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Madonna Skincare And Diet Tips - 2020

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  10 Jun 20

Want to know about the famous Madonna skincare tips? Or perhaps do you wish to know more about MDNA, her line of skincare products? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Read on.

The Queen of Pop and the Queen of our hearts, Madonna is going to turn 62 this year. Sixty-effing-two. But does she look like it? NO, NOT AT ALL! The Like A Virgin hitmaker has perhaps just told aging to pack its bag and it listened. Madonna has always left us awestruck and also in love with her every time she performs on stage or releases a new song. It is common knowledge that the Material Girl has reinvented herself multiple times. But there is one thing that always remained constant.  It is none other than her soft glowing complexion.

Madonna has always loved taking care of her skin. She understood the importance of skincare even when she was a broke artist just beginning her career. And today she has access to the world’s most luxurious ingredients that have helped her maintain the radiance of her skin even in her sixties. The best thing is that Madonna never shies away from sharing her skin secrets. She has even created the Madonna MDNA skincare line. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in this article to get to know about the Madonna skincare tips and her favorite MDNA products.

In this article, we have covered:

  • Madonna Skincare Tips
  • Top Madonna MDNA products
  • Madonna Diet
  • FAQs

Let’s begin!

1 Madonna skincare


Madonna Skincare

No doubt that Madonna has an envious glow. And we are pretty sure you cannot help but wonder about what secrets lie behind the beautiful and radiant skin Madonna has. So, here we are sharing all that we know about the Queen’s skincare routine.

Following are some of the tips that she follows as part of the Madonna skincare regimen and preaches them too:


1. Don’t Squeeze ‘em Pimples

Pimples are the most common and one of the most annoying skin conditions one could face. Madonna is no exception and she is ready to give out words of wisdom which should be treated as gospel. Don’t ever squeeze your pimples. This is what Madonna tells her kids too. Squeezing pimples might be tempting but it leads to scarring of the skin. And you don’t want that if you want an even-toned face like her.


2. Dry Skin Can Cause Acne

So, you thought only oily skin is prone to acne? Well, think again. When the skin is dry it gets triggered into secreting more oil and it can lead to terrible acne. In such a case, Madonna suggests that drying your skin is not a good idea. She says that using products that dry your skin is not a preventive step but one of the causes of acne. Once your skin gets dehydrated, it becomes more prone and readily becomes home to the pesky zits.


3. Avoid The Sun

All of us love our beach days. But, if you want healthy skin and care about its longevity, then avoid the sun at all costs or at least try to avoid direct sunlight. Madonna suggests that staying away from the sun is very beneficial when it comes to the preservation of the skin in the long run. She suggests the use of sunblock and a hat as a protection against the harsh sun.


4. Cold Water Can Improve Circulation

This is not new advice but maybe you will listen to it now especially after knowing that Madonna practices this too. She likes to wash her face with cold water every morning after getting up. This is a great way of waking up the skin. It also improves blood circulation to the face, tightens pores, and provides an instant refreshing feel.


5. Don’t Go Crazy With Exfoliation

Exfoliation is an essential part of the Madonna skincare routine. But, she warns against the overuse of exfoliators as it can damage the skin rather than benefitting it. Exfoliating once a week is more than enough. Just because the market has a variety of scrubs, peels, and cleansing brushes, it doesn’t mean that you have to go overboard with all of them. Be gentle with your skin.


2 Hydrate


6. Hydrate Like You Mean It

This is yet another skincare tip that Madonna follows religiously. She keeps her skin hydrated both internally and externally. She loves using the serum from MDNA on her face as well as her body. She is also an advocate of drinking adequate water throughout the day. And when she says water, she means water. She says, “Juice is not water. Water is water.”


7. Massage For Instant Glow

Madonna loves massages and the instant glow that comes with it. She gives herself these mini massages in upward motions. This not only provides instant glow but also is good for the long run. A massage can lift your facial muscles, increase blood circulation, and provide for better product penetration.


8. Facials

Just like massages, you will find that Madonna is also a big fan of facials. She has been getting regular facials from even before her career took off. Now, she has a few favorites including Oxygen facial and LED light treatments. She also goes through dermabrasion and dermal infusion of serums. The craziest facial that you would see her doing is the anti-aging fork facial. This facial uses a fork with two long prongs with micro currents. It boosts collagen production and leads to skin tightening.


9. Don’t Smoke

This is another Madonna skincare advice that she also gives her children. If you want flawless skin, then stop smoking. The harmful effects of smoking on skin are pretty well known. When the Queen herself follows this advice, then so should you.


10. Be Consistent

We saved the best for the last. Madonna has to take extra care of her skin due to the demands of her career. And the top Madonna skincare tip is consistency. If you want healthy and radiant skin, then you have to be consistent like her. You have to find a regime that suits you and stick by it. You cannot depend on pampering your skin occasionally. It has to be a constant effort. Like Madonna’s. She always removes her makeup before sleeping, wears sunscreen, and moisturizes among other things. It is her discipline that has helped her skin look the way it does.


3 MDNA skin 1


Madonna Skin Care Line - MDNA

Madonna is very passionate about skincare and she even actively posts about it on her Instagram. That woman loves posing with a face mask on! So, it was only an obvious next step for her to dive into the beauty market. The Madonna MDNA skincare line was first launched in Asia in 2014 and was launched in the US last year. MDNA skincare offers everything that a skincare routine might require from eye masks to moisturizing creams.

She has been “deeply involved” with the creation of her skincare line. She says:

“I’ve been working on it for seven years. Nothing has come easy, and I did reject a lot of things and drove everyone mad and continue to do so, but I want to be really proud of what I put out there because it’s an extension of me.”

4 MDNA skin 2


Madonna too struggled with finding products that worked for her. She also knows the pain of having your favorite cream discontinued. She grew tired of it and created the Madonna MDNA skincare. Yas Queen!

She traveled all over the world to find her favorite ingredients. She wanted to make sure that the ingredients are pure and effective. The products are made with natural pure actives, potent botanicals, and thermal waters from Italy. Add a bit of Japanese innovation and she gave us MDNA skin.

With MDNA skin Madonna has created products that suit all skin types, shades, and textures, irrespective of age. And this is one of the reasons why that her skincare line stands out amidst the sea of celebrity skincare ranges. MDNA was named after her 12th studio album which is in turn named after the singer herself. It is truly an extension of her. On the quality of her products,  Madonna says:

“It is important to me that the ingredients are not only pure but that they work. I stand by all of the, and I use all of them.”

Following are some of the bestsellers from the Madonna MDNA skincare line that are the singer’s favorites too:

5 eye mask


  • The Eye Mask

The first Madonna MDNA product the singer uses every morning is the eye mask which she stores in the freezer. So, she gets up, takes these masks out from her freezer, and puts under her eyes. Made with Sodium Hyaluronate and triple marine complex, this eye mask removes puffiness, hydrates as well as soothes the under-eye skin. And this is how Madonna gets a dewy freshness under her eyes every morning.

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6 face wash


  • The Face Wash

Madonna loves using this MDNA Face Wash. It consists of thermal waters, amino acids, and olive oil. Its heavenly scent comes from rosemary, mint, lime, and geranium. Using this will give you visibly hydrated and bright skin.

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7 rose mist


  • The Rose Mist

Madonna calls this one the anti-depressant mood elevator, the Holy Grail. And honestly, we cannot help but agree with her. This refreshing mist is made with Damask roses and thermal waters. It smells divine. One spray can go a long way in hydrating skin. It can also be used to refresh makeup. Madonna is obsessed with roses and selected the ingredients herself after rejecting about 50 samples to finally give you this heavenly creation.

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8 serum


  • The Serum

So much is the moisturizing effect of this serum from MDNA skin that you won’t need a moisturizer. Madonna uses it not only on her face but everywhere else on her body too. She uses it as a hand cream, on her elbows, knees, or any other dry patches. The Serum is made with apple stem cells, peptides, and three types of hyaluronic acid. Madonna loves it. Her kids love it.  Everyone loves it.

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9 finishing cream


  • The Finishing Cream

The best thing about this cream is not its moisturizing quality but how it illuminates the skin after application. Do you know how?  Well, it contains crushed pearls and pearls will give you a super glowing skin. You can use it with or without makeup. As soon as the light will hit, you will shine while also being moisturized. And this is exactly what the MDNA Skin Finishing Cream will bring to you.

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10 Rejuvenation mask set


  • Rejuvenator Mask Set

The MDNA Skin Rejuvenator Set is the crown jewel of the Madonna MDNA skincare line. It contains the Chrome Clay Mask and the Skin Rejuvenator. Mud packs are mostly drying and difficult to remove but Madonna took care of these woes. Together, this set will let you have the benefit of the clays from Montecatini, Italy without any fuss. It will lift and firm your skin while also cleaning it. So, bye-bye dirt in the pores.

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11 reinvention cream


  • The Reinvention Cream

The MDNA Skin Reinvention Cream is a multi-use cream with texture as light as water. You can use it as a thick overnight mask, or dab it lightly like a serum. Like Madonna, you can also use it on your body. It consists of thermal waters and resurrection plant stem cells. Regular use will make your skin younger and that’s a guarantee. And this is not even the best thing. The proceeds from the purchase of the Reinvention Cream go towards educating girls in Malawi.

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12 beauty roller


  • The Beauty Roller

The Madonna skin roller is a great facial and body contouring tool. It makes use of ultra-infrared energy and will lift as well as firm your skin.

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13 Madonna diet


Madonna Diet

If you want skin as radiant as Madonna’s, then you cannot ignore your dietary habits. Because diet plays a crucial role in deciding the quality of your skin. Madonna is a firm believer in the philosophy that beauty comes from within. Other than following the Madonna skincare regimen religiously, she also follows an overall healthy lifestyle. A well-balanced diet is essential to get radiant skin just as much as using the right products.

Madonna follows a macrobiotic diet. This diet encourages the regular eating of food and listening to your body’s needs. It also encourages the maintenance of a positive approach to life. The idea of this diet comes from Zen Buddhism that aims to balance out the elements of food. It usually includes the following:

  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Vegetables like broccoli, kale, radish, carrot, and pumpkin
  • Sea vegetables like spirulina and Kombu

Madonna does not take meat or dairy products but eats a lot of fish. She also loves to drink teas and coconut water. Her favorites are the ginger tea and the yerba tea.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is Madonna MDNA?

Madonna MDNA Skin is the skincare line created by the singer Madonna. It includes almost every product that one can need as a part of their skincare routine. Madonna was deeply involved with the creation of this skincare range and worked on it for about 7 years.


Q. What is the key to the Madonna skincare routine?

Consistency is the key to the Madonna skincare routine. If you want radiant akin like hers then you should learn to be disciplined like her. She never sleeps without taking her makeup off. She hydrates her skin. She avoids the sun and religiously uses sunscreen when she cannot. She loves using the MDNA Rose Mist and The Serum.


Q. Which are the top products from Madonna's skincare line?

The Rose Mist, Beauty Roller, Reinvention Cream, Face Wash, and Eye Mask are some of the top products from the Madonna MDNA skincare line.


Q. Why Madonna created MDNA?

Madonna created MDNA because she was tired of the struggle of finding the right products for her skin. It was difficult to deal with the search for the right products and then to deal with their discontinuation. She had access to the world’s most luxurious ingredients and thought it fit to create a skincare line so that she doesn’t have to go to six different places to buy the things she needs.


Q. Which are the top makeup products used by Madonna?

She loves Lucas’ Paw Paw cream for her lips and anything from Make Up For Ever makeup range.