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Top 25 Most Beautiful Hollywood Actresses


Updated At  05 Sep 20

Looking to find out the most beautiful actresses?

Being a woman is defined as being a good wife, mother and daughter by the society. A good girl knows her place in the hierarchy and abides by it till death encloses her in its arms. A good girl is always kind, soft and sweet. But beyond the shackles of the society? Women are strong, women are not always sweet, not always an ideal human. Women are power, the mystical energy closest to “god”. Women breathe life into humanity. They always have. The society at large failed to acknowledge it.

We here have a list of Hollywood actresses who learnt how to break the shackles that held them back, learnt to make peace with the nasty truths surrounding them and rose above it all, to fulfil what they had always dreamed of. That is beauty. That is the greatest treasure of all. We here have 25 hottest actresses in Hollywood who have taken to the stars and become one themselves. These are the most beautiful Hollywood actresses of probably all time are not just the top beauties in Hollywood but also a few of the most iconic and inspirational women on screen. Here are most beautiful actresses of all.


Top 25 Most Beautiful Hollywood Actresses 




1. Marilyn Monroe

In a world where women only played home-makers, Marilyn with her bold sexuality gave women the power to look sensual on screen. One of the most beautiful women in the world, she became the hottest women in Hollywood and paved them path of female sexuality for the world. She wore her red lips and doe eyes with pride, she flaunted them. She showed the courage to be who she was, and that made a world of difference. Her world-famous pose still reminds everyone of the capacities of feminine power.




2. Emma Watson

For an entire generation Emma was Hermione – the strong willed, smart, hard working witch, who never gave up and had the courage to stand all sorts of abuse. She did what she knew was right in her heart. And just like the phenomenal character she portrayed, in the real world Emma is making a lot of difference. She is a UN ambassador and propagates world peace, animal rights and equality. One of the hottest actresses, her pretty face has glossed many magazines and yet her humble nature always brings her back to the noble causes she propagates worldwide.




3. Penélope Cruz

She can be called the "Spanish enchantress", Penélope Cruz Sánchez  is very beautiful. She was born a performer. Her skills have been honed since her childhood. Her pace is very pretty and her physique very hot. She is a beautiful mother. Her work is very successful.




4. Megan Fox

What a bombshell! Megan is beautiful. Fiery and fierce, she makes heads turn everywhere she goes. She is very well known for her role in the ‘Transformers’ series. One of the best looking actresses , she is loved by everyone and is a very talented actress. She has studied drama and is in the industry since a very young age. This shows her dedication and passion.




5. Audrey Hepburn

A vintage superstar. Stellar beauty. Her grace, her pretty airs blow everyone’s mind away. She is a very beautiful lady and an even more beautiful actress. She has starred certain evergreen films which make sure that her beauty reaches everyone from all generations, and this is an asset not many hold. Her beauty is timeless.




6. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer has a huge personality that peeps through even around strict facades that she wears while interacting with the paparazzi. Her sense of humour is amazing and her twitter account is known to cause quite a stir. One of the most beautiful hollywood actress, she is someone who isn’t afraid to put herself out there and is opinionated.  Her beauty comes from her bold personality as well as her smart career choices, adding to the mix her face and her figure, she is a perfect 10.




7. Kate Winslet

Is there really any need to justify this name on the list? If she did not steal your heart in titanic, do you even have one? One of the most beautiful women to ever grace the world. Her grace is very attractive and her auburn hair has a very charming appeal to them. Her locks have been in full glory even as she ages like fine wine.




8.  Nina Dobrev

A very pretty face, with prettier skills. The Vampire Diaries star is a proper heartthrob. She has been working in the franchise for a long time now, and is almost a household name for it. With a lot of teenage fan base, Nina looks like a teenager herself.




9. Rachel McAdams

She is a Canadian actress, popular for her many roles, but especially in that of ‘The Notebook’. She is absolutely stunning. She started acting at quiet a young age and is an inspiration because of her hard work and success.




10. Ashley Tisdale

She began at a young age is is well-known for her appearances on the Disney channel. She did “Suite life of Zack and Cody’ and also did a Disney movie called ‘High- school Musical’. She is not only a an actress but also a singer and a producer. She is a very pretty blonde with a lot of brains too.




11. Sofia Vergara

This ‘Modern Family’ beauty steals the show completely. She has a figure to die for. Her accent is very alluring and makes people want to learn Spanish. She is the perfect Latina with her great bod, her accent, her hair and her acting skills are all on point.




12. Kiera Knightley

She looks presidential in Pride and Prejudice. Her sweet English looks make her very alluring. Her strong jawline is an exceptional feature that separates her from everyone else. She has beautiful piercing eyes, her nose is sharp and angular. Her body is angelic. She is an amazing actor with great movies under her belt.




13. Emilia Clarke

There is no introduction needed for the Khaleesi, she blew everyone’s breath away the moment she was seen onscreen as the platinum haired princess. Her charm in the show, though fictional is very same to that which she possess in real life. Her laugh is probably the most adorable thing. Her bubbly, sweet personality adds to her appeal. Behind the scenes she is a brunette and rocks all sorts of hairstyles. Her skin and her eyes are her best features, add to those her smile, she is the most beautiful mother of dragons ever seen.




14. Jennifer Anniston

Let us just begin by saying that Rachel has been goals for almost every teenage girl for more than a decade now. For 10 seasons, Jennifer stole your heart away, and you could just never get enough of her. Rachel will always be a crush of anyone who lays their eyes on her, and thus due credit must be given to Jennifer for portraying the character so endearingly. Her hair, her nose, her eyes are very pretty.




15. Alicia Vikander

She is a beauty. She has looked gorgeous in ‘The Danish Girl’. Her eyes are pools of blue through which she expresses a lot of emotions while acting. Her hair is pretty and her petite figure gives her a pixie like look. Her choices of films in her acting career are bold and out there. She is ready to step out of her comfort zone and always gives her audience a great experience.




16. Selena Gomez

She is known for being real and that is where her beauty truly lies. Fearless to show the world who she truly is, Selena is an icon for every girl. Amongst the hollywood top heroines, her strength is commendable and very appealing. Her face is very sweet, just like her personality. Her near death experience humbled her and makes her story very inspirational. She is sweet, caring and very loving towards everyone she meets and can extend her gratitude towards. She also acted in the Disney show “Wizards of Waverly Place”.




17. Angelina Jolie

Her perfect features have been renowned by the entire world. She has been proclaimed to be the world’s most beautiful woman. Her acting career has been an outstanding hit, but beyond that Angie has worked a lot in the less fortunate parts of Africa. She adopted 10 children and mothers them perfectly.




18. Sophie Turner

Sophie is renowned as Sansa Stark, a fictional character in a blockbuster series Game Of Thrones. The entire world has watched as she grew up and turned into a young lady. She just like her character has a strong personality. Sophie is fun, and adventurous. Her personality shines brighter than her looks. Her auburn hair that she had to sport on the show look stunning against her pale skin, bust she rocks them blond too. Her features are symmetrical and beautiful.  




19. Blake Lively 

Blake is a bombshell. She can make heads turn with a single glance. She is absolutely gorgeous and talented. Her face is very symmetrical and kind. She can make anyone fall in love with herself. She also has worked very hard for the education of children all over the world. She is an absolute icon.




20. Anna Kendrick  

Anna is very beautiful. Her role in the pitch perfect series is very iconic. She is strong and outspoken. She is a strong personality and a gentle human being. Her work shows her dedication. Her brunette tresses frame her thin face and add to its beauty. She has sharp piercing eyes.




21. Amanda Seyfried

A very sweet face. Amanda looks like a blond pixie. Her look in Mamma Mia is as beautiful as she gets. She is as beautiful in a natural look as she does with a face full of stunning make-up. She looks forever young.




22. Scarlett Johansson

One of the prettiest women out there, she has a quality that makes her look forever young. Her recent role in the Avengers movie has made her the talk of all fans. She is hardworking and has been a part of the industry for some time now. Her career has been astounding.




23. Rose Leslie

We cannot begin without mentioning her alluring accent which adds so much to her general appeal. She is smart, witty and absolutely stunning. Her hair is very beautiful, and her face has a different beauty to it which makes her unique and different. She is very kind and sweet. Her persdonality is strong and bold.



24.   Cameron Diaz 

Cameron Diaz is tall, strikingly attractive blue-eyed and a natural blonde. Her work in “Charlie’s Angels” had the nation’s mouth dropped. She is tough, independent and absolutely gorgeous. She carries herself with a lot of grace. She has acted in a lot of blockbuster movies and is a very talented actor.




25. Anne Hathaway

Her sweet innocent looks will make your heart melt. But Anne is so much more than just a pretty face. Her acting is mindblowing and her extra activities always benefit the society. Her work in devil wears Prada is an iconic role and it defines her career as an actress. She is hardworking and benevolent. It is these personality traits that make her a role model.




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