Katy Perry Tattoos With Meaning

All 12 Katy Perry Tattoos With Meaning

Shrimanti Das

Updated At  05 Jun 24

The popular American singer and songwriter, Katy Perry is a heartthrob among modern pop music. She has gotten tattoos mostly because of her albums. She has been a tattoo sensation since the beginning of her career. Scroll down to learn about all the tattoos of Katy Perry. 





Katy Perry Tattoos With Meaning

1. Hello Kitty Tattoo

Katy Perry got a cute head of Hello Kitty on her right middle finger on 30th October which is the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty and the first day of the Hello Kitty concert. 



2. Jesus Tattoo

Katy's "Jesus" tattoo on her left wrist serves to keep her rooted in her religious background especially considering that when she plays the guitar, it is constantly facing her.



3. Saturn Tattoo

Katy Perry used this tattoo to commemorate two significant occasions. She identified the planet that resembles Saturn as a sign for her stage art during the song "Thinking of You" and the word "eye" as a representation of her event, Witness: The Tour.



4. Prism Tattoo

Beneath Perry's left ankle, filled diagonally with rainbow ink, is a colourful cartoon prism with large glazed eyes and a smile. It signified the end of Perry's highly successful Prismatic World Tour, which featured her fourth studio album from 2013, "Prism."

Famous tattoo artist Keith McCurdy (Bang Bang)  did this amazing work in 2015 and said " Katy thank you for everything, I'm so appreciative that I've had the opportunity to travel with you and your crew of amazing people. It's truly a blessing that I am always the one you call. congratulations on the end of your prismatic world tour."



5. Super Bowl Tattoo

Katy's finger bears the Roman numeral XLIX, which stands for both the number 49 and her presence during the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show. She performed a mix of her well-known songs on this occasion. A few hours after the event ended, she celebrated and honoured her career successes with this tattoo.



6. Sanskrit Tattoo

After Katy Perry and Russell Brand wed in India, the newlyweds got matching tattoos that said "anugacchathu pravaaham," which translates to "go with the flow" in Sanskrit. Because she works in the music firm, Katy Perry could relate to this verse. She believed that the harder she worked on her music, the more success would come, and she had to just go with the flow. Russell Brand and Katy Perry were also quite drawn to Indian culture and India at the time. Additionally, when asked about her passion for India, Katy said during the interview that she wanted to have a lasting remembrance of the country, and this tattoo fulfilled that desire.

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 7. Lotus Tattoo

Katty got a beautiful simple lotus tattoo on her right wrist in 2012. She never publicly posted about this tattoo on any of her social media handles. She got this tattoo after getting a divorce from Russell Brand. Lotus tattoos symbolize a new beginning and strength and resilience in difficult situations. 

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8. Strawberry Tattoo

After the Hello Katy Tour ended in 2009, Perry made her tattoo debut—a bright, smiling strawberry—on the inside of her left ankle to promote her second studio album, "One of the Boys."

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9. Peppermint Tattoo

Perry had a red and white ink tattoo of a cartoon peppermint candy on the inside of her right ankle. Katy decided on the design in accordance with her customary end-of-tour ink ritual after her 2011–2012 California Dreams Tour, which showcased her 2010 album "Teenage Dream".

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10. Mushroom Tattoo

Katy Perry got a cute cartoonish red mushroom tattoo on her left ring finger. She announced on her Instagram story that she got a new finger tattoo, called "Play," to commemorate the last leg of her Las Vegas Residency .

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11. Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Katy's has a striking colorful tattoo of a cherry blossom on her right ankle. The singer drew inspiration for the design of the mark from traditional Japanese tattoos of the Sakura flower which is a symbol of optimism, love, and the fleeting essence of existence. 

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12. Miss You Tattoo

The pop singer showed her thanks and mutual respect for her fan following, also known as the KatyCats, in May 2019 by getting matching ink with them while promoting her single "Never Really Over" at the YouTube Music Space. Los Angeles tattoo artist East Iz created these minimalist, fine-line tattoos that show two outline sides of a heart with the words "Miss" and "You" inscribed inside of them. Although Perry's ink, when positioned on the side of her right hand, says "Miss," the ones that fans received have the word "You."

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