly different.


Colorful Marriage Mehndi Design


24.  Colorful Marriage Mehndi Design

You can also go for colorful bridal mehndi like this one. This mehandi design comprises of a mandala in the center with smart floral work on the toes. The use of colors in this design gives it an element of fun.




25.  New Bridal Mehndi Design

This new mehndi design is a classic example of the two in one mehndi design trend. It consists of a spaced floral net like design on half of the hand and uses intricate floral design on the rest of the hand. The interplay between space and intricacy makes this bridal mehndi very attractive.




26.  Henna Mehndi Design For Brides

This new mehandi is a refreshing take on the on the jewellery mehndi design. It is not anything like the jewellery mehndi trend. In fact, it is a geometric play on the concept. It has a geometric design in the center as well as on the fingers where both of them are connected an elongated tear drop design replacing the chains.




27.  Mehandi Design

Little blocks of square filled with different motifs and patterns—this is a new mehndi design for the bride who wants to do it differently from the crowd.




28.  New Floral Bridal Mehndi Design

This beautiful bridal mehndi uses floral and leaf motifs. What makes this design even more appealing is the use of light and dark colored henna.




29.  Beautiful Bridal Mehndi Design For Feet

This is a very elegant and alluring bridal mehndi design complete with floral and net pattern. We absolutely love the interplay between the spaced net design and the intricate and detailed design on toes as well as the rest of the feet. Also, the dome like structure that is surrounding the flower is absolutely unique and new.




30.  Arabic Mehndi Design For Brides

This is a new Arabic mehndi design with floral and leaf patterns. The curved leafy vines add to the beauty of this design. The net and floral motifs on the fingers are somewhat reminiscent of the jewellery mehndi design and look absolutely stunning.




31. The Floral Network

This bridal mehndi design is similar to the lace-glove mehndi design. The only difference is it uses bigger floral motifs.




32. Disney Bridal Mehndi

If you have always loved the Disney fairy tales then this bridal mehndi design is for you. This new mehandi design uses the same old floral, lotus and net motifs. But instead of the image of the bride and groom, this mehndi design depicts Disney prince and princess. This one features Aladdin and Jasmine. You can opt for the ones you love.




33. Floral Net Dulhan Mehndi Design

This bridal mehndi is yet another take on the lace glove-like mehndi design. It imitates the graceful lace glove perfectly with its rose centered net and intricate floral design on the fingers and cuffs.




34. Mandala With Net

The mandala and floral patterns go hand in hand as can be seen from this beautiful design. The arched frame is used to set a difference between the net pattern and the spiral pattern on toes. The border work on around the feet as well as around the toe nails makes this bridal mehndi design aesthetically pleasing.





35. Peacock Glory

This beautiful bridal mehndi design comprises of the peacock pattern and shows them in their full glory with stunning feather design. The focus here is solely on the peacocks while the floral and line patterns are used to fill in the space to make this mehndi design look more intricate and full.




36. All About Differences

As per the latest mehndi design trends, it is not necessary that the same design should be applied on both hands. This particular design is a very good example. This design uses geometrical and architectural designs along with intricate patterns which fill in the space.




37. Beautiful Floral Mehndi For Backhand

This beautiful bridal mehndi design with floral and leaf motif imitates the jewellery mehndi design to some extent. The stunning cuff work is surely very captivating.




38. Mirror Bridal Mehndi For Feet

This mirror mehndi for feet uses the paisley motif as the center piece. The rest of the design is developed around it. The intricate work on toes adds to the beauty of this bridal mehndi and makes it very appealing to the eyes.




39. The Simple Mandala Mehndi Design

Mandala is another common  motif which has been traditionally used in weding mehndi designs as it depicts the circle of life and  is consisdered to be auspicious. This henna mehndi design is minimalistic chic with the mandala at the centre and lace pattern on the fingers.




40.  Foot Bridal Mehndi Design

If you are not a fan of fuller mehndi designs, then you can opt for something like this. This particular bridal mehndi design for feet focuses only on the toes. It starts with simple net pattern on toes followed by the popular lotus motif. The border line towards the end adds definition to this whole mehndi design.




41. Chic Bridal Mehndi

This bridal mehndi design is for the minimalistic chic bride who is not a fan of the full intricate patterns. This new mehandi is limited only to the fingers and has floral as well as net patterns. A classic example of mix and match!




42.  Elegant Cross Net Mehndi For Brides

This bridal mehndi design for feet is extremely elegant. It does not use fancy intricate motifs. Instead, it uses squiggly lines in a crisscross pattern to form a net all over the foot. A tiny dotted design is used to fill in the space between the net patterns which further adds to the beauty of this design.




43. The Complete Circle

This bridal mehndi design is another classic example of the half and half mehndi design trend. What captured our attention was the formation of a heart within the circle when both hands are brought together.




44. Henna Wedding Mehndi Designs

Even a simple mandala design can look beautiful. This bridal mehndi design is a proof of that. It is not exactly minimal or intricate. This design falls somewhere in between and is very elegant.




45. The Full Canvas

Why just paint the upper portion of your feet? Make use of the full canvas and add some beautiful design on the backside of your feet as well. For instance in this mehandi design, the upper visible portion comprises of lotus motif, floral patterns and paisleys whereas the backside of the foot also uses the lotus motif but in negative space giving both side a contrasting look.




46. Traditional Paisley Mehndi Design

Paisleys are still a popular choice for bridal mehndi designs. This intricate mehndi design is made up of paisleys as well as arch-like patterns which are then filled with smaller motifs. This is a mehndi design with a lot of detailed work. It is really appealing how the dome like pattern fits as a cuff on both hands and feet.




47. Khafif Mehandi Design

This floral Khafif mehndi is truly elegant and uses different kinds of floral motifs and patterns. The use of space adds definition to this bridal mehndi design.




48. Beautiful Bridal Mehndi For Feet

This beautiful dulhan mehndi design uses floral patterns alongside curved lines. This new design fills the entire feet and paints a pretty picture.




49. Latest Bridal Mehndi Design

This bridal mehndi design is another geometrically shaped design. The arches take the center stage while the different floral motifs fill in the space. The detailed work on the fingers adds to this design’s beauty.




50. Elegant Paisley Bridal Mehndi

Paisleys are the oldest and most reliable go to pattern for bridal mehndi. This particular design is made completely of paisleys. The left out space is then filled out with vine and leaf motifs. Even though this design has a lot of paisleys yet each paisley is of a different design which gives this hand mehndi a whole new look.




51. Mandala Design For Feet

When in doubt, mandala it out. Mandala design is by far the easiest design which looks beautiful and elegant. And this design is not just limited to hands. You can also draw it on your feet. The basic mandala is this design is accompanied by dainty floral work on the toes. The pointed cinquefoil arch along with the leafy vine beautifully frames the mandala design.


This concludes our list of the 51 latest bridal mehndi designs for 2022. Get inspired by these wedding mehndi designs and rock your mehndi ceremony.



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