Hair Colors For Women Over 50

51 Trending Hair Colors For Women Over 50 In 2024

Shrimanti Das

Updated At  22 Apr 24

Women over 50 can demonstrate their confidence and sense of style by experimenting with different hair hues. Natural greys look elegant and delicate highlights can add depth and warmth to elderly women's hair hues. Subtle blonde tones can add a young glow to the face. Rich browns may give you a traditional look, while grey is one of the greatest hair colors for elderly women. Experimenting with exciting reds can bring a vibrant energy. Some hair colors for women over 50 make a statement in trendy silver or platinum tones. Consider skin tone complementation and ease of maintenance while deciding which choice to make. In the end, the ideal colour is one that, regardless of your age, makes you feel beautiful and captures your distinct individuality. Check out the list of hair colours for women over 50. 

51 Hair Colors for women over 50

Dark Hair Colour


1. Dark Hair Colors for over 50

A rich chocolate brown can be one of the most beautiful hair colours for mature women. It adds warmth and suits women who do like light hair colour. It can also suit ageing brunettes.



2. White Blonde

White blonde hair colour is the one of favourite hair colours for elder women. It embraces natural beauty and elegance. 

Touch of Pink


3. Touch of Pink

A subtle pink touch can be a daring style for elder women who don't want to go grey or blonde. Women can also leave their natural white and simply enhance it with pink.

Orange 50


4. Orange Hair Colour

Choosing orange as summer hair colors can be quite appealing and reflects the vibrant spirit of the summer season. The vibrant colour also helps you look cooler! To look stunning, opt for short, straight hair with an orange tint.

Soft Blonde


5. Soft Blonde Hair Colour

Soft blonde hair colors for women over 50 looks aesthetic and natural. 

Dafne Evangelista, a celebrity hairstylist based out of Florida, USA mentions that natural hair colors are trending in 2024. She says, "People are going more natural with their blonde color". Hence, a soft blonde can be an amazing choice as it will let you highlight your hair and will also keep it natural too.

Smokey Hair


6. Smokey Hair

Smokey hair creates a natural look and is the most popular hair colour. With fewer white and black strands, it is easier to handle because touch-ups are not required as frequently.

Warm Hair Colour



7. Warm Hair Color

Warm hair color is a mixture of grey and blonde. It is the best hair colour for older woman. It gives a polished look and every haircut goes with this colour.

Valerie Maine, a hair expert at Live True explains the reason behind the popularity of short hairstyles. She says “Short hair gives a feeling of a more youthful look. As you get older, your hair will sometimes thin and become weaker. Shorter hair is often easier to style and can fit in better with a busier lifestyle.”  If you are pressed for time and are looking for a youthful hairstyle, a short haircut can be an excellent option. Various hair colors like grey, blonde, and brown go well for short hair lengths. Opt for a stylish bob or an asymmetrical haircut, and you will surely transform your look.

Grey Hair Colour


8. Grey Hair Colour

Grey hair colours embrace a silver tone and look very stylish. This is the perfect option for women who want to go for lighter shades without compromising the bold look. 

Cherry Red


9. Cherry Red

Trying out cherry red hair colour can be really fun. The hair colour when styled with short hair allows women to embrace a fusion of classic and contemporary styles. 

You can try out this look which is inspired by Sharon Osbourne. This layered bob provides you ample space to highlight your face. Additionally, it gives you all the creative freedom to experiment with different makeup looks and accessories.

Light Brown


10. Caramel Blonde

Caramel blonde hair color has always been the right choice as it creates an elegant look. The dark hair colors for over 50, enhances the beauty and give an ageless appearance.

Inanch Emir, a creative director of Inanch London, also  says "Caramel blondes have made a comeback and are really in this autumn - they suit most age groups so don't be scared to experiment with these flattering shades!" 

Pearl White (2)


11. Wavy Grey

If you prefer wavy hair, this is the correct choice. Wavy grey hair color with a hint of creamy white is the best hair colour for older woman and it will make you appear more sophisticated. If you want to keep your hair around shoulder length, this hue is ideal for you.

Brown Blonde (3)


12. Brown Blonde

Brown-blonde hair colors for women over 50 are a popular choice. Subtle variations like honey colour or chestnut can add variation. This is the best hair colour for aging brunettes. 

Soft Purple Hair Colour


12. Soft Purple Hair Colour

Soft purple hair color could be a unique choice for women over 50. It adds vibrancy and uniqueness to one's appearance. Age does not have to prevent you from exploring new colours. Soft purple hair can be beautiful and motivating for stylish mature women.

Soft Hair Colour (2)


13. Soft Hair Colour

Soft hair colors for women over 50, such as light blonde or subdued brown tones, provide a subtle, ageless beauty. These subtle tones highlight natural beauty and create a refined, elegant look. Opting for the right hair colour is very essential to look beautiful.

Justin Anderson, hair colorist for prominent actress Jennifer Aniston, adds that "when people find the right hair colour for them, it can do anything from making their skin look more radiant to enhancing their features." 

Ash Blonde



14. Ash Blonde

If you don't want to go silver, use this hair colour. This ash-blonde hair colour combined with an asymmetrical haircut will make you look younger.

Brown Highlight


15. Brown Highlight

Brown highlights for mature women provide a subtle and natural look. This low-maintenance option adds warmth and brightness to mature hairstyles while remaining attractive and age-appropriate. This is the ideal hair colour for aging brunettes.  Give your exquisite curls a splash of brown to make them even more stunning.

Pink Gradient


16. Pink Gradient

Pink gradient hair colors for women over 50 add a vibrant look. This unpopular option, which transitions from delicate rose to burgundy hues, adds fun and uniqueness. It emphasizes boldness while embracing the beauty of ageing with a splash of colour.

Honey Blonde


17. Honey Blonde

Honey blonde hair color has a lustrous appearance. It brightens dull complexions during the season. If you choose honey blonde, leave the hair roots deeper so that the transition from dark to light looks even better.



18. Platinum Hair

Platinum hair is one of the most popular hybrid colours. This shade complements all skin tones and is appropriate for any occasion. A basic brushed hairstyle can produce a stunning image.

Chocolate Hair


19. Chocolate Hair

This stunning hair color works wonders for elder women who prefer dark colors. Add a touch of a brilliant blond hue to your dark hair or produce highlights in a deeper and cooler color on your natural brown hair.

Strawberry Blonde


20. Strawberry Blonde

Swooping bangs and a perfect blowout enhance hairstyles at every age. Strawberry blonde is one of the most stunning hair colors for women over 50, evoking warmth and a sun-kissed shine.

Brown Subtle Highlight


21. Brown Subtle Highlights

Grey hair color might look washed out and boring on certain skin tones. In this scenario, you can choose brown hair with subtle highlights. This is the most loved hair color for an old Asian woman. To avoid looking aged, make sure your hair color is deep and glossy.

White Bob


22. White Bob

If you want to keep your look simple and gorgeous, a white hair color with a flawless bob cut would suit you perfectly. To achieve a refined look, choose roots blonde hair with lighter edges.

Balayage Beauty


23. Balayage Beauty

Looking for a stylish look? Then you must try this sunkissed balayage beauty hair colour. The wavy glossy curls give a younger appearance, which everyone will appreciate.

Bronzey Hair


24. Bronzey Hair

The ideal hair colors for women over 50 are those with which you are most comfortable. It might be tough for brunettes to keep their hair colour. As a result, you can choose a bronze hair color to warm up your overall look.

Pink of spring


25. Pink For Spring

If you are over 50 and want to attempt a new hue, try pink hair color. It's lively and modern, and pink is appropriate for all ages.

Light Auburn


26. Light Auburn 

Wearing a stylish bob with light auburn fall hair color will help you look like a young, modern woman. This is a low-maintenance hair colour for aging brunettes, and the delicate highlights make it even more beautiful.  

Rich Brown


27. Rich Brown

An alluring, rich brown is one of the best dark hair colors for over 50. You can also add warm color tones to your ends to give a trendy look if you are searching for a younger-looking hairstyle!

White with blend of grey


28. White With Grey Roots

Lighter skin tone, blue eyes, and a variety of white, blonde, and grey tones work well together. This brightened white honey blonde has a gentle grey color at the roots, which flatters cool-toned skin and highlights your natural grey.

Pink Gradient (2)


29. Creative Pink

Creative hair color choices for mature women are not limited to brown or grey. Dip your ends in different shades of pink and purple while leaving your roots natural to achieve a lovely pink gradient appearance. Even as your hair grows, it will remain gorgeous and trendy.

Grey Pixie


30. Grey Pixie

As you hit your late 50s, embracing the changes that come with it may not be as easy as told. Grey hair colors for women over 50 looks natural. You can try a nice pixie cut with lovely grey hair and look really great! 

Jane Fonda Vibe


31. Blonde Highlights

A wonderfully blended blonde highlight with darker roots flatters all skin tones. Mixing warm and cold colors in one color, such as caramel and ash blonde highlights, is a common technique of modern hair stylists.



32. Unicorn

When searching for the best hair colors for women over 50, you may feel limited to a few. However, you should not be scared to experiment with different colors, highlights, or balayage techniques. If you like to experiment with colors, you can create a unicorn-style hair color by combining purple, pink, and white.

Caramel Brown


33. Caramel Brown

Caramel brown is an excellent choice of hair color for aging brunettes. You can also use red hair for highlights. A side-parted bob cut looks well with this hair color.

Lavender Touch


34. Lavender Touch

Not sure which warm shade to go with? How about merging them to create a lovely, warm blend of greyish-brown and pink feathery tones? Add deep brown for an even warmer feel. 



35. Playful

Dual-toned hair color looks very trendy, especially when mixed with natural hair color. To achieve this youthful look, use pink and green at the ends and a grey tone for the roots.

Buttery Blonde


36. Buttery Blonde

Many mature women choose short haircuts for maintenance reasons. As long as your tresses are well-cared for, you don't have to let go of length as you grow. To seem stylish, try out this gorgeous buttery blonde with a lovely curly step cut.

Golden Brown


37.  Golden Brown

Golden brown is the ideal hair colour for mature women. This short bob hairstyle with exquisite golden-brown highlights will keep you looking fresh and beautiful.

Simple Black


38. Simple Black

A simple black hair color for old woman looks gorgeous with a stylish cut. This beautiful black bob is the perfect example. Classy and youthful!

Pixie Blonde


39. Pixie Blonde

If you are searching for a pixie cut with blonde highlights with a dark base then this can be your best pick. 

Bronde Balayage


40. Bronde Balayage

Balayage not only look good for the younger crowd, but also it is the best hair colour for older woman. Try out a beautiful cut with bronde balayage and you will surely be obsessed with your look.

Light Blonde Shaggy Pixie


41. Light Blonde Shaggy Pixie

Blonde is a popular choice for older women. Why not add a little creativity to this blonde? Choose a shaggy pixie cut with darker roots; as your hair grows, the natural grey tone will enhance your blonde.

Burgundy Waves


42. Burgundy Waves

A burgundy feeling is a choice for hair color for old Asian woman. It produces a modern sassy style that defines your fun-loving personality.

Cozy Cinnamon


 43. Cozy Cinnamon

One of the best hair hues for older ladies is a warm cinnamon brown with a sun-kissed finish. It gives a youthful and fashionable appearance.

Rainbow Bob


44. Rainbow Bob

Mixing your color with unique hues helps enhance an otherwise dull color. To look playful at a festival, go for a funky hair color and a curly bob cut.

Lighter Ginger


45. Lighter Ginger

If you have naturally silver curly hair, you can choose a warm hair color, such as light ginger. You can also create a stunning bob cut.

Blue Celebration


46. Blue Celebration

If you love color but yet want to show off your grey locks, gradient blue is an excellent choice. Grey hair at the roots, with a blue gradient at the ends and curly hair, looks wonderful.

Great Blonde


47. Great Blonde

You will love how the darker grey-brown tones around the roots highlight the platinum color. The contrast between the ash platinum hair and warm skin tone will make you appear even more sun-kissed and summer-ready.

New Spring


48. New Spring

An asymmetrical cut looks excellent with youthful highlights and is one of the best hair colors for women over 50. 

funky Colour


49. Funky Colour

Multicolored hair may be an unpopular opinion, but when the color combination is carefully chosen, it may transform your entire appearance, making you appear more youthful. The rich display of pink, golden ash, and burgundy is both eye-catching and subtle.

Copper Colour


50. Copper Hair

Copper hair color complements neutral complexion tones and is one of the most popular fall hair colors.

Chestnut brown


51. Chestnut Brown

When discussing hair colors for women over 50, it would be unjust not to include chestnut brown in the list. Chestnut brown is a deep shade of reddish brown. A pixie cut with this shade will look stunning on you.